Two Main Reasons For Back Pain and Its Alleviation Or Treatment

Back pain is one of the most common complaints we hear from people. As per reports, more than 80 percent of people suffer from lower back pain at least once in their lives. This is one of the common reasons of failing to come to work. Though it can affect people of any age group but is common among adults of age 35 to 55 years of people. As per experts, the back pain is usually related to the way our muscles, ligaments and bones in the back work together. Generally speaking, the back pain is often linked to the bony lumbar spine, spinal cord, discs, lower back muscles, nerves, pelvic internal organs, and the skin around the lumbar area and the abdomen. However, the pain over the upper back portion is only due to some disorders found in aorta, the tumor in the chest area or simply due to the spine inflammation. Let’s check the main reasons for back pain and the treatment options as under:

The main reasons of back pain

The main reasons of back pain are two- Strains and Sprains. The strains are often caused due to ripping or tearing of your lumbar spine. If you exert any sudden force, which comes via carrying any unbearable weight over the back, it can end up causing the ripping of the muscles along with the blood vessels. This leads to issues like blood profusion giving you the back pain. Generally it takes 2-3 hours for the bleeding to stop and then you experience the pain starting up in the injured areas. You can even experience some sort of severe pain with loads of swelling and muscle spasms as well. Next main reason of back pain is the sprains. It is caused due to the overstretching or simply tearing of the ligaments, which can bring in the issue of sprains leading to back pain. Both these reasons (strains and sprains) can be even caused if you meet any motor accident.

The other reasons

Apart from the above two main reasons, you have other reasons as well, which causes the back pain. The first one is disc injury, which can be caused due to severe pain if any disc that is present in between the two vertebrae is seen getting bulging out from its original position. Next is the Spinal Stenosis, which occurs owing to the spinal canal narrowing. The next reason is Osteoarthritis of the Spine wherein a severe pain is caused due to the vertebrae damage. Next is the Spondylolithesis wherein you can experience an acute pain, which is often generated due to slipping of the vertebra forward over the one that lies beneath the same. The next reason comes in the form of Spondylitis, which is often caused owing to the joint immobility and stiffness experienced in the back that is seen getting ranged from lower back to the shoulder. Last reason comes in the form of pregnancy wherein the lady passing through this stage experiences certain hormonal changes wherein the lumbar curve keeps the stress over the lower back muscles, which causes the back pack to the expecting mother.



The Back Pain Management or treatment options

In most of the cases, the pack pain simply can be treated without seeking any medical help. Hence with careful attention and certain home based treatment option, you can alleviate the pain. However, if the pain is acute, which you are unable to control with your home based remedies, you should then see a medical expert to diagnose the cause and get relevant treatment. But first, let’s check the usual treatment options popular as home based remedies as under:

The heat and cold effect

Most of the times, your back pain can be reduced by simply applying the cold object or ice bag over the areas wherein you are experiencing pain. However, after passage of 48 hours, if you still face the pain, make sure you try out the heating pad option or get a hot shower. It can give you relief in a short span of time.

Try out certain physical therapy

By carrying out certain exercises including both at the shorter and longer term can relieve you from the back pain especially if you are facing the lower back pain. You can consult a good physiologist to suggest you a good exercise program, which can be carried out in a shorter and longer term in order to get rid of this pain. Some of the common options tried by the Physiologists include treatments like Electrical Nerve Stimulation, Hydrotherapy and Massage Techniques.

Try the Traction option

This is nothing but stretching out your spinal cord, which can be carried out with the help of any exercise equipment meant for relief. This is usually carried out under the guidance and supervision of specialists. If you are unknown about it make sure you consult the right expert to carry out the same and get rid of the pain.

Try the right medication

If nothing works, you have the option of consulting any orthopedic expert, who can in turn suggest you certain medication. For this, the doctor would first diagnose you properly in order to understand the real cause of the pain. The doctor can even carry out certain medical tests like Xray, MRI/CT Scan or Bone scan, which can help in understanding the real cause behind the same. After trying those medicines, you could get rid of the back pain and enjoy a painless life thereafter. Once he or she understands the cause of the pain, the doctor can suggest you certain medication, which often can make you free from your back pain.

The surgery

If nothing works, then the last resort comes in the form of surgery. However, this is a rare treatment option to make you free from the back pain. The common treatment options can include the herniated disk surgery if you are experiencing persistent pain along with the nerve compression leading to muscle weakness. Some of the surgery options under this surgery, which the doctors can carry out could include the two vertebrae Fusion, Artificial Disk removal, partially removing a disk via Discectomy and partially removing the vertebra to get rid of the pain.

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