Healthy Diet Chart to Limit Cancer

List of Healthy Diet Chart to Limit Cancer Development

Cancer is one of the most chronic life-threatening diseases which grows and develops due to an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in the body. Its growth is influenced by several factors out of them, diet is the primary one which causes the growth of many types of cancer disease in different body parts. However, this risk can be reversed and prevented by following a healthy diet chart to limit cancer development.

The growth and development of cancer in any body part is considered as highly influenced by the dietary intake of the affected person as per the research detail of the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) and the American Institute of Cancer Research (AICR), other than cancer caused by genetic effect and environmental factors.

This chronic disease is one of the leading reasons of death by illness around the world and most of these cancers are developed in the lack of healthy and right amount of diet habit which reduces the body’s immunity power and boosts the growth of the abnormal cancerous cells rapidly.

However, the good news is that approx. 40 to 50 % out of all cancers can be prevented through healthy and effective lifestyle changes and by following a strict diet routine consistently.

The food compounds of healthy diets give strength to your body to fight with cancerous cells naturally and reduce its further growth drastically if you have already developed this health trauma.

When you follow a controlled and balanced diet chart your body becomes able to manage a healthy level of weight and doesn’t let it be obese which is one of the risk factors for cancer’s growth. This way again you prevent the cancer risk by following a healthy diet chart.

Same way some food habits increases the cancer risk to a great extent such as red meat, processed foods, salt, and other preservative food products, etc. whereas in reverse cases when you follow a healthy diet routine consistently like fresh fruits, vegetables, fiber-rich foods, healthy fats, etc. you decrease the cancer risk.

This proves that approx. 70% of lifetime cancer risk excluding genetic cancer can be reduced and prevented by following a healthy lifestyle, which includes avoiding smoking, illicit drugs and reducing alcohol intake and with a balanced diet chart.

List of Healthy Diet Chart to Limit Cancer Development

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Researches have proved that different variety or type of foods that a person eats affects his or her health immensely. So the type of diseases they develop or their inner ability to fight against the diseases which are already developed all derived from the strength that they get out of foods they eat and their way living or lifestyle.

Below we have enlisted some important and beneficial diet chart which prevents the growth of several types of cancer and also enables the people to fight with cancer under the condition it is already developed.

Antioxidants Rich Foods

Foods which are rich in antioxidant properties helps to boost the immunity power of the body which protects it from the growth of cancerous cells. Pant based foods are the natural source of antioxidant nutrient which works as an anti-cancerous food.

Different diets rich in this healthy nutrient helps to lower the risk of different types of cancer. For example, by including fresh fruits in regular diet one can reduce the lung and stomach cancer risk.

One can reduce the risk of esophageal cancer by eating Vitamin C rich diets such as leafy vegetables, peas, berries, oranges, bell peppers, etc. Whereas prostate cancer risk can be reduced with foods rich in lycopene such as watermelon, guava, tomatoes, etc.

Again esophageal and stomach cancer risk can be prevented with non-starchy vegetables including spinach, broccoli, beans, etc. Whereas the risk of pharynx, larynx, mouth and lung cancer can be prevented with carotenoids rich vegetables, for example, squash, Brussels sprouts, carrots, etc.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

As per the nutrition specialists, daily 4 to 5 servings of fresh seasonal fruits and green vegetables reduces the growth risk of many severe health concerns such as heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and cancer too.

In this regard, you must understand the fact that foods in their wholesome form are more effective and relevant for adding more nutritional value to your health than in their liquid forms.

For this, you can divide your fruits and vegetable intake into different servings of a day starting from your breakfast to dinner. This division process will keep intact your desire for having your meals and without getting bored you can follow them consistently as an important part of daily routine.

For example includes in your breakfast foods like fresh juicy fruits, low sugar cereals, whole grains, and nuts. In lunch, you should include diets like fruits or veggie salad, green vegetables, tomatoes, lettuce avocado, etc.

Add in your evening time snacks meal healthy nutrient-rich fruits as celery, jicama, cucumbers, apple, nuts, and dry fruits. You can consume these healthy snacks directly or prepare an especial dish as per your taste and desire. In all forms, these healthy diets will boost and benefit your health.

For your final meal of the day that is in your dinner, make sure that you are eating very light foods which will be easy to digest. Rice, vegetables, curd, and salad made with fresh green veggies are the best for your health.

Fiber Rich Diet

Foods rich in fiber content are considered as best for improving and maintaining stable health as its big benefit is derived in the form of maintaining a healthy digestive system and gut health.

Some important high fiber content foods include whole grains, peas, beans, lentils, etc. These healthy foods improve the bowel movement in your body and help in releasing harmful toxins. Also, it removes high levels of estrogen and carcinogens whose increased level is associated with the risk of breast cancer, the most common type of cancer in women around the world.

You can easily avail the natural source of fiber in diets like vegetables, fruits and whole grains which helps in cleaning the digestive tract naturally and prevents many chronic health concerns which are related with bad digestive health.

Also, it prevents the growth of cancerous cells by obstructing the unusual cell’s division process. Apart from this by releasing compounds which can develop the cancerous cells through the digestive tract it works as a natural anti-cancer agent for your body.

