Create a Diet Plan & Fitness Routine

Tips to Create the Diet Plan & Fitness Routine That’s Best for You

If you will search for the best diet plan and fitness routine, there are numerous suggestion and tips that you can get online but what is the drawback of these plans and tricks is that they consider a mass group of people while preparing these routines and there is no scope for specific need and expectation of an individual on a personal level.

This the root cause of the failure that most people suffer from in spite of their long term scarifies to cookies and other desired meals and hardcore fitness routine. So to deal with all these concerns here we have come up with some most effective diet plan and fitness routine that’s best for you.

Tips to Create the Best Diet Plan for You

Diet Plan & Fitness Routine

Follow a Diet Routine that Works for You

One of the common reasons behind the failure of many long term well-planned diet routine is that these plans are often created by the influence of other people who have managed to reduce their weight to a significant level with the same routine.

If you want to get a positive result and do not want to waste your time and effort then stop practicing this type of imitation because what works for others is not necessarily will work for you too.

Everyone has a specific lifestyle or daily life routine, personal health condition and other vital factors. So a diet planned based on these special factors is mostly for that particular person only.

Yes, others can learn something out of their journey but solely dependency on other diet plan routine gives an invitation to failure only. So consider this thumb rule in your weight loss routine in order to get a desired result at the earliest possible time.

Prepare a specific diet routine that you think feasible for you to follow even in the long run. Make necessary changes from time to time to get the best possible result out of your changes which will access what is actually working out for you and what is not. In this way, you can ensure the best possible diet routine for you.

Make Sure you Consider the Calorie Deficit in Your Diet Routine

As a human being, our body needs a certain level of energy every day for a living and conducting our day to day life activities on a different level. This energy is produced from the amount of calories you eat in a day through the metabolism function of the body.

The average level of calorie which is a must for the survival of a person known as calorie maintenance level. So if your target is to weight loss then you should maintain a deficit in this particular point i.e. CML, otherwise, your whole diet routine will fail no matter how hard you are working to make it successful.

The calorie maintenance level varies from person to person depending upon individual age, gender, physical activity level, and their personal health condition as well as metabolic rate.

So higher the active a person’s lifestyle will be higher the level of CML. On the other hand, people who are less active in their life on a physical level, their CML value or necessity will be less.

One easy way to calculate your calorie maintenance level is to multiply your current body weight by 14 and 18. People who have a fast metabolism and are highly active in their lifestyle they should consider the higher value (18) of this range to calculate their CML.

Again people whose metabolism is slow and are physically less active should take lower end (14) of the range. Those who are not sure about their metabolic or other factors should take a middle number out of this range to calculate their CML.

Once you will aware of your calorie maintenance level then your path for weight loss will be a little bit easier because now you will know your daily diet limit. As per the experts, a 20% reduction from your daily CML level is best for reducing weight successfully if you are on a diet plan.

However, make sure that the food you consume is full of nutrition so that your internal health would not get hampered in any way.

Know Yourself

In order to design an accurate diet plan for you that can work in your favor, it is very important that you start with proper planning by thoroughly examining yourself. In this context knowing yourself is very important.

To develop a perfect diet plan ask yourself a few key questions as it will sharpen your whole diet schedule in a much perfect way. At first, ask yourself about your diet schedule that you are likely to follow on the diet plan.

This is very important as on the basis of your eating schedule you can easily divide your whole day calorie schedule that you will eat in one single day. For example, some people like to eat only three times a day, whereas some people prefer to eat six or eight times a day so accordingly their daily calorie limit will be divided.

Stay ready with your support group or cheer group which is vital to deal with the initial day’s difficulties. Staring a healthy diet and workout habit is a very tough job as with this new routine there is a dramatic change is going to happen in your old daily life routine.

So coping with all these initial phase issues are quite difficult. However, to deal with it, make sure that you have already informed your friends and family members that from this day you are about to set in a healthy diet routine so that even by mistake no one will conduct any activities that can sabotage your goal.

