Tips for Preparing Healthy Desserts

Tips for Preparing Healthy Desserts – Healthy Dessert Recipes

Dessert is the dearest part of the meal for every food lovers and it’s really difficult to sacrifice in spite of knowing the fact that it is unhealthy for body weight management plan and for the overall health. Still, you can enjoy your favorite dessert taste if you follow the healthy ways to eat your desserts.

So for the sake of your sweet tooth desire here we have enlisted some tips for you to prepare a healthy but delicious dessert which will not hamper your body weight and overall health.

These vital formulas for preparing your dessert will keep intact the taste and flavor of old-fashioned traditional desserts but will not compromise with the healthier content which is important and foremost requirement of your health as it will be free of unhealthy fat, calorie and overdosed sugar quantity.

Tips for Preparing Healthy Desserts

Replace Artificial Sugar with Natural Sweeteners

Organic Light Brown Sugar
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Most desserts are prepared with artificial sugar which is totally unhealthy for your overall health and gives birth to several diseases. So in order to make your desert healthy along with delicious taste make sure that you add only natural sweeteners which will work like artificial sugar only but not let your health get affected badly.

Natural sweeteners are easy to digest and very low in calories value with a comparison to the artificial one. Moreover, the nutritional value of these sugars are quite high which not only cares about your gut health and sugar level but helps in improving overall health.

Some good sources of natural sweeteners include honey, date sugar, sorghum syrup, blackstrap molasses, stevia, agave nectar, brown rice sugar etc. So next time when you will prepare your favorite dessert dish don’t forget to use these natural sweeteners instead of artificial sugar.

Use Whole Wheat Flour Instead of White Flour

Whole Wheat Flour
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The nutritional value of regular white flour remains very low then the whole wheat flour. Moreover, its fiber content is its most beneficial feature for your health as it slows down the sugar level absorption in the bloodstream which is very important to keep in check blood glucose and insulin level in body otherwise high blood sugar health issue can be developed easily.

Hence a dessert made with whole wheat flour will help you to cut your daily calorie intake without making any compromise with taste with a comparison to desserts prepared with white flour.

You might feel a slight difference in the texture of a dessert made with whole wheat flour due to its ingredient but it no way it hampers its taste.

Add Herbs and Spices as Taste Enhancer

cinnamon powder

Instead of adding any artificial flavor to your dessert it’s better to apply or use herbs as spices for enhancing its taste and flavor in a healthy way. These natural taste enhancers are not only safe in use but add an immensely beautiful flavor in your dessert.

For example, you can use cinnamon powder to make your dessert more delicious especially in cupcakes and cookies. The benefit of using cinnamon powder is that it helps to control your calorie intake and don’t affect your body weight with its especial fat burning feature.

Apart from cinnamon, rosemary is another tasteful natural herb that can enhance the normal taste of your regular desert twice. This herbal spice is rich in nutrients like iron and calcium which helps to strengthen your bone density.

This natural taste enhancer can give a healthy choice of your desired dessert. So start using them by today itself and forget about any worry about health loss or further health concerns even with your regular dessert intake.

Replace Butter with Tofu and Coconut Oil


One most vital ingredient for any type of dessert preparation process is daily used butter which is storage of saturated fats an unhealthy substance. In order to make your dessert healthier, you must replace any saturated fat ingredient with a healthy fat ingredient like replace butter with tofu.

Tofu has very low-fat value and it is a rich source of protein an essential nutrient for your health. Moreover, it is very easy to use because of its neutral flavor which is its another added feature that makes your regular desert much healthier than before with the same taste as you get from adding butter.

Another healthy ingredient that you can use for replacing butter, saturated fat is coconut oil. This naturally derived oil works similar to a saturated fat when you mix it in the dessert preparation process.

Apart from this coconut oil is quite healthy for overall health improvement as it helps to control your hunger, and eliminates unhealthy microorganisms.

Use More Healthy Nuts

Nut Harvest Nut & Fruit Mix
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Instead of using fatty and calorie-rich ingredients in your dessert you should include nuts or dry fruits in the regular desert which are an abundant source of vital nutrients for your body.

Almost all nuts are a healthy one so without any worry of any health hazard due to the use of this ingredient you can mix it well when next time you will prepare your favorite dessert. Some easily available nuts are walnuts, pecans, almonds, cashew, resins, etc.

All of them are delicious in taste and can enhance the flavor of your dessert twice in a very natural and healthy way. Apart from good taste, these nuts are known for its important properties for your health-boosting such as antioxidants, protein, fiber, healthy fats.

This is the reason you get an immense amount of health benefits without any compromise in the taste and flavor of your homely prepared favorite dessert when you add these nutrient-dense nuts.

Moreover nuts are itself a healthy snack and dessert without adding anything more with them which you can easily carry with yourself during an outing or in your office place. Now, prepare your favorite chocolate cake or banana bread or ice cream with enhanced and much more delicious form than you get them through the market without sacrificing your desire to eat your favorite dessert.

Use Dark Chocolate as Ingredient

Dark Chocolate
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Dark chocolates with a greater content of cocoa are considered good for your heart health, and for improving overall health. Moreover, its taste has no comparison when you mix it as an ingredient in your dessert making process.

