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Thick White Vaginal Discharge: What It Mean, Causes and Types

Thick white vaginal discharge is quite a common problem among many women. In most of the cases this white discharge is recognized as normal but in some cases, this implies some other health-related concern or issue. We need to go through the whole concept of it to understand fully what white discharge means for.

This white vaginal discharge comes in different forms depending upon the reason of its occurrence. There are several things like our physical health, lifestyle, mental stress which can affect us internally causing the discharge of this mixed liquid form slight flow by our internal organ.

This discharge generally starts since the beginning of teenage in many girls. It doesn’t cause pain or any kind of irritation so initially girls ignore it. There is a possibility of not any severe health problem because of it, still, in some cases, this vaginal discharge occurs due to infection which requires immediate medical help.

Types of White Discharge

White Discharge

The Thick White Discharge:

The thick white discharge from vaginal is considered absolutely normal and this is the most common form of vaginal discharge that you will find in an average section of women. It doesn’t indicate any kind of health concern or it can be said this is a normal occurrence among all section of women because of many reasons.

It is observed in some women during the end of their menstruation cycle as an ending symptom of the menstruation phase of their life whereas some women observe it during their initial phase of pregnancy. So if you see this kind of vaginal discharge then no need to get panic. It is quite an obvious phenomena there is nothing to worry about it a lot.

Many of us not aware of the fact that this thick white discharge is how much beneficial for us. This vaginal discharge keeps cervix in a moist condition, maintain its health and keep it sealed. So no doubt this thick white discharge is quite necessary for the vaginal health.

The Creamy White Milky Discharge:

During the period of ovulation, a creamy white milky vaginal discharge is observed by a woman. Ovulation is the time when the egg is discharged from the ovary of a woman. This is the rich time of a woman’s fertilization as if this egg is merged with sperm the woman can get pregnant.

At the time of ovulation, the level of progesterone increases at a very high rate which ultimately leads to discharge very creamy white milky substances from the vagina. This is also considered as symptoms of pregnancy. This kind of white discharge can be fully odorless or might have a moderate odor.

The Thick White Clumpy Discharge:

The thick white clumpy vaginal discharge is no way good for your health. It mainly occurs due to some infection and can lead to major health problems if not treated well in its initial stage as because the infection gets vast and later on hampers to your fertility power. This causes a problem in pregnancy. Many women who face problems in getting pregnant are generally a victim of thick white clumpy vaginal discharge.

These clumpy and cottage cheese textured discharge creates irritation and it needs more hygiene to be maintained in order to cope up with the situation. Immediate consulting with a gynecologist is required if you develop this kind of thick clumpy discharge in order to avoid further complications because of it.

What Does Thick White Vaginal Discharge Mean?

Thick white fluid form discharge from the vagina before the period is nothing but the self-cleaning vaginal process. These fluids are full of bacteria and dead cells of the body so it’s not that you are losing something important to your physical health. However, some special texture and color fluid discharge is not a sign of good health.

This kind of discharge also reflects your fertility as it symbolizes that you are ready to get pregnant. So women who want to get pregnant can consider it the right moment to initiate or plan their pregnancy. This thick fluid discharge doesn’t occur frequently. In a whole day two to three times it secretes from the vagina. This is one way important for us otherwise in the lack of harmful bacteria or dead cells discharge it can lead to infection also and later on a severe health concern.

It is also known as Leukorrhea and comes under the menstrual cycle which is known as a luteal phase. It mainly happens when the progesterone hormone level increases in your body and the estrogen hormone remains in the dominant position then a watery or thick white or brown color discharge occurs from the vagina. It is a peak time to fertility or gets pregnant.

In general, it doesn’t symbolize any kind of health concern but if you are observing foul and fishy kind of odor then it is a symptom of an infection and it needs immediate medical help otherwise it can get sever if the infection spreads in your body causing infected to other body parts also.

As per the different life cycle of a woman the color and texture of this thick white discharge varies. Like just after finishing of menstruation for next two to three days there is no fluid discharge is observed. After these 2-3 days, a very thick white discharge is seen and later on its appearance changes like mucous. Just before the ovulation time, sticky and clear white discharge is observed whereas just before the starting of next mensuration white and thick discharge is seen in a consistency.

During the period of your pregnancy, the vaginal discharge becomes thin, white, milky and little bit smelling and its quantity remains high at this point of time. When you are in your pre-menopause or in menopause cycle the quantity of this fluid flow decreases to a very low level in the lack of proper amount of estrogen in the body.

Decreased level of estrogen in the body occurs due to ovary removal surgery, due to endometriosis, infertility and breast cancer curing medicine consumption, overstress, intense workouts, chemotherapy etc. These are the primary reason for the low level of estrogen existence in the body.

Causes of White Discharge:

This white fluid vaginal discharge can be normal or it can be symbolizing some kind of infection which depends upon its consistency, color, texture, smell etc. Below we have enlisted the primary causes of white discharge.

