Circuit Workout

Full-Body Circuit Workout with Weights

Whether it is to lose fat, gain some lean muscles, have a proportioned and sexy built, achieve good looks, realize a fit and chiseled body, or encompass a vision for a healthy lifestyle – these are the few pretty customary specifics associated with hitting the gym and shedding some sweats.

What does it mean to be physically fit? I am very certain that everybody would reply in their own specific manner in view of particular needs and necessities. An individual who goes to gym just to be healthy certainly doesn’t need a fitness level akin to a sportsman. Similarly, bodybuilder won’t necessarily follow a workout regime of a marathon runner.

The Search for a Perfect Regime

We continually search for methods where minimum input would furnish us a maximum output. However, we have a superior tendency to forget the fact that ‘There are no alternate routes to Success’. Despite the fact that the typical bodybuilders have great physic, a large portion of them are pretty low on endurance.

Usually, any balanced workout curriculum comprises of both cardio and strength training. Combining these two workouts into a suitable set of courses could bring out a better outcome with a fast pace. Then again, a lot of people don’t like doing cardio at all. Some even believe that it’s totally a waste of time. Nonetheless, we all know that without improving the cardiovascular strength, the endurance or stamina level would never develop.

Consequently, for those treadmill haters and individuals who want to increase their endurance level without typical cardio, an amalgamation of high-intensity strength and endurance workout can prove to be exceptionally advantageous – “Full-Body Circuit Workout with Weights”.

Circuit Workout

Before delving into the workout program, let us first look into the concept of ‘Circuit Training’. Circuit training is a specific training method where one exercise after another is performed with little to no rest in between.

For example, a set of Barbell Squats can be quickly followed by a set of Barbell Curls and a set of Barbell Deadlifts with little to no rest amongst the sets.

Circuit workout can be performed with weights in addition to a set of aerobics. These days, the mash-up of weights and aerobics in circuit workout has gained popularity due to its enhanced outcome.

Pros of Circuit Workout

  • First of all, the high-intensity circuit workout would help you to lift your cardiovascular resilience to a whole new level. In addition, if you focus on strength circuit workouts with a cardiovascular set of exercises, the entire organism of your body would start to perform in a superior manner.
  • Another important advantage of the circuit workout is its knack of lesser time consumption. It’s a perfect alternative for people with limited time for the gym.
  • The muscle strength and endurance would augment with the progress of this particular workout.
  • Circuit workout can be performed with little to no equipment. It can easily be executed outside the gym.

Cons of Circuit Workout  

  • This maximum effort and minimal rest circuit training can be quite atrocious.
  • It is tremendously intricate and its’ not amusing at all.
  • You can’t sustain this type of brutal workout if you don’t have a proper foundation.
  • Circuit training will not increase muscle mass since its mostly dedicated to increase the strength and endurance.

 Circuit Workout Pros and Cons

A Realistic Objective

Before indulging yourself into any training regime, you have to set an achievable objective for yourself. If you are a beginner, you have to take it step-by-step from an amateur program to a straining one in due course of time.

A Beginner’s Strength Circuit Workout    

A beginner can start out with this basic set of strength circuit workout on every alternate day:

Workout for Monday and Wednesday (Reps Count: 20, 10, and 5)

  1. Barbell Squats
  2. Leg Press
  3. Standing Overhead Barbell Press
  4. Barbell Deadlifts
  5. Barbell Upright Rows

Workout for Tuesday and Thursday (Reps Count: 20, 10, and 5)

  1. Chin Ups
  2. Barbell Bench Press
  3. Barbell Weighted Lunges
  4. Close Grip Pulldown
  5. Barbell Power Clean

Try to complete the reps for 2 rounds. There will be no rest in between the exercises, but you can rest for 2 minutes between the circuits. You can adjust the workout in consistent with your fitness level.

Beginner’s Strength Circuit Workout

A Pro Approach

For experienced individuals and sportspersons, here is an illustration for upper body and lower body improvement combination. Since this intense strength program is characteristically dedicated towards athletes, it can be pretty taxing for other bodybuilders. It’s a 3-day per week program. I randomly chose three days but you can fine-tune your schedule in line with your comfort

Monday (Reps: 20, 10 and 5; Round: 5)

  1. Dips
  2. Leg Press
  3. Overhead Press
  4. Squat
  5. Close Grip Pulldown
  6. Goblet Squat

Wednesday (Reps: 20, 10 and 5; Round: 5)

  1. Barbell Bench Press
  2. Dumbbell Lunge
  3. Seated Dumbbell Press
  4. Dumbbell One-Arm Row
  5. Machine Squat
  6. Low Pulley Row

Friday (Reps: 20, 10 and 5; Round: 5)

  1. Chin Up
  2. Dumbbell Deadlift
  3. Barbell Squat
  4. Barbell Standing Press
  5. Machine Chest Press
  6. Close Grip Pulldown

Try to perform all these six exercises one by one as a circuit. If the 20, 10, and 5 reps feel taxing, you can regulate your number of rep to your current maximum and then try to improve gradually. Attempt to repeat the circuit for 5 rounds.

Pro Approach Alternatives

In addition to the proposed method, you can follow the circuit workout regime of Strength and Conditioning Expert ‘Jason Weber’. His ‘Fusion Training’ method is another great alternative to the strength circuit workout program. This Fusion Training of Jason Weber combines strength workout with interval-based fitness workout. This program includes deadlifts, rowing, squats with limited rest and high reps. It’s a very flexible workout system that can be modified for individual needs.

Likewise, there are some out of the gym General Physical Preparedness (GPP) circuit training programs available for individuals with specific interests. These projects usually require a bigger and open air space for their special training methods. Christian Thibaudeau, an expert in this field proposed a GPP program that includes 200 feet of continuous sled dragging, 200 feet of sandbag work, and 1 minute of sledgehammer striking with 4 reps.

circuit workout meal

If it’s not too much trouble, try to remember that it is important to get a full-body workout for an optimum output. Try to split the between upper body, lower body, arms, back etc. Try to switch the workout between different areas of the body so that it can balance out your body movement and heart rate. You have to push yourself for the number of reps. The more reps you can achieve the better the outcome will be. Limit yourself with no more than 3 circuit workouts per week.

Even though it would feel incredibly difficult at first, you will get used to it eventually with hard work and dedication. Full-body circuit training workout is an extraordinary alternative to boring cardio workouts. What’s more, if you can endure it for a couple of months, it can improve your strength and endurance by a large margin. In any case, you can’t overlook what they say in respect to workout, ‘The body is made 80% in the kitchen and 20% in gym.’ Therefore, you can’t disregard the nourishment consumption and arrange a well-balanced diet to cope up with the harsh circuit training.

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