Best Effective Stress Reliever

Best Effective Stress Reliever Techniques and Tips

Stress is a natural part of human’s life which we cannot avoid and deny completely but yes you can win over your stress with some effective stress reliever techniques. In other precise terms, it is the practice that makes a man perfect and same rule is applicable for stress reliever techniques which get more effective with time and practice.

Some of the stress relievers are easy to practice whereas some are very difficult and challenging to understand and practice however it is up to you how much devoted you are for getting rid of your stress. If you want to stay stick with your pain area and don’t want to leave it in any condition then no tips and technique can help you anyway.

These techniques will relieve your stress and provide relaxation and peace to your mind which is the ultimate need for a pleasing and calm mind. Also, it’s not that you have to remain dependent on a single plan for stress relieving. Always try an alternative for checking which one is working fast and more effectively than others. Also, it will not let you get bored with the same trick under the condition you apply same technique every time.

Best Effective Stress Reliever Techniques

Stress is the primary source of many severe mental concerns which really becomes difficult to overcome once it takes a chronic form. That is why the necessity of stress management techniques has sought out throughout the world like an epidemic.

So to deal with this common health concern below we have discussed some natural measures that can improve your condition and ensure peaceful healthy living.

Laugh and Pretend to be Happy


Though laughing is not a direct medicine to any ailment but yes it empowers your mental and physical strength to survive under any critical challenges by producing positive thoughts and changes in your body.

Even though you are not finding anything funny in your current stressful situation you can help yourself by laughing full of heart. You can take the help of some funny videos, jokes or can spend time with such friends which have the funniest behavior and are of joyful nature.

Pretend yourself as happy because this can make fool to your mind and your mind will start producing the positive hormones that are responsible for our happiness. When you get stronger from inside your external stress factors stars taking a corner from you and you get relieved out of your stressful conditions.

Stay Active


In several cases what psychologists and physicians have found the major causes of chronic stress and mental illnesses is the sedentary or inactive lifestyle of the affected person.

When you keep your mind indulged in thinking to all your pain and stress reasons whatever the medication and preventive measures you will apply it will not work for you and your situation get worsen with time.

So to relive such condition one effective trick that you must apply is to keep yourself active by engaging in different activities either official or regular household work. This will not give a space to your painful thought to make its place in your mind and to affect your health.

Exercise is a great measure or way of keeping yourself active as its fruitful result will be dual, one you get rid out of your stress and secondly you can shape up your body to get a desired physical look. Exercising will help in releasing endorphins and other chemicals which can increase the feeling of happiness in you. Hence higher the physical engagement lowers the mental stress.

Share Your Thoughts with Others

Don’t keep all the reason for your distress and sadness within you, as you really need help when emotions are out of control and getting chronic with time. So as a stress reliever method you can help yourself with thought sharing techniques with others.

Whether it is your friend, colleague or any family member whom so ever you can trust as your own self, share all the cause of your stress with them. You will feel light and your mind will feel relaxation when all its burden is released to some other person whom you think can understand your condition.

When someone gets stressed they mostly willing to pack themselves in a room or do all possible things to cut the connection from their near and dear ones with a perception that it can give them peace for the time being. This is absolutely wrong as your solitary living will make your condition worse and then it will be difficult for you to overcome it with own.

Don’t do such a foolish activity by disconnecting your social connection. Instead, meet with your friends and relatives, visit your worship place, go in a social gathering and listen to the view of others on your particular situation. You will definitely get a mental boost when you get distracted from your stress concentration and this will enable you to sustain in ups and down situation of life which is natural.

Note down Your Thoughts


Writing is another effective stress reliever technique where you can share all your past, present and future related stress without any fear of judgment of others like what others have perception regarding your thought process.

Note down all your painful thoughts and stress matters in a notebook or in your personal laptop or computer. As soon as you will finish your writing you will feel mental calm and relaxation. Your stress will get vanished within a few days or week (depending upon the severity of stress) with this effective technique on regular practice.

Listen to Music

music listening

The music contains amazing healing capacity that mends your pain and stress reasons and helps in releasing all your negative thoughts for improving your mood. Whatever type of music you like to listen especially in the situation when you feel low mentally, listen to it to cope up with stress.

This stress reliever technique will work as a natural medicine that will distract your mind in the sound and lyrics of music and you automatically feel calm and relaxed after some time. A regular habit of music listening will help you to stay happy with a positive attitude by boosting your mental and emotional strength.

Have a Healthy Diet

healthy diet

Your regular diet and its quality play a major role in keeping and maintaining your mental and emotional strength otherwise in the lack of regular healthy diet a person can be easily a victim of a severe form of distress which can destroy his or her life to a big extent.

So if you are feeling stress then go through your regular diet intake list, get assure of its nutrient content and it’s positive and negative impact on health. Don’t remain dependent on a single variety of food, instead, make changes in your diet considering the changes is health friendly to support you mentally and physically.

