Some Diets Are Purely For Health Reasons

Some Diets Are Purely For Health Reasons

Dieting for Reasons Other than Weight Loss

If latest infomercials, ads and magazine covers are any sign, it may seem that weight loss is the sole purpose for going on a diet. But there are other reasons for eating right and even exercising. People may be making healthy changes for other reasons too. A lot of research found that the most successful motivation for choosing a healthy lifestyle was better health for both men and women.There are many science linked reasons to live a healthier existence. What could be the other motivations for eating healthier, other than weight loss?

Reasons for Dieting: Health In Your Hands

Cutting Costs, Saving Money

Though health food is slightly costlier than processed items or ready to cook meals. a recent study found that it cuts down on medical costs by preventing health problems.

Chasing Away the Blues

In the pink of health? Eating healthy food involves chasing away the blues too. Eating fibre rich foods lowers depression and ensures people are feeling calmer, happier and more energetic than they normally did. Positive feelings were the result of hitting the salad bar, researchers have found.

Protect Your Bones

Eating a diet filled with calcium, vitamin D
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Eating a diet filled with calcium, vitamin D and folic acid supports the skeleton and prevents fractures at a later point of life.

Boosts Fertility

Recent studies have found that eating diets rich in Omega 3 fatty acids can enhance your reproductive system and create high fertility rates. So this can rev up your fertility.

Prevent Cramps

You can avoid PMS symptoms using a nutritional remedy. Modern science has backed up claims and you get fibre rich fruits and veggies as well as magnesium rich foods to prevent cramps. Red meat contains iron to counter weakness, while calcium in dairy products calms the mind. Zinc in green plants can alleviate mood swings.

Iron Clad Immune Systems Are Within Your Reach

Iron-clad immune systems ensure you get hit with germs yet remain standing. Provided you eat enough fruits and veggies of course. A study found that people who ate more produce that was fibre rich were more able to resist germs and boost immunity.

Compensate for Bad DNA

A family history of heart attacks, or cancer in your line can be nullified any eating healthy. Epigenetic studies have even found that eating good food can turn on healthy DNA, leading to long term and generational benefits. Spare yourself from these disorders through a healthy diet, and help continuing generations to escape the genetic risk too.

Boost Your Workout

Boost Your Workout
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Eating healthy can help you to take your exercise to the next level. Energy breaks down when exercise takes place. Healthy food repairs micro muscle tears and supports the growth and recovery process. Good carbs increase your stamina while proteins are building blocks of the body. Vitamins and minerals keep people immune to diseases and free from ailments.

Get Clear Skin

If you always wanted an acne free texture or blemish free skin, eating healthy food such as fruits and vegetables can make a massive difference. Avoid sugary foods, dairy and processed grains linked to acne and rosacea.

Boosts Healthy Sleep

With close to 50 percent of adults experiencing one bout of sleeplessness in their lifetime, insomnia is a real problem. Studies have found that if you eat target cherries or dark chocolate and whole oats, drifting off to sleep is way easier.

Fend off Diseases

Health is largely a matter of being alert and eating right. Fend off diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and a weakened immune system by eating the right foods. Healthy food keeps your bones strong and your body healthy.

Counter Hypertension

High blood pressure is a serious problem. But eating healthy food can play a major role in countering it. Drink green tea or take hibiscus and watch the reduction of symptoms. Blood pressure can also be eliminated by reducing sodium and alcohol intake. Eating foods rich in nutrients also relaxes the body. High amounts of magnesium and potassium also fight blood pressure. So eating fruits like bananas and small amounts of dark chocolate can make a major impact in reducing blood pressure.

Beat Migraines

Migraines are one of the biggest health issues in the world today. It is common among people and one of the causative factors in triggering the pain is tyramine found in beer, wine and cheese as well as processed foods. Eating a healthy diet and nutrient rich foods can also help to counter high blood pressure which then serves to lessen migraines.

Living Longer

Journal of the American Geriatric Society found that people who eat healthier food live longer. That’s obvious because healthy people who eat right can ward off diseases and disorders to a great extent.

Recover from Illnesses

The disease generally strikes those with weakened immune systems or when your body succumbs to pathogens like virus and bacteria. To hasten recovery from minor as well as serious health diseases, you can eat nutrient and fibre rich food.

Heal Sore Muscles

After a workout or heavy work, the muscles undergo micro tears and also go under strain. A surefire way to reduce the soreness of muscles is to eat a protein rich diet. Foods rich in protein include eggs, protein shakes, poultry, meat, fish and legumes as well as cottage cheese. These can aid in body building and healing muscles during the recovery process.


So choose a healthy diet
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So, the truth of the matter is very different, with weight loss becoming just one instead of the only cause for reducing intake of rich and sugary foods and eating right. A healthy diet can play a major role in soothing the body and healing the mind. Physiological as well as psychological benefits can make for a happier and healthier self.

So choose a healthy diet, not just because you want to lose weight or look good. The benefits of eating right are multiple. This is what makes it a must to have healthy, nutritious food. Obesity is an epidemic but diets rich in chemicals and preserved, processed foods even cause chronic conditions such as cancer. Prevention is way easier to carry out. Curing or treating the disorder or disease is an expensive and effortful affair. Eating right costs little, and the benefits are huge.

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