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Body Fat Calculator: How to Calculate your Body Fat Percentage

The body fat calculator is the easiest measurement tool of current body fat based on your weight and measurement of your different body parts which all needed to be entered in the BFC in order to get exact percentage of body fat. Later in this article, you will get to know ways to calculate your body fat percentage.

Though there are many body fats measuring devices out of them the body fat calculator is considered the easiest one. On the basis of your current weight of the body and its fat percentage, the calculator will make estimation that what will be your body weight irrespective of different body fat percentages.

There is an option called body fat percentage goal lies in this calculator which helps to provide your estimated body weight at your body fat percentage goal. However, this is an optional feature so if you don’t have any body fat percentage goal then there is no need to enter it.

How to Calculate your Body Fat Percentage

In order to calculate your body fat percentage at first, you have to take your current body weight. After taking your weight the next thing that you need to perform is to take the measurement of your body. For this, you require a flexible tape measure which will help to take your measurement in numbers. Make sure that the tape measure which you are using is not elastic otherwise it will be very difficult to get an exact measurement.

Now take the circumference of each part of your body. The tape measure which you are using should be firm in your skin and must not be very tight. The measurement process from this calculator is different for both men and women. Here you can use Metric or English units.

Men Body Fat Measurement

  • Current Body Weight- Use a digital scale to take your current body weight.
  • Waist Circumference- You need to take the measurement of the bigger part of your belly. While taking the measurement don’t suck your breath inside or don’t hold it otherwise it will not depict the accurate waist circumference.

Women Body Fat Measurement

  • Current Body Weight- Use a digital scale to take your current body weight.
  • Waist Circumference- You need to take the measurement of the bigger part of your belly. While taking the measurement don’t suck your breath inside or don’t hold it otherwise it will not depict the accurate waist circumference.
  • Hip Circumference- Take the measurement of the bigger portion of your hip particularly the place where the butt extends back.
  • Forearm Circumference- Take the measurement of the bigger portion of the arm i.e. below your elbow. While taking the measurement to keep your hand in relaxing mode means let it simply hang along your body side. This measurement will be accurate if someone else is taking it so call a partner for taking your accurate measurement.
  • Wrist Circumference- Take the measurement of the smallest part of the wrist. This measurement cannot be taken alone. So take the help of a partner.

After taking all the measurements and body weight, you should put all these data in the body fat calculator in different respective fields and click on the calculate button. Within a few seconds, it will show your body fat percentage.

In the body fat calculator, there is a Metric Unit tab which helps to calculate your body fat percentage in the International System of Units (SI). While measuring try to take nearest .5 cm value for getting the best accurate result. It also includes the BMI method for calculation of body fat percentage

The formula which is used in this calculator is different for men and women which is mentioned below.

For Men- Total body weight x 1.082 + 94.42

For Women- Total body weight x 0.732 + 8.987

One can use this calculator more than one time in a day in order to check the difference and variations in weight to gather the progress report irrespective of time.

Other Ways to Measure Body Fat Percentage

Apart from Body Fat Calculator, there are many other ways to calculate or measure the body fat percentage. Each of them works on different formulation accompanied by some pros and cons in their individual application process. Some effective ways or method to measure body fat percentage is mentioned below.

Hydrostatic Weighing Method

The Hydrostatic Weighing Method is known for its most accurate data on body fat measurement. This process is also known as water displacement method. In order to get to know your body fat through this process you need one tank full of water and then you need to completely immerse yourself in this and hold down your breath for some time.

This method is capable to provide an actual measure of your body fat but it is the little bit difficult and not everyone finds it suitable or comfortable to apply. Also for doing this weighing method you have to manage a proper location for performing this test.

Skin Caliper Measurement Method

Skin Caliper measurement method is another famous way to measure the body fat percentage. This process is very easy and provides more accurate data with comparison to body fat calculator.

For doing this measurement you need to purchase a skinfold caliper for taking your body fat level measurement at home. If you are not able to take the measurement by yourself perfectly then you can join a gym also where a well professional person will help you during this measurement process.

In the skin caliper method, the caliper pinches a certain part of your body to estimate the fat level in your body. This process is quite effective but its efficiency depends on the skill of the person who is using caliper as an inappropriate skinfold pinching will not produce the accurate body fat percentage.

DEXA Scanning Method

The DEXA Scanning or Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry method is one another way to get the most accurate report of body fat percentage. This method is conducted under high medical setting in the presence of very skilled technicians.

