Best Vertical Stair Climbers

Best Vertical Climber – Top 5 Expert Review & Picks

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Vertical Stair Climbers: An Introduction

If you are looking for the best total body home workout solution or a valuable addition to your gym, consider a vertical climber exercise machine. Best vertical stair climbers provide a complete workout and help you to reach your fitness goals through cardiovascular exercises that keep you fit. Engage legs, arms and the core using this amazing workout requirement.

How it Works

The vertical stair climber machine mimics the action of rock climbing, pitting you against weight for high levels of resistance training. This exercise increases cardiovascular stamina and burns calories super fast, to get you the ripped look in next to no time at all. Read on to know which is the best vertical stair climber to suit your needs.

Best Vertical Stair Climber

#1 Maxi Climber

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Main Features

  • Height adjustable, completely collapsible
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds
  • Comes 90% pre-assembled
  • Weight: 33 pounds


The Maxi Climber is a complete body workout vertical stair climber. It is collapsible, height adjustable and comes with 250-pound weight capacity. Another advantage is that the equipment comes pre-assembled 90 percent. Taking up only 3 square feet of space, the assembly is easy and packaging is perfect.

Get benefits for your glutes and thighs, with a targeted workout using this stair climber. Improvement in posture and enhanced functioning of the cardiovascular fitness ensures that even if you’re out of shape, getting back in is easy. Excellent feedback from users and a small footprint make this stair climber good for everything from losing weight, to improving posture and boosting cardiovascular fitness.

Get visible results, from this compact, lightweight and durable vertical stair climber which can take up to 250 pounds of weight. Start using immediately because the item comes mostly pre-assembled. With height adjustability and a profusion of cardio and aerobic exercises performed on this equipment, the Maxi Climber is the best vertical stair climber for experienced and novice gym-goers alike.

Affordable, available at the quarter of the price of a Stairmaster and allowing for efficient, flexible workouts, this vertical stair climber is far superior to a treadmill. It utilizes different muscles of the body from the butt to the limbs and middle sections. This is an excellent way to save time and reduce the trouble of carrying out different workouts to keep fit. One single solution for all your fitness goals– that is what the Maxi Climber is.

Well designed, it is able to accommodate different heights and sizes of users. With complete dimensions of 84H x 36W x 24D (in inches) when completely assembled, this snug workout machine is space friendly. Compact folding size ensures it is easy to move and the weight limit can reach up to 240 lbs.

Equipped with a personal workout timer, the Maxi Climber also enables you to track the calories burnt and the time taken for the workout. Ergonomically designed, isometric non-slide grip ensures a firm hold for the limbs while using this vertical stair climber for a workout. This also enhances safety as non-slippage technology is used to prevent injuries. Less than a few minutes of assembling ensure your equipment is ready for use in next to no time at all. The climber also comes with a one year warranty.

It is a good investment, providing total physical cardio and anaerobic exercise, along with Bio-X technologies. Its cross crawl action helps to ensure effective movement and workout for the abs and midriff, burning stupendous calories in short spans of time. Durable, and sturdy, it provides a full aerobic and anaerobic workout. Stable, secure with quick installation, it offers the advantages of a commercial grade machine for just a fraction of the rate. As of 2017, this product has attained 800 Amazon reviews with an overall rating of 4.2/5.

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#2 Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper

61vcOGUpxtL. SL1500
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Main Features

  • Build in LCD for calorie, scan mode timer, and step count
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Heavy duty plastic and steel body
  • 2 resistance cylinders that are adjustable
  • Dimensions are 27L by 17W by 54H inches.
  • User weight capacity is 220 pounds


The Sunny Folding Climber Stepper is made of plastic and steel that is of the top grade. It can withstand the most demanding workout. With a built-in display to count calories, steps and time spent exercising, the user has the benefit of knowing almost every aspect of the workout session. Easily foldable, permitting efficient storage, it is perfect for those who want the benefits for rock or mountain climbing in the comfort of their own gym or home.

