xercise and Break to Fight Against Stress

Importance of Exercise and Break to Fight Against Stress

Stress affects to the human body both physically and mentally and with every day’s hectic and busy life schedule no one is there is in this world that is unaffected from stress irrespective of a different age group of people. However, the good news is that there are two effective weapons, exercise and break to fight against stress in a day to day life.

In today’s hi-tech world every person desires to achieve the height of success at the shortest possible time whether it is an employer, employee, student or any other professional. This intense desire to achieve quick success paves the way for an extreme level of mental and physical stress which is quite difficult to deal with.

Nowadays people don’t give importance to the growth of their moral values, humanity and internal peace in life as because they think all kind of happiness in life is only achievable if there will be money and in this rush, all these real values of life left far behind.

Stress is an inseparable part of life as till life exists there will be some or other sorts of the problem which can generate small to a greater level of tension and stress. A little amount of stress is not harmful and it goes hand in hand like a normal part of life. Also, it gives a move towards the achievement of normal life’s goal and targets which is good and positive enough.

However, the matter of concern arises when someone remains stressful for a very long period of time and feel helpless to get rid out of it on its own. This kind of stress is known as chronic stress which can give birth to many severe mental and physical health concerns such as depression, anxiety, heart diseases, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and many more if remains unchecked for a long period of time.

Once you get a victim of these major health concerns (mental and physical) then you start investing your high effort earned money for medical treatments and in other measures for getting relieved which causes to waste your money, time, peace and normal lifestyle.

So instead of leading your life in that way, it’s better that you stay already prepared to fight against these circumstances. In other terms, you should stay ready with the preventive measures so that your body would not have to suffer from these health hazards and without any such disturbances you can achieve a peaceful, long, healthy and above all successful life with all respect.

There are some natural measures by implementing them in your day to day life you can relieve yourself from the stress and its chronic side effects thereon. It is now medically proved that daily physical activities or exercise can easily defeat all stressful factors naturally without hampering your mood and body.

When you indulge in exercise practicing your body started to release stress from its muscles as well as from your mind too. This happens because during these physical activities your brain started to release one special hormone which is known as a feel-good hormone which helps to reduce your stress burden.

Also your metabolism rate increases during the workouts which help to reduce and release stress from your muscles and body. That means you get rid of your emotional, mental and physical stress with this single but consistent activity that is exercising.

Likewise, another tool or method that you can utilize to fight against your regular life stresses and tension is a break or vacation. We human beings are not a machine which can work consistently without getting tired or exhausted. We need a break and trust us you really deserve it.

What is wrong if you take a small break in between your long, hectic and monotonous work schedule? Break will not only provide an opportunity for your body and mind for taking rest but it also improves your productivity when you get back to your work with the free, calm and relaxing mind.

You can start your work with better effort and more concentration when you listen to your body and give it a small tea or coffee break whether you are a housewife or a typical professional person.

Everyone deserves a vacation and break in their lives to fight against the common stresses of life. So below we have evaluated separately the importance of exercise and break for relieving stress and tensions in life.

Importance of Exercise to Fight Against Stress

exercise to ease stress

The exercise of any type is beneficial and effective in relieving stress naturally. It is the easiest mode to distract your mind and body from all worries, tension and other pain areas of life. So once you get distracted from those negative thoughts your mind automatically started feeling peace and relaxation internally.

The importance of exercise for stress bursting purposes can be understood under the following important points.

Increases Mental Peace

Exercise in any form is helpful for the overall health. So whatever exercise you do it is helpful for the overall health. Whatever exercise you choose as your daily part of the routine you are going to get benefited out of it in some or other ways.

In this context, the good news is that all forms of exercises are effective in bursting stressful feelings in mind and body. Out of different forms of exercise or physical activity, meditation exists on the top rank for attaining the immense amount of mental peace and for increasing concentration level of mind which is not possible in a stressful mind and body.

Meditation practice is an invention of a very old era however its benefits and effectiveness are evergreen and fresh even in today’s high-tech busy world. It is very easy to practice and the best part of it is that you can do it at any place. You don’t have to look for any special place or time to practice meditation.

However, for the best result and for fastest desirable outcome morning time is considered as the most suitable for meditation. Out of your daily busy schedule in life reserve at least 10 to 15 minutes for this healthy as well as effective stress bursting activity and see the drastic changes in the level of your perception, way of thinking and your outlook towards people and different incidents of life.

Helps to Be In Present

It is proved in researches that all mental and emotional stresses of human beings are based on their past and future anticipated worries. People have a common tendency to worry about their past events of life which have no connection with the present.

Also worry for future anticipated or uncertain incidents ruins the present moment’s peace and happiness by keeping your mind every time busy in stress and tension on which you have no control or you cannot change it.

This habit of living in the past and future not let you live your life peacefully and harnesses your happiness of present life. However, by concentrating your mind in the present moment you can win this war of past and future worries and stress.

You need to focus on your senses, feel your breath, notice your footsteps if you are walking, enjoy each bite of your meal if you are eating, see the nature’s beauty surrounding you and try to feel it internally.