You can reduce your risk for the growth of colorectal cancer and prevents the digestive system related small to critical health concerns with daily fiber intake.

Healthy Fats Rich Diets

Fats are harmful to health but not the healthy fats. Foods which are rich in this healthy fats content helps to improve your health and also reduces the growth risk of many types of cancer.

However while choosing diets you need to be assured whether it contains healthy fats or unhealthy fats which causes to increase several health concerns, obesity is above all of them which comes among the factors causing cancer growth and development risk.

In this context, you must aware of the fact that saturated fat and trans. or partially hydrogenated fat-rich diets are fully harmful to health and can increase many severe health risks.

These unhealthy fats are primarily found in fried and packaging foods available in the market such as dairy products, red meats, muffins, cakes, fried chicken, French fries, pizza, crackers, cookies, pie crusts, etc.

On the other hand, you should concentrate more on foods rich with unsaturated fats like foods including olive oil, avocados, nuts, Omega 3 fatty acids rich fishes like tuna, salmon, and flaxseeds, etc. These unsaturated fats reduce inflammation in the body promotes the heart and brain health and cancer’s growth risk.

Avoid Processed Meat

According to the report of International Agency for Research on Cancer, it was proved that out of different unhealthy diets which increase the cancer risk, processed meat is supposed to reflect its immense effect for the growth and development of cancerous cells including different types of cancer.

Processed meats are prepared with a special preservative method which preserves its unique flavor for the longer duration through curing, salting and smoking process or method. For example bacon, hot dogs, salami, ham, and some readily available meat products.

This study proves that people who consume these processed meat products have approx. 20 to 25% greater risk to develop colorectal cancer than the people who avoid consuming processed meat.

Another study on cancer risk link with processed meat consumption says that about 50 grams of processed meat consumption in a day increase this colorectal cancer risk of about 18 to 20%.

However, this study doesn’t clear whether eating unprocessed meat also contain cancer’s growth risk or not which needs further researches. Still, you can reduce cancer’s growth risk to a great extent if you avoid such unhealthy food or have them only occasionally.

Avoid Sugar and Refined Carbs Diet

Foods rich in sugar not only raises your blood sugar level with its high consumption on a consistent basis but also increases cancer’s growth risk which is linked and affected by high blood glucose levels such as breast, stomach and colorectal cancer.

This happens because increased insulin level in the body gives a spike to unusual cells division which is a primary reason for the growth and development of many types of cancer. These types of cancer’s growth are quite difficult to prevent unless you follow a healthy diet routine and avoid sugary foods fully.

This is the reason diabetic people with an increased level of insulin and blood glucose has a greater risk of developing cancer which primarily gets a boost with these factors (high blood glucose and insulin level)

Just like sugar-rich diets refined carbs intake are equally responsible for the growth of some types of cancers disease especially colon cancer’s risk is greater in people who mostly eat refined carbs in their day to day life.

Along with sugar refined carbs are also harmful to your sugar level and this also gives a boost to blood glucose and insulin level in the body. However by avoiding sugar and refined carbs you can ensure your longevity and cancer’s growth risk throughout your life.

For your improved health and for preventing different cancer risk you should eat more healthy diets such as whole grains, multigrain bread, barley, oatmeal, brown rice, non-starchy veggies, etc. These healthy diets will keep checking your body weight as well as your sugar level, both the risk factors of cancer.

Reduce your Dairy, Meat and Alcohol Intake

Along with the list of healthy diets for your health, you should also be aware of the food list which can increase your cancer’s risk so that you can avoid and reduce the consumption of those harmful diets for the sake of your health.

Some unhealthy diets which increase your risk to develop cancer with its high consumption include excess dairy products use, heavy meat consumption and high volume of alcohol intake.

Researches on the link between daily foods consumption and cancer’s growth risk state that people who consume these diets more than its adequate limit have a greater risk to develop prostate cancer.

Whereas excess alcohol consumption increases your risk of breast, liver and digestive tract related cancer. On the other hand, the heavy consumption of processed meat and red meat increases the colon cancer risk.

The reason behind cancer’s growth risk with the consumption of these foods is that it causes long time inflammation in the body which further develops into cancer. However, in this regard, we must say that some dairy products are even good for health if you consume them in a limited amount.

Don’t Overcook Foods

Overcooking or cooking in high flame burns the nutritional value of raw food materials and when you eat them your body gets a very lesser value of these healthy nutrients which are important for your health.

So in the lack of essential nutrients in body people easily get a victim of major diseases due to their weak immunity power. Cancerous cells growth risk and an inability of the body in preventing its growth is developed in the lack of good nutrition in your daily food routine.

Apart from this overcooking causes to produce unhealthy components such as Advanced Glycation Endproducts and Heterocyclic Amines. These harmful components lead to the growth of inflammation in the body which further develops in the form of cancer and other major diseases.

It is true that any food chart itself cannot do anything until you made essential lifestyle changes. Still, healthy diet chart to limit cancer development risk can make drastic changes in boosting your health and by preparing it for the battle against cancer disease and by eliminating its future growth risk in a healthy way.

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