Best Abs Workout Machine for Home Gym Top 5 Review

Best Abs Workout Machine for Home Gym – Top 5 Review

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Getting an ab exercise machine is a very tough task. It’s not as if the choices are few or the brands are within a select range. A vast profusion of gym equipment and machines tone the abs. For the top ab toning machines for your home gym, you need a smart choice that works for you in terms of fitness goals and budgetary considerations.The abs are like the lever that pushes your body to higher fitness levels. A strong ab means a robust core. What are the benefits of exercising abs and how can you select the best machine for the job? This ab machine for home gyms guide sets out to clarify just that.

Best Abs Workout Machine for Home Gym





XMark Fitness 12 Position Ergonomic Adjustable Decline Ab Bench e1509166757549

XMark Fitness Ergonomic Adjustable Ab Bench

61x47x20 inches


Ab Coaster Model CS 1500 e1509166945711

Ab Coaster Model CS-1500

53x53x27 inches


ProForm Ab Glider Platinum Ab Machine e1509167346440

ProForm Ab Glider

47x39x31 inches


Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller e1509167614340

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller

9x7.9x9 inches


Perfect Fitness Situp e1509168101496

Perfect Fitness Situp

59x9x15 inches


Benefits of Ab Workout Machines

#1 Prevent Pain in the Lower Back

Lower back problems result when there is a lack of stability in the human body. A weak core means chances of a lower back injury are maximum. Exercise your abs for a strong core and prevent lower back pain.

#2 Improve Fitness Levels

With a strong core, movements become deliberate and measured. This enhances athletic performance for those pursuing sports as a professional, career or recreational move.

#3 Enhanced Breathing

Muscles function in tandem to ensure that we are able to breathe. With a strong core, breathing becomes easier on account of enhanced muscular functioning.

#4 Slim, Trim Body

As muscles around the core lose fat and gain a fitter appearance, a slimmer waistline is the result of using an abs workout machine regularly.

Types of Ab Workout Machines

The Adjustable Bench

This is one of the most multifaceted and top equipment that can be utilized to gain toned abs. Not only does the adjustable bench work out for toned abs, it is helpful for free weight workouts too. If there is a rack or power rack, the exercise machine can also double up for bench pressing. Adjustability of the bench is one major factor in promoting its flexibility as a home gym equipment.

The Ab Rocket Twister

This machine offers support for abs from different angles. It has a user-friendly design supporting padding in different sections.With multiple levels of resistance, it offers an increasingly challenging workout for those wanting to take fitness to the next level.

The Ab Glider

This is one of the top tools for targeting your ab muscles. A most suitable and efficient machine for your abs, it helps you to take fitness to the next level.

Pull Up/Chin Up Bar

Whether it is called a chin up or pull up bar, this tool is critical for a home gym. Developing the shoulder, biceps and back muscles, the pull up bar is easy to use and install for stronger abs and core. This is great for toning the obliques too. Pull up bars are either in door frame or tower form, so any type of exercise can be carried out. If the focus is on the abs, leg raises and knees can trim down the stomach.

Perfect Sit Up

The sit up equipment gets abs sculpted and works faster. It works on the principle of combining ab leg lift and upper crunches. The machine works on the core four ab muscles and strengthens and tones these.


The value of the kettle bell has increased tenfold with the advent of programs and workout schemes such as Crossfit. One of the best exercises for toning the abs, this fitness equipment is versatile. It develops core muscles, legs, shoulders and the back. Online videos using the kettle bell are growing in number.

Balance Ball

A balance ball is like a mini-gym. Tons of resources can be accessed online to use a balance ball and enhance fitness levels. The balance ball can also be used to strengthen the core and abs.

Medicine Balls

The exercise equipment is akin to the kettle bells. As Crossfit has become popular, this ab workout machine as gained in usage. The largest advantage of using the medicine ball is that you get a complete workout. Much like the kettle bell, there are a host of online videos for using this exercise tool.

Ab Wheels/Roller

Though pretty simple in appearance, this fitness equipment enhances the strength of the core and the abs. It’s not just the abs though. The ab wheels (though named after the chief body part they exercise) also give the shoulders and the arms a perfectly sculpted look.

This simple abs workout machine helps in isolation of the ab muscles. The Ab roller is perfect for those facing space constraints and is a great addition to the home gym. It is known for its compact size and minimal footprint. It can be carried around while traveling also.

Bosu Balance Trainer

This equipment is perfect for a complete workout that brings strength, balance, and agility to the person working out. There are many strengthening routines which can be carried out using the Bosu Balance Trainer.