Whether you want to prepare chocolate cookies, chips or cake this versatile healthy ingredient can easily fit into any forms of the dessert of your desire to add a natural flavor of chocolate without any compromise with the taste and your health.

Make sure that you read the ingredient content when you buy any dark chocolate next time to check its cocoa content as higher the amount of cocoa greater its health benefits for you. Also, these chocolates have a very lesser value of sugar which makes it suitable for controlling your blood sugar level without letting you sacrifice with your favorite dessert.

Apart from adding dark chocolates rich in cocoa in your desert meal you can also eat it directly as in both the forms it remains delicious as well as healthy.

Use More Healthy Fruits

healthy fruits

Fresh seasonal fruits are another right and healthy option for preparing your favorite desert along with good taste and healthfulness. You can use fruit juices for giving a naturally sweet taste to your favorite dessert instead of artificial sugars which are unhealthy for your overall health especially for diabetic people.

Also, fruits can be used as healthy ingredient options for preparing several types of the desert which ensures natural sweetener taste to your taste bud. For example, you can use massed mango, banana, pineapple, etc. in waffles and cake where you won’t have to use any additional refined white sugar as a sweetener.

Some Healthy Dessert Recipes

Unbaked Brownie

You can easily prepare no-bake brownie in your kitchen with some healthy ingredients of taste similar to a food stall. Mix some delicious plus healthy nutrients such as dates, nuts, cocoa powder, and coconut flakes.

This healthful plus delicious dessert will be free of gluten and vegan so no more health compromise along with good taste you get a restaurant type dessert.

Raspberry Chia Jam Cheesecake

You can prepare a delicious cheesecake as a part of your desert meal with some healthy ingredients such as nuts, cashew, coconut milk and raspberry chia jam for the topping purpose. So even if you a diabetes patient or an obese you don’t have to sacrifice your desire to have your favorite cheesecake when you prepare it with all these natural and healthy ingredients.

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse is one of the favorite desserts of all dessert lovers. Instead of purchasing this favorite dessert of yours you can easily prepare it at your home with fresh seasonal fruits and some other essentials such as nuts, eggs, cocoa powder and tofu in the place of butter.

Mix all the ingredients in a blender and add some freshly chopped fresh fruits as a topping over the glass full of chocolate mousse. You can store it as well in the fridge as its taste increases in its chilled form. Especially in hot summer seasons, this is really a refreshing and relaxing healthful drink or dessert.

Peanut Butter Fudge

Peanut butter fudge is another healthy dessert option rich with a high amount of protein and healthy fats along with super delicious taste. This recipe is very easy to prepare in your home where you will be very much sure about the quality and quantity of all the ingredients used.

You need four ingredients in order to prepare your peanut butter fudge which includes coconut flakes, peanut butter, coconut oil for the creamy texture and maple syrup for adding natural sweetener’s taste.

With this highly sweetened dessert recipe, you can fulfill your craving for a sweetened delicious dessert without affecting your sugar level and with a very lesser amount of calorie value.

Strawberry Shortcake

If you are looking for a carb-rich dessert then you must try the strawberry cake recipe which is highly delicious in taste with no compromise to your overall health. For preparing strawberry shortcake you need ingredients like whole grain flour, any natural sweetener, and coconut milk.

Add yogurt or berries for the topping purpose once your shortcake dessert is ready to eat. This recipe is very health-friendly especially for people who are following a strict diet for losing weight.

In spite of knowing health defects out of the desert, it is really difficult to sacrifice one of your favorite desserts. However, with this delicious plus healthy strawberry cake, you can give a healthy treat to your taste bud at least 2 to 3 times a week.

Chocolate Cookie Dough

People who are fond of cookie dough but don’t eat them for the sake of their good health can get a delicious treat with this recipe of chocolate cookie dough. You need ingredients like chickpeas, peanut butter, maple syrup, chocolate chips (optional), ground flaxseeds, and vanilla extract.

You only need to put all these ingredients in a food processor and wait for few minutes until you get a smoother mixture and your delicious homely prepared cookie dough is ready to eat.


Shrikhand is one of the favorite Indian dessert recipes which is a combination of healthful ingredients of amazing taste and flavor. You need ingredients for this Indian desert like hung curd, powdered cardamom, saffron, and any natural source of sugar such as honey or maple.

You need to beat the hung curd in order to make it fluffy and light texture. Then add powdered cardamom and few saffron strands. After that add the natural sweetener. Mix them well and let it get chill in the freezer. Your dessert is now ready to serve. Enjoy its amazing delicious taste with its complete health benefits.

Fruit Made Jelly

You can easily prepare fruit jelly at your home with your favorite fruits ingredients and sugar-free as per your taste. Mix and blend China grass and chopped fruits of your choice in order to prepare this healthful desert in your home.

Craving for deserts is quite usual to occur whether it is an old aged person or an adult or children. No one can deny their desirability to have delicious and mouth-watering desserts. In this context, our important recipe tips for healthy ways to eat your desserts will surely not let you sacrifice any more with your dessert craving without hampering your health.

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