Refreshing Summer Cocktails Drink To Beat The Heat

Cool, soothing and refreshing cocktails are the only source of relief in this hot, roasting and clumsy weather. So to raise your summer days picnic and parties spirit high here we have come up with the list of coolest cocktails which are mainly based on citrus and other tropical easy ingredients.

Summer season means sweating and perspiration from the body all the time that you cannot control as it is quite usual and through sweat, your body’s water base comes out leaving you dehydrated quickly. However by drinking a normal lemonade and other such cocktails with two – three ice cubes in a glass is enough to give you comfort and for maintaining the proper water level in your body.

Also, these healthy and delicious cocktails or juices can protect you from the sun damages like suntan, sunburn etc. which especially happens in the hot warm summer weather as the intensity of sun rays remains in its peak at this point of time.

That means cocktails not only keep your boy energetic and refreshed but also manage your overall health by preventing damages caused by dehydration. In our list of cocktails, you will get very easy processes for preparing these healthy juicy drinks. Now beat the heat with our special cocktail recipes.

List of Coolest Cocktails for Summer Days

Sugarcane Drink


Sugarcane is rich with multiple health benefits and it works amazingly as a summertime cocktail. It works as a mood refresher, energy booster and naturally prevents the problem of frequent dehydration by producing a body fluid that keeps your body cool and hydrated all the time.

Sugarcane drinks are prepared by ripe sugarcane sticks in a machine. This pure juicy dink is enough to fulfill your desire for a tasteful cocktail, however, mint and some other ingredients can be added to it as per personal taste, desire or for a change.

Coconut Water

coconut water

Coconut’s fresh and natural water is a readily available cocktail for you that you can drink at any point of time in a day. It will keep you refreshed, hydrated and energetic for the day ahead. Now no more tension of dehydration, sweating and low BP as you can have this enormously healthy fruit drink even on a street side by buying it from a coconut seller.

Jaljeera Drink

jaljeera juice

Jaljeera is known for its immense benefits for the health of your stomach. It helps to reduce the issues of acidity, dehydration which is very common in the hot and sweating sunny days and weather. You can easily keep your mood and body refreshed and energetic by sipping one glass of jaljeera drink every day.

Mixed one packet of jaljeera which is prepared by roasting the cumin seeds and adding salts in it, in a glass of water. Mix 2-3 ice cubes and stir it well. Your cocktail is ready within a minute.

Aam Panna

Aam Panna

Prepared with a raw form of juicy and delicious mango this summer day’s drink is not only a treasure of taste but has enormous health benefits. Especially its protection from suntan and other kinds of sun damages makes it one of the best cocktail of the summer days.

The preparation process of this refreshing drink is very easy and you can easily avail its ingredients. Take some mango pulps, mint leaves, jeera, and cumin. Blend all these ingredients in a juicer and your cocktail is ready for you. You can take this drink every day for keeping you energetic in the natural lethargic and tiring summer weather.



Lassi is the age-old Punjabi recipes which can fill life to you’re tired, exhausted and weak body caused by severe hot weather and warm atmosphere. Yogurt is the primary ingredients of this cool cocktail which carry rejuvenating properties that is the reason it affects so fast to boost your mood and energy level.

Blend one bowl of yogurt, one glass of water in a blender along with sugar to get a smoother drink. You can try other recipes of lassi making too by using some other ingredients like mint, walnut, banana, avocado, mango etc. But out of the simplest form of lassi that only made by yogurt is the most delicious one.

Lemon Juice or Lemonade


In summer hot days our body easily loses its water content and glucose level due to frequent sweating and perspiration resulting in dehydration happens. That means our body requires an extra amount of water than the usual days. This necessity of water and glucose level can be easily fulfilled by taking a simple juice made by lemon.

Lemon juice or lemonade is one of the easiest and delicious summer days cocktail which refresh your mood and keeps you energetic throughout the day. Its preparation process is very simple and cost-effective. Take one juicy lemon and squeeze it in a glass of water, add one spoon sugar and a little bit salt and few mint leaves.

Stir all the ingredients well and your cocktail is ready for the drink within a minute. For extra taste experiment, you can also add some other ingredients like cumin, black pepper, coriander powder etc.

Watermelon Juice


When it comes to the discussion of fresh juicy drinks, watermelon juice comes on the first rank in this list. The amazingly sweet and delicious taste of this summer days fruit is not only good for your taste bud but it also offers natural glow and beauty to your skin by keeping it supple and hydrated.

Blend watermelon in the blender along with some sugar if you want it to make extra sweet and your refreshing cocktail will be ready for drinking. Even you can take this healthy and refreshing drink to twice in a day for keeping you energetic and fresh even in the cruel and harsh hot weather.

Buttermilk or Chaas


Buttermilk that is also known as Chaas is an old traditional homemade cocktail which people used to drink to get protected from harsh sun rays effect on their body as well as on their health. Before going out from you home take this healthy juicy drink for keeping your energetic and protected from suntan and sunburn.