Designed to emulate the benefits of a cardio workout you can get from mountain climbing, it safeguards physical health and aids in calorie burning. With a strong plastic and metal construction, it works using a timer. Smooth motions and seamless functioning are guaranteed thanks to two adjustable resistance cylinders.

Having received many excellent reviews on Amazon, the Sunny Folding climbing stepper is the lightweight a durable option for those who want to monitor progress in their workouts easily and effectively. Low impact workout from this vertical stair climber ensures zero strain on the knees and top calorific burning. The indoor mountain climbing trainer tones the glutes, thighs, hips, and calves while cutting down on calories through a heavy cardio workout.

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#3 Conquer Vertical Climber Fitness Climbing Machine

71tBQrHT6PL. SL1500
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Main Features

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Low impact, lightweight and resilient
  • Stationary handlebars for maximum comfort
  • Foldable for easy storage


Designed to provide a complete fitness workout, it helps those who want to perform aerobic as well as anaerobic exercises. It also tones the muscles and ensures that those who want to melt excess fat can do so through this intense cardio workout. Easy to fold away and store, this climbing machine has a steel construction that is sturdy. Get the same benefits you would from rock or wall climbing, through this excellent workout climber. With non-slippage, non-stick grips and rubber pedals, you can take your workout to the next level in a safe and secure way, without fear of injury.

Budget friendly, durable and with an attractive and sleek silver finish, this is a stable and secure machine. Its ergonomic foot pedals and grips are user-friendly and ensure you don’t get a burn or put pressure on your joints. With over 200 positive Amazon review and an average rating of 3.9 stars, more than 70% of the users have given this stair climber a positive review.

Low on impact and high on results, it ensures that you can stay in complete control of your workout using body weight as resistance. The climber can be stored easily and has stationary as well as adjustable handles. It provides everything from a quick cardio workout to slow burn one, targeting your legs, hips, shoulders, glutes and other core muscles. Unlike treadmills or motored machines, zero lag time or speed limits are not there. Attain variance in intensity by varying the speed of stepping and reach for higher fitness levels using this comprehensive solution for home fitness needs.

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#4 Maxi Climber Total Body Workout

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Main Features

  • This is a durable Maxi vertical climber.
  • Measures 36L by 25W by 84H in inches
  • Weighs 30 lbs
  • Weight capacity is 240 lbs
  • Pedals are 6 inches from the ground
  • Pedals rise to 2 feet from there
  • Adjustable grips


Based on the height and the weight of the user, the Maxi Climber Total Body Workout can be easily adjusted. With a total of 4.5/5 rating on Amazon, this provides a solid means of coping with weight loss. With adjustable height for all body types, this machine has a personal workout timer and is easily foldable.

Maxi Climber imitates the movement of rock climbing for building and toning muscles. Easy to set up, this is a full body workout for lean legs, hard abs and strong biceps and triceps. Using your own body as resistance, this excellent machine provides a great workout regardless of whether you want to do cardio or strength training. Stationary bikes and treadmills pale in comparison, as the vertical stair climber helps to burn more weight. Full exercise is possible in a single step and it can be stored anywhere from a corner to a cupboard without taking up space.

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#5 Versaclimber CM Club Model

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Main Features

  • 3 operating modes
  • Height adjustable
  • Weight capacity of 350 pounds
  • Non-stick grips
  • 90 percent pre-assembled


This is serious equipment for dedicated workouts and fitness professionals. Built to withstand 350 lbs weight capacity, this equipment allows training for competition, sports or fitness goals. Tone leg muscles through this stair climber and builds power with training motions using pylometry. Exercise your upper and lower body as well. This natural and smooth climbing motion of this machine makes it ideal for versatile use.

Easy instructions, ergonomic design, and adjustability to suit every user, it has an easier access stepper for maximum ease of movement during workouts. Professional construction, commercial grade equipment, the VersaClimber H model is for health and gym clubs. It is perfect for gym workouts for athletes and professional bodybuilders as well as hardcore users. Heavy, well built with a solid aluminum frame, it has variable step height from a wide range of 1 to 20 inches. It also displays the percentage of calories burnt.
It comes mostly pre-assembled and suits persons of any height, weight or body type. Isometric, non-stick gripping and a workout timer that permits accurate monitoring and makes this an exceptional workout equipment. Highly beneficial for burning calories and strengthening muscles, it has tremendous value for the fitness aficionados and enthusiasts out there.

