Best Ideas to Create a Family Exercise Room

Best Ideas to Create a Family Exercise Room for Health and Fitness

A happy and peaceful family lives together and eats together but this feeling of togetherness and happiness can be expanded more when you all get an opportunity to work out together. Yes, it is possible the only consideration is that you must understand the essential points and ideas to create a family exercise room.

The core of fitness and longevity is consistent physical activities in the form of daily workout practice which ensures that you look and feel better, healthy and confident.

Though you can do so by buying a gym membership however when we see the trend of highly busy or official people or even of housewives we find that most of these memberships are ends up with a list of long absenteeism or there is hardly in presence at all.

So what is the solution for this? You must be eager to know but not to worry because today you will get right fitness suggestion which will not only help you to stay fit and active but to your whole big family at the same time.

Creating a special exercise room within your home place will be the best solution for all common health concerns for you as well as for your whole family. Moreover, it provides a great opportunity to spend some quality time together with your loved and dear ones.

Also, this feeling of togetherness keeps you motivated by keeping your spirit high. Apart from this, you cannot deny the benefit of time and money saving that this family exercise room offers you by saving your money and time which you had to spend in long traveling hours to visit your gym daily and it expensive monthly membership charges.

These countless benefits are enough to tame anyone to bring this idea into reality. However, nothing comes just like a fairy tale story. So below we have mentioned some ideas for you that will help you to bring your dream for family exercise room into reality.

Ideas to Create a Family Exercise Room

ideas to create a family exercise room

Plan a Budget

Start your plan for creating a family exercise room with a proper budget preparation which would not bother your pocket much. This will depend on many factors like the area you have chosen for a family gym, equipment you are planning to be utilized for your gym and other fittings and fixture expense.

However, the good news is that even a small to moderate budget plan can let you afford to develop your dream family gym into a true working and effective workout place without much trouble. It’s not necessary that you have to make your gym as multi-equipment gym place such as commercial places have.

You can bring only the most usable workout equipment which can be utilized by all of your family members along with you. Also, there is no need to invest a huge amount of money at a single point. You can easily begin with low budget equipment and fixtures, later on, you can add more equipment and other appliances as your savings and budget allows you for the same.

Determine the Size and Location of Family Exercise Room

After budget planning, the second important steps in the process of creating a family exercise room is determining the size and location of this new gym place at your home. Again this also depends on some factors like which area of your home has enough space as well as free space to utilize for the arrangement of a new gym.

Also, your plan for workouts and equipment that you are planning to exhibit will decide the size needed for building or decorating this new added place in your house. For example, you are more interested in free moving workouts instead of a static workout that needs a fixed pace to keep the equipment for the same then you must look for a big open space at your home.

As per the expert architects, a perfect and standard home exercise room size should be 6’-0square or 8’-0’ square. So if you are not getting any sure sort idea about the size of this newly equipped place of your home then you can confidently follow this standard gym size suggestion.

Also if your budget allows you then you can hire a professional personal trainer who can guide you well through the equipment selection process, designing of the room, etc. so that on the basis of all these plans you can decide the location and size of your family excise room.

The location of the exercise room depends on the type of equipment and workouts that you are planning to use and practice during your fitness room. As per the number your family members or participants, their individual interest for a particular or multiple workouts and equipment suggestion given by them the size idea for family gym depends.

Like for heavy equipment equipped gym place such as free weight which creates a loud sound as well as needs strong flooring etc. it’s better that you choose the basement area of your house if it is vacant. For less intensive workouts or exercise where no need to use any heavy or loud equipment, you can choose the terrace area or any other open and vacant room of your flat.

Also while locating a family exercise room you should only choose that place which is free of frequent or usual sound so that you can peacefully concentrate on your exercise without any distraction. Some commonly used places include for the purpose of a family exercise room includes, garage area, loft area, attic, and a vacant bedroom, etc.

Ceiling Selection

The purpose of a well-furnished exercise room is to keep its users engaged and motivated throughout the fitness session which can only be possible if the said gym room is decorated or designed properly. Just like other important aspects that form a fully developed exercise room, it’s ceiling also contains an important role and place.

Make sure that the ceiling of your family gym room is colored with eye soothing and calming paint which can develop a feeling of peace and calmness whenever you lift your head up. Also, its size matters a lot so you have to look the height of your ceiling is appropriately build or not, so that it won’t create any disturbance while pursuing any form of workout such as high jump, rope jumping, etc.

The ceiling material is also a matter of consideration as it helps in creating and maintaining a sporty environment to tame you and your family members for participating in the fitness session. As per your budget and desire, you can decide the material of your ceiling.

Some common suggestions include normal drywall, false ceiling, and creative ceiling wall such as made up of wooden material, etc.


