Avoid Weight Gain over the Christmas Holidays

Tips to Avoid Weight Gain over the Christmas Holidays

Researches on weight gain issue have discovered that most people around the world gain sure sort weight during the winter season holidays as it is time for Christmas eve and celebrations that no one can resist from joining. However, still, the possibility exists that you can cope up with this situation with our tips to avoid weight gain over the Christmas holidays.

We all wait full heartedly throughout the year for the celebration, parties and work off during the year-end. The festive mood starts from Christmas celebration and runs till the mid of the January every year.

The cherish of cake, vintages, alcohol, cookies, and delicious yummy deserts are really hard to avoid in this particular time which often compels even to a hardcore fitness conscious person to break their rule for next few days which ends up with one more pound weight gain of your existing weight.

This typically causes regret in you when you find your whole year effort and struggle has gone into vain. But this is not going to happen by this year because here we have come up with truly adaptable and effective tactics that will not let you gain even one kg. of extra weight in this particular Christmas holiday without letting you sacrifice your party celebrations and mood.

Tips to Avoid Weight Gain over the Christmas Holidays

tips to avoid weight gain over the Christmas holidays

Stay Ready with Your Seven Days Plan

Just like for a successful result in anything we plan before we actually face that situation so that all the hurdles and difficulties can be resolved without letting them affect us. Same rule goes for the successful prevention plan of weight gain over the Christmas holidays.

Stay ready for your next seven days plan to start from 25th of December to 1st of January i.e. initiation of new-year. Be ready as a fighter to cope up with temptation and peer pressure that primarily pressurizes us for eating more and more in spite of our unwillingness.

Make sure that you eat at least 6 to 7 servings of fresh fruits and vegetable as because these food contents are a healthy substitute of unhealthy cookies and snacks which can easily increase your calories value of current weight.

You get dual benefit out of eating cut up vegetables and fruits, in one way you fill your stomach faster with the fiber content of these foods and on the other hand you increase the nutrient content of your body in a natural way.

Even if you have to attend office or need to travel somewhere then also don’t forget to carry your tiffin box containing cut up fruits and veggies. This will help you in keeping your stomach full so that you can reduce your excess temptation for holiday treats in the form of unhealthy food contents.

Avoid Temptation

You can control the risk of temptation in this holiday season with some smart tricks without giving much stress to your mouth and stomach. As it is a festive time of the year so it is very usual that the surrounding environment like shops, malls, markets will remain filled with an abundance of tempting snacks and food items which you requires to avoid for the sake your body weight.

For this, you have to ensure that you don’t miss even a single chance of avoiding the contact of tempting foods as because visibility of any particular product is quite likely to affect your self-control level by distracting your mind.

Yes, it is humanly impossible to avoid all such occurrences of contacts but definitely, you should try to avoid most of them at your best possible effort. Change your route of office place for the next few days if any market or mall comes in between that road or way.

Ask your colleagues and peer group to keep their goodies items far from your visibility. Also, think mentally how you can avoid such temptation and prepare yourself internally so that even if you come in the contact of such tempting food items you won’t lose your control.

Listen to your gut, not your eyes as this storm will pass only within a few days after that everything will be normal again. So for a few days trains your mind to avoid such holiday temptation of festive foods.

Don’t Overeat

Most of the people gain some of the extra body weight during the Christmas holidays due to their overeating behavior in this particular time of the year. However, the worst thing is that people who gain weight particularly at this point in time remain as it is and fails to reduce it even after several months of the festive time.

This creates the necessity to remain more conscious at this particular holiday eve especially for those who don’t want to enhance their weight further. So for this, you have to be prepared beforehand with a strong perception that whatever tempting food menu will come at your dinner table you are not going to overeat in spite of your utmost liking for those.

While going for a dinner party, eat beforehand some healthy fruits and fat-free diets so that you won’t reach the destination place with an empty stomach which is the biggest cause of overeating in parties.

Sever a very low portion of foods and pick only those foods items which can make your stomach feel full at earlier. Try to avoid the second serving of foods especially of sweets and other desserts which are high in calories and can raise your calorie level of the body easily.

Eat slowly and chew more so that you will take a long time to finish your plate. These tactics will surely satisfy your cravings and you will manage to avoid over-eating.

Drink Enough Water

As you are attending a festive party so it is quite usual there will be a versatile range of beverages which are the ultimate source of calories and sugar content which can cause to increase your body fat and sugar level. So to avoid such temptation, for a safer side choose to drink plenty of plain water instead of the starters’ unhealthy drinks.

Filling your stomach with enough water is a smart trick for avoiding cravings of calorie-rich foods and beverages. Also, it can satisfy your hunger easily with few servings which is another benefit to protect yourself from overeating.

Shop Wisely

Christmas holidays shopping preparation generally starts one month before the actual celebration date so you get enough time in hand to plan and shop wisely. You should choose and buy only those foods items which are much healthier and should reduce the number of unhealthy snacks which are the sources of calories and fats.

Don’t buy anything which can be avoided and manageable also not of utmost necessity. Treat the Christmas shopping like the normal shopping of the year and avoid filling your shopping bag with goodies and snacks which can raise your craving and temptation to the higher level.

