Massage Therapy For Weight Loss

4 Effective Massage Therapy For Weight Loss

Obesity is becoming a major health issue worldwide and been the reason for mortality even in developed countries. You can easily notice a special business section fully devoted to this particular issue or aspect promising faster and safe weight reduction with quick-fix methods. However, before jumping into these means it is essential to understand what will actually work for you and what do not.

There are some popular effective massages for weight loss that focus on a special area of the body having lots of accumulated fat like abdominal massage and other such massage therapy. Massaging is not a new concept it is been used since ancient civilization as a means to get full body and mind healing and relaxation and trust me it really works.

However, experts suggest that a perfect combination of a balanced diet, exercise routine, and body massaging can bring miraculous results by reducing lots of fat and cellulite from your body. Excessive body weight or obesity is the root cause of many severe and life-threatening diseases so it must be controlled on time. Also, a fluffy body impacts your outer appearance and personality which none of us wants.

We all want celebrity-like body shape and appearance which is definitely possible if you understand how this weight loss technique works actually. If you are the one who is willing to lose your body weight through the massaging process then here you will get all your queries solutions. Here we have enlisted some most effective massaging forms that you can easily avail in a reputed massage parlor who often offers home services as well.

How Massages Aid in Weight Loss

Massage therapy is a very effective technique to reduce your cellulite, abdominal fat and overall weight reduction if not directly then by creating a favorable environment in your body that all influence in a positive manner for your weight reduction.

However, one should not solely remain devoted to the massages for losing belly fat and reducing the cellulite as it alone will not do a wonder. It needs a proper balance of a good diet plan and exercise routine.

Also, massages help in keeping yourself stick with these primary weight loss measures such as diet and exercise programs. So let’s discuss the benefits that you get after having a regular massage therapy that supports your ultimate weight loss goal.

Improves Body Metabolism

In today’s’ fast-paced world that is filled with worry and anxiety to prove your best and achieve success in all endeavors body metabolism is likely to suffer in some or other ways. Especially for those who are lethargic by nature and hardly perform an effective amount of physical activities throughout the day.

This, in turn, leads to rapid and uncontrolled weight gain due to sluggish metabolism level that fails to burn enough quantity of carbs and other nutrients that you eat in a day and fat accumulation occurs in different areas of the body.

In this context, a target massage therapy can do wonder by stimulating your metabolism function that aid in the quicker nutrient burn that leads to continuous fat reduction. As a result of it, you benefited with a healthy and speedier unwanted fat reduction from your body needed for attaining a healthy amount of body weight.

Improves Blood Circulation Level

A healthy blood circulation level ensures that all your cells and tissues would get a good amount of nutrient supply.  This is possible with the connective tissue manipulation massage in which your body’s soft tissues are manipulated to improve the blood circulation.

With improved blood circulation your body manages to remove wastes and toxins and boost metabolism function, both these conditions are effective for a healthy weight loss.

Massages Complement Exercises

Massage can be a good complementary after finishing your daily exercise routine as per the American Massage Therapy Association. It provides relaxations and relief to your stressed tissues and highly involved muscle group. Hence you get instant recovery after a hardcore workouts session by reducing muscle stiffness, swelling, and increases your motion range and prevent overuse injury risk.

This is the reason why you might have noticed your fitness trainer get a good relaxing massage after his training work. It not only provides relaxation to your mind and exhausted body but also give a kick boost for the rest of the day.

Improves Your Muscle Strength

Post-workout massage not only helps in easy and speedy recovery of muscles but it also helps in toning and strengthening your muscles. When your body has strong muscles it is likely to workout harder without facing many difficulties or overload injury risk which are associated with weak muscle overuse.

People who are indulged in vigorous strength training exercises for them after massage help in revitalizing their tired and sore muscles in a very effective way.

While a daily workout practice work on strengthening your muscles a good after workout massage help in maintaining your elasticity or flexibility and muscle strength that is vital for long hardcore exercise practice on the next day without any injury risk to the overused muscles as they are strong enough to sustain extra pressure.

It s a good relaxing and intense massage that makes an athlete so strong and irresistible as it gives protection like a shield against injury risk.

Massages Boost the Digestive Function

This is a very prominent role and benefit of massaging that helps in your weight loss goal. A sluggish and improper digestive function is one of the leading contributors to body fat. Also, it impacts other measures that you take towards your weight loss goal by obstructing their success path.

Good massage therapy relieves common digestive health-related issues like constipation, gas, nausea, and make your digestion function smoother and healthier. Your body can easily utilize the number of nutrients that you consume in a day and releases toxins waste when you have an improved digestive function.

The manual lymphatic drainage massage is one of the massaging techniques that help in releasing toxins from your body through your tissues that aid in overall weight reduction.

Massages Help in Fat Reduction

Excessive fat accumulations in different areas of the body especially in abdominal and thighs make you look overweight and obese.  However, with a proper massaging routine you can get rid of this excessive fat from different areas of your body. Actually your body stores fat in the tiny appendages, called fat cells.

However, the good news is that you can get rid of these fat cells with regular massaging in the affected zone or area. Researches have proved that after a regular massage on highly fat accumulated areas a substantial amount of fat cell reduction is possible.

Still for the success of the ultimate goal you have to merge your massage therapy with other fats reduction measures such as nutritious diet intake and exercises practice.

Releases Toxins from Your Body

Regular massage aid in boosting your circulatory system that releases waste and toxins existing in your body, through kidneys and urinary tracts. This proves very effective for your ultimate health goal as when your body manages to get rid of toxins it’s overall functionality and health automatically improves leading to a reduction in excess body fat and cellulite occur.