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Learn More About a Vertical Climber

Vertical climbers are comparatively more recent as a piece of workout equipment, so not many folks realize they can actually have one at home. The virtue of a vertical climber is that it offers a complete body workout. It also works for all the major muscle groups, so one does not need different machines for different body parts.

81zmKX6xUEL. SL1500
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Tracking different exercises and the body areas they work as well as the sets and reps carried out can be performed every day. This machine makes it simpler because one just gets on the vertical climber and works out the entire body while burning calories and strengthening the muscles. Additionally, stamina and endurance are also worked on.

According to the Department of Health & Human Services, the moderate cardio exercise of around thirty minutes needs to be carried out each day. So, the vertical stair climber could well be the way out for improved heart health. There is a range of options for vertical climbers. One can find climbers to suit every budget and space. Some vertical climbers are even foldable, so you can store them safely.

This makes the machine ideal for physical fitness and ergonomic as well as easy to store. As with any of the different products, vertical climbers offer more features and benefits as you climb the price graph. But you do not have to purchase the most expensive machine to get the benefits you are looking for, necessarily.

For those who are looking for a way to work out at home and don’t want excessive workout equipment that takes up a lot of space, getting a vertical climber is a way out. As this workout equipment is a new addition to the home fitness market, not many individuals are aware of how these climbers can help. To understand why you need to buy vertical climbers, let’s consider the benefits.

Advantages of Opting for Vertical Climbers

There are many benefits to using vertical climbers. Firstly, this burns off additional calories as compared to treadmills or ellipticals because the entire body is utilized. This is in contrast to other exercises like jogging, walking, or running. Additionally, one gets the cardio boost which triggers fat burning and boosts the metabolic rate. It also improves heart health, strengthens endurance and boosts musculature.

Apart from this, you also get a complete cardiovascular workout that gets your heart pumping and gives your body a complete workout. How does this happen? Quite simply, stepping enables you to work your legs. Additionally, arms can be worked by using pulleys or ropes. Finally, the torso works overtime to keep legs and arms pushing and pulling.

When a vertical climber is used, one benefits from an all-in-one workout from a multifaceted machine that saves crucial time. One does not have to go from one machine to another. Additionally, one also does not have to go from one exercise to another to ensure every part of your body is worked out. Switching between machines takes time and effort. Vertical climbers save both by getting it all done in a short time period. You can also do this exercise easily at home and save yourself from buying multiple types of equipment.

How Much Do Vertical Climbers Cost?

There are cheaper models available, but these do not come with extra features. They are also extremely compact and must be folded away after use. These vertical climbers are budget-friendly, and perfect for those who want equipment that is value for money. As with different products offering multiple ranges for different prices, the most expensive ones have additional features. These products are no exception to this, either.

As one goes up in rates, vertical climbers have more features, greater reliability, better reviews or are made with well-known brands. So, how do you buy the best vertical climber? Let’s see the different options before us.

Buying Guide: Vertical Climbers

While making a large purchase like this, you need to do your research. As you will be constantly using the stair climber, you need to ensure that it fits the needs. There are different vertical climber options available, so you need to know which ones are perfect. Certain features can help you to get the best outcomes from your workout. Price, size and storage features may also be critical concerns.

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Not all vertical climbers permit height adjustments. So if the vertical climber is meant for multi-family use, it will be an important deciding factor in a purchase. Does one need a climber to count calories or have a timer? Do you also need a heart rate monitor? There are so many features you need to consider while purchasing a vertical climber.