Online shopping will be another big savior for you for preventing the visual temptation of unhealthy foods which are quite usual to develop when you will find yourself in mind of a shopping place and see other people buying those Christmas goodies.

End Your Christmas Celebration within a Week

One prominent reason of gaining weight during the Christmas holidays is that the celebration and party mood doesn’t end with the end of the occasion and for most of the people it continues for the next one month.

This extended period celebration means more eating of unhealthy diets that cause you to put some more weight and fat. So to break this old fashioned drama this year make some change for avoiding gaining some extra pound of weight.

Make sure the celebration period doesn’t last more than 6 to 7 days as this can be a big savior for you and a prevention trick for gaining weight over the Christmas holidays. Keep continuing following all the good habits that you used to follow during the normal period.

In this way neither you will destroy your occasion celebration in any way nor you will hamper your inner health by putting some extra calorie and fat in the body.

Don’t Overeat Salt

Salt is known as temptation triggering food product that increases your cravings for eating more and more foods in parties and during other events. Foods which are rich in salt are the favorite temptation of food lovers.

This is the reason when you eat any snacks you feel good and take more and more in your plate. Also eating salty foods can lead you to take more sugary and alcoholic drinks which are a sure sort of temptation. So as a smart player and for the sake of your good health in this holiday season make sure that you will change this old trend by avoiding salt consumption more than enough.

Stay Careful about Your Alcohol Intake

Parties without alcohol are simply beyond imagination and impossible especially when it is the time of Christmas celebration. However, with your favorite drink don’t forget about your health resolution.

Drinking one to two glasses of wine and beer is okay for one party day and it won’t impact much to your body weight but this usually doesn’t happen. People often lose their control after 1 – 2 glasses of alcohol and drink more and more which again affect their consumption trend of other foods as they eat more in hangover mood.

So try to avoid your excess calorie intake due to excess consumption of alcohol by either avoiding drinks in parties fully or take only limited ones. Also, be careful while topping up your glass as in this case people often forget the actual count that they have already consumed.

So make sure that your glass is fully empty before it tops up with some more drink. Apart from this try to substitute an alcoholic drink with other soft drinks and water available in the party. These small-small tricks can protect you from over-drinking which is one of the primary sources of gaining calorie weight during the holiday seasons.

Be Careful While Choosing Sweets and Deserts

When we think about Christmas days the first thing which comes in our mind is that delicious yummy cake served with mouth-watering sweets and snacks which are all packed with high calories.

Though you cannot resist fully your temptation for these delicious desserts and sweets however you can prevent overeating by taking one very small serving of Christmas cake. Also, take only one or two sweets not more than that.

For avoiding the next serving temptation eat the first serving of desserts very slowly. Enjoy the food taste fullest. This will satisfy your craving for it and will not provoke you for another serving.

Choose a Smaller Plate

The size of the plate that you pick while eating creates a psychological effect on your mind and as per your plate size you automatically decide to eat less or more unconsciously. So when next time you will attend any dinner party make sure that you pick a smaller size plate.

It is obvious that you cannot overburden your plate with different varieties of food when there will be less place in your plate to hold less number of foods. This trick can satisfy your hunger fast and very easily as with only one or two light servings you automatically feel full with fewer foods.

Especially in buffet dinner parties picking smaller size plate will prevent you from overeating and a very small portion of food will be enough for you to make your stomach satisfied fully.

Don’t Avoid your Healthy Habits during Holidays

One common reason for gaining weight over the Christmas holidays are their careless behavior towards their regular day’s healthy habits. This is your celebration time but this doesn’t mean that you will avoid your day today healthy habits routines which are beneficial for your health.

Whatever healthy meal routine, fitness routine, etc. you used to follow in other days, follow them strictly even in the holidays as well. If you will keep continuing to maintain your structured routine even some party meals will not cause any effective impact on your weight.

Stay Active

Stay active all the time instead of spending most of your time sleeping and leisure. It is your active physical body which can easily digest even some extra serving of party foods without adding much to your calorie absorption in the body.

Keep exercising every day at least for 20 to 30 minutes without missing at any cost. You don’t have to follow the strict gym routine as even walking for a long distance road; jogging, swimming and, cycling are also an important part of your daily fitness program that will not let you inactive which can create room for putting some extra pound of your total weight.

Sleep and Relax Enough

Just because it is the celebration time you will spend your whole day and night in parties and chilling with friends and family members. Holidays means giving rest to your physical body too which get a boost when you sleep and relax enough.

Also, people who sleep less especially in the night time get a victim of night time cravings that means eating more than your usual meal. Apart from this in the lack of relaxation and a proper amount of sleep you can get more weight which gets a trigger out of restless body and mind.

So to avoid this trauma make sure that in this Christmas holiday along with full celebration you will take enough rest and sleep fully to avoid gaining some extra body weight in this festive time.

So friends increase your holiday’s fun twice this year by following our tips to avoid weight gain over the Christmas holidays without any stress of after holiday effect on your weight and trouble in maintaining regular day’s routine.

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