Lose weight with a Good Nights Rest

Best Way to Lose weight with a Good Night’s Rest Naturally

While planning for weight loss one common suggesting that every next person offers you is “eat less and move more” which is accurate to some extent but not fully. Your hard effort at the gym and your sacrifices of your favorite meal need a proper amount of rest in the form sleep which is the ultimate motivating key for your current plan. It is proved scientifically that one can lose weight with a good night’s rest.

Sleeping enough at the night time not only boost the metabolism function of your body which is necessary to empower you for the fitness training but also for keeping you on track so that you can achieve your goal without much stress on your body and mind.

Again a good night time rest or sleep helps a lot to control your cravings for unhealthy diets like sugar-rich foods, junk and highly processed foods etc. due to long hour awakening in the night.

When your body gets rest enough while night time it not only speeds up your journey to weight loss but also ensures that your overall health improves at the same time. It improves your digestive function, kidney, heart, and lungs healthy and above all delays the aging process which is one common desire of every individual in this earth.

Below we have enlisted some noticeable points that will make you understand clearly how a good night’s rest helps you to lose your weight easily.

Lose weight with a Good Night’s Rest

Lose Weight with a Good Night’s Rest

It Boosts Your Metabolism

A good night time rest works as a natural healer for body and mind tired of stressful work and physical exhaustion throughout the day. This all becomes possible due to the increased rate of metabolic function as it gets a good boost during the sound and peaceful night hours sleep.

In the lack of consistent appropriate level sleep during night time give a spike to stress hormone which is a bigger enemy of your body’s metabolism function which is the primary element responsible for losing weight.

As a result of it, you stay lazier and spend some extra hours in your bed in the morning time which cut back some of your productive hours of the day. Also, it keeps you lethargic throughout the day in the lack of energy level in the body which is quite obvious as it is the high metabolic rate of the body that produces energy in the body.

Less energy level means lesser burn of all calorie and fat level in the body. So when you sleep less and stay on good diet plan then also you don’t get any desired result because the fat and calorie burning rate of the body automatically reduces in the lack of appropriate sleep in the night.

Apart from this, a decreased or hampered body’s metabolic rate affects your body’s ability to use insulin which works to convert energy out of your consumption of sugary diets etc. The affected insulin sensitivity in the body lacks in processing fats existing in the bloodstream

Hence this unprocessed fat started to be stored in the body causing you to gain more body fat and weight. This is the reason people who are very health conscious and want to lose their weight faster must look after of their sleeping quality and pattern as because it is good night sleep that boosts your metabolic rate a factor necessary to lose weight.

Improves Resting Metabolism of Body

Loss of sleep during the night or sleeping deprivation issue not only affects directly to your metabolic rate but it also affects your body’s resting metabolic rate or RMR which helps in burning your calorie during the resting hours.

When your body has improved RMR rate you are supposed to lose weight faster than other individuals who have lower RMR rate. This happens because your body manages to burn fat and calorie not only in your active hours but it remains active while you sit and sleep or take rest anyway.

One study has proved that people who sleep less during night means lesser than at least 7 to 8 hours in the night they lose their muscle mass faster than usual. Loss of muscle mass of the body is no way favorable for your weight loss as because it is your muscle which burns calories in your body faster than fat does.

This means higher the sleeping hour schedule greater the possibility of losing weight with the improved rate of resting metabolic function in the body. This RMR rate is capable to burn your fat throughout the day even though you are physically inactive.

The RMR rate of the body is remain affected by many factors like aging, gender, weight, muscle mass and height. Along with all these prominent factors, the good sleeping pattern of a concerned person also plays an important role in triggering its efficiency.

So for losing your weight faster make sure that you sleep at least 7 to 8 hours in the night every day to boost your resting metabolic rate which will burn your calories during your resting hours.

Boosts Your Brain Function

Having a good night sleep or sound sleep during the night at least for 7 to 8 hours not only improves your physical health but it also increases the functionality of your brain. When your brain gets enough amount of rest and peace during the night it feels more energetic, enthusiastic and happy for the day ahead.

On the other hand, a less sleepy and drowsy brain remain clumsy and tired all the time which affects directly to the decision making capability of your brain and impulse control level. In the lack of all these important brain functions, you are more likely to lose your control over your dieting plan of the day.

One research conducted in the University of Chicago in the people of who used to sleep less than 6 hours during night found that these people get more than usual cravings for unhealthy snacks and foods during the late night due to their late hours awakening habit.

The sad truth is that mostly this late night cravings is for fat gaining snacks and carb-rich foods which are responsible for gaining more weight by these people. Also due to affected decision making habit of these people their brain hardly able to maintain control of their cravings and chose those foods which can give immediate relaxation to it.

Due to weak impulse power because of less than healthy hours sleep during the night for the longer duration your brain gets weaker and find difficulty to prevent you from eating all those late night snacking and foods.

This simply proves how important it is to take sound and peaceful sleep during the night not only for the good health of the brain and body but also for losing unwanted body weight.

Reduces Nighttime Cravings for Food

Maintaining a consistent healthy hour sound sleep during nights can easily increase your will power to control your unusual time hunger. Night time cravings for food are one of those prominent examples of unusual desire or cravings for foods which leads to gain more weight during night time.

This is now scientifically proved how a sleep deprivation problem boosts the weight gaining function or work of the body. As per this study, our body has two important hormones which control our hunger level known as leptin and ghrelin.

When your body produces less amount of leptin hormone your stomach feels more cravings for food whereas when your body produces excess ghrelin hormone your hunger rate increases than the normal time.

In both cases, you are more likely to gain more body fat and weight. Both these hormones get a trigger out of sleep deprivation problem which stimulates your hunger level and hampers your decision-making ability while selecting foods for you.

People who consistently sleep lesser than 6 hours during night time lose they’re self- control and will power because their body started to produce less amount of leptin and secretes an excess amount of ghrelin. Both of which together increase your hunger level especially during the late night.

Also, sleep deprivation issue increases the level of cortisol hormone which is also known as a stress hormone. These hormones boost the reward center of the brain which stimulates your cravings for unhealthy foods especially in the night to get relieved out of this stress-causing hormone.

So people who are finding difficulty in losing weight must check their sleeping pattern to ensure whether this is the primary factor or cause of their weight gain and inability to control it.

Controls Your Calorie Intake

A good night sleep makes easier to your path of losing weight by activating psychological effect in your mind which enable you to avoid unhealthy snacks which are rich in calories.

It is found in a study conducted on 12 people divided into two groups that those who awake a whole night or slept only for 4 hours chose higher calories rich foods the next day. Whereas the group of people who slept for 8 hours during last night has better control power on food selection.

They consumed a very lesser amount of calorie with a comparison to other groups. Moreover, they were quite active throughout the day and conducted their regular fitness activities with high enthusiasm which is another plus point out of sound sleep in the night time.

People who have a tendency to stay awake for a longer duration during night automatically get a trigger to have some snacks after their dinner meal and most of these snacks contain a higher amount of calorie value.

Along with this unusual snacking habit, late night sleeping habit activates some hunger hormones in the body in people with sleep deprivation problem. This hunger hormone forces them to eat unhealthy snacks which increases their calorie intake of the day by affecting their self-control power.

However one can easily control their calorie intake level by ensuring sound sleep at least for 8 hours in the night and speeds up their weight loss progression rate.

Keep You Energetic for the Day Ahead

In the lack of proper sleep in the night, the body remains restless and feel energy less and drowsy in the next morning which can hamper your day time general works. Like it can delay your gym routine and even if you go in your gym place then also you don’t feel such energetic that you can perform all the regular workouts as actively as your body is usually capable for.

Remember losing weight solely not dependent on your diet control practice but it also needs a proper amount of workout. People who are sleep deprive remains fatigued and exhausted in the morning which impacts their body energy level.

In the lack of physical energy, it is not possible to do regular fitness workouts and even if someone tries to follow their workout routine they give up very early. People who suffer from sleep debt problem for longer duration their body started to produce a lesser amount of growth hormone.

In the lack of production of growth hormone in the body, it’s become difficult to recover from injury and stress generated out of regular fitness activities. Also due to bad nighttime sleep, production of stress hormone like cortisol increases in higher rate.

This stress hormone also affects the production rate of growth hormone in the body. All these factors together increase your chances of gaining more weight inspire of your controlled dieting habit.

Also, lack of good night sleep reduces your power to gain muscle mass which is very important for burning fat and calories in the body and for staying younger. This happens because of the lack of sleep in the body reduces the body’s ability to gain and maintain muscle leading to muscle loss.

On the other hand, people who manage to sleep 7 to 8 hours during night time remains energetic and fit throughout the day which is a very important factor for losing weight faster.

It Prevents Insulin Resistance

Sleep deprivation issue for longer duration makes your body insulin resistant which is one of the primary factors for health issues like type 2 diabetes and weight gain. So you cannot expect to lose weight until you maintain a good night sleep consistently.

Insulin is a hormone in the body which transfers sugar from the bloodstream to your body’s cells where it is converted into energy. Under the condition your body gets insulin resistant then a higher level of sugar stays in the bloodstream and more insulin is started to produce for compensating it.

Higher insulin raises your hunger level and you feel more hungry than the normal period. Also even after eating food your stomach doesn’t feel satisfied and full and crave for some more foods.

This causes storage of more fats in body and reduction of muscles which is another reason to gain weight. However, people who sleep at least for 7 to 8 hours during night manages to prevent insulin resistance issue and able to maintain and lose their unwanted body fat easily.

The above-mentioned point must have cleared your query regarding how you can lose weight with a good night’s rest. However, you have to understand one thing that losing weight is not a short period goal but it is an ongoing process when you reach your desired weight point as anything is possible with continuity towards an effort to gain it.

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