Morning Smokers More Likely to Get Cancer

Early Morning Smokers have Greater Risk to Develop Cancer

We all know the fact that smoking can cause cancer risk but a new online publication journal by the American Cancer Society Journal Cancer has given a new dimension to this fact by stating that early morning smokers more likely to get cancer than those who wait at least an hour after their wake up time in the morning.

This publication was based on two studies by researchers which were conducted on two different groups of people. The first group included those who smoke within 30 to 60minutes of their waking up time and the second group includes those who smoke after two to three hours of their waking up time.

The first study was conducted on a group of smokers who developed lung cancer and of those who smoke but have not developed this health issue. The first group consists of 4775 smokers and the second group of smokers had all total 2835 members.

It is found in this study that people who smoke within 31 to 60 minutes after their waking up time have 1.31 times greater risk of developing lung cancer than those who waited more than 60 minutes after bed. Again smokers who smoke just within 30 minutes after their wake up time in the morning had 1.79 times greater risk of developing lung cancer with a comparison to other groups of people in this research.

Another study following to the first study was conducted on two groups of smokers. The first group consists of 1055 people having head and neck cancer and the second group consists of 795 people who used to smoke but not developed head and neck cancer.

This second study reveals the fact that people who smoke within 31 to 60 minutes after their waking up time had 1.42 times greater risk to develop head and neck cancer than those who waited more than one hour to light up very cigarette of the day.

Also, this study determines that smokers who used to smoke just within 30 minutes after bed in the morning time had 1.59 times greater risk to develop head and neck cancer. Both of these studies prove that smoking becomes more dangerous for health when someone smokes in the very early morning in their empty stomach.

This reveals the fact behind the severity of cancer risk in early smokers is more because their body contains more amount of nicotine and toxins than those who at least wait for 2 to 3 hours to light up their first cigarette of a day.

As cancer, especially in the very tender zone of the body like lungs, neck, and head, contains earlier death risk so it is very essential to create awareness among smokers or addicts of smoking who can’t even wait for an hour after their waking up in the fresh morning time.

The researchers then provided a theory why only early morning smokers are mostly at the danger to develop lungs, neck and head cancer than those who might light up more than two-three cigarettes in a day but avoid smoking, just after their bed in the morning (at least for two hours and more).

Further, the researchers add that those who can’t refrain smoking even for an hour after waking up depicts their addiction for it that differentiates them from other smokers who can wait at least an hour after bed in the morning to puff a very first cigarette. Also, they say further that this kind of addiction can be caused due to a genetic history or may be due to personal reasons or factors.

Also, those who smoke early morning do intensive smoke, as a result, smokes directly to get a place to affect their lungs, neck, and head as smoke contains cancer-causing chemicals which immediately starts processing by burning your neck, head, and lungs which in the long run develops into cancerous cells.

Smoking cessation programs can play a vital role here by educating people regarding the drawbacks of smoking especially early morning smoking on their health and overall lifestyle. In this regard, nicotine cessation therapies and counseling can better control this epidemic condition by helping early morning smokers to quit this life-threatening addiction.

However, these cessation programs and counseling are effective but it cannot give lifetime guarantee that smoking addicts who quit once smoking will not start this again in their life after a few months or years. Still with high determination level and proper understanding of early morning smoking effect on overall life, one can protect themselves from its devastating effect.

Tips to Quit Early Morning Smoking Habit

early morning smokers more likely to get cancerQuitting any kind of addiction is not so easy but at the same time, it is not very impossible too. As a human being, we have an immersive range of power and capability that we can do anything. The moment you make a commitment in your mind to leave this habit completely for your self-betterment then and there only half of the task of quitting is done.

With self-determination, application of therapy, medications and with some natural tricks you can really win this battle and there is no doubt in it. So what are you thinking further? Start your journey by today itself by following our effective tricks and tips and save yourself from the worsening effect of early morning smoking i.e. cancer risk.

Medical Help to Quit Smoking

Many people think to quit smoking by own self with natural tricks but it doesn’t always bring any fruitful result and mostly ends up with failure after some time of quitting. However, an intervention of medical help can speeds the quitting process and chances of success lies here to a great extent.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine replacement therapy works very positively by helping the smoking addicts to leave their addiction by giving them some effective substitute for nicotine or nicotine replacements such as nicotine inhalers, gum, lozenges, sprays, and patches. All these substitutes of nicotine provide the taste and feeling of nicotine without the actual existence of any kind of tobacco.

As in the very initial stage of quitting it’s very difficult to completely stop smoking so this therapy works as a great reliever to those who are struggling to leave smoking completely. Also, the success of this therapy depends on self-control and a combination of other medical help that makes its target achievable. Remember this therapy is just a medium for quitting smoke it is not a substitute of tobacco for the lifetime.

Behavioral Therapy

Under the behavioral therapy, you need to take the help of a counseling session where the counselors will read your mind and will try to understand triggers that are causing you to smoke. The triggers can be personal, emotional and situations depending on the lifestyle and personal belief of the concerned person.

The success of counseling or behavioral therapy depends on a combination of nicotine replacement therapy. Also, remember you can see an effective reduction in your smoking habit either in few sitting of counseling or you might require several sittings of counseling where you might get one to one session or a group session as your counselor thinks best suitable for your condition.


The aim of medical help regarding quitting smoke is to reduce your craving for smoke and also relieve your symptoms that people develop in their journey of quitting. These two important aspects are managed through prescribed medications such as Varenicline (Chantix), Bupropion, etc. The medications will help you to ease the symptoms of quitting and reduce your frequent cravings for the smoke.

Combination of all Treatments

What a single treatment technique cannot do alone, a good combination of different treatment techniques can do by showing an effective reduction in your cravings for smoke and by enabling you to deal with all the symptoms that you develop while quitting smoke.

As per the FDA report using two nicotine replacement therapies at a time is not safe so avoid using two at a time. However, you can well combine it with other treatment methods such as combine nicotine replacement therapy patch with prescription medications, behavioral therapy with nicotine replacement therapy and so on you can do other combos after consulting with your doctor or counselor for speeding up the quitting process.

Natural Tricks to Quit Smoking

Medical techniques for quitting early morning smoking habits are good enough and no one can deny its effectiveness, however, you cannot expect total success until you combine it with natural ways and tricks. These natural tips for quitting smoke will keep your enthusiasm level high by motivating you emotionally, and practically. So let’s discuss some important natural tips to quit smoking.

Hide Cigarette Packet from Your Visibility

One prudent thing that you can do for quitting smoking especially early morning smoking by hiding cigarette pocket from your visibility so that when you will wake up in the morning it won’t be visible which can prevent you to light up the first cigarette just after bed.

Apart from that hide any belongings of smoking such as ashtrays, empty cigarette packet or any leftover half cigarette around the floor as even these belongings can trigger your craving for first early morning cigarette.

Recognize Your Triggers

First, you need to recognize all trigger factors that usually compel you to smoke not even in the morning but at any point of the time in a day. Once you will understand all those triggering factors which can be anything like any other smoking person, smoking zone in the office or any outside area, the smell of nicotine, peer pressure or anything else, then try to avoid them as early as it is possible.

In the initial first two to three months, it will be very difficult to control yourself especially when you come in the contact of any triggering factor. So in order to make your smoking quitting journey successful keep distance from any person or place that can stimulate your cravings for a cigarette.

Think About the Benefits of Quitting

Quitting a completely harmful addiction like smoking has numerous benefits which can change your entire life in a positive way. So whenever you lose your courage and get a temptation for even a single puff of cigarette then starts counting all the benefits that you will get once you get rid of smoking forever.

Quitting cigarette not only protects you from cancer health risk but it can also help you to enhance your overall health. Apart from this you can also improve your appearance and look when there will be no existence of nicotine in your life which is a big enemy of facial beauty.

Also by leaving smoking, you can ensure your longevity which is good news for your loving and dear ones who wants you to see living a long and healthy life without any kind of health trauma.

Don’t Lose Hope in the Initial Few Days

Quitting your longtime favorite habit is not so easy so starts your quitting journey with the mindset that you have to go through several kinds of difficulties especially in the initial few days. It is quite usual that in the beginning days you may lose your temper, self-control, irritation, depression, and tiredness may happen in the lack of regular ritual that you used to do in the form of smoking.

In spite of all these difficulties be determined on your decision and stick with it until the end. Your all honest effort will really get its reward when you will feel very less craving even of a single cigarette as the months go. So have patience and stay stick with your quitting plan and commitment.

Go Slowly

Remember one thing, that no miracle is going to happen just from the next day and you will stop getting crave for smoking. So be practical my dear friend and go slowly by reducing one by one your regular cigarette intake. As if you think to leave it completely in a day then within a few days you have to nail down as you cannot stop your desires suddenly.

We all desire to live a healthy and long life, so for ensuring this precious thing even if you have to leave your favorite addiction then there is no harm in it. As early morning smokers more likely to get cancer so it is most essential for them to quit it as early as it is possible. Our quitting plans are surely going to help you a lot in this regard.

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