Suddenly you cannot stop eating everything which is though unhealthy for you but your taste buds can’t resist them suddenly. Also in order to stick with this diet journey, in the long run, it is important that you made some realistic plans that you can follow till the end until you achieve your goal.

Reserve certain parts of your daily calorie intake limit for some special treat that can make you feel satisfied. Like you can consider eating a snack or food of your taste in a day not exceeding the 100 calories out of your daily limit. To calculate the calorie value of the food that you are going to eat in a day in your special treat time.

Everyone has a special physical limit for workouts or any other physical activity. So it is very important that you have a clear cut idea regarding your physical body limit. Accordingly, you can plan your daily exercise routine and once you get comfortable in it then you can increase your limit to ensure much faster results.

Measure your Meal Portion to Avoid Portion Manipulation

It is very important that you have a clear idea regarding your portion size in terms of calories in order to avoid overeating or deterioration of your designed diet plan. In order to stick with your diet plan, you must prepare a definite portion size of the meal that you eat in a day.

This should include the meals that you eat in the house and even outside like in a restaurant. At home, for calculating your portion size you can take the help of a spoon, bowl or a cup and everyday use the same utensils for measuring your portion.

Your measured diet portion contains how much calories is also an important thing that you must aware of. For this, you can take the help of an online website or mobile application that can easily calculate the calorie value of the food that you eat in a day.

In this way even when you will go out for a dinner or an outing the food which will be served in your plate, you will have a clear idea regarding its calorie count which will prevent you from manipulating your portion size even though it is your favorite chicken recipe, fish curry, cheese, pasta, etc.

Follow Tricks to Deal with Your Sweet Tooth

You cannot resist your sweet tooth cravings suddenly which is a normal condition even though you are on a strict diet routine. However, with some smart tricks, you can satisfy even your this need without affecting your dieting plan or daily calorie limit in a very healthy way.

To deal with your sugar cravings whether in the evening or in the late night you must consider some healthy options as your first choice. Like instead of eating your favorite chocolate cake or sweets you can prefer eating a sweet delicious fruit which are the natural and healthy source of sugar.

You can eat a fresh watermelon or grapes, or an apple adding some peanut butter on it. In this way, you can prepare your own specific healthy diet option instead of surrendering to your longings for the unhealthy sugary foods which are not only a hurdle in your diet routine but their health values are very low and can cause many chronic health issues such as insulin resistance, diabetes, etc.

Tips to Create the Best Fitness Routine for You

Now once you are done with your diet planning, to ensure a long-lasting result in your weight loss goal or even lifelong results with the consistency in those routines, it’s time to look for your fitness routine. Both the diet plans and fitness routine are interdependent

Each one of them complements others and without once the existence of the other one is hardly possible. So you need to create a particular exercise routine considering many factors that affect you and your life in order to ensure faster weight loss and to keep it off as well.

Prepare a Balanced Exercise Routine for You

So to begin with the best possible fitness routine that can practically work for you, prepare a balanced exercise routine as guided and defined by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

This guideline defines the weekly workout routine for every adult individual. However, for older adults, there can be some changes depending upon their individual health condition because the risk of fall remains high in this group of people.

It suggests practicing a minimum of 150 minutes of the moderate aerobic exercises in a week which will consist of 30 minutes workout for each of the five days. Apart from this it suggests strength training for at least 2 days in a week along with a recovery period or gapping between the next strength training sessions about 48 hours.

This gapping period is also known as the resting period which works as recovery time for the injury and muscle stress developed out of the heavyweight lifting or other hardcore workout practices.

Every exercise session should begin with a light warm-up and ends with a cool down, muscle stress relaxation body movements. Warm-up will prepare your body for fast-paced aerobic or strength training session.

Again the cool down exercise will bring your body to the balanced level slowly to get into your normal, stable position. Also, it will reduce your body stiffness. Make sure that you invest at least 5 to10 minutes in the warm-up and cool-down exercise session.