This tendency of living in the present moment will gradually release your mental stress and you will develop a positive habit of living in present, not in your past or future. In this regard, you can take the help of aerobic exercises such as outdoor bicycling, indoor stationary bicycling, dancing, swimming, ice skating, tennis, etc.

Apart from aerobic workouts, the easiest way to control your thoughts and stress is deep breathing which is a part of medication and yoga activities. For this, you need to sit straight and should focus on your breathing. Feel your breath through your abdomen when you inhale and exhale through your mouth.

Repeat this process at least for five minutes. This focusing on your own beating activity will cleverly divert your mind from all the stress matters and help you to be in present and enjoy your present or current life.

Increases your Self Esteem

People who exercise regularly for a fixed schedule or time have much better self- esteem and improved level of self-confidence which doesn’t exist in people who live a sedentary lifestyle and don’t follow any consistent fitness activity.

This happens because consistent fitness activities help to bring relaxation to your mind and muscles and remove the symptoms of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety or fear which are the common outcome of regular life stress.

Apart from this, it improves the quality of your sleep by ensuring sound and long hour sleep which often gets affected due to mental and physical stress causing major mental and physical health concerns thereon.

Releases Endorphins

Fitness activities such as running, hiking, walking, tennis playing, etc. play an important role in improving your mood by controlling your mental stress in a natural way. When your body and mind indulges in these fitness activities an especial hormone naming Endorphin started to secrete.

This hormone is also known as a feel-good hormone which is responsible for the positive feeling of minds such as happiness, relaxation, peace, and self-confidence. So if you want to fight with your day to day life stress generated through general life’s struggle then make sure that these effective exercises are a fixed part of your daily life’s schedule.

Increases Productivity

One leading barrier to productivity in your personal and professional life is your own mental and physical stress which obstructs your mind and body to give its best possible performance.

In the lack of your best possible output, it is really tough to achieve success and growth in your day to day life. However, the good news is that with regular fitness activities and by maintaining it consistently you can easily fight these hurdles.

When your body remains busy in any form of exercise it becomes bind to think of your own moves otherwise chances of injury lies under the condition of distracted mind. So in this way you manage to get relieved of your stress both mental and physical.

This mental and physical relaxation of your body increases your productivity in your working life which paves the way of success in the form of increment and promotion. Likewise in your personal life also you feel energetic to perform your day to day household chores without getting tired or irritated.

Importance of Break to Fight Against Stress

break to ease stress

In today’s superficial life each one of us easily attracts to tension and stress whether it is from home, workplace, during transportation journey or through any other mode. The level of thinking of today’s people is quite different than those of old ages or time.

Now people have no patience level and sense and power to bear even a trifling amount of stress which is really very bad. This sense of intolerance slowly takes the form of mental stress and thereafter other health concerns which is quite likely to occur due to consistent stress or tension.

Here the necessity and importance of break or vacation lies which helps to ease the signs of stress and control the negative feelings of mind such as anger, sadness which gives birth to stress if remain unchecked.

Break During Office Hours

Our body has a certain fixed level of energy which varies from person to person. So on the basis of every individual’s own natural set level of energy, they find themselves capable to give their 100% productivity up to that certain level and thereafter downfall of their mental and physical energy started to occur.

This is a common function or activity of the body in day to day life. When your energy level riches to its peak and then started to diminish then it needs rest in order to gear its power to restart the work with an enhanced level of enthusiasm and power.

This you can do by giving yourself a treat of a break. Apart from the fixed lunch break during your office hour give yourself refreshment break of 5 to 10 minutes during the off hours of your body’s energy level.

The human body is made of a smart mechanism of the brain which automatically gives a signal of stress when the body gets exhausted. So listen to the call of your body and take this light break to get rid of your mental and physical stress of body during the office hour.

Occasional Outings or Vacations

Consistent stress in life affects your personal relationship with your family members, spouse, friends, and colleagues as well. This is really a big matter of concern as your happiness in life depends on these fundamental relationships with your near and dear ones.

So don’t lose this important and most valuable part of your life. In order to relieve the long-term stress of your life and for improving your relationship to take occasional breaks or vacations.

Go for outing with your friends and family members. Spend quality time with them and share your own feelings with them and listen to their views and feelings as well. This gentle sharing of feelings with each other will reduce your mental burden, stress from your mind and body makes a strong bond with your dear ones.

Casual Break from Daily Chores

Some people avoid taking a break with a perception that this will hamper their productivity level and consider it as a waste of time which is not true. However, the reality is that when you take short and occasional breaks you one way enhances your productive capacity and your brain power

This helps you to make your mind broader and boost your mental, emotional and physical energy level. This enables you to stand in even bad and immensely negative circumstances of life very strongly and firmly.

This short and long break is not only important and necessary for professionals but for housewives and others who stay at home for them also it is equally valuable and beneficial.

We cannot run away from general life’s tragedy and stress however we can reduce its level of intensity and effect with exercise and break to fight against stress which are truly effective natural weapons that helps to make life more easier and less stressful.

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