Ovulation Phase:

Ovulation PhaseDuring the ovulation phase a thick white discharge appears from vagina this is because the ovulation is the rich time to get pregnant and during this phase, the fertility egg excreted from the vagina. If accurately at this point of time, the egg merged with sperm then it leads to pregnancy. This is the reason it is recommended by the gynecologists as a pick pregnancy time to those who are getting a problem with fertility.

It mainly occurs approximately 14 days before the starting of menstruation and the color of vaginal discharge during this period gets changed. Just before the three to four days of your menstruation cycle, you can observe a discharge similar to thin egg whites it is because the range of cervical mucus gets increased.

You can also face a pain in the ovary at this point of time. The production of the productive eggs is done by your reproductive system in the body which prepares you to be fertilized.  This is a peak time to get conceived as the thinner white fluid you are developing is nothing but the fertile eggs secreted from the vagina.

Just after the period, you start secreting thicker discharge because the level of mucus decreases in your body. So if you are facing this kind of fluid discharge then there is nothing to worry about as it is quite normal.

Pregnancy Period:

Pregnancy PeriodDuring the phase of pregnancy, women observe vaginal discharge which remains different from normal discharge by color, texture, and smell. This shows a symptom of pregnancy. If you get pregnant but expecting your menstruation to occur as still, you are not aware of it then you can see a milky white vaginal flow.

Women who are not aware of this symptom of pregnancy thinks by seeing this kind of discharge that their period is just about to occur. The vaginal walls start getting thicken if you have conceived. As a result, a thick milky discharge is noticed and it lasts throughout the pregnancy period. This is quite safe and normal unless you face itchiness and burning in the vagina and needs to be cured.

This is a primary sign of the pregnancy. Apart from thick milky white discharge, some other common pregnancy symptoms are nausea especially in the morning time, cramping without an occurrence of the period, bleeding due to implantation, enhancement in the size of breasts etc.

Menopause Cycle:

Menopause Cycle

Menopause cycle in a woman’s life represents the end of the menstruation phase or cycle. As because it is the end time of your period or menstruation so you can consistently observe white vaginal discharge. This fluid discharge is a sign of menopause.

In this phase of life, the period or menstruation occurs in irregular basis or inconsistently. Sometimes you observe period after two to three months and apart from the period you see changes in your vaginal discharge.

At the menopause phase though women face vaginal white discharge in spite of that the vagina starts getting dryer. In many cases, even after the finishing of menopause cycle, some woman observes vaginal white discharge which is not at all a normal health condition. As your period is stopped permanently this kind of fluid flow should not occur. If you are also facing this kind of issue then immediately consult with a gynecologist.


If the color of white discharge is foul and odor with mild smell then this is simply a sign of some kind of infection and it is not good for your overall health. Sometimes we face extra vaginal discharge before and during the period cycle; this mainly occurs due to some infection and must not be ignored as it can be malicious. Vaginal fluid discharge can occur due to following reasons.

  • Vaginal Yeast Infection:

When you see white milky discharge which looks alike clumpy cottage cheese, it is because of yeast infection. Just before the five days of your period, you start noticing this type of thick flow which is really very unhealthy and uncomfortable to you.

This fluid discharge remains odorless and different from other types of infection. It causes discomfort near the genital area and also creates itching, swelling, burning and the condition gets severe during the intimate relationship time.

Some of the primary reasons for this yeast infection detected are increased the level of estrogen, uses of antibiotics, overweight and lack of immunity power. You can get rid of yeast infection by the application of yogurt, coconut oil etc.

  • Bacterial Vaginosis Infection:

When you notice white fluid discharge with odor it mainly because of bacterial vaginosis infection in the vagina. You got this kind of infection due to use of some foamy soap for cleaning vagina, or due to a new sex partner. During this kind of discharge, vagina discharges milky grey fluid which releases the overgrowing bacteria inside the vagina. So it’s a self-protection process by the vagina.

You can observe the BV discharge at any point of time. Few people observe it after sex whereas some observe it during the period time. This thick discharge smells a lot but it doesn’t cause itching. Along with the use of apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil etc. you can get rid of it completely.

Transmitted Through Sex:

Transmitted Through Sex

If you notice milky cervical mucus fluid discharge before the period with fish kind odor it is because of transmission of some infected bacteria during the sex course. This kind of fluid discharge is very contagious and can cause severe health problems if not treated immediately.

It causes swelling and burning sensation during different activities. As it is very dangerous so it should not be treated at home. It needs to be consulted with the doctor if you observe this kind of fluid discharge before the starting of your menstruation.

Over Stress:

Overstress taking nature can lead us to face creamy milky vaginal discharge before the period. Stress or tension effects to our body hormones and makes our immunity power very weak and this weakness becomes a reason of this type of fluid discharge.

We hope this article has cleared your ideas regarding what white discharge means for or how can they affect your body. If you are also observing a thick white discharge because of some infection then immediately visit a doctor in order to avoid further complications to your health associated with it.

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