Diseases That Can Be Prevented by Eating Healthy

Top 10 Diseases That Can Be Prevented by Eating Healthy

For overall improvement and well-being of your physical, mental and emotional health it is very improvement that you always follow a healthy and nutritious diet routine. In the lack of a healthy diet routine, you get a victim of chronic diseases at a very early stage of your life. However, the good news is that you can prevent diseases by eating healthy.

You must have heard “You are what you eat you” which simply indicates the importance of diets in your life. Foods are the ultimate sources of energy that you need daily to run your life normally since morning to night until you fall asleep.

However, in today’s hi-tech world due to wrong lifestyle habits and unhealthy diets routine people are getting a victim of major forms of health conditions very easily which used be a very rare scenario in two to three decades before.

Now chronic diseases are not limited to any age group. From a child to a young adult anyone can be diagnosed with any major health concern at any point in time of their life.

As per the research report conducted to analyze the real cause of the drastic growth of several health issues in last few decades show that it is the unhealthy eating habit that gives birth to many critical issues which over the time get more chronic if remain undetected.

Some common health concerns that get a trigger out of an unhealthy diet habit include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, anemia, arthritis, birth defects, liver and kidney diseases, etc.

In this article, we will discuss major health concerns that you can prevent from developing by including a healthy diet routine in your day to day lifestyle and some list of healthy foods that can improve your overall life quality along with boosting your health.

List of Diseases that can be Prevented by Eating Healthy

Diseases that can be Prevented by Eating Healthy



Obesity or excessive weight gain is one of the bigger health concerns which are growing rapidly around the world. Unusual weight gain in adolescent age is nowadays a very common phenomenon which primarily gets trigger out of inactive lifestyle and wrong food habit.

The bitter truth is that the obesity-related health symptoms are not limited to this particular disease instead it gives birth to other chronic and life-threatening health concerns over a period of time.

Obesity elevates the growth risk of major types of health issues such as type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, fatty liver concern, kidney diseases, osteoporosis, cancer, etc.

So it is very important to reduce this health issue as early as it is possible by following an active lifestyle along with health-friendly diet routine such as fresh fruits, green veggies, fat-free and low-calorie diets, and high fiber rich foods, etc.


People who avoid the consumption of calcium and vitamin D rich foods in their day to day life are more likely to develop osteoporosis under which the bone density or bone mineral density get reduced in the affected person resulting in a weak and fragile bone.

As a result of osteoporosis disease the affected person can easily develop a fracture due to weak bone mass or density. These fractures mostly occur in the shoulder, hip, wrist, and spine due to weaker bone strength. However, this issue can be prevented easily by including more amount of foods which are natural sources of calcium and Vitamin D.

Milk is the most ideal source of calcium and vitamin D which must be included in a daily meal by the people of all ages in order to prevent this bone-related health risk naturally.


After tobacco, unhealthy diet habits is the second biggest cause for the growth of many types of cancer diseases such as breast, kidney, esophagus, endometrium, colorectum, etc.

Apart from this, obesity increases the risk of cancer growth, which can be dealt well by reducing weight and including more healthy and nutritious foods in your day to day life Foods that can reduce your risk of developing cancer includes leafy green vegetables, whole grains, cruciferous vegetables, fruits, green tea, etc.

Also by reducing your alcohol intake and quitting your smoking habit, you can prevent the risk of lungs, head, throat and liver cancer in a very healthy way.

Make sure that your daily meal will be a good combination of all vital mineral, vitamins and other essential nutrients which are necessary to boost your immunity proper so that it can fight well with the cancerous cells.

High Blood Cholesterol

Unhealthy fats and other unhealthy foods increase the level of bad cholesterol in your blood cells leading to high blood cholesterol health issue which is the root cause of many severe and life-threatening diseases.

As a result of an increased level of bad cholesterol in blood cells the flow of blood gets obstructed which is necessary for the smoother functioning of many important organs of the body. As a result of an infrequent flow of blood, the affected person can get a victim of chronic heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, etc.

So to deal with all these major health concerns from growing and developing it is vital to eat only foods which don’t impact your blood cholesterol level in a wrong way and boosts the production of more amount of good cholesterol in the body which is important for your well-being.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the major reasons of death around the world as per the report of the WHO. It is your sedentary lifestyle and wrong diet habits which are the prime reasons behind the growth of this life-threatening health issue.

Out of cardiovascular diseases, stroke and heart diseases are the primary killers which started to develop along with obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol level. All these health issues affect the normal supply of blood towards the heart, brain and other veins in the body.

As a result of slow and infrequent blood supply, the cases of stroke and heart attack occurs which are the instant killer if immediate medical attention is not provided to the victim.

However, all these cardiovascular health concerns and other contributing health issues such as obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol level can be controlled and prevented by following a healthy diet chart routine.

In order to ensure this, you must avoid the consumption of highly processed meat, saturated fats, trans. fat, high calorie and high sodium intakes.


In the lack of an appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals in your regular diet intake, you can easily get a victim of Anemia which is a blood disorder. As a result of anemia, there will be a scarcity of enough amount of healthy red blood cells in the body which is vital for carrying oxygen to different tissues in the body for proper functioning.

However, this health issue can be prevented by eating more iron-rich and vitamin B12 rich foods in your daily meal which are some essential nutrients required to maintain the healthy rate of red blood cells or hemoglobin level in the body to supply oxygen in different blood cells for overall healthy health.

Type 2 Diabetes

The number of Type 2 Diabetes patients are increasing rapidly year by year throughout the world and the leading cause of this major health problem is obesity which gets trigger out of inactive lifestyle and unhealthy diet habit.

