Effective Natural Hair Care Tips

Some Effective Natural Hair Care Tips and Home Remedies

Hair is the most adorable part of the body. Your facial beauty enhances automatically when you have thick, healthy and beautiful textured hairs in your head. In order to enhance the quality and health of hair women tend to invest lots of money every month, still, they don’t get satisfied with the result that they get out of it. You will be surprised to know that with some natural hair care tips you can get a desirable result for your hair health at a very low budget expense.

Instead of using market’s very expensive product its better that you prepare your own natural and organic hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, and hair mask with some low budget ingredients that you can easily avail in your kitchen.

Environmental dust and pollution, lack of nutrient-dense foods intake and due to aging factors people lose their hair density and its natural color and texture before age only. The sad truth is that this becomes a common issue for every individual irrespective of their age.

With commercial products, you cannot fight alone with different hair issues like hair fall, hair discoloration or grey hair, dryness, dandruff etc. Though the commercial adds promises a lot but they hardly able to fulfill all those promises making your hard earned money wastage.

So to resolve this common concern of different varieties of hair health-related issues today we have come up with natural looking healthy hair care tips within your budget and without any fear of hair loss or its damaging in any other way which is associated with marketed products which are full of chemicals and unhealthy ingredients for the hair health if used for the long period.

13 Natural Hair Care Tips

Natural Hair Care Tips

Hair Cleanser

One of the common reason behind hair fall problem is the lack of appropriate cleanliness of hair and scalp which gives birth to dandruff and itchy scalp. So it is very important for getting healthy plus beautiful hair that you cleanse it appropriately and as necessary.

In order to cleanse your scalp and make it dandruff free, you can cleanse it with a natural homemade remedy with the help of apple cider vinegar. This nutritional vinegar will clean your scalp thoroughly also it will maintain the pH level balance of hair for promoting the hair growth.

In order to prepare this natural remedy, you need to take one-liter water and 75 ml apple cider vinegar. Mix the vinegar into the water to get its diluted solution for the safety of your scalp out of any reaction that can occur due to direct use of this acidic solution.

Wash your hair and at the end rinse your hair with this diluted solution. Apply this homemade cleanser whenever you wash your hair to get its effective result in the form of hair growth along with shining hair appearance.

Natural Hair Growth Remedy

For increasing the growth and density of your hair instead of using costly commercial hair products you can prepare a natural and effective hair mask which will not only be cost effective but at the same time work amazingly to provide you with the desired result.

In order to prepare a natural hair mask for promoting hair growth, you can take a very well-known natural product that is an egg which is an abundant source of protein that nourishes your scalp deeply and stimulates the growth of hair.

Apart from protein eggs are the natural source of iron, sulfur, selenium, zinc, iodine and phosphorous which all together boosts the growth of new hair. For preparing egg mask for your hair you need to pour one egg white in a bowl and then mix one tbsp. of olive oil or lavender oil and one tbsp. honey.

Mix all the ingredients to get a smoother paste. Now apply it in your hair and scalp and left it for the next 20 minutes. Then clean your hair with a shampoo and cool water. Another remedy for the natural growth of hair is coconut milk which is a great source of potassium, iron and essential fats.

For preparing this natural hair growth remedy you need to extract the coconut milk from a fresh coconut. After that add half spoon of lemon juice and 4 to 5 drops of lavender oil. Mix all the ingredients well and then apply it in your scalp with your fingertip. Leave it for 5 to 6 minutes and then rinse your hair thoroughly.

One another natural home remedy for naturally promoting the hair growth is prepared with the help of green tea bags. Green tea is highly rich with antioxidants properties which not only promotes the growth of hair but also help in preventing the loss of hair.

For using this home remedy you require a used green tea bag. Apply light warm green tea prepared out of a used tea bag all over scalp and then leave it for the next one hour so that its essence can get inside the hair root. After that rinse your hair with cool water.

Use Natural Hair Gleam Remedy

For enhancing the shine and gleam of your hair naturally you can prepare a natural remedy at home itself along with your daily used conditioner. In order to prepare this mixture, you need to mix 2 to 3 tablespoon of honey into your daily used conditioner in a bowl.

Mix it well and then apply it evenly on your wet hair. Leave it as it is for the next 30 minutes and then rinse your hair with cool water thoroughly. This healthily prepared conditioner will close all your hair cuticles and add natural shine and beauty in your hair with its consistent application.

Natural Hair Wash

For washing your hairs you can prepare a natural hair wash product at your home itself with readily available ingredients in your kitchen. This natural hair care product will be safe and healthy enough as it will be free of toxic materials that usually exists in market products.

For thorough cleansing of your hair, you can prepare an effective hair wash with the help of baking soda that you can easily avail in any grocery shop. In order to prepare this mixture, you need to add 3 tablespoons of baking soda to an adequate amount of water (as per your hair thickness).

After washing your hair with your regular used shampoo you need to wash your wet hair with this prepared mixture as the final wash. Let it sit for the next 3 to 5 minutes in your hair and then rinse your hair with plain water.

Apply this solution at least once a week as it will remove all the chemicals (shampoo and other hair product residue) and environmental dust and pollution thoroughly from the scalp. It will enhance the beauty and quality of your hair even just 1-time use in a week.

