Ancient Ayurvedic Massage

Important Health Benefits of Ancient Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage of the body is in use since the ancient era. This was primarily initiated as a natural healing process of three important structural elements of the body which together forms the overall body and regulates its functionality such as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The imbalance in these three elements is the reason for the growth of minor to major health issues. However with the use of highly beneficial ancient ayurvedic massage one can easily maintain their balance and ensure good health and longevity.

Ayurvedic massage is also known as Abhyanga whose benefits for health are enormous for the people of all age groups. Herbal or aroma oil are used for massaging purposes. This oiling process stimulates the transdermal absorption of medicated elements of these oils which further helps to heal and relieve different concerns of the body both internal and external as well.

The abhyanga or ayurvedic massage moisturizes, relaxes and stimulates the most external and largest layer of the body that is skin and prepares a positive environment for the medical treatment procedures in the cases of chronic health issue. After massaging your body gets ready to absorb all the inputs given in the form of medications and other medical processes so that you could recover as early as it is possible.

For external body appearance and common health problems as well, ancient ayurvedic massage is very effective as well as safe too. Its detoxifies all accumulated stress and toxins from the body and make your body fully fresh and energetic by targeting each and every cell of it.

In the ancient era, abhyanga was taken before the bath with the belief system that all accumulated stress and toxins of your body will be released through bathing if proper massaging is given to your body every day. It is not only beneficial for physical body health appearance improvement but it is equally beneficial for mental health improvement as well.

Daily massage with a herbal or medicated oil in hair works as a rejuvenator for your brain cells which ensures a stable, strong and healthy mind. This is really a very appreciating feature of the abhyanga especially in today’s world where mental health is recognized as a bigger crisis around the world.

How you can improve your health and lifestyle and deal with the symptoms of chronic health issues you will clearly understand by going through some important below mentioned vital health benefits out of a regular ancient ayurvedic massage.

14 Benefits of Ancient Ayurvedic Massage

highly beneficial ancient ayurvedic massage

Improve the Condition of Osteoarthritis Patients

Osteoarthritis which is a common aging-related joint health issue or disorder can be improved a lot with the ayurvedic massage. This health condition makes your bone’s joint tissue weaker leading to fracture risk in joints increases. It causes severe pain in different joint areas of the body such as joint pain in knees, hips, lower back, neck, and hands.

With herbal oil massaging not only one can get relief from the tremendous pain caused by this type of arthritis but can also improve their body movements which get obstructed or reduced due to immense pain in different joints areas of the body.

Reduces the Severity of Back Ache or Pain

Chronic backaches or pain is one of the common issues in women which can occur due to several underlying reasons or sometimes cause by stress, excessive workload or due to heavy weight lifting.

Whatever may be the cause of lower back pain it is really quite difficult to survive with this pain for a longer period and perform day to day life’s activities normally.

However, with ancient ayurvedic massage, you will not only manage to reduce the severity of back pain but can also prevent its recurrence risk with frequent massaging. This is the reason massage therapy is considered as an effective therapy for the treatment of chronic low back pain.

Improves the Symptoms of Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy is a condition caused by a group of disorders which leads to a progressive reduction in muscle mass and muscle strength. However, with regular ayurvedic massage one can prevent the progression risk of this health condition and can also get back their lost strength and muscle mass caused by this disease.

One study on children affected with muscular dystrophy showed that with regular full body massage with herbal oil showed drastic improvements in the symptoms of this health condition.

It helps to reduce the rigidity in calf muscles, improves the walking and climbing ability and ensures the normal lifestyle with pain and stiffness free overall body muscles movements.

Improve Skin Beauty

Ayurvedic oil massage is also well known for its effective power to improve and maintaining the youthful appearance of overall body skin. It works as a natural rejuvenator, toner that promotes the growth of fresh and healthy textured skin and protects it against the free radicals attacks and other environmental pollutions.

The herbal oil massage benefits are both for men as well as women of all ages. It works as an anti-aging agent by promoting the production of collagen protein in skin which is a vital element for healthy skin tone and texture.

However with aging the level of collagen protein automatically reduces and requires external support to maintain the level of this protein which can be well fulfilled with herbal oil massaging in the body.

With regular massage, you can reduce all visible signs of aging and get radiant looking, smoother and beautiful skin tone and texture.

Reduces Stress, High Blood Pressure, and Rapid Heart Rate

Another health benefit that ancient ayurvedic massage provides is by effectively reducing the level of mental stress and high blood pressure rate and rapid heart rate generated by the stress.

Stress throws its direct effect on your heart health as well as blood pressure rate. This is the reason in excessive tension or stressful situations the heart pumping rate and blood pressure level get too high.

These common and chronic conditions can be controlled immensely with full body massaging through herbal oil. Through detoxification process, your muscle stress is released from the body. Also massaging improves the blood circulation level in the brain that helps to reduce the mental stress and high BP and heart rate caused by mental stress.

Relieves the Migraine Symptoms and Its Frequency

One study on a large group of migraine patients proves that the patients who were getting medical treatment to control this health condition show less improvement with a comparison to those who were provided with ayurvedic massage continuously for two weeks.

