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Use Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Boosting your Hair Growth

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One and all women wish to flaunt a full healthy head of hair. However, with such kind of pollution levels, indigent eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle, it is almost impossible to offer your hair, the much-needed support and nourishment. This also leads of dry and brittle locks of hair that do not stand the test of time and eventually break. But thankfully, this process can be turned back.

Yes, you heard it right! There are a plethora of treatments that can boost your hair growth, but indubitably, the best one is castor oil. A routine application of castor oil will negate the harmful effects of an inactive and unhealthy lifestyle.

I am sure a lot of you haven’t yet discovered the multitudinous benefits of using castor oil. This oil is sourced from a natural plant known as the caster plant or Ricinus Communis.

*Do not mistake castor oil for the pungent cod liver oil. Castor oil comes in a pale yellow color with a much distinctive flavor and fragrance like that of smoke, nuts or tree resin (depending upon the type of oil purchased).

Why Choose Castor Oil for Hair Growth?

Castor oil is a vegetable oil that has been in use for centuries to make cosmetics, lubricants, paint, dyes, inks, polishes, pharmaceutical medicines, waxes, automotive fluids and numerous hair treatment products. The oil is cent per cent natural and therefore it is totally healthy for internal consumption as well as explicit application on skin, hair and nails.

Castor oil has essential lubricating and waxing properties and can be used for handling a variety of bad hair conditions. It not only provides intense moisturization but also promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss. A lot of women suffer from alopecia, a condition of acute hair loss caused due to hormonal imbalance. Such a condition can be corrected by using castor oil.

It is suited for both men and women. As both these sexes get older, the hair starts thinning and there is a greater rate of hair loss. Castor oil is a safe, natural and an inexpensive alternative for promoting hair growth. Whether taken orally or applied topically, it will not have any side effects. It is best to mix castor oil with other ingredients so as to make a healthy hair tonic. Moreover, you can use it in the comfort of your homes, without any expensive clinics or salons.

Why Does Castor Oil Promote Hair Growth?

Why Does Castor Oil Promote Hair GrowthCastor oil is a rich source of natural compounds that boosts the hair growth.  It also contains Ricinoleic acid, one of the most important amino acids present in the human body. It is an omega-9 fatty acid that has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin pores as well as the hair follicles. It nourishes the follicles, making them restore original hair growth levels.

When your hair gets damaged, the shaft becomes dry and dead. In such a situation, it is necessary that the product you use, reaches the hair follicle. It is very tough to rejuvenate your dead and damaged hair. However, if the product reaches the follicle, it can expedite fresh growth. Thus, you can lush hair on your head.

Castor oil also protects the existing hair follicles, preventing excessive damage and breakage. It helps to negate the effects of sun and pollution. Not only has this, castor oil aids in maintaining the pH level of the scalp, prevents dandruff and cure acne. It is thus an all-purpose scalp and hair restorative.

How to Use Castor Oil on Hair?

How to Use Castor Oil on HairThe easiest and the most convenient method of applying castor oil on your hair is thoroughly massaging it into the scalp, the area in which hair follicles are present. Massaging the scalp will increase the blood circulation and boost the production of hair. You can make your very own healthy castor oil recipe by mixing few ingredients together.


  • Castor oil – 3 tablespoons
  • Jojoba oil – 3 tablespoons
  • Essential oil – 3 drops (you can choose any – tea tree, rosemary or peppermint)
  • A glass bottle with a stopper

Directions of Use

  • Mix all three ingredients together and store them in a glass bottle.
  • Shake well.

*the essential oil will help in reducing the light smell of castor oil.

Some Important Application Tips of Castor Oil

Some Important Application Tips of Castor OilBelow are some important instructions that should be borne in mind while applying castor oil to your hair. Otherwise, you might over-apply and then find it too tough to wash it out completely from your hair without making them dry.

  • The first step involves pouring a few drops of oil on your palm and applying it on your scalp. Make sure all the parts of the scalp are reached.
  • Do not overdo it, because if you rub too much then you will have to apply a lot of shampoo to wash it off and that can make your scalp dry.
  • After the scalp, apply little amount of oil on the ends of the hair. Let it stay for 20 minutes. You can use paper towels to remove the excess amount of oil.
  • Shampoo your hair. You can shampoo a second time if the oil has not properly been removed from your scalp.
  • Towel dry your hair. You will already witness a slight betterment in your hair. They will appear shinier and silkier.
  • In the beginning, you can use it 3 to 4 times a week. Once the results start becoming visible, reduce it to once a week.
  • It is advisable to discontinue using castor oil in the summers.