Have fresh fruits and green vegetables, dry fruits, juices and other important nutritional supplements that a healthy body requires. You will find that such changes in your diet have brought positive changes in your thought process. It will relieve your stress and calm your mind like a natural medication.



Meditation is a way to achieve a level of complete serenity and peace thereof. You enter a different world which is free of all your worries of past, and future. You just live in the present moment which develops resilience towards your stress.

The best part of this divine practice is that you can perform it irrespective of any place and time as meditation has different forms and each of them consists of different body posture that means even though you are sitting in your office place or traveling somewhere you can practice it without letting others know.

Deep breathing and concentration of mind in the zero level not only flushes out all the tensions and worries from your mind but also enhances your overall health. As per renowned psychologists, a regular meditation practice even for a few minutes ensures numerous health benefits and creates a positive attitude towards life and its problems.

Deep Breath Technique

deep breathing

Deep breathing is another very effective stress reliever technique which helps to release stress from your muscle and provides eternal peace and serenity to your mind which was previously overwhelmed with worries and stress.

In this technique, you need to concentrate on breathing, rather than usual breathing here you are supposed to take a deep and long breath through the nose and exhale it from the mouth. Repeat this action at least for five minutes and see the magic. All your worries and tension will get vanished in the universe and you will find yourself light and calm.

There are different deep breathing technique all of them are best in their own ways. Some popular breathing techniques include abdominal breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, paced respiration and belly breathing. The best part of this stress reliever technique is that you can practice it anywhere, even when you are at your workplace by taking just 5 minutes break to reenergize your mind and body.



Yoga is a popular method of self-concentration and self-control which is in use since the ancient era. Yoga fills immense energy and boosts your mind so that it can stand even in a critical condition of life and can take a decision wisely without getting panic.

In yoga, all different stress reliever techniques are used for the effective and long-lasting effect such as deep breathing, meditation, movement, affirmation etc. It re-energizes your whole body and mind by releasing all stress from your mind and muscles.

Sleep Properly

sound sleeping

When someone gets too much stressed then its effect to their sleeping time and quality which can again cause another health trouble for you. So if you are stressed and want to relive it fast then make sure that you are sleeping for a good amount of time at night.

Try to sleep at least 7 hours in the night which is considered as healthy hour sleep and make it sound enough. Keep all distraction factors such as mobile, laptop, alarm clock etc. away from your bed so that your sleep don’t get affected and distracted.

It will reboot your mind and body and recharge it with full of energy so that you can perform your all duties and tasks with full of devotion and energy.

Focus on Present Moment

When we get stressed our mind continuously focuses on all those past happening and reasons which are not going right or as per our expectation. This living and thinking about pasts is the root cause of all mental tension and stress which with time overwhelm our thinking capacity that really becomes difficult to overcome.

This issue can be relived with a prudent trick and that is to live in the present situation. Forget about all the pasts which you have no power to change and modify, so control your thoughts. Start feeling and realizing the present moment which is real, feel all the sensations, your senses, see the wind flowing, see the external atmosphere and all visible things. This will distract your mind from your stress reasons and you will feel calm and peace in your mind which is essential to relieve from stress.

Mindfulness Practice


When stress gets severe it takes the form of anxiety and depression which are some critical form of mental health conditions. The mindfulness practice will combat all your negative and stressful thoughts that have blocked your mind with over stress.

This process will teach you to live and feel the present moment in a much more technical way so that you can understand it. It helps to enhance your self-esteem and reduces your anxiety and depression symptoms by making you feel relax and calm completely.

Some popular mindfulness techniques which work very effectively in relieving stress and anxiety are mindfulness yoga, mindfulness meditation, mindfulness cognitive therapy etc.

Chewing Gums

chewing gum

One instant stress reliever that can start its effect within a minute is chewing a sticky gum. Yes, many of you might find it as funny but it is a proven technique that has the capacity to distract your mind instantly.

When you chew a gum it affects your brain nerves and places it to the brain nerves just like a happy person has. This sudden change in brain nerves helps in reducing stress rich hormones and you get an instant feeling of relaxing and peacefulness. You can speed up its effect by chewing faster than the normal.

Take Counseling Help

Take Counseling Help

If your self-stress relieving measures are not been able to break your stress and your condition is getting worse then it’s time to seek the help of a professional expert i.e. help of a counselor who will determine the real cause and stress source.

The counselor will apply different therapy and other stress relieving tools to change your current condition which is overwhelmed by an immense amount of negativity and worries. There is nothing to be shy in it so don’t pull your leg behind. Follow the instruction of your counselor to get back your normal rhythm of life.

All the effective stress reliever techniques mentioned in this article will help you to ease out all your stress sources by distracting your mind and bringing focus on the present moment. It’s totally based on regular practice and trust towards these techniques that can free your mind from all the pain and stress causing reasons whether it is of your personal life or of professional life.

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