Best Way to Get Ripped 6-Pack Abs

11 Effective Ways to Get Ripped 6-Pack Abs at Shortest Duration

Having toned abdominal muscles visible through the skin itself is not only a matter of attractive look but it is also an easy way to build up once confidence level or self-esteem. This is the reason why all youngsters are in the race of building six pack abs. If you are the one who is looking for the right ways to get ripped 6-pack abs then this is the right place for you.

As the demand of bodybuilding and toned muscles are increasing, to pace with the demand lots of advertising strategies and attractive slogans are taking place to catch the huge section of customers group including teenagers to youth section by the different gym or bodybuilding centers.

Though we cannot say that the promises made by then are 100% fake but as easy it sounds the real picture is totally different as because no training center can establish your 6 pack abs within a week or a month.

Also, the aspirants must understand the truth that only hardcore gym training is not enough to fulfill their dream for ripped six pack abs as a slim and toned muscle is solely not develops in the gym but in your kitchen itself.

Yes, you heard absolutely right, you have to take care of your regular diet intake, its quality, quantity, timing etc. as because it is your diet intake which provides you energy so that you can give your best during the workout.

Apart from this without a healthy diet routine, you cannot prevent your body from gaining fat especially in the abdominal area which is your core target point.

So you have to make a proper combination of both these important aspects for building 6 pack abs in a healthy and fastest possible mode. Check out our below-mentioned tips which will make your concept clear regarding abs toning or muscle build up that will make your way easy and target achievable.

11 Effective Ways to Get Ripped 6-Pack Abs

Best Ways To Get Ripped 6-Pack Abs

Include Multiple Variations of Exercises in your Routine

The target of ripped six pack abs cannot be achieved on sole dependency on one or two types of exercise. It requires multiple variations of exercises to train each muscles group of the body in a more technical way. Some common exercise forms known primarily for toning muscles include crunch, plank and some other exercises.

Start with the crunches which are best known for toning shoulder and lower back muscles. To start this lie on your back by keeping knees bent and feet parallel to the floor. For holding your head place the fingertips behind the head.

Now raise the torso for approx. two seconds and inhale and exhale along with raising your upper back off from the floor. In this process, you should not put your pressure on hands for lifting your head.

Keep all your body parts properly back aligned. While doing so don’t create the arch forms by your lower back while lifting torso. A full sit-ups step in crunches can cause strain in the lower back.

For making your exercise more difficult and for strengthening cores you can lift up lightweight during crunches. Start with 2 kg. weight and then slowly increase it.

Another variation that must be a part of your core strength training is plank workout. There are multiple variations of plank workout that can play an important role in toning abs muscles.

For some people, plank exercises seem easy and similar to body pushups but this is mostly because they don’t know actually how to do its steps or its ways to make it more difficult.

Plank reps help to create core stiffness which is very essential for a strength training workout. In order to make your plank perfect to make sure that your spine remains aligned while doing it.

Squeeze your core and gluts for activating your muscles as you are not resting on your ads but utilizing it for the strength training.

Include Cardio Exercises in your Routine

Cardio exercise is the most effective plus safest forms of exercise which not only helps in controlling and reducing unwanted body fats but also helps in strengthening muscles. It is also known as aerobic exercises which help to raise your heartbeat.

That is why it is safe and beneficial for heart patients who cannot do heavy weight lifting and other core strengthening workout for safety concern. A ripped 6 pack abs can only be visible when you have shredded abdominal fat in the body.

Here comes the role of cardio workouts which reduces your belly fat very effectively to make your abs more visible. Only by practicing cardio exercise for 3 to 4 days in a week is enough to reduce your unwanted body fat.

In order to accomplish your target at the shortest possible time make sure that you do cardio workouts at least for 20 to 30 minutes for 3 to 4 days in a week which must include the variations of moderate to vigorous cardio forms.

The best part of the cardio exercise is that for doing this you don’t have to go gym necessarily just some simple sort of body activities is itself a part of cardio. For example, you can go for jogging, running, cycling, biking, swimming are all some sort of cardio workouts.

Reduce Fat from your Abdominal Area

Your hardcore effort will not be externally visible until you manage to reduce your abdominal area fat. So your first target should be to burn all excess fat existing in your abdomen.

In this context, HIIT cardio exercise will be best suitable for your purpose. To accomplish your target include 10 minutes of jogging session then sprinting for 10 minutes and then do jogging again for 5 to 10 minutes. This combination will bring a drastic reduction in your abdominal fat.

Some other cardio that you can do for reducing abdominal fat includes biking, skipping, jumping jacks, swim laps etc. The muscles existing on the abdomen known as rectus abdominis which is the highest vertically extended muscles in the abdomen.

This muscle is responsible for many important functions in the body such as coughing, breathing, bowel movements etc. Apart from this muscle other important abdomen muscles include internal and external obliques and transverse abdominis.

So to develop six pack abs you need to train all these important muscles to bring ripped 6 packs abs truly visible from your skin. However, regarding reducing abdominal fat you must understand one fact that solely abdominal exercise can do nothing.

It should be well organized with cardio workouts and a strict diet routine. Together all these important steps will enable you to reduce your abdomen fat and for getting curvy muscles.

Avoid Doing Excess of Crunches

Solely dependency on crunches and sit-ups are not enough to develop six pack abs or for toning your overall body muscles. You need to focus on other exercising as well instead of giving your full time for crunches and sit ups.

This variation will make it possible to reduce overall excess body fat and for toning all muscles group at a faster possible time. One study on crunches workout effectiveness for reducing fat and toning abdomen muscles has proved that people who practice 100 of crunches and sits ups only wastes their more than one hour time.

