Diet in Chronic Kidney Disease

What are kidneys:

Kidneys are the most crucial organs of the body. These bean shaped body parts lie in the lower back portion and they lie opposite to each other. The kidney contains nephron that is a filtering unit. Kidneys are linked with the bladder and with ureter, which is a tube like structure. The main function of kidneys is to perform the purification process in the body. It removes all the toxic elements and the excess from the body. It is also helpful in dissolving the calcium, sodium and other minerals in the blood. Kidney purifies nearly two hundred liters of blood in a day and approximately two liters of urine daily. These organs also help in consuming the components like food materials, medicines, and supplementary items that allow the collection of unwanted and harmful pollutants in the body. Leaving this it also manages the quantities of minerals and helps the body to stay fit and healthy.

Chronic kidney disease

Chronic diseases that affect the kidneys are the conditions that reduce the general abilities of these organs. It is also known by the name of chronic kidney failure. When these diseases occur, the levels of the toxins and unwanted electrolytes increase and excrete in the urine. This problems enters when the chronic kidney disease reach in the progressive phases. During this stage, the fatal particles increase and develop themselves in the body. Anyhow, in the earlier phases of this disease there are no or very mild indications of the disease. The last stage of this disease is kidney failure and then the situation for dialysis and other treatment for this problem are used for medication.


There are many reasons that cause this disorder but some of them play a very important role in this context. One of the biggest reasons of chronic kidney failures is the blood pressure. If the person suffers from great blood pressure and this problem persists then the person is prone to this disorder. The other main cause of this disease is the blood sugar level of the blood. However, this mainly occurs during type one and 2 diabetes. It is because in this type of diabetes the sugar level gets easily disturbed.

There are some other causes, which count in the cause of CKD or chronic kidney disease. When a person is born with kidney disease or if the person suffers from kidney infections then this disease is likely to occur. Apart from this, a blocked artery also is one of the reasons for this problem. Long usage of painkillers and other antibiotics damage the natural tendency of the kidneys. These are some main problems that cause CKD.

 causing chronic kidney disorder

Other risk factors causing chronic kidney disorder:

After excluding the cause there several other factors that causes kidney disorders. A CKD or chronic kidney disease can affect a person who is suffering from high cholesterol levels. It also depends on the geographical standards. If the person is the native of Africa, America or Asia then certainly the probability of CKD is more in that person. If it exists in the family and the family has past records of this disease then certainly it can be transmitted to the other family person and this passing on continuous.


Many people do not suffer from the serious symptoms until the chronic kidney disease reaches in the advanced level. Still the disease has symptoms and they are severe. When a person is hit by CKD the energy level diminishes and person feels more exhausted. The concentration power also fades timely during this problem. The affected person may lose the weight and can suffer from sleeping disorders as well. Muscle spasms and swelling are also one of the symptoms of this disease. Puffy eyes, rough and itching sensation arises on the skin of the person. The last but is the most effective indication of this diseases is the strong urge of urination especially in the night.


There are many complications, that occur in CKD and the complexity of these complications depends on the severity of the disorder. These complications have the tendency to damage every single fragment of the human body. The first complication that occurs in CKD is liquid loss. This loss of fluid gives a spark to the swelling problem that can be commonly seen in the area of the hand and legs. Apart from this, it also gives invitation to the blood pressure. This also reduces the level of the liquid that is present in the lungs which is known as pulmonic edema.  Hear is one of the most important parts of the body but in the situation of chronic kidney disease it also is hit by several disorders and the vessels present in heart are damaged. This disease is also accompanied by weak bone and anemia. Weak bones increase the chances of fractures. The other complication that may befall in this condition is the breakdown of chief nervous organization of the human body. Women after acquiring this disease also have some complications. After CKD, reaches in the later stage women are more prone to lose their fertility power. They can also suffer from pregnancy related problems. These complications are connected with chronic kidney disease and the above-mentioned are the results of complications.
Diet in chronic kidney disease

Diet in chronic kidney disease:

  • When the person comes to know that he is struck by this disease then he must change the diet chart. This change must be applied as soon as possible because it uplifts the health of the body and calms down the symptoms of chronic kidney disease.
  • One of most important element that has to be limited in this period is salt. The salt must me decreased because salt contains sodium and high amount of sodium is not good for the kidney especially at the time of CKD.
  • Not only salt but also all the food items that contain sodium, potassium must be limited in this disorder.
  • Fruit juices may be helpful in this conditions because it is in the form of liquid. Juices are also best because they are easily digestible and the break down process of the extracts is easier than the solid food particles. Limit the citrus fruits either in fruits or juice form.
  • Banana, mushrooms, spinach, sweet potatoes, potatoes, grapes, pomegranate, lemon are very few items which patient is supposed to limit or avoid.
  • Prefer vegetables like round guard, ridge guard, ash guard etc.
  • Papaya, watermelon, apricot, apples, pears can be taken.
  • Totally say a big no to all kinds of non-veg items.
  • After correcting the diet, one can also take preventive measures to escape from this situation. In other words, the patients of chronic kidney disorders can follow some simple tips to safeguard the kidneys from further damage.
  • One of the best tips that work in this condition is to quit the use of cigarettes and beverages. These habits damage the kidneys faster than the CKD. Therefore, it is better to leave them as soon as possible.
  • Weight also plays an important role because if the weight of patient is more than the chances of obesity increases and this is fatal for the body and kidneys as well. Daily exercising can help in the reduction of weight and it supports burning of fats.
  • The other preventive measure toward this ailment is the detox dip. One can add Epsom salt in the bathing water and immerse the body for some time. This relaxes the muscles and lowers the blood pressure of the body that is good in the situation of kidney failures.

Ayurveda experts has described many excellent herbs for kidney diseases. Gokshur, Punaranava, Pashanbhed, Bhumiamalaki, Varun etc are some of amazing hebs which are used to formulate some revive kidneys medicines. Make use of these with modified diet and life style to keep yourself healthy!

These are some healthy tips that help in this disorder. Nevertheless, the sufferer has to perform these habits in a regular manner.

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