Rowing Machine

If the key aim is to gain in core strength and improvise the exercise routine at the same time, this rowing machine is a wonderful inclusion to the home gym. The key advantage of this ab workout machine is the intensity of the workout it provides your body. If interested in a rowing machine, you need to conduct extensive studies and go through exercise and health sites to get complete knowledge about the machine.

The rowing machine is benefiting those who want to cut calories and burn fat fast. It also does not put too much strain on the knees, which can be a major plus point, especially for older fitness enthusiasts.

This machine helps work out the entire body, so ab muscles can be exercised too. This increases the stamina. A top rowing machine does not injure the body, but you need to watch out for the mode of functioning as well to check the benefits you will receive.

Exercise Floor Mat

The most efficient and effective means of toning and strengthening the abs and the core is the standard crunch. The exercise mat cushions the back and prevents damage during intense workouts.

Ab Coaster

Looking for a comprehensive exercise machine? The Ab Coaster is what you need. It works out the abs and offers an added advantage of more weight for resistance. Most people are checking the ab workout machine they can use with ease, for not just getting a six pack but also boosting core strength. Prevent injuries that can be caused by sports, workouts and normal everyday chore or even lower back pain by exercising using this machine. It improves the posture as well.

Core Slider

This is a small disk which the fitness workout involves sliding across the floor. These disks need to be stepped on as exercises are performed to strengthen the abs. Most of these abs machines like the core slider work by connecting your core to a top planking position, with arms fully extended. The feet are on core sliders.

Mountain Climber

This is simply an ab workout machine, that slides one knee forward to the chest and pushes the knee back for returning to the original point. The other knee needs to be exercised in a similar way.

Cross Mountain Climber

This is akin to the mountain climber, except when the right knee is pushed to aim for the shoulder on the other side and vice versa, hence the name cross mountain climber.

Wide Mountain Climber

This involves a mountain climber which works out the right leg to the right arm and vice versa.

Stability Ball

This is also known as a Swiss ball or an exercise ball. It is an inflatable rubber device measuring anywhere from 20 to 25 inches in diameter. This helps in toning the abs as well. The top stability balls are known for their durability. They range across different colors.

Roman Chairs

These are quite commonly used as a means of helping people to tone up their abs. It also offers a golden chance to carry out exercises for the lower portion of the back. Focusing on just the abs and not taking the back into account can result in a bad posture and back trouble at later stages. Consider using the Roman Chair to strengthen the lower back plus the abs.

Top 5 Abs Workout Machines for Home Gyms

Choosing the best ab machine workout is not easy. When there are a lot of options, making a choice requires careful consideration. Check the exercise machines and see which ones fit your needs and preferences. Also, watch out for the budget to see which ones are affordable. The abs are a core of the fit and toned body. A good set of abs are reflective of the benefits for the entire physique. So, let’s see which are the top 5 abs workout machines for home gyms.

#1 XMark 12 Position Decline AB Bench (Adjustable) XM 4416

XMark 12 Position Decline AB Bench (Adjustable) XM 4416
Photo By: Amazon

XMark Fitness 12 adjustable bench has value for those who want abs of steel. A common advice from exercise gurus is that an ab bench is a wonderful way to workout the muscles and the core, along with the crunches and usual sit-up.


  • Robust

Comprising a 14 gauge solid steel of 2×3 inches, this bench is robust and sturdy enough to cope with a weight of around four hundred pounds.

  • Ergonomically Designed

The massive, 4-inch leg rollers are positioned in an ergonomic way to offer exercise benefits while preventing a strain on the back.

  • Comfort and Durability

The vinyl benches are comfortable and resistant to tearing.

  • Adjustable

There are 12 different adjustments of vertical height you can make on this bench. So changing the angle of the ab workout for maximal effect is simple.

  • Convenient Support Handle

The convenient support handle lets you alight or get off the bench when you are placed at an extreme angle. Get as much as 45% out of this model.


  • Not Suited For Taller People

If taller than 6.3 or 6.4, you may face a problem in working out using this bench.

Key Specifications

The ab bench does not have a lot of moving parts or intricate details to consider. This bench is sturdy, efficient, easy to adjust and comfortable to use.

  • Its dimensions are 61x47x20 in inches.
  • The maximal user weight it can hold is 400 pounds.
  • The weight is 63 pounds.
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty.

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#2 Ab Coaster Model CS-1500

Ab Coaster Model CS-1500
Photo By: Amazon

Get your abs into shape using this ab coaster. Worth your money and time, this machine is commercial grade, but it can be tried in the home with ease. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of this abs workout machine.


  • Durable

This ab coaster machine is made with steel. This includes steel bearings and stainless steel rails.