Regular massage on the fat accumulated area not only helps in reducing fat but also boosts your stamina and improves your overall wellbeing. It is said that excess accumulation of toxins in one area of the body is the reason behind overall fat level growth in the body that increases your body weight. So by focusing on a targeted area, you will manage to get rid of toxins by massaging the fat.

Hence, by shifting your focus on more toxins release you can also manage to reduce your excess weight without putting any additional effort. Moreover, excessive toxins accumulation in the body can give birth to different small to major health concerns in the long run. So for the prevention of these health risks as well toxins removal on time is vital which is all possible through a well-targeted massage technique.

Another benefit of massage is that it ensures an increased amount of oxygen circulation in different areas of the body which improves their functionality. This is the reason why a good massage after a strenuous exercise practice energizes your body by ensuring a greater amount of oxygen supply that aid in relaxation by relieving muscle soreness and pain.

Relieves from Stress

Massage is a great stress buster which is a leading cause of toxins to build up and fat accumulation in the body. Also, mental level stress in the body impacts a person’s metabolic function and lead to overeating habit in the lack of satiety feeling in spite of eating too much and too frequently.

These are all major contributor to weight gain and obstacles in the path of weight reduction. However, with healthy massage therapy, your mind can easily get rid of stress and attain the feeling of peace and happiness as it stimulates the release of feel-good hormones in the brain.

Also, it helps in reducing the production of a hunger hormone and prevents you from overeating that proves an effective contributor in your weight loss journey.

4 Effective Massage Therapy For Weight Loss

Effective Massages For Weight Loss

Cellulite Skin Fold And Vacuum Massage to Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite makes your skin look ugly just like an orange peel that none of us want. We all want toned and smoother skin texture all over our body which is possible by eliminating all cellulite-prone areas through this particular massage technique. The skinfold massage therapy helps in reducing the duration that you otherwise have to invest to get rid of cellulite.

In this particular massage, a vibrating device is applied to the affected area of the body to give the massage. This is a proven technique that claims to make your cellulite-prone skin look smoother and healthier. For an effective result, you have to take this vibration massage five days in a week of sixty minutes sessions each.

People who are planning to invest in costly surgery processes which come in the category of invasive methods to reduce unwanted body fat and cellulite should try this safe and non-invasive method to reduce their cellulite. This massage therapy helps in increasing collagen, improves skin elasticity, releases muscle tension, reduces skinfold thickness, and relieves muscle pain. However, for a safe and speedy result, you should only hire a professional vacuum therapist for the job.

Aromatherapy Massage to Curb Craving

Aromatherapy Massage

This is a very popular massage technique used for body and mind relaxation. However, it has many more benefits including weight reduction. This is among the top 10 list of massages offered by the VLCC weight loss programs.  This massage therapy works in a very special way to help out in achieving your targeted goal of weight loss.

It works on your frequent craving issue and cuts your desire to eat frequently and excessively. In these therapy aromatic oils extracted from fruits, flowers, leaves, seeds, and barks are used for the massaging purpose.

It is found in researches that six days aromatherapy massage for one hour each day with cypress, grapefruit oil, etc can work very effectively in reducing your abdominal fat and your waist size thereon. However, the benefit of aromatherapy massage doesn’t end here only.

You can benefit from many more health benefits like it helps in improving your sleep quality and duration especially for people with the insomnia health issue,   relieves muscle pain and soreness, and de-stress your mind. All these positive impacts associated with the regular usage of this massage help in curbing your desire to binge eat or do not eat at all that all contribute to reducing metabolism and gaining weight.

Hence by curbing your craving, it helps in a healthy weight reduction along with other health benefits like relaxation from insomnia, stress, and depression which are other indirect contributors to unusual weight gain in the body.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Weight Loss

Excessive weight gain can lead to lymphedema a condition in which severe fluid retention occurs. This health issue triggers inflammation as well as more weight gain. However, this health concern can be well managed with the help of lymphatic drainage massage which is a gentle form of massage that helps in flushing out excess fluid from your waist, wrist, legs, and ankles.

It also helps in getting rid of puffiness that makes your appearance look heavier. Researches prove that regular lymphatic drainage or manual massage can help in getting rid of the thigh and abdominal fat. This massage therapy is also effective for sports-persons who often have to suffer from sports-related injuries as it helps in its healing process.

However for the effective result while getting this massage therapy for weight reduction you should also cut your unhealthy diet intake from a regular meal. Only hire a professional lymphatic massage therapist to get this massage on a regular basis for ensuring the optimal output and health safety. This particular massage therapy proves very effective on arms and legs affected by severe fluid retention.

Self-massage For Reducing Abdominal Fat

Abdominal fat is a major concern for every overweight and obese person. This is a highly affected area of the body as the moment your body finds excessive fat it first accumulates in the center of your body that is your belly. However, this abdominal fat can be reduced and your muscles can be toned again with the help f self-massage over the abdominal area.

For the best result, you need to repeat this massage therapy two times a day for three minutes in each session, once before breakfast and another one is before bed in the night. This massage technique is very simple to follow and you do have to invest your much time.

Along with reducing your abdominal fats it also improves your digestion related health issues like constipation etc. To perform the Chinese medicine abdominal massage first you need to lie down flat on a firm surface on your back. Warm-up your hands by rubbing them together and then place one of your hands flat on the belly button.

Now starts rubbing in small circles and slowly widen the circle with firm pressure around your belly fat. Give 1 to 2 seconds time in each circle. Try to make 40 to 50 circles within three minutes’ time ensuring that your