Different Fitness Exercises

You can achieve your goal with a perfect combination of different forms of workouts like aerobic or cardio exercises, strength training, and flexibility exercise. So let’s discuss them one by one below-

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercises are also known as cardio exercise or endurance training as it helps to lose calorie faster and also boots the endurance level which is the basic necessity of every physically active person in their personal and professional life.

So its time to plan the best aerobic exercise for you that will really work in your favor without making you bored or disheartened in the mid-path. There are multiple exercise options that offer you the facility to choose the most feasible one for you that you can follow and maintain every day without much stress or pressure.

Some common aerobic exercise that you can consider to follow while planning the best fitness routine for you includes, walking, jogging, running, swimming, skipping, cycling, etc.

These simple activities you can do without reserving a special time for your daily fitness schedule. Like you can walk towards your bus stop, use a staircase instead of the escalator, etc.

Aerobic exercises boost your heart rate and ensure more fresh oxygen reaches to your every organ of the body to keep them in a healthy position. Daily aerobic exercise practice helps you to live a longer and healthy life naturally.

Strength Training

If your target is building muscles and body strength then strength or resistance training should be your priority. These workouts are primarily associated with heavy workout equipment like a dumbbell, tubing, resistance bands, etc.

These workouts help your muscles and body to strengthen faster. Also, it increases your bone mass density, which is very important to prevent bone diseases especially bone health concerns associated with aging.

Initially, start with lightweight equipment and slowly you can increase the weight as well as resistance to improve your muscle’s strengths and capabilities. Practicing strength or resistance training helps you to stay strong and stable while doing your day to day life activities when you require lifting heavyweights.

Whenever you lift a heavyweight in your daily life activities or pushing hard or beyond the normal capacity of your muscles you are indirectly doing the strength training.

Flexibility Exercises

Flexibility exercises are also important to make your fitness routine the perfect one and for the best possible speedier result for you. Flexibility exercises such as body stretching, yoga poses, etc help to reverse your muscles stiffness and tension.

A stressed muscle is more likely to cause pain and affects your daily fitness schedule by keeping you on bed rest. However, this issue can be well dealt with these stretching exercises which help to reduce your muscles inflammation, pain and swelling and protect you from injury which is most likely to develop when you will work out with a stressed bone and muscle.

Also, it improves your body balance which is crucial for older adults who have a high risk of falling and injury thereon. Practice flexibility exercise at last for 10 minutes in a day. You can practice it at any point in time of the day however it will be best if you practice them in the morning before other exercises.

Be Specific About Your Goals

Be very specific about your fitness goals as it will work as a motivating factor to keep you on track until you achieve your target successfully. So it will be your priority to make yourself aware of why you are starting this fitness journey, how you are going to be benefited out of it and set your ultimate goal accordingly.

People like obese or those who are suffering from chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc requires to lose their weight for ensuring a stable health condition.

Whereas people who are fitness conscious and want to improve their look and appearance should keep their particular goal always in mind so that even in the weaker point in time of this journey they can remind themselves their ultimate purpose to keep them on track.

Consult with a Doctor before Practicing Exercise

People who fall in the category of older adults like aging 50 and above or those who are currently suffering from chronic illnesses must consult with a doctor before practicing or starting a fitness routine.

Also, you should must aware of your current health or fitness level before starting any workout like aerobics, strength or resistance training to make sure that these physical activities will not hamper your overall health instead of improving your fitness.

It is vital to stay aware of your blood pressure level, pulse rate, blood sugar level, etc. Also, it will be best if you can check your health status just after finishing your fitness program to determine what are the changes appeared after those fitness activities,

This type of precaution will prevent you from major and sudden health hazards. Also, it will reduce the risk of injury or fall by letting you know whether your body is suitable for a particular exercise or not.

If your doctor recommends you for a specific aerobic or strength training then and only you should practice them because your goal is to improve your fitness not to make your health condition more worst.

Diet Plan & Fitness Routine

Friends fitness and health is the priority of human life but there must be a certain specific plan that would not let your valuable time and effort get wasted and that is only possible through our diet plan and fitness routine that’s best for you, mentioned in this article.

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