Not only that they also experienced a greater reduction in the frequency of migraine that the other group who were treated with pharmaceutical medications.

This show the importance and effectiveness of massaging therapy as an effective natural migraine healing procedure or methods.

Reduces the Symptoms of Insomnia

Insomnia is a disease that causes difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep peacefully for long hours. It is spreading like an epidemic around the world. Though there are several medications are invented to treat the symptoms of insomnia but they create a dependency for its patient and once its patient stops taking the medications it again develops in the aggressive form.

However, the symptoms of insomnia can be well dealt through the help of ancient ayurvedic massages in feet, lower legs, hands, and arms before bedtime every day. The herbal full body massaging improves the quality of sleep by relaxing each and every muscles group in the body and ensure quality sleep for longer hours during the night.

Also, it reduces the dependency on sleeping pills which are recommended by the doctor to ease the symptoms of insomnia.

Reduces the Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression in Pregnant Women

Depression and anxiety are also one of the symptoms of pregnancy period developed by most of the women due to stress and fear of this particular phase of their life. In a study on a larger group of pregnant women who were in their third trimester of pregnancy, it is found that with ayurvedic massaging their pregnancy-related anxiety and depression can be reduced and removed naturally.

The full body massaging therapy ensures full body muscles relaxation by releasing mental and physical stress and develops more positive feeling such as calmness, peacefulness, etc. The findings of this study suggest that ayurvedic massage therapy is effective for combating the symptoms of anxiety and depression and ensure healthy delivery of the baby.

Also, it can relieve the postpartum depression symptoms such as mood swing, etc, which occurs due to the initial phase’s difficulty for caring a newly born.

Prevents Muscle Inflammation Caused by Exercises

Muscle damages and inflammation caused by intense exercise practice can be reduced and prevented with the proper skeletal massaging process. The massage therapy helps to reduce exercise-induced muscle damage risk and also it promotes the rapid healing process to relieve from inflammation caused by exercises such as muscle pain, soreness, etc.

Improves the Condition of Hemiplegia Patients

Hemiplegia is one type of paralysis which affects one side if body depending upon which part of the brain (left or right) is affected with injury or trauma. This major health condition affects the overall lifestyle of its affected patient by making them partially disabled and dependent on others.

It is seen in researches that patient of hemiplegia show a greater rate of improvement when they were provided full body ayurvedic massage regularly for two to three months. They showed drastic improvement in their body movements which was all possible through the massaging of the paralyzed side of their body such as arm, leg, etc.

Herbal oils massaging which are used to improve the symptoms of hemiplegia include mustadi rajyapan basti, shashtik shali pinda sweda, mahamasha taila, etc. The combination of massage therapy with professional medication show drastic improvement in paralyzed body parts except in their ability in lifting and holding things which require long term treatment.

Helps In Increasing Weight of Babies Born With Low Weight

It is found in researches that ancient ayurvedic massage helps to improve physiological and behavioral limitations in low birth weight babies. This study reveals that massage therapy is a safe and effective procedure to promote easier weight gain, and for improving behavioral parameters in low weight babies.

Massaging promotes the growth and development rate which is needed to prevent the physiological and behavioral limitations and drawback risk which remains very high in babies born with low weight rate than the babies with normal birth weight.

Enhances the Head Holding Ability in Cerebral Palsy Patients

Cerebral palsy is an initial stage body movement related disorder in children. This health problem develops muscle stiffness, poor coordination, tremors, and weaker muscles.

These symptoms of cerebral palsy can be reduced and managed to a great extent with herbal oil massaging in affected children. It was found in researches that with regular massage of herbal oil such as dhanwanthara thaila improves the head holding ability in the affected children.

Also, it improves the muscle strength to ensure better coordination and stability in body movements.

Helps in Coping with Menopausal Stage Symptoms in Women

Ancient ayurvedic massage with herbal oils helps in reducing the symptoms of menopause stage in women to a great extent such as frequent mood swing, anxiety, depression, fatigue, body ache, insomnia, etc.

It was clear in a study that women who were given therapeutic massage experienced improvement in their sleeping quality and time, reduction in fatigue and mental disorders developed during this particular phase with better and stable mood.

Also, it helps to stabilize the mood, sleep quality and physiological symptoms, etc. in postmenopausal women without any necessity of dependency on prescribed medications.

Reduces Heal Cracks, Dryness and Roughness Issue

With frequent foot massage heal cracks, dryness, and roughness problem can be reduced to a great extent. Heal cracking and roughness get major in the winter season and sometimes cracks bleeds, itches, and pain as well which obstructs the normal movement of the foot.

However, with herbal oil massage in the foot area, all these symptoms can be reduced significantly along with smoother and healthy foot’s skin texture.

The above-mentioned health benefits reflect the importance and effectiveness of highly beneficial ancient ayurvedic massage for improving almost all types of health conditions and their symptoms naturally. So improve your lifestyle and overall health by taking the advantage of herbal oil massaging in your day to day life.

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