Natural Conditioner

Conditioning of hair is a very important part of your hair care regime as it adds natural moisture and hydration to your hair after shampooing. So instead of spending your money on an expensive conditioner, it’s better that you prepare a natural cum healthy conditioner at your home only.

If your hair is very dry and rough then you should use an egg mixed natural conditioner. For this, you need to mix one egg with yogurt and then apply it in your scalp. Leave it at least for 10 minutes and then wash your hair thoroughly.

If your hair is excessively dry and lifeless then you should use egg whites for conditioning it as it will increase the moisture level of your hair to make it shining, smooth and healthy looking.

Another natural hair conditioner that you can apply in your scalp to reduce the dryness and split ends issue is organic sesame oil or olive oil. You need to rub your split ends with these organic oils and then cover it with a plastic or shower cap.

Leave it for one hour or you can leave it for the overnight and then shampoo your hair. Likewise, you can also use castor oil as a natural conditioner for your hair. Mix 2 tbsp. of castor oil with one egg white. Rub this mixture to your scalp and wet hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse it off.

Natural Hair Mask

For enhancing the beauty and health of your hair you can provide it equally care that you give to your skin. In this context using an effective natural hair mask can help a lot to improve the health of your existing hair.

In order to prepare your natural hair mask, you need very natural and cost-effective ingredients which include 1 tbsp. triphala powder, 1 tbsp. aloe vera gel and little amount of water in a bowl. Mix all the ingredients well to get your hair mask prepared.

Now apply this mask in your scalp and wet hair. Leave it as it is for 20 minutes and then rinse your hair with cool water. Apply this home remedy at least two times a week to get a drastic change in the appearance of your hair.

Another homemade hair mask you can prepare with 2 tbsp. of organic sandalwood powder or 2tbsp. of licorice powder and 3 tbsp. of lemon juice. Apply this paste in scalp and wet hair smoothly. Leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse your hair.

This hair mask will provide you with cooling and soothing effect in the hot summer days and keep your hair and scalp hydrated and moist for preventing dryness issue.

Natural Hair Strength Booster

Along with beautiful hair, it is very important that your hairs are strong enough so that it won’t fall easily during combing or while styling. So to make your hair root stronger enough you can give a natural hair care treatment to your hair root so that it strengthens from inside.

For increasing the strength of your hair you can use almond oil which is a very fine natural product for your hair health. As per the density of your hair take some amount of almond oil in a bowl. Heat it at least for 40 seconds and then massage your scalp and hair tips with it.

Spread it all over your hair or and then leave it for at least 30 minutes. After that rinse your hair with a good shampoo and apply a condition. This natural remedy will reduce your hair dryness and prevent hair fall to a great extent.

Natural Hair Moisturizer

One of the common reason behind all types of hair issues is the lack of proper moisture in it which gives birth to several concerns in the long run. So it is very important that you moisturize your hair properly from time to time just like you moisturize your skin every day.

For preventing the issue of dry and brittle hair you can use coconut oil for treating this common hair concern. Take a little amount of warm coconut oil make sure it is organic only and then massage it in your scalp and through hair ends.

After massaging cover your hair with a shower cap and then leave it for the next 30 minutes. After that rinse your hair with your regular shampoo. This will lock the moisture content of coconut oil in your hair and scalp which is important for quality textured hair.

Healthy Hair Combing Technique

Most of the hair fall occurs due to bad hair combing techniques applied by women. So to avoid this concern make sure that you use only wide tooth comb instead of plastic and narrow tooth comb. This will detangle your hair easily with a very negligible amount of hair loss during combing.

Also, avoid combing your hair when it is wet as this is the high time when hairs fall as it remains weak in the wet state. Always detangle your end point of hair first and then comb smoothly from the roots.

Don’t Use Hair Dryer

Its now becomes a habit of people to use a hairdryer for drying hair within a minute as neither they have so much time or patience to let their hair dry naturally which is one of the crucial reason behind hair damaging.

So to protect your hair life and protecting its beauty make sure that you avoid the use of hair dryer and let it get dry naturally always. This natural drying process will not let it get dry as it happens with the use of artificial hair blow and keep its moisture content intact.

Avoid Frequent Hair Wash

Washing hair too frequently removes and damages the natural oil content of it leaving it extremely dry and lifeless. So to avoid this concern make sure that you avoid washing your hair very friendly or every day.

Make a habit of washing hair in an interval of 2 to 3 days at least for protecting its natural oil content in a best possible way.

Avoid Hot Water Application in Hair

For protecting your hair beauty and its natural features avoid using hot water for cleaning or washing your hair as it will make your hair dry and brittle by harnessing its natural oil and moisture content.

Even it is cold weather then also the usage of hot water for shower is not safe of your hair as well as for your skin too. However, you can use little warmer water which will be slightly high from your current body temperature to avoid the risk of hair damaging and protecting its natural essence.

Trim your Hair Frequently

Trimming is very important for ensuring the good health of your hair as it promotes the growth of healthy hair by removing unhealthy and damaged split ends which will neither grow faster nor it looks beautiful. For improving your hair health make sure that you trim your hair at an interval of every 1 or 2 months.

All the natural hair care tips mentioned above are suitable for different types of hair. So apply these and get a drastic change in your hair appearance and health naturally. However in order to ensure these amazing benefits you have to keep in mind one thing that any benefit and improvement only occurs when you remain consistent while following a regimen otherwise, you cannot expect any improvement and changes in your current hair health condition.

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