The Exact Way How to Lose Weight

If you would like to find out the exact way how to lose weight, take note of this specific plan. If you  follow the steps to the best of your ability, you will lose weight week after week in a healthy, natural manner. To make it as straightforward as possible, here are the exact points you need to address in this order.

The exact way how to lose weight  is the result from your overall desire to actually want to change, the daily commitment to be successful, designing a specific plan, eating healthy food, getting regular exercise, and finally keeping track of your progress. When these items are addressed in this specific order, and upheld as best as possible, you will be successful losing weight.

Let’s go into depth about each one of these points so you get a complete understanding of the exact way how to lose weight.

How to lose weight- The Exact Way:-

Your Overall Desire

First and foremost you need to have some type of desire to make a change and lose weight. If you don’t really care about the amount you weigh or the condition of your body, then there is no immediate urgency to change the regular habits of your life. When there is real desire to lose weight and get in better shape, then you will be willing to make specific changes in order to be successful. Think about how strong of a desire you have, and if losing weight really is an actual priority for you. If it truly is, then you are ready for the next step.

The Daily Commitment

Once you have determined that you have the desire to lose weight, next comes the daily commitment. Losing weight and developing a healthy life is a process that does not happen overnight. It is a daily promise you make to yourself that could take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending on how much weight you want to lose, or the current condition of your body. The reason why it’s a daily commitment is because we eat food everyday, therefore you will need to be committed to choose healthy choices for food and beverage all throughout the day, all week long. The dedication of your commitment will determine how well you handle the numerous choices and decisions you’re faced with on a daily basis. Take a moment to write out this commitment on paper and post it near a wall calendar – “I pledge to lose ____ pounds by making healthy choices everyday!”

A Specific Plan

Once you have the desire to lose weight and have made the commitment to do so, it’s time to create a specific plan. It’s best to first start focusing on the food component since getting a handle on this is imperative to do right away. Start the habit of planning out your meals each week so you have seven days of healthy eating and therefore will never have to buy greasy fast food.  If you are having difficulty thinking of meals to prepare that are healthy, take a moment to research the Internet for recipes that will be good for the body. You will find that after thirty minutes of searching, you will have a whole bunch of detailed recipes alongside pictures that show exactly what the finished meal looks like. This can be the best way to start developing a healthy cookbook to keep in your kitchen so when you are planning out your weekly meals on a Sunday afternoon, you can simply turn to this cookbook and see which recipes sound most appealing for that week.

Eating Healthy Food

Inspect the contents of your kitchen and make sure you do not have unhealthy choices such as chips, crackers, cupcakes, soda, donuts, pies, cakes, cookies, etc. These are wasted calories packed with sugar and literally nothing that is beneficial for the body. Purchase only healthy foods and snacks to keep in your kitchen, cupboards, and pantries. It’s important to have snacks handy for in between meals, but develop the mindset to have snacks that are healthy, or at least low in calories. Things to get you started should definitely include fruits, granola bars, yogurt, almonds, flavored rice cakes, certain vegetables, applesauce, and jello. Again, the Internet can definitely provide you with tons of other examples when you are ready to get more options. When you find certain snacks you really enjoy, be sure to add them to your healthy recipe cookbook you’re maintaining in the kitchen.

Getting Regular Exercise

Once you have taken care of the food component of your healthy lifestyle change, it’s time to consider what you will do to increase your heartrate and get some regular exercise. You should first check with your doctor for approval, especially if you haven’t partaken in any exercise in a long time. Maybe your doctor will even provide you with an exercise plan to follow during the first month or so, just to get your body used to the increase in activity level. It is imperative to not overdo it especially when starting out. It will do you no good to get injured trying to exercise excessively at first. When you get the ok from your doctor, take it slow but be consistent. Possibly start out by walking for thirty minutes to an hour around your neighborhood 3 or 4 times a week. The following month begin to jog for 30-45 minutes a few times a week. You can even look into the possibility of getting a gym membership if there is one in your neighborhood. If that is not an option, there are excellent at home DVD programs that you can do from the comfort of your living room needing nothing more than a pair of shoes, a DVD player, and a television. Best yet, there’s a wide variety of programs to suit any type of person. Take a moment to check out some of the most popular at-home programs here.

Track Your Progress

After all the hard work you are doing to improve the health and fitness of your life, it’s vital you keep track of your progress each and every week. Positive results help increase motivation and spur the desire to work harder to be even more successful. Get in the habit of weighing yourself every week, possibly on Friday morning before you go to work. Write down your weight on a small calendar you tack to the bathroom wall or keep in a journal near the scale. If you are able to lose one or two pounds per week, then you will be losing four to eight pounds a month. If that progress continues, you will lose 24-48 pounds in six months, and even 48-96 pounds in a year. Now that is definitely a healthy life transition in only a year’s time and this is the exact way how to lose weight in a week, month, and a year!

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