Tips to Lose Body Weight Naturally

Tips to Lose Body Weight Naturally : How to get Rid of Obesity

Extra body fat or weight is really troublesome as it not only makes us shapeless but also it hindrances to our daily normal activities. Especially in the young age when one should remain energetic, the over fat or mass of body makes it problematic to stay active and energetic. If you are also suffering from over body weight issue then try out some effective natural way to lose weight mentioned here.

All of us want a flat tummy and curvy look but this is totally impossible if your body contains overweight. However, by applying some natural tips without failure can bring your body into a perfect shape and figure.

Lots of health concerns and diseases can be generated if you are not controlling to your body fat on time. Overweight causes obesity which is really very problematic. Apart from that extra body fat is the reason for some chronic diseases like diabetes, heart problems, hypertension etc.

Some weight loss pills are also there which promises to reduce your weight drastically but once you stop their consumption you will again put on the body mass. Also, these weight gaining supplements cause few side effects which is not good for the health. So for the safer side choose natural ways which are side effects free and also bring a permanent result in reducing the overweight of your body.

9 Natural Ways to Lose Weight

A smart slim figure not only adds to our external beauty but it also enhances to our confidence level at a pick. So for making your path easy in order to lose extra body weight, here we have enlisted some home-based natural tips which will help in reducing your unwanted body fat.

Green Tea Intake


Green TeaGreen tea is a natural herbal tea that you can easily avail in the market. The green tea works amazingly in cutting your extra body mass. Start your day with this natural and healthy refreshing beverage as it will keep you fresh and energetic throughout the day and will also be proved an important factor for reducing your body fat.

This is a good source of polyphenols such as epigallocatechin, epicatechin gallate and epigallocatechin gallate which are essential elements for the good health. Out of these beneficial compounds existing in the green tea, the epigallocatechin 3 gallate plays a very vital role in controlling body fat by reducing your body’s capacity for weight absorption and by utilizing the existing body fat.

Another important element named catechins present in the green tea works effectively in maintaining your body fat and helps to reduce overweight. This healthy beverage’s intake is good for the management of overall health as it contains essential healthy minerals like zinc, Vitamin C, chromium, carotenoids, selenium etc.

So for losing your extra body weight take at least three to four cups of green tea intake regularly without missing. For more taste and for increasing its effectiveness you can add cayenne pepper and ginger tea with it.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

The apple cider vinegar is a great natural intake to reduce unwanted body fat. It contains essential fat burning elements which work dramatically to cut extra body mass. If you want to come in shape by using a safe and natural way then this is the right product for you.

The use of ACV on regular basis protects you against obesity which is the worst health condition. Also, it controls your cholesterol level which occurs due to extra weight gain by your body later on causing heart-related health problems.

It prevents the accumulation of fat in the body and saves you from gaining unnecessary fat and other health-related issues such as diabetes which is a primary side effect as a result of over body weight.

You can consume ACV by mixing it in a glass of water before meal every day. For preparing your ACV drink to take one glass of water and pour two tablespoons of raw unfiltered ACV into it and mix it well. Now drink it before the breakfast.

You can add lemon juice also to the ACV drink as both of them will work faster in killing fat enzymes. For this take one glass of water and mix one tbsp. of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and one tbsp. of lemon juice. Now stir it well and drink it before your meal in the morning time.

The maximum you can consume two tbsp. of ACV intake as exceeding to this limit is not favorable for your health. The extra consumption of ACV can decrease the blood potassium level and also reduces the bone mineral density which is not good.

Lemon Juice Intake

lemon juice

Lemon juice is one another essential natural intake that works very effectively in reducing your extra body fat. If you are suffering from the obesity problem then try this natural intake its essential elements will burn your body fat and will be helpful to get a perfect shape.

The lemon juice contains Vitamin B, Vitamin C, fiber, phosphorus, zinc, iron, calcium etc. which are important elements for your overall good health. By improving your digestive capacity it stimulates to your body’s detoxification power which is important for reducing the extra body fat.

A healthy digestive function ensures that your body would get necessary nutrients which will help to burn your body fat. One of these essentials is a citric acid which remains present in the lemon juice in a rich quantity.

Also, it will enhance your metabolism capacity by exfoliating toxins which hinders the process of metabolism. It works as an insulin resistant too. Start your morning with this natural healthy drink every day as this is one of the easiest ways to control your extra body fat.

Take one glass of water and mix in it 3 tablespoon lemon juice, one tablespoon honey and one-half tablespoon black pepper powder and stir it well. Drink it in your empty stomach it will boost your body’s digestive enzyme and reduce the fat accumulation process of your body.

If you like a hot drink then you can try an alternative method. Take one hot cup of water and mix one tablespoon of lemon juice and sip it. This will also be helpful in reducing extra body fat. Continue this process for minimum two months you will definitely see a reduction in your weight.