While planning for your family exercise room try to localize it in such a place where natural light and ventilation is available. The natural light of sun and nature works as an energy booster which is an important aspect for both mental and physical health and improvement.

The importance of natural light increases when it comes to fitness place selection as this will be a cost-effective plan for you as due to natural availability of brightness there will less need to use artificial big and expensive lights.

Also while fixing the artificial lights make sure that you fix them at the center of this new exercise room of your home so that it can spread its light in the equivalent form without any obstruction in between.

This smart fixing will save your money from overburden charges of high electricity bills by lighting this family gym room with only one or two lights along with the benefit of natural light for your health.

Wall Decoration

A well-decorated wall of exercise room gives it a very classy look and it automatically develops a feeling of commercial gym place where your mind and body naturally get a trigger for the workouts.

You can get several options for decoration or while planning the family exercise room walls. In this context, you have to make sure that it must look totally different than the normal bedroom and other rooms of your house which is very important to develop a real gym look.

Glass walls and door are very trendy as most of the homeowners want to decorate their family gym room with it. The big walls of glass which can provide natural light and beautiful sight of the outside world and big windows made of glass or other light materials that separate other rooms are bets for this newly developing exercise room.

Other than that you can use neutral colors also to paint the other sides of the wall decorated with bold inspirational words and thoughts that can keep your energy level high throughout the fitness session. Also, it will raise your spirit whenever you will be tired or thoughts like giving up will circulate in your mind.

You can use wood shiplap for the paneling purpose which will different than old circa wood paneling trend. Decorating walls with big mirrors is another good idea which will make your path easier while doing any new posture or workout so that you can self-judge your improvements and loopholes and work accordingly to improve your posture etc.

If you find big mirrors works as a distracting element for your family exercise room then it’s better to put small-small mirrors while building the walls of this room as this will be less distractive and as per your need, you can look at it when you desire for the same.

These small-small ideas can differentiate a normal room of your house totally different from other common rooms of your house by making it a dynamic, exciting appearance.


While planning for this newly developing family exercise room floor make sure that you only choose for those flooring materials which can ensure your safety or in the more precise term in the cases of falls there will be very low chances of injury.

Also, the flooring material should be selected wisely so that the risk of the slip will be negligible. In this context, you can take the help of an architect who can guide you better like which type of flooring materials will be safe and best for you as well as for your family members for working out in this new family exercise room.

Also, the flooring material type depends on the type of equipment and exercise that you are likely to do and utilize in this gym room. For heavy equipment, the floor material is needed to be resilient. For ensuring the safety concern cushioned rubber flooring is considered best for the purpose which is mostly found in commercial gym places.

For a low budget family, exercise room carpets and a natural wood surface is considered best however in these cases the risk of tearing remain associated with its long term use. Unsecured floor covering should always be avoided such as rugs etc. as these are very slippery and can cause you to fall.

Also, the beneath concrete floor should be covered with an extra thick layer of soft material so that while doing workouts or while using heavy equipment it won’t create an unusual and disturbing sound which is very much possible with a bare concrete floor.

Exercise Equipment Selection

The selection of equipment that is going to be placed or fixed and utilized in the new family exercise room is the most crucial decision as other aspects of a gym room depends on it such as flooring type, ceiling, space and location of this family gym room.

So be very patient and wise while preparing the list of initial equipment that is going to be a part of your family gym room. Some of the workout equipment is heavy and static as they hold a place permanently such as a treadmill, stationary bike, stair climber, etc.

Also what type of workouts you are planning to do in general and according to your family members consent should be selected so that all of you can utilize it commonly.

Some commonly used equipment in most of the family exercise rooms include barbell and plate set (it will be a full set of multiple types of equipment that can be utilized in any varieties of workouts), dumbbells, rack, bench, punch bag, kettlebells, jumping ropes, resistance bands, climbing wall, monkey bars etc.

Apart from initial heavy equipment investment after some time, you can add further small-small equipment as per your latest workouts plan and demand of your family members. So initially you don’t have to stress yourself much as it can cross your initial budget which you have planned for building and decorating family exercise room.

AV equipment

Av equipment ensures that your enthusiasm and rhythm for workout remains equivalent or in an increasing trend throughout the session. It works as a natural energy booster by refreshing your mind and body through versatile sound and visual components such as T.V., music system, radio and other audio, visual devices for entertainment.

This is the reason why all commercial gym places are equipped with different types of AV equipment that not let their members bored while practicing workouts even though they spend several hours in the gym.

So while planning for your family exercise room don’t forget to include this important equipment in your family gym room as this will be an extra bonus feature for you as well as for your family members to stay committed with the fitness goal in order to keep their health fit and appearance attractive.

All the above-mentioned components are an important and necessary part of a new gym room for home so apply these ideas to create a family exercise room and ensure good health and fitness for you as well as of your family.

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