Instead of this, they should focus more on other exercises that can reduce their fat at speedily. For ensuring this you can include 20 minutes for your weekly abs training. More than this much time will be only wastage of your time and energy.

For making your fitness routine more productive and for utilizing your time and energy in the most appropriate way your fitness routine should consist of 5 to 10 minutes jogging, 3 sets of 10 to 12 repetition of standard crunches, overhead crunches, reverse crunches, and 3 sets of 10 repetitions of bicycle crunches.

Standard plank and extended plan should be of 2 sets of one minute and 2 sets of one minute per side plank. End your session with 5 to 10 minutes jogging.

Follow this expertise scheduled fitness routine 3 to 4 days in a week and get your desired ripped six pack abs in a very shortest duration.

Don’t Exceed your Abs Workout Routine More than 3 to 4 Days

People who are very enthusiastic to gain their six packs abs don’t even take a single day break in their abs training schedule. This back to back intense training instead of doing good started to develop negative results for you by causing you injury.

Your muscles groups’ needs relaxation and relief after a hardcore training session at least for one day. This break time is also known as healing time which is utilized by your muscles to heal the pain and injuries generated in intense practicing session.

Moreover, your muscles may sores and strain if you over pressurize it with intense regular workout practice. When you don’t take this break your body energy level doesn’t remain equal in every back to back training schedule.

So for the best result expert says only 3 to 4 days weekly workout session is enough for gaining toned six-pack abs instead of taking risk of injury with regular practicing.

Train Each Muscle Groups

Though your target is to get ripped six pack abs however this doesn’t mean that you will ignore other muscles group of the body that doesn’t come under the abdominal group of muscles.

As per the experts by training your each and every muscles group in your interval training days you can ensure fastest abs gain. This happens because when you do either intense or moderate forms of overall body workout your metabolism remains boosted for the next 24 hours and more.

That means even on your non-exercising day your metabolic function of the body remains active which will keep continuing burning your body fat. Muscles are the primary portion of the human body that plays an important role in burning unnecessary fat.

So when you train each muscle group your body started to release excess energy for burning calories and fat which ultimately ensures toned muscles.

While discussing regarding full body muscle training one very important muscle group which is often ignored by men is their legs. They either don’t train their legs muscles at all or train it only for one day.

This is the biggest mistake that they do which hinders their path of fastest abs gain. When you train your legs muscles your body burns fat of the largest muscles group of the body even in your non-productive day while you remain sitting or sleeps.

Avoid Eating Sweets, Processed Foods and Refined Carbs

After focusing on your workout session the second most crucial thing that should come in your muscle toning regimen is your diet quality. What you eat not only affect your physical body but your mood as well which you need to keep streamline for achieving your end result.

Make sure that you avoid junk foods, refined carbs, unhealthy highly processed meals and especially sweets which is the root cause of fat gain or obesity.

All these foods are prepared with the high usage of oils, fatty ingredients, and preserved with artificial additives and flavors which together can cause to increase your calories level and fat amount.

So whatever you put an effort in your physical workout session may turn in to vain if you keep on eating these unhealthy diets. For avoiding such risk make sure that you completely avoid eating these meals not only till your muscle training session but even after that for ensuring healthy weight and body forever.

Drink Plenty Amount of Water

While doing workouts your body sweats more than usual which is normal but this excess sweating can make your body dehydrated leading to lack of focus and energy in the body. So make sure that you don’t allow such condition to develop by drinking plenty amount of water.

For keeping yourself hydrated instead of choosing high-calorie drinks you should choose plain water as because calorie drink can easily increase your body’s calories level which will increase your effort to burn it through exercises.

Moreover by staying hydrated all the time you can raise your metabolism level, which is the key to burn excess fat and calories. This way your path for getting ripped six pack abs will be easier with this simple trick implication.

Eat More Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Include more fruits and vegetables in your meal as it is one of the easiest tricks to cut your calories intake as fresh fruits and vegetables are the natural sources of fibers and protein. The more you focus on these healthy diets higher the rate of your calorie reduction will be.

Moreover, these meals are the great source of healthy nutrients which your body really needs at this point in time especially when you are putting extra energy for doing different strength training and cardio workouts.

Also by eating fruits between your meals time, you can prevent your craving for unhealthy snacks which are the abundant source of calories.

Moreover, your stomach remains full for a longer duration with these healthy sources of a meal which is very crucial for avoiding frequent cravings for snacks.

Fill your Plate with Fiber Foods

Researches show that people who eat more fiber-rich foods gain a very lesser amount of weight also the fat accumulation issues especially in the abdominal area in these people remain very low.

So to speed up your journey to get ripped 6 pack abs fill your plate with more fiber-rich foods. Fiber-rich foods take a long time to digest than calorie foods. So it won’t let your stomach feel hunger for a very long duration due to its long digestion processing time.

You can easily avoid and substitute your cravings for calorie-rich foods with the more fiber-rich food products by including it in both small and heavy meals time. Fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains are some common fiber foods that you can include in your daily meal to ensure faster fat loss and toned abdominal muscle

Increase your Protein Intake

Having more protein meals can ensure several benefits for you, ranging from weight loss, belly fat reduction and less frequent cravings which altogether creates a favorable environment for your target achievement.

As per the researches by eating protein meals after the workout session helps in the recovery process caused by muscle injury, soreness, and strain. Also, it prepares your body for the next day strength training session by energizing your overall body.

So make sure that protein-rich meals must be an important part of your daily meal intake along with focusing on your muscle training regimen.

Different tricks and ways to get ripped 6-pack abs mentioned above will not only ensure your desired physical appearance but at the same time will ensure your overall good health without any extra effort.

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