Cayenne Pepper Intake

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper works very effectively in diminishing body mass hence aids in getting perfect body shape. Its vital nutrients stimulate your metabolism and work as an anti-oxidant which burns unwanted fat of your body.

The capsaicinoids compound existing in cayenne pepper stimulates to your energy expenditure hence prevents the fat accumulation in your body causing obesity. Also, it burns your hunger hormones and saves you from all time craving for fast food or other junk foods.

Its important nutrients include capsaicin, carotene, Vitamin C, lutein etc. All these works as a natural weapon to burn your body fat without making you weaker. By stimulating your digestive power, it well utilizes the food consumed by you and works as a natural hunger-suppressing element.

Cayenne is one of the very tasty spices that enhance the taste of your daily food. So with other spices, you can add it in your regular food preparation. For faster reduction in your body weight, you can prepare tea by mixing this healthy and tasteful spice.

Take one cup of hot water add cayenne pepper less than half spoon initially and with time you can increase its quantity up to one tablespoon. Pour half tbsp. of lemon juice to it and then stir it well. Sip this healthy beverage every morning and continue it for months until you can notice an effective reduction in your weight.

Eat Curry Leaves

Eat Curry Leaves

You can include the consumption of curry leaves in your daily diet chart for losing weight naturally. This is an Ayurveda herb which naturally burns your body fat hence aids in reducing weight. Also, it is helpful in preventing some major health diseases like diabetes, obesity etc.

This natural herb contains essential elements which are good for your overall health such as minerals, fibers, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, protein, oxalic acid, calcium, and carbohydrates. Apart from these it also carries compounds that are active biologically such as triterpenoids, girinimbin, koenigin, koenidine etc.

The curry leaves are been used as an herbal medicine since the ancient era for treating several health-related problems. It is rich with essential properties for health like the tonic, antidiarrheal, carminative, stomachic and anti-diabetic.

You need to consume 10 curry leaves every day at a time in the morning. Continue this process for two to three months until you can see a noticeable loss in your weight. Also, you can spread curry leaves on your meal for garnishing and for adding flavor.

It contains alkaloid naming mahanimbine which works very effectively in treating obesity, lipid-lowering and maintains your cholesterol level.



The extra calorie of your body that you generate from the daily food consumption causes to enhance your body fat. This issue can be resolved by practicing some weight losing exercises every day.

The daily workout will boost your body metabolism and will stimulate the rate of fat burning process by your body. Along with taking healthy diet, your body will trigger to lose its overweight faster by doing some exercise practices which are especially for the reduction of body fat or mass.

You can join a gym or can take the help of exercise videos available on the internet. This will make your way easier as you will get to know that which workout is helpful for you and which one is less effective.

Workout or exercise practice is not only good for losing your body fat but is also essential to keep you fit and energetic. It boosts your immunity power and thus let you away from lots of health-related issues.

Stay Away from Stress

Stay Away from Stress

Stress causes to generate too many physical as well as mental health problems. So in the reverse case when your mind and body is stress-free you can live your life with a better way by concentrating your goals, health and other important aspects of your life.

You might not be aware but it is true that your stress taking behavior cause you to put on unnecessary weight. Also, it can cause obesity if not controlled at the right time. Stay positive towards the incidents and happenings of your life and this way you get better resolution of your issues hence can prevent stress.

Meditation is a great way to get peaceful mind and life. This simple, natural way calm your mind from the tensions and stress which has ruined your peace causing restless mind and body. You can try other expert ways also which can soothe and give relaxation to your mind.

Sound Sleep

Sound Sleep

In order to live a healthy and diseases free life, you have to sleep at least for 7 hours during the night time. This is must for ensuring your better health. Late night sleeping is one of the primary reasons to put on weight.

Especially during the night time when you don’t get proper sleep then your body starts putting fat speedy way. Also long wake up time during night calls for night craving which is no way as good as your stomach gets filled at an unusual time hence it adds more weight to you.

Make sure that you stay away from factors that cause you to stay wake up longer during the night. If you want to lose your weight within months then make sure that you are maintaining proper sleeping time. A sound sleep during the night also keeps you away from many diseases and ensures strong and peaceful mind.

Drink Water before Meal

Drink Water before Meal

This is another natural and easiest way to lose your weight faster. Water is good for your overall health so as much as you will drink water it is good for you as it ensures good digestive system, boost your metabolism and maintains your body’s energy level.

Before 15 to 20 minutes of your daily meal drink 1 to 2 glass of water, it will reduce your hunger naturally and you eat lesser than your normal time. Also, it will not affect your health. All day craving can be also be suppressed by drinking a good quantity of water throughout the day.

All the natural way to lose weight mentioned here are safe and effective ones. Don’t remain dependent on only one method. Do trial and error so that you can get the best way which is working more effectively on you. Remember nothing can be possible within few weeks. Have faith in your natural endeavors and get the perfect size with your regular honest efforts.

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