Diabetes is a life long health concern which can cause to develop other major health problems if not controlled on time. However, by making some healthy changes in your lifestyle you can prevent the risk of this major health issue. Also if you are already a diabetic then also with a healthy lifestyle you can control and reduce your diabetes level in a healthy form

In order to ensure this make sure that you exercise every day, eat only fresh and leafy veggies, eat more amount of fresh fruits, whole grain, and fiber-rich foods in order to reduce your body weight and diabetes level.

Depression and Anxiety

Healthy diet’s benefit is not only limited to your physical health but its importance is same for improving your mental and emotional health. This is the reason you can prevent the risk of developing many mental health issues such as, stress, depression, and anxiety by following a healthy diet routine and by avoiding the consumption of foods which are bad for your mental and physical health both.

Some foods intake works as a mental health booster as it boosts the supply and production of the happy hormone in your brains such as serotonin and dopamine. These hormones are responsible for happy and positive feelings in your brain and body.

On the other hand, wrong food habit increases the risk of developing more amount of cortisol hormone in the body which is also known as stress hormone leading to many mental illnesses.

So to make your mental health in improved and balanced condition avoids the consumption of more fry food, packaged food, trans. and saturated fats. Instead eat more natural foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, and unsaturated fats, etc.

Dental Diseases

Wrong and unhealthy food habits affect you’re dental healthy by causing many gum diseases, cavities, dry mouth, teeth decay and even oral cancer at the very early stages of life.

Foods that contribute to bad dental health include a high amount of sugary foods consumption and dietary source of acids and tobacco consumption.

All these are bad for your dental health. So to prevent any dental health issue and keep your teeth and gum healthy and strong avoid the consumption of these foods as much as it is possible.

6 Healthy Diet Habits for Preventing Diseases

As diets play an important role in causing and developing several health concerns including mild to chronic. So it is very important that you should have a clear knowledge regarding the diets lists which are healthy for your overall health and diets which are a primary key contributor for leading health concerns.

Eat More Amount of Fresh Fruits and Green Leafy Veggies

There are many real-time pieces of evidence which proves that lesser consumption of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables contribute to the growth of many chronic forms of health concerns such as breast cancer, colon cancer, birth defects, osteoporosis, etc.

These fresh and natural foods are the huge sources of vital nutrients and mineral which is necessary for building your immunity proper to fight from many viruses and bacteria that contribute to critical health problems.

Moreover, these healthy and fresh foods will also empower your body to fight with critical health scenarios by boosting your metabolic rate and immunity power if you have already developed some major health problems.

Eat More High Fiber and Whole Grains Cereals

You can benefit your overall health more by eating more whole grains and high fiber grains instead of their normal form as they are abundant sources of vitamin and mineral. These healthy forms of cereals are more beneficial for your health than a normal grain or cereals form because it helps to control your craving by satisfying your hunger hormone easily.

Hence beneficial for avoiding obesity or overweight health problem which is the key contributor of all major health issues which gets a boost out of excess body fat especially fat in the abdominal areas such as type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, liver disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.

Some good sources of whole grain and high fiber foods include oats, barley, brown rice, brown bread, popcorn, millet, beans, legumes, nuts, fruits, etc.

Avoid the Consumption of Saturated and Trans. Fats

You can reduce your risk of developing several health concerns by avoiding the consumption of saturated fats and trans. fats which are also known as unhealthy fats.

Instead start the consumption of more amounts of unsaturated fats which prevents the risk of many chronic health concerns such as type 2 diabetes, high blood cholesterol, heart diseases, stroke, and mental health problems.

Some vital sources of unsaturated fats are Omega 3 fatty acids which you can get from many omega 3 rich fishes such as Salmon, tuna, mackerel, etc. Other than that other foods sources of omega 3 include chia seeds, flax seeds, vegetable oils such as soybean oil, canola oil, flaxseed oil, etc.

Reduce Your Daily Calorie Limit

A calorie is a good source of energy for your body that is generated by your body out of the metabolic function by burning the foods that you eat high in calories. However excessive consumption of calories does more harm than good for you as the extra amount of calorie intake by you is accumulated in the form of fat in your body.

This fat accumulation over a period of time causes you to gain overweight and obesity problem which are responsible for developing other major health problems. So to avoid all these issues count your regular calorie intake and reduce its quantity to a necessary limit in order to prevent your obesity risk and other major health problems associated with obesity.

Reduce the Consumption of Sugar and Sugary Drinks

One of the biggest enemies of your health is sugar and artificial sweeteners intake that you get either through a solid or liquid source. Sugar is the primary contributor to obesity, high blood sugar, and other chronic health problems.

So for the sake of your good health and for avoiding the growing risk of these major health problems you should avoid the consumption of a high amount of sugar and sugary drinks. Instead, you can use natural sources of sugar and sweetener in your meal if you have a sweet tooth such as honey, fruits, milk, dairy products, lactose, etc.

Limit Your Alcohol and Sodium Intake

Alcohol consumption in a limited amount is good for your health as it is already proved in a medical study that limited amount of alcohol intake prevents the risk of many chronic health issues. However exceeding this limit you can get a victim of many health problems such as liver damage, obesity, high cholesterol level, heart issues, etc.

So make sure that you follow this healthy limit while drinking alcohol. For men, 2 drinks in a day and for women 1drink in a day is considered a healthy limit of alcohol.

Similar to alcohol, an excessive amount of consumption of sodium can let you a victim of many critical health issues such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, etc. So make sure that you limit your daily doses of sodium intake to a healthy amount to prevent the growing risk of such chronic health concerns and to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Simply follow the above-mentioned diet suggestion to prevent diseases by eating healthy and naturally.

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