It is prepared by the curd water by properly mixing it in a clean utensil. Add sugar or salt as per your taste. Some other ingredients like jeera and other species can be added for preparing a masala chaas. It improves your digestion system and refreshes your mind and body in hot sunny weather.

Sattu Drink

sattu drink

Sattu drink is primarily based on north-east India but because of its benefits for health and usability, its popularity is spread throughout the country. It keeps your body cool and keeps your stomach full for longer time.

The preparation process is very easy and cost effective. Mix one small bowl of sattu flour with water, salt and lemon. Stir it well to get a smooth and light drink. Have this one of the healthiest and refreshing cocktails in the morning and stay refreshed and energetic all the time.

How to Stay Refreshed in Summer Days

In the midst of intense heat and humid environment of summer days, it’s really very tough to keep yourself cool and refreshed but not impossible. So to make your way easy we have enlisted here some tricks and tips that will help you to stay refreshed throughout the summer season.

Two Times Sower Everyday

Bath at least twice in a day for keeping your refreshed and for reducing sweat. Bathing will manage your body temperature and help to keep your body cool even in the severe sun heat. Use a refreshing gel for exfoliating your body. It will keep you cool and clean dirt from your body.

The first bath should be before going out of your home and second one when you will back to your home in the evening for healthy and calm sleep in the night time.

Exfoliate Your Face

Sweat and dirt clog the pores existing in your face that can cause many skin problems such as blackheads, whiteheads, pimples etc. So it is very essential that you are cleaning your face regularly to avoid such clogging and its associated skin issues.

Use a good face wash and exfoliator that will deep clean your skin pores. Apart from this, you can apply a natural face mask for keeping your face cool and clean throughout the summer hot days.

Clean Your Mouth Properly

Cooling is not limited to your external body but internally too you need to feel cool and refreshed which is very important for keeping your mind refresh and calm. Along with care of your external body give some extra attention to your mouth cleaning.

One time brushing is not enough so brush at least twice in a day with a minty and cooling toothpaste. You can chew minty gums for keeping your mouth refreshed and preventing bad mouth odors which is very common in hot summer days because of humidity in external temperature.

Summer Days Hair Style

Keep your hairs such a way that it won’t cause you annoying and disturbed when you are in work or while traveling towards your destination place. This especially applies to girls and women as they have long and dense hair which can easily be filled with sweat when the heat and humidity exist in the atmosphere.

For keeping your scalp hygienic and cool wash your hair at least 2 to 3 times a week. Tight ponytails must be done for avoiding the neck anointing that caused by open hairs when it touches to your neck. For boys also, keep your hair short than the usual time for keeping your head cool and refreshed.

Moisturize Your Body

As the moisture is already there in the atmosphere so don’t apply a heavy and thick moisturizer on your face and body just like in winter days you do. A light and scented lotion are enough to keep your face and body refreshed and cool for the whole day. Also, apply sunscreen on your face for preventing sun damages caused by UV rays of the sun.

Summer Days Dressing

In this hot and humid atmosphere, your body needs light and short clothing so that your body sweats less and you can stay cool and fresh all the time. Wear short dresses which are comfortable and light to make you feel cool. Shorts, skirts, loose t-shirts etc. are some of the cool dressing for this season.

Light color clothing is essential in these days as lighter the color of your cloth less attack of the sun heat and rays as light color clothing distracts the sun rays. White, pink, light yellow and orange are good for this season. Also, heavy clothing material causes more sweat so wear light cotton and silk clothes.

Drink Plenty Amount of Water and Fresh Fruits

As you are frequently sweating so your body is losing a normal level of water and glucose which can cause dehydration which is not good for your skin and overall health. So for avoiding such concerns drink plenty amount of water every time. Keep fresh cold water bottle always with you whether you are at your office place or traveling somewhere.

You can also keep glucose packet with you as it is a healthy and refreshing drink for summer days that prevents suntan and boost your energy level twice than the normal condition. There is no lack of fresh, juicy fruits in this hot season that can keep you hydrated and refreshed throughout the day. Start your day with seasonal fresh fruits and take it as afternoon snacks and in the evening time.

Walk in Fresh Air

Fresh air breathing is very important for your mood as well as for your entire body refreshment and energy level. Go for the morning as well as evening walk and jogging to take fresh air that will stimulate your metabolism rate and will not let you feel tired and exhausted even if you work for several hours.

Sleep in Airy Room

It’s really very difficult to sleep in peace and comfort if your room is packed and less airy. Open your windows to enter the fresh gentle breeze which not only saves your money for expensive AC and cooler but also make you feel relax and cool which is very important to sleep tightly.

None of the season and weather is completely perfect, each of them has some drawbacks but we can handle them with some smart moves and same is applicable for summer hot days. Friends enjoy this season with our effective tips and by having some refreshing drinks mentioned in the list of coolest cocktails for special summer days.

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