In this process, the scanning of your body mass is done. The area of concentration in this process remains on the fat tissues, lean muscle mass, and body minerals. It also represents the fat distribution in different parts of your body. This process is very expensive and is limited to very few places only.

Bioelectrical Impedance Method

The Bioelectrical Impedance Method is another popular way to calculate body fat percentage. You can use this at home or can be used in the gym with the help of the gym trainer or in any other healthcare center. This device is very easy to use.

The device when attached to your body simply sends the electrical signals to measure fat through your body. This is completely harmless and doesn’t cause pain. This device is capable to provide quick results however the accuracy of its results can be affected by the body’s hydration level; otherwise, this is an easy method to calculate one’s body fat percentage.

Apart from the above-mentioned body fat measuring processes, there are some other methods also but out of them, the most suitable and reliable ones are mentioned here. Make sure that each time you are using the same procedure for calculating your body fat percentage as it ensures the accuracy of data.

Ways to Reduce Body Fat

Once you get to know about your body fat the second thing you will be eager for is the ways to reduce body fat. In order to reduce your extra body fat you need to make the necessary changes in the different areas of your life then only you can reduce the body fat in a safe and natural way.

One most simple way to reduce body fat is to burn the extra calories in your body than the quantity you consume every day. With this simple trick, you can easily achieve your target to reduce body fat.

Make sure if you are pregnant or in some special medication like any treatment is going on then don’t try to reduce your fat without consulting with the doctor. The fat gaining process during pregnancy is normal and a pregnant lady should never try to reduce her body fat. Also, athletes gain fat as per their profession so while thinking about the fat loss plan they must consult with their healthcare provider. Below are a few simple tricks to reduce unwanted body fat.

Make Changes in Your Diet

Few small and prudent changes in your everyday diet plan can affect a greater way to reduce your body fat as it is diet by which you consume calories resulting in body fat. So by reducing the consumption of more calorie containing foods you can reach your goal very easily.

Don’t skip breakfast because instead of reducing fat it will add more fat to you. So take your breakfast regularly and have small-small meals throughout the day. This way your stomach will never stay empty which is the primary reason to gain fat faster about which most of the people are unaware and thy stop or cut their daily food intake with the thinking that they can lose weight this way.

Make sure you are taking a very lesser quantity of food which contains high protein. Avoid the consumption of junk food, sugary drinks, alcohol consumption etc.  Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, and fibers.


Workout or exercise is the best and safer way to reduce extra body fat faster. There are several exercise steps which only focuses on reducing extra fat areas of the body. For this, you can do these workouts at home or can join a gym where under the special instructions of the gym trainers you can conduct your body fat loss workouts.

Workouts, especially for increasing body muscles, focus on burning the body fat. With these workouts, you can easily reduce the body fat and gain muscles with the lean muscle tissue workout steps. Also during workouts, your body’s metabolism rate gets increased which is a vital element for burning body fat. Means on the one side you become able to improve your muscles and on the other side, you burn extra calories of the body which helps to reduce body fat.

Lifestyle Changes

You cannot simply dependent in your diet plan and workouts to reduce your body fat permanently. For this, you have to make the necessary changes in your regular lifestyle then and only you can reduce the body fat faster and naturally.

Stress level plays a vital role in gaining the body fat so make sure that you don’t remain under stress for a long time. Try to stay in a peaceful cool mind otherwise, a restless mind can elevate to the stress hormones which contribute to the weight gain.

Make sure that you are taking healthy and sound sleep at least for 7 to 8 hours in the night as it is seen that people who have the restless night and who only sleep for 4 to 5 hours in the night have a higher tendency of gaining fat.

A stress-less mind and healthy night sleep will boost your energy level and will make you enable for your everyday workout and other physical activities of regular life. These important lifestyle changes will gear up your body fat reducing plan.

Cardiovascular Fitness Strategy

Cardiovascular fitness strategy is another natural way to lose body fat like muscle gaining workouts. Here you need to perform appropriate cardio form and consistency should be maintained otherwise you cannot expect for the positive and fast result. You can take the help of a cardiovascular trainer who can guide you better regarding the more effective cardiovascular fitness programs for you.

The combination of all these necessary lifestyle plans and changes and your focus and consistency in these effective natural ways will altogether help you to reduce your body fat fast and effective way.

We hope that the ways to calculate your body fat percentage mentioned here will be helpful for our readers to determine their body fat easily. As per the accuracy is concerned with all these mentioned methods, it depends on many factors. The results of these methods are based on several assumptions.

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