  • Super Smooth Gliders

Gliders are made from super smooth nylon which is better than most other ab coaster machines.

  • Challenging Exercises

The Ab Coaster offers an easy way out for those seeking challenging hanging leg raises, this being one of the best ways to train the lower abdominal region.

  • Add Resistance

Vary your body position on the ab coaster to improve the resistance rate. Add weight plates for additional resistance. Feel the burn when you commence with the workouts and get the calorie elimination you seek.


  • Tough for Beginners

The Ab Coaster can be really tough for beginners. This is because the ab coaster machine offers challenging, high intensity workouts which can be tough to handle.

Key Specifications

This ab coaster machine comes with a lot of benefits and is, therefore, the best choice for individuals who want to take their fitness to the higher level.

  • The dimensions are 53x53x27 in terms of inches.
  • Maximal user weight averages around 400 pounds.
  • The weight of the machine is a sturdy 95 pounds.
  • With a money back guarantee extended warranty, this ab coaster offers good value for money.

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#3 ProForm Ab Glider

ProForm Ab Glider
Photo By: Amazon

This Ab Glider is well known among fitness circles. What is its USP? Quite simply that it is a top machine at affordable prices. This is from a company known for top quality treadmills and other equipments. Self powered and efficient as against the Ab Coaster or Circle, it is more efficient in every way. Let’s learn more about its pros and cons.


  • Self Powered

This unique machine requires no outlet or electricity to operate. Using the sheer force of your body, you can push yourself to higher fitness levels.

  • Try Out Different Angles

Working out using the Ab Coaster is easy with the machine’s track to work the core and move forward as well as backward with ease. Success and advancement is measured on the LCD monitor keeping track of your fitness regime. From working your core to your obliques, there is absolutely no problem.

  • Solid Steel

The machine made from solid steel is immensely long lasting. The comfort factor is high thanks to the cushioned seat. This provides quality resistance to ensure maximum returns from your fitness routine.

  • Low Impact Exercise

Exercising is low impact using this ab coaster. Low impact means your knees and joints are safe during the exercise.


  • Limited Warranty

This Ab Coaster machine offers a limited 90 days in terms of warranty. This is a big problem.

Key Specifications

  • The dimensions of this Ab Coaster is 47x39x31 in terms of inches.
  • Maximum user weight for the Ab Coaster is around 250 pounds.
  • Weighing around 45 pounds, the only problem is the warranty is around 90 days.

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#4 Perfect Fitness Ab Carver (Professional)

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver (Professional)
Photo by: Amazon

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller is the perfect machine for working out the body’s core for strong arms and robust abs.


  • Real Benefits

An Ab Wheel is superior to reps done on the floor or crunches or sit-ups, especially if the latter is carried out without proper precautions. Ab Carver is superior to cheap ab wheels on account of the construction and design.

  • Carbon Steel Spring

Cheap ab wheels are carved out of plastic. They wobble around before falling apart. The Ab Carver has a carbon steel spring for powering the kinetic assistance engine.

  • Ergonomic Design

Whether you are carving straight or at an oblique angle, the user-friendly grips work arm as well as core ab muscles.

  • 21 day Digital Workout Plan

The Carver Pro comes with a total digital workout plan of 21 days indicating how to carry out the workout for best outcomes. It is more expensive than the ab wheels, but well worth the money.

  • Wide Steel Ab Wheel

The other ab wheels are narrower. They can leave you unsteady on the feet. On the other hand, the Carver Professional has extra width making for more stable, less wobbly feelings at the time of exercise.

  • Angles on Handles

This Ab Carver machine comes with specifically oriented handles that help in pushing forth and pulling back triceps and avoid straining the region of the shoulder. This lowers the possibility of the experience of pain in the blades of the shoulder and tone as well as firm ab muscles while working out the abdominal region.

  • Rubberized Hand-Grip

The rubber grip makes it tougher to incur injuries during a critical exercise. This gives confidence for trying out complicated maneuvers effectively.

  • Kinetic Mode Engine

This comes with kinetic engine offering a carbon-based, steel toughened spring to help roll the Ab Carver smoothly. The spring has a recoil fitted in by rolling back more than conventional ab wheels.

  • Knee Pads Made of Foam

The knee pads are made of foam. This prevents injury or knee damage.

  • Stronger Core

Unlike entry model ab wheels, the Carver Pro targets the ab muscles and trains the core, arms, chest, back, tights and shoulders as well. On account of its wide, flexible wheel and user-friendly handle, there is high amount of comfort for extended time periods.