Knowing what you require and actually want are important to figure out the best vertical climber for you. With different price points, sizes, functions and extras, you need to find a vertical climber that is the best fit for you. Consider these features and make your choice, accordingly:

#1 Ease of Adjustability

You should ideally have a machine that permits height adjustment so workouts can be maximized. Have a climber that suits your height, so you can comfortably use it. This also means you won’t strain or pull muscles because of an ineffective handgrip or hurt your back crouching to fit comfortably. Remember that you don’t need to spend cash on a machine that causes a problem and climbers can be hard to manage, so using this correctly is imperative.

#2 Consider the Size

The machine size is another important factor to consider. It does not matter what the machine can do if it cannot fit in the place where it needs to be stored. Figure out where you plan to put the machine and need to fold it up every day. Measure the space you are planning to use it in and pick a model that fits. There should be enough room for you to easily move around. If you have a tiny place and need to fold up the machine every day, opt for foldable, smaller, lighter models.

#3 Know the Price

For the modern, price sensitive customer, cost matters a lot. While most machines cost less than the ones at the gym, they can still be expensive, so be clear about the budget before looking. Shopping within price points saves cash and puts needs in focus. For example, you may need to make a trade-off between aesthetics and functionality. Remember that the point of the machine is to get into shape, and not purchase fancier models at the cost of quality.

#4 Be Aware of Extra Features

Extra features can also help in choosing the right machine. Some vertical climbers come with inbuilt stat timers and are great for athletes. Others come with pulleys for upper body work. The more a vertical climber offers within your price range, the more you should consider purchasing it.

Types of Vertical Climbers

Vertical climbers are not the same, although they have the same purpose and work in the same manner. There are different design elements available while making the purchase. It is important to know exactly what you need, so you don’t settle down for something else.

Transitional Climbers

These climbers are much like the traditional climbers, except they come with pulleys and ropes to work the arms. Additionally, there are added benefits of being able to spot train certain body parts and get a higher range of exercise programs to benefit from.

Traditional Climbers

These are conventional climbers with pegs, similar to the ones located at the back of the bicycle for the lower part of the leg and the upper part for the arms. The arms can be pumped and pulled down on pegs while stepping up and down on the bottom ones, working the entire body.

Why Buy Vertical Climbers?

A vertical climber is a wonderful piece of cardio exercise equipment. It is designed to replicate the action of climbing a flight of stairs. This vertical climbing activates each muscle in the body and overcomes problems in toning and shaping. One can directly work the glute or butt muscles, hamstrings, hips, and sides of the waist. The vertical climber also offers a wonderful calves workout.

Compared to a stair stepper, it is way more beneficial. With vertical climbers, the action involves vertical movements. Legs are moving up and down but with a stepper, the movement of the legs is vertical, moving backward and forwards. This works the thighs and does not activate the glutes and hamstrings.

The vertical climbers also provide an excellent cardiovascular workout. One finds that the climbing action takes more than stair stepping. One increases the heart rate and oxygen uptake in this way. There’s a range of motorized air vertical climbers so the resistance of stairs can be varied. This provides the ability to increase workout intensity over time.

As against a stair stepper, vertical climbers are known as mountain climber exercise machines are way more superior. This is because they can combine resistance and cardio training. In contrast, climbers have dependent pedal mechanisms whereby one pedal is pushed down on to lift the other. This is not as effective as an independent pedal action, which makes each leg perform its work.

Research conducted in 2009, as reported by NYT, showed that Canadian subjects who opted for vertical stair climbing were twice as effective as brisk walking and 50 percent more intensive than walking up steep inclines or lifting weights. On vertical climber machines, an average of 600 calories is burnt per hour.

To use the vertical climber, you need to maintain an upright body at all times. Ensure the hips are over the knees to climb. The arms need to keep pumping as one steps. The next step is to push down into the heel with every step one takes. Doing this activates the hamstring and glute muscles, rather than letting calves do all the work. Maintaining the mind-body link while working out is also crucial.


Vertical stair climbers come in varying models, as per different brands. So, choosing the right vertical climber is a matter of knowing what your requirements are and then, going on to find the right fit. So, do rely on the handy tips discussed in this review and choose the perfect vertical climbing equipment to meet your requirements.

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