Common Reasons You are Not Building Muscle

Most Common Reasons You are Not Building Muscle

Building a desirable amount of muscles needs hardcore effort and consistency towards this target. However what to do when you find that in spite of your tremendous effort and devotion you are not getting any desirable changes in your muscle appearance. If this is the case with you then find here the most probable reasons you are not building muscle.

There are several factors and circumstances that can affect your effort towards muscle building and you might be a victim of any of these factors which are sabotaging your muscle gain plan.

One common perception that lies between people regarding muscle building that lifting heavy dumbbells and weight in the gym will strengthen their lose muscles and give it a desired shape which is true but it needs much more than this.

How you are putting your effort, how much time you are giving for this and whether your overall action plan is running as per your pre-plan modules or not, are some important points that you cannot overlook.

Just like any target plan action, for your muscle building too, you need to prepare a proper plan of action. Its better you take guidance and support of an expert or trainer at the gym who can determine this action plan for you. Other than that you can seek help from an experienced person who has successfully managed to build muscles.

After proper planning and workout routine determination, the next important aspect which plays a key role for muscle builders is their regular diet routine. Yes, it is true that your body needs more amount of nutrients when it is giving more effort and energy than your normal lifestyle.

In order to fulfill this extra nutrient necessity in the body, you have to take care of your food chart which will be consist of food lists that you need to include in your regular meals and food lists that you requires to avoid so that your overall effort would not get hampered in any way.

So to make your way easy and for speeding up your journey to building muscles below we have enlisted some common and important reasons that can prevent you from building muscles so that you can understand them and overcome those issues if it exists in your case.

Reasons You are Not Building Muscle

7 Reasons You are Not Building Muscle

You are Overtraining Your Muscles

Basically, the goal of muscle building is attained when your body is ready to give it’s highest possible effort to harness your highest potential towards fitness action plan. When you give such strength your muscles started to build up and curves develop.

However you must remember one thing that your body has one limit and beyond that, if you pressurize it to work without giving it enough time to rest which is utilized by your body as muscle replenishing time, then this stage is called overtraining.

In this state, your progress rate gets stuck to a fixed point and further improvement in the form of muscle growth is obstructed. As per the experts, there are several factors that can create an overtraining state of your muscles out of which lack of proper amount of rest is the bigger one.

Other particular reasons behind the overtraining state are lack of appropriate amount of nutrition in the body, dehydration, lack of sleep etc. If your body reaches its overtraining stage it starts to develop some symptoms due to the existing state such as constant fatigue, body cramp, crummy mood, loss of appetite etc.

So if you are not getting your desired muscle structure in spite of your hardcore effort then consider all these points to check whether you are really training your muscles or it is a victim of overtraining.

If you find yourself in the overtraining state then make sure that you give at least one-day full break in a week to your body, take enough sleep every day, have enough nutrient-dense foods and keep yourself hydrated all the time so that your training would not get hampered in the lack of energy.

You Are Giving More Time to Cardio Exercises

Cardio workouts are especially for building endurance and flexibility. These exercises are not meant for muscle building or strength build up programs. So if your target is to build muscles then focus less on HIIT and other cardio exercises.

You must give at least 3 to 4 days to weight lifting and core strength training workouts as these are primarily to shape up your muscles to bring curve in it.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should completely avoid cardio workouts. You can do them in your interval days or break days if your body allows you to do so without getting any extra stress on your body and mind.

However, make sure that you don’t continue with the cardio workouts at the cost of your muscle stress recovery time developed during your hardcore strength training days.

You Are Not Following Progressive Overload Technique

You can easily notice in your surrounding that some people who are a regular visitor of the gym since a very long time but their body composition doesn’t show any dramatic change neither in their appearance nor in the form of muscle building. The only reason behind this is their only focus lies on monotonous exercises with the same amount of weight lift.

As a result of the same kind of workout form practicing their progression rate remain almost zero or a negligible amount because your body gets adapted to the same amount of load and it fails to feel stress over muscles and body if you keep on following the same load or weight at the gym.

So if you don’t get any drastic change in your muscle growth in spite of your continuous effort then it might be because you are not implementing the progressive overload technique in your practice.

The concept of progressive overloading theory says implementation of an increasing volume of weight in your workout routine. This will include the use of heavyweights with more sets and reps with time which is the core of muscle building.

When people use the same weight value in their practice their body and muscles feel no basic differences and year by year their progress rate remains stagnant. So to overcome this issue and to build your muscle at the shortest duration make sure that you apply progressive overload or weight rate technique to achieve your target of muscle building.

Lack of Intensity Technique

With time your muscles get adapted with your daily workout steps and stress developed out of it and this obstructs its progression rate by keeping it fixed at a certain point. In this condition, your muscle will not show any noticeable changes in its structure in spite of your long term hardcore effort.

This kind of training is nothing but the wastage of your energy level and your valuable time. However, by implementing new and effective intensity technique in your daily training schedule you can easily give a boost to your stagnant progression or muscle growth rate.

Include new intensity technique in your muscle training program which will be capable to create a high rate of intensity to adapt with that your muscle will require to increase its size as well as strength which ultimately paves up the path of muscle building in a progressive rate.

You can include some special muscle growth designed techniques in your workout session such as Eccentric reps, Drop-sets, Occlusion training etc. This smart trick will make your hardcore energy and strength worth full by developing a positive sign of progression in your existing muscle structure and strength.

You have not Prepared or Maintained a Well Structured Training Plan

You are giving a year to year time in a gym and still not getting any effective changes in your muscle size this simply indicates that you are failing with a proper training plan. Just like any other target achievement process a proper plan and its adherence are important in order to accomplish it successfully. Similarly, your muscle building goal needs a proper plan.

In order to ensure this, you need to divide your total muscle gain plan into different phases which will be consist of different short phases with a particular target. Give yourself a target for each phase and try to accomplish it on its deadline or before that if possible.

Once your single phase plan is achieved give yourself another target for the next smaller or short phase of time. This slowly but gradually achievement will not only ensure your rapid goal achievement rate but these small wins will keep your spirit high all the time.

As per the experts of muscles building, your total goal plan will be divided into two primary phases, one will be for building muscle strength which includes weight lifting workouts and the second one will be for hypertrophy, which is a growth of muscle cells with proper weight lifting exercises.

Further, you can divide your fitness routine into different months. For one month your complete dedication will be towards high weight and low rep training and next alternate month you should focus on moderate weight and moderate rep training.

The first one will help you to build up your strength and the second one will help you in building muscles.

Your Diet Plan is Not Appropriate

One common mistake that often bodybuilders do is that they don’t prioritize their diet chart while preparing a plan for muscle building which is their biggest mistake. For building lean muscle mass it is very important that your body gets enough amounts of calories as well as micronutrient to keep you fit and on track.

As per the experts, every muscle builder aspirant should calculate their daily maintenance calorie intake which is the minimal amount of calorie that your body needs every day for its day to day task including your existing target which needs your extra energy.

In order to calculate this maintenance calorie and micronutrient value, you can take a test of one week. On the very first day take your body weight in the very morning after that for the next one week note down your normal diet routine that you have followed during this period.

At the end of one week take your body weight again If you find no changes in your weight then you can consider those diets that you have followed in this trial period as your maintenance calorie and micronutrient basic intake.

After that as per your muscle improvement rate and strength gain speed and desire, you can make necessary changes in your daily intake in order to reduce or increase your weight.

This trick will help you to build your muscle size and strength at a very rapid rate. If you are not following this diet trick in your muscle building plan then you must not expect any dramatic changes in your growth rate. So, ensure a strengthened and curvy lean muscle with this smart diet approach.

You Have Lack of Motivation

Last but not least, the lack of motivation is one of the most important factors that can sabotage your muscle building plan. As a human being, we are blessed with tremendous capabilities and power naturally. What actually needs to harness these power is the mental strength and enthusiasm which derives out of motivation.

This is the reason a well -motivated person manages to achieve even an unexpected target in their life which no one thinks that is achievable easily. That’s the power of a real motivation that stimulates energy and willpower in a person to get their goal in a very fantastic way.

However when a person is demotivated or there is nothing which is motivating him or her from the back then in spite of their hardcore physical efforts they will hardly experience any drastic change towards their target plan achievement process and often thoughts of giving up circulates in their mind.

So if you find that you are lacking to strengthen and build your muscle mass then the possibility exists that you are demotivated or lack of motivation is the concern with you. To overcome this problem before starting your target plan write down in a notebook or a diary what is the reason for which you are planning to build your muscle, your progression rate etc.

This written note will empower you from time to time whenever you will lose hope in the mid-path. This will keep you energize not only during your exercise session but will keep you motivated for your next day and son on gym sessions and workout plan. So keep yourself motivated throughout this journey in order to make it a successful one.

We hope the above-mentioned points have made it very clear to you the reasons you are not building muscle. So if any of these is real in your case then leave it by today itself to achieve your goal.

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