  • Used Easily For Quick Results

If this ab machine is correctly used, a burn can be felt within 15 minutes. Using the machine consistently thrice to 5 times in a week comes with a warranty that offers value. Moreover, the machine can be tried on carpet covered or smooth floors offering lightweight portability.

  • Enhanced Comfort Quotient

This ab wheel has a wide base, handles with contour and knee pads with soft cushioning that make comfortable workouts easier.


  • Tough for Starting Out

For a novice, the device may be tough to use. It becomes easier with time and practice.

  • Costly

The Ab Carver cost much more than other ab workout machines. Many fitness experts opine, however, that it is money worth spent.

Key Specifications

  • This ab carver machine has a dimension of 9 x 7.9 x 9.
  • Maximum user weight is on the lighter side specifically 250 pounds.
  • The maximum weight is around 45 pounds
  • A warranty limited to 90 days is guaranteed.

The ab machine offers amazing equipment for working out core muscles for rippling muscles and powerful arms. With a sturdy construction and top end design, this machine comes across as way better than traditional ab wheels.

This performs a wide range of exercises effectively and quickly. This really benefits the abs rather than sit-ups or crunches.

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#5 Perfect Fitness Situp

Perfect Fitness Situp
Photo By: Amazon

Perfect Fitness Situp offers a chance for a comfortable workout, with an easy headrest, smooth foot clip and ergonomic hand grips. The frame enables the body to carry out lower ab leg lifts and upper crunches at the same time. The design works the different ab muscles for an optimal workout. When the full range of motion is reached, the machine clicks to let you know you have performed the workout correctly.


  • Contour Base for Optimal Positioning

The base with contours helps to position the body optimally and muscle activation is easier targeting maximum exercise of the abs.

  • Ergonomic Features

The neck support keeps the spine in the correct alignment, while the neck strain is reduced by providing complete support for the head. The support for the neck and head reduce joint strain, lowering fatigue occurring as a consequence of exercise.

  • Firm Hand Grip

The hand grip is firm and permits easy grip plus placement for sustained usage. The foot clip are smooth and create optimal muscle power. Permitting a more effective and efficient workout, this situp machine tackles the different ab muscles.

  • Sensor for Monitoring Workouts

A sensor is aligned with the machine for notification of whenever the desirable motion range is arrived at. This clicking sound signifies success.

  • Product is Convenient for Storage

Additional storage hanger makes it easy to hang this product in enclosed spaces.

  • Easy Assembly

Another benefit of this machine is that it assembles with ease and does not weigh quite so much. It breaks down in the same manner as it is put together. The lightweight compact size and storage hanger make it easy to store the machine even when there is a space constraint.

  • Excellent For Those Starting Out

This is a wonderful tool for novices and those seeking to learn good form. There are a variety of exercises which can be performed using the machine which engages ab muscles in a maximal and optimal way.


  • Noisy Machine

This machine has a backrest which can be noisy to operate. This machine is not a right choice for those who prefer quiet operations.

  • Issues for Large Sized Users

This machine is not suited for big sized users. It is perfect for those in the moderate range and height.

Key Specifications

  • The key dimensions of this machine are 59x9x15 inches.
  • The weight of this machine is 10 pounds.
  • It carries a warranty of 60 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are the biggest drawbacks that come in the way of effective workouts?

While zoning out completely is not easy, it can occur sometimes. Losing focus on the exercise at hand means you are more likely to be injured. Engage in the mind-body link to recruit muscle fibers and improve the outcomes.

Q. Should you hold your breath while using an ab workout machine?

Core muscles need oxygen to work at maximum capacity. Ensure that you keep breathing and inhaling in is the easiest part of the movement while exhalation is for the point when you exert most force. Rather than shallow breathing or holding your breath, you need an ab workout machine for the best results.

Q. What are the different types of exercises that need to be done using an ab workout machine for optimal benefits?

As the body does not work in just one plane of movement, neither should the abs. Rather than doing crunches, you need a variety of exercises that twist, turn and rotate the body. Functional fitness programs can also be tried out using the ab workout machines.

Q. How easily can advanced workouts be carried out?

Tackling a complicated or advanced core move if you are a beginner is not advisable. You need to start with a plank or core strength exercises to master the correct form, ensuring larger and more complicated exercises can gradually be transitioned to.

Q. What are the benefits of a strong core?

Exercising the core is the best way to prevent lower back injury and pain. Warming up the muscles with light exercises and then moving on to the ab workouts is the best way to ensure this.

Q. What is the biggest mistake people make while exercising the abs?

The biggest mistake while using an ab workout machine is to lower the head. This places the neck in a strained position and prevents the abs from being able to move. Each time ab exercises are carried out, you need to ensure the chin is not lowered to the chest.

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