What Type of Castor Oil is best for Hair?

When you go out to buy the best castor oil for hair growth, you will see that there are a number of different types available in the market. There is normal castor oil, organic castor oil and Jamaican Black castor oil (JMCO) that are best suited for hair. It is imperative to ensure that the castor oil you buy is a natural vegetable oil meant for cosmetic purposes. It should not be industrial grade oil that is sold at an automotive shop as that will contain harmful chemicals.

You can easily identify natural castor oil as that will have a faint yellow or sometimes a colorless appearance. You can also purchase organic castor oil as that is free from all dangerous additives and pesticides. It is absolutely safe for skin and hair.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JMCO) for Hair Growth

Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JMCO) for Hair GrowthJamaican black castor oil is the favorite choice of all users when it comes to boosting hair growth. It is very much different from the natural and organic castor oil as unlike them; Jamaican black castor oil has a dark color. This is because the oil contains impurities.

Castor oil is made when castor beans from the castor plant are cold pressed at extreme degrees of temperature. When the beans are cold pressed, it produces a pale yellow color as there are very less impurities present in it. Jamaican castor oil gets its color when the ash of castor beans gets roasted. These impurities get mixed in the oil and as a result, JMCO becomes dark in color.

Except for the color and amount of impurities, other properties of JMCO and cold pressed castor oil are more or less the same. So a lot of times, it is the personal preference of the person as to which one to buy.

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Jamaican Black Castor Oil versus other Castor Oils

Jamaican Black Castor Oil versus other Castor OilsBy now, you must have understood that there are various types of castor oils available, but which is the perfect one for your hair growth? Let us draw a comparison between JMCO and other oils so as to decide the best one.

  • Regular or organic castor oils are more likely to be found in your nearby wellness stores whereas JMCO can only be located online or special beauty supply stores.
  • If purity is your prime concern then you should opt for organic castor oil. JMCO is more likely to have a smoky rich odor that is preferred by a lot of people over the natural smell of regular castor oil. JMCO is also available in bottles that come with artificially scented fragrances such as that of mint, jasmine, lavender, etc.
  • As far as price is concerned, JMCO is more expensive than organic castor oil as it can only be bought from specialty stores.
  • When it comes to thickening the hair or promoting hair growth, there is no scientific evidence that proves JMCO is better than organic castor oil or vice versa. Therefore, it simply depends upon your personal choice and also the price you wish to pay.

How Long Does Castor Oil Take to Work?

Castor oil is no magic potion that will offer instant results. After all, the process of hair growth is a natural phenomenon that takes time. However, the results are 100% guaranteed. It might take a little time for your hair follicles to get better and boost the hair growth. Generally, it has been seen that people grow a quarter to half an inch of hair each month. This process can speed up during winter time and experience a slow during the hotter months.

If you use the oil 3 – 4 times in the first few weeks, you will soon experience silkier, shinier and manageable hair. After this, you can switch to once a week routine.

If you continue to use this oil, you will witness numerous other benefits as well such as reduction in scalp acne, prevention of fungal infections, reduction in dandruff and intense hair and scalp moisturization.

Some Other Important Benefits of Castor Oil

Some Other Important Benefits of Castor Oil

  • Apart from offering major hair and scalp benefits, castor oil also provides numerous health and beauty advantages.
  • Castor oil promotes the growth of eyelashes. You can purchase a brand new mascara wand for applying the oil to your eyelashes. Regular application of the oil during the night time can fetch great results in no time.
  • Castor oil can be used to treat fungal infections and warts. It can also be used as a laxative to cure constipation.
  • Castor oil works wonders for people with dry skin. It is used to lubricate dry, chapped and flaky skin on the elbows, knees, and feet. It is known to exhibit anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties.
  • Castor oil is immensely beneficial for promoting new hair growth. It makes the hair grow longer, thicker and shinier. Even though there are three different types of oil varieties available in the market, they are more or less the same when it comes to providing benefits to the hair. So do not worry much while making a choice, you really cannot go wrong with any one.
  • Religious application of castor oil will make your hair look silkier, stronger and beautiful. And the best part is, it is totally affordable. So begin your castor oil beauty treatment routine today and you will have fantastic looking hair ready in time for summer.

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