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Best Ways to Stop Eating Cookies in the Workplace : How to Quit Sugar

Snacks and cookies are the usual part of our routine especially at the workplace when we take a short break for refreshing our mind and body to suppress the burden of work. As the cookies mainly consist of sugar content means totally unhealthy.

The average person consumes over 65 pounds of added sugar every year. They say I should shock the reader from the first line since I have just done it, we can move on right to the tips on how to quit sugar without going crazy. But if 2500 words is a too long article for you, because you are stuck on “how to do my essay” part, I will help you with that as well. So let’s dive in here and discuss ways to quit sugar in the workplace.

Craving for sugar is a general tendency of every common man or it can be said a general ritual that we are thought since our birth. Like our parents itself make us aware to celebrate our all achievements, victories and happy moments of life with sugary foods and this calls for a lifetime addiction which is no way good for the health.

It’s really tough to leave this long time addiction within a few days but yes if you really want to get rid of it and determined on your decision then no one can stop you to achieve it.

After knowing lots of health benefits that we can get after leaving the sugar addiction it can attract anyone of you to leave this unhealthy habit as a first priority in life. Whether it is related to maintaining your body weight, hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, teeth health and longevity all can be tracked and achieved under the single roof by leaving your addiction for sugar.

One prudent thing and an idea that you can implement in your day to day life and especially when you stay in your workplace where most of the working people’s life spend is by replacing these unhealthy cookies with some health friendly but at the same time mouth alluring snacks which will less in sugar or completely sugar-free.

Best Ways to Stop Eating Cookies in the Workplace

ways to quit sugar in the workplaceCraving for sugary diet and cookies exists in mind so you have to fulfill your mind with some tricks, not your stomach which has nothing to do with your taste buds like and dislikes. It’s hard to win against the desire to have a sugary diet but not impossible. So to make your way easy below we have mentioned some tricks and ways that will help you to quit sugar in the workplace and from your life.

Take a Healthy Breakfast

Don’t go out of your home without having a full plate of breakfast even though it is an emergency as one or two-day skip of breakfast may easily make you addicted to skipping your breakfast.

Take the best protein-rich healthy breakfast of all mixed nutrients so that you don’t get a craving for cookies just after few hours of your breakfast. Protein has the feature and benefit to keep your stomach full for longer hours without impacting your body weight much. So make sure that most of your breakfast content is full of protein substance to avoid your temptation for sugary products.

Another important benefit of taking a healthy and full amount of morning breakfast is that it will restrict the production of Neuropeptide Y, a hormone which is responsible for appetite and hunger for sugar and carbohydrates. This hormone is produced in the brain and nervous system.

Protein-rich health drinks, eggs, and brown bread all come under the category of healthy protein-rich breakfast which will maintain your body’s energy level as it is throughout the day. Also, it will suppress your frequent appetite for sugar naturally without much effort.

Check the Food Labels before Buying

While buying any packaged snacks and food products verify its sugar content on its label which remains mentioned under the head ingredients. If the sugar level of that particular food is high then don’t buy it at the cost of your good health.

Instead, buy similar products of some other manufacturer whose sugar content is either very low or have natural sugar instead of the artificial sugar. This will help you a lot to stay stick with your decision to quit sugar completely without making you compromise with your cookies desire with this sugar-free cookie.

Carry Your Own Snacks at Workplace

As we mostly spend around 10 hours in our workplace including the traveling time, so it is very obvious that our stomach cannot rely only on the lunch meal or heavy meal of the day. Also, dependency on a single meal is not at all good for the health as it affects both energy level and internal health.

Craving for cookies and sugary foods is quite usual in such a condition and obvious too which cannot be ignored fully. So as a healthy replacement for your craving for cookies in the workplace, it’s better to prepare your own snacks from home itself and bring it along with your lunch meal box.

This way you will be better aware of the ingredients which is used in the preparation of the cookies and as it is prepared by you so you have the full control of its ingredients. Prepare a healthy and delicious cookie which will be sugar-free and or have very less quantity of sugar is used in it.

This will maintain your charm for sugar diet without actually impacting to your overall health than previously it used to get hampered because of high sugar-rich cookies.

Some healthy cookies that you can bring at your office place include whole grain crackers, peanut butter, microwave popcorn, sugar-free chips, fruits, veggie, and fruits salad etc.

Focus on Lean Protein and Healthy Carbs

In the long tiring days of office, you easily get exhausted and to fulfill the necessity of energy you take the help of energy drinks and snacks. Though you will get an instant energy boost with these unhealthy cookies, it is only a short-term benefit, later on, you have to pay a lot when your health gets hampered.

So as a smart player replace the temptation of these easily available cookies at the workplace with some lean protein and quality rich carbs diet. This will fulfill your hunger for snacks equally without affecting your health anyway. Also along with boosting your energy level, it will keep your stomach full for a long time as it takes time to digest.

Some example of a lean protein and healthy carbs include protein shake, chocolate milk, almonds, nuts, dry fruits, smoothie prepared with yogurt, fruits and dry nuts etc. Apart from this, you can prepare your own healthy snacks but be sure that its ingredients are of high-quality carbs and lean protein.

Pack Your Office Fridge with Nutritious Snacks

Another effective way to avoid your temptation for sugar at your office place is to pack the office fridge with nutrient-rich and healthy snacks. As you have kept them in cool temperature so it won’t get rotten even after few days. Means you are all set with a weapon against craving for cookies at the workplace.

Visibility of anything triggers our mind to have those foods that even we know very well not good for the health. When the office fridge stocked with unhealthy cookies your temptation to get them will be obvious. However, this problem can cope up with this trick of stocking nutritious snacks in the fridge.

You can also collaborate with your other colleagues at the workplace by letting others know regarding the health deterioration caused by sugary snacks and the health benefits that one can get by quitting sugar.

This will be a great favor for you as along with you others will also not think to stock any cookies which are unhealthy and rich in sugar. Together you will get equally health benefit with this hand to hand favor for each other which makes your workplace a healthy environment to work.

Drink Enough Water

Water can help in your way to quitting cookies in the workplace in a greater way. Whenever your stomach craves for any sugary drink or caffeine, fill it with enough amount of water as it will equally provide you with energy and boost for work as a sugary snack would do for you.

Also as water can hydrate your body deeply so no issue of dehydration due to an over-pressure of work burden. In order to give a better treat to your taste bud, you can add some other ingredient in water so that it gets more delicious side by side you won’t have to get bored with same flavor drink.

Add lemon and salt in water for refreshing your mood and replacing your need for sugary snacks with this healthy and delicious drink at your workplace. Apart from this, there is no harm in drinking a diet and zero calorie liquid drink which remains free of sugar.

Chew a Gum

Chewing a gum can suppress your craving for sugar to a great extent. When you chew a gum your mind automatically distracted from your focus point to the gum and this distraction makes your way of getting rid of frequent cravings for cookies in the workplace.

So next time during your office hour when your mind asks for a snack treat, give it a treat with chewing gum, you will automatically forget about sugary snacks and get your focus back to your work.

Walk Around the Floor

Another trick that you can apply to stop your craving for cookies in the workplace by a small walk around your block or floor place. As we have earlier mentioned that the craving for sugar does not come from our stomach as it already filled with enough amount of meal, it actually arrives from your mind.

So the necessity is to distract your mind to suppress your craving and get attention back to work. In this regard, you can do anything that you find effective in distracting your mind. Walking around the floor can be a better idea. So you must try this trick next time when your mind urges for a sugar treat.

Give Yourself a Very Small Treat

Like any other addiction craving for cookies too is not going to get vanished completely in a day or within a few days. So don’t hurt too much to your desire as it will stop your healthful journey in the mid place.

Give a very little cookies treat when you crave for snacks and reduce the quantity day by day to achieve the zero level craving for cookies in the workplace. Fix a threshold of the very little amount of calorie in a day and reduce it slowly to achieve your bigger target.

How to Quit Sugar

Quit SugarFor achieving the long-term goal you need to put special effort and this is applicable equally with your plan to quit sugar completely to stay fit for the longer time. In this regard, you can try some tips mentioned below which will show a long-lasting effect for managing your craving for sugar.

Prepare Your Diet Plan

As the success of any kind of goal depends upon its proper planning so at first prepare a proper plan for you. Enlist all the diets that are rich in sugar and you mostly crave for them.

Now replace one by one and then all of them with a healthy and nutrient dense substitute. Whenever you crave for any of those sugar diets, have instantly a replacement healthy diet. It will not let your mood off and slowly you will be accustomed to this new diet plan.

Eat When You are Actually Hungry

Most of us have a bad habit to follow a ritual of eating even though we are not actually feeling hungry. If you are the one who gets a craving for sugar due to blindly following the ritual of eating then stop it now.

Don’t hamper your health because of such a bad habit. As you know sugar is bad of your overall health and foremost of its bad effects is to let you gain weight unnecessarily. So for healthy living and good body weight eat only then when you actually feel hunger and make sure the food is not full of sugar.

Look for Other Emotional Support

Many of us take the help of sugar-rich foods to get an emotional support whenever we feel low, depressed, angry and stressed. This is absolutely a myth that sugar can give you an emotional support.

It’s all in your mind and you can get such support from several other healthy tricks. You don’t have to be dependent on sugar diets for such things which can harm your health badly.

Give a Reward to Yourself

Even with a small win over your sugar craving, don’t forget to give yourself a reward. This reward can be anything that can boost your determination level and will help you to stay stick with your goal. This self-rewarding process will encourage you for future and you can get long-term benefit by getting rid of sugar crave completely from your life.

Nothing is achievable within a day and same goes for avoiding sugar crave in spite of knowing its hundreds benefit for health. However, our ways to quit sugar in the workplace will surely play a vital role and make your path easy to get rid of sugar and cookies completely.

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