Acne Scars Care Routine

12 Biggest Mistakes Made with Acne Scars Care Routine

Acne scars are the result of frequent inflammation in the skin caused by clogged skin pores due to excess oil production from oil glands, bacteria and due to dead skin cells. This causes a breakout in the skin which further left its scars in the form of redness, raised, flat and depressed scars. However, the sad truth is that often these scars remain lifetime due to some common mistakes made with acne scars care routine.

Not all acne scars are the matter of lifetime skin concern, some of them especially shallow lesions disappears on its own without any intervention of a particular treatment. However, not everyone is that lucky to have such kind of acne and they end up with unpleasant and ugly scars in their face which not only affect their facial beauty but also hampers their self-esteem.

Another thing that you must be aware of that acne or pimples is not limited to teenagers only as it can affect you at any point in time of your life. This is the reason you can see some women get acne problem even in their 40s and above.

There are several factors which affect the growth of this skin problem out of those, hormonal changes, skin type, bad skin care routine, aging etc. are more common. So apart from teenagers which are the usual victims of this skin concern due to sudden hormonal changes in their body other people too can develop this problem.

This needs an awareness among everyone regarding the proper care and prevention measure to avoid this skin inflammation as because it is the wrong care process which promotes the growth of these stubborn scars on your skin.

Also with proper care routine, you can prevent this recurrent inflammation problem in your skin and ensure fresh, even tone and textured skin throughout your life. So to guide you precisely below we have enlisted some common mistakes that people generally do in their acne care routine which are the primary reasons for these unpleasant scars on your face.

12 Biggest Mistakes Made with Acne Scars

mistakes made with acne scars

You Often Pick Your Pimples

One common mistake that every second acne victim does at some point in their life is picking at their pimples. It’s quite obvious to feel uneasy and unconfident when your face gets covered with different shapes and sizes of pimples.

However, this doesn’t mean you start its treatment on own by picking it. Remember this is not going to help you anyway instead it will cause more harm to you as this activity of yours will increase your infection or information leading to more growth and spreading of pimples.

Picking pimples is not a solution for your problems as this will inflame your acne more leaving a deep and strong scar behind it. So if you want to get rid of your pimples it’s better that you take a suggestion from a dermatologist who can prescribe necessary medications to treat your pimples.

This healthy process will not only help to remove your pimples from its root by treating the real causes of this skin problem but will also not let it develop or spread any scars behind it.

You Squeeze Your Pimples

Another common mistake which promotes the growth of acne scars is pimples squeezing. The temptation to squeeze those bumps on your face is very obvious reaction however it can be very problematic for you because acne pimples are a very deep-rooted skin problem.

So when you squeeze them the infected bacteria can easily spread even on the healthy part of your skin leading to inflamed them. Moreover, it can also increase the size of your existing pimples.

The worst part of squeezing is that it can create long term redness on the affected area even though the pimples disappear with time and sometimes these scars are permanent.

So even if you feel irritations then also don’t do this mistake of squeezing instead you can apply a cold compress to soothe and relax the irritation. Also, it will speed up the healing process without any scars problem.

You Apply Spot Treatment at Each Breakout

Your face has several oil glands which are connected with your skin surface with thousands of pipes. Whenever any of these oil glands get clogged it started to develop breakout on your skin leading to the growth of pimples and other types of acne signs like whiteheads, blackheads etc.

In the rush of getting rid to these different acne signs and scars women choose to apply or use spot treatment such as prescribed ointments, however, too often or regular use of these spot treatment on your every break out will not protect you anyway from further pimples growth completely.

As at any point, any of the oil glands will get clogged and their pimples will develop. So even though you are applying these treatments at certain zit it might possible that it will diminish or reduce gradually but another pimple will pop up on your face which you have no fixed control.

You Avoid Using a Good Skin Care System for Acne

In many cases, it is found that a wrong or bad skincare regimen followed by people causes them to get a victim of acne and its scars thereof. When you get a victim of acne it is very important that you give proper care and attention to it to relieve this skin issue.

In this context usage of over the counter medications rich of ingredients such as alpha hydroxyl and benzoyl peroxide helps to combat this skin problem especially in the cases of mild to moderate forms of acne.

In the cases where these counter medication doesn’t bring any noticeable improvement then consultation with dermatologists is the must. The acne problem many times develops as a result of unfriendly skin or cosmetic products usage which can easily clog the oil glands under the skin surface resulting in breakout and scarring happens.

So it is very important to avoid the use of harsh and unhealthy products on your skin. For example, avoids using harsh soaps on your face, don’t wash your face too often as it diminishes the natural oil from your skin, don’t use pore-clogging cosmetic products as it increases your inflammation and makes your condition worse.

You Use a Harsh Exfoliator to Clean your Breakouts

The biggest mistake that people do in their acne scars removal regimen that they use a harsh scrub or exfoliator in the hope that stripping of the external layer of skin will remove these tough scars which are not true.

The acne inflammations are deep-rooted scaring which cannot be removed easily or within two or three exfoliation steps. These deep-rooted scars should only be dealt with light foaming natural ingredient rich, soft fruit acids exfoliator.

You require to use such a gentle and healthy exfoliator on your face wisely and if you don’t get any effective result out of this or notice improvement in inflammation then stop using your self-treatment and consult with the dermatologist to prevent the risk of acne scars growth.

You Avoid Wearing SPF

SPF or Sun Protection Factor gives protection to your skin from harsh UV rays which can easily inflame your skin leading to redness and other skin problems. Also, the UV rays of the sun can make your scars deeper and worse.

So it is very important that you dedicatedly use a good SPF sunscreen at least SPF 30 which is an average SPF rate suitable for all skin types including teenagers. The regular application of SPF cream will not only prevent the risk of chronic skin concerns but will also reduce your acne scars.

While choosing SPF, try to pick a broad spectrum sunscreen for you as it gives protection from both UVA and UVB rays of the sun which is a great benefit for your skin as it protects you from the risk of skin cancer.

People who solely remain dependent on skin moisturizer and other cosmetic product for sun protection or from sun damaging makes a very big mistake especially when they have already developed acne scars.

A dedicated and separate SPF sunscreen will moisturize your skin from deep inside and diminish the skin spots which are already developed. Also, it helps in reducing inflammation.

You Don’t Apply a Moisturizer

Many acne prone skin people avoid using any moisturizer on their skin with a belief that it will make their condition worse which is wrong. Even though you have developed acne or acne scars you can use a moisturizer for your skin care. However, make sure that you only use noncomedogenic moisturizer.

The acne affected skin gets dry very easily especially if retinoid is used for the treatment. However excess dryness can lead more breakouts instead of doing good for you. So use a good noncomedogenic skin product as it will neither clog your pores further nor it will create further inflammations and scars.

You Try DIY Treatment Too Often

Do It Yourself face mask or home remedies are good for skin care routine in a natural way. However, too much usage of DIY treatment without knowing the ultimate effects of its ingredients on your skin may lead to increase your inflammation and breakout problem.

You use these DIY remedies to reduce your acne scars, pigmentation, and breakout however many times some of these remedies can create a reaction which can further develop more scars and increases your burdens to handle some skin issues.

This especially happens in the cases of chemical peels in the lack of appropriate knowledge and prior experience. Also, DIY remedies that include lemon juice often develops reaction and makes your scars more worsen.

So make sure that you use these remedies at some other part of your body or ask from an experienced person before applying it directly on your acne or its scars.

You Use Highly Concentrated Benzoyl Peroxide

The usage of benzoyl peroxide is very common for treating inflammation and acne-causing bacteria as a counter medication. However, as the old saying goes too much of anything is not good.

The same rule is applicable for the usage of benzoyl peroxide for treating acne scars and inflammation as its excessive usage and doses can develop more irritation, opens new pores, breakout and rashes on your skin.

So it is very important that you choose an only low concentration of Benzoyl peroxide instead of high concentration. This will help to combat inflammation and acne-causing bacteria. Also, it will reduce and diminish your acne scars and whiteheads issues if uses in appropriate doses after discussing with a dermatologist.

You Avoid Treating Acne Early

One common mistake regarding acne care which paves the path for acne scars growth is the negligence towards acne care routine in its early stages of growth. Many people believe that acne problem will disappear on its own and will not leave any scar behind.

However, this is true but a risky matter as there is no guarantee that inflammation which is developed in your skin is which type. So if you have developed inflammatory acne then it will definitely leave a bad scar behind it even though the acne itself will disappear in future.

Also, some people have a genetic issue of acne scarring like their parents and other family members have a general acne scarring problem in their skin. In such condition without waiting you should start giving necessary care to your acne at its very early stage without delay.

You Are Not Consistent towards Your Acne Treatment

People who don’t maintain consistency towards their cane care or treatment routine often end up with more inflammation growth as well as acne spots or scars.

Just like any other treatment process, even acne treatment procedure requires consistency to adhere it till your dermatologist does not tell you to stop it. It is seen that it takes more than a month time to experience a noticeable improvement in your acne sign.

Also in between this period, you can see a growth in inflammation or more breakout which is a part of this treatment procedure and it slowly disappears and reduces after that.

So if you leave your treatment routine in between or remain inconsistent while following it then you cannot see any noticeable sign of improvement and also these type of negligence can cause your acne to ends up with stubborn scars behind.

Also, continue with this acne treatment routine even after the acne disappears so that further breakout would not occur or there will be no scarring risk.

You Don’t Follow a Healthy Diet Routine

A healthy diet routine helps in improving your overall health including your skin health. So when you don’t follow such a healthy diet routine you easily get a victim of many skin related problems, acne growth and its scarring thereof is one of these problems.

So make sure that you eat daily healthy nutrient dense balanced foods in your daily meal to keep your immunity system strong so that your skin can easily fight with inflammation causing bacteria to ensure fresh and even tone and textured skin.

All the above-mentioned list of mistakes made with acne scars are enemies for your skin health and beauty. So make sure that you don’t repeat such mistakes and stay scars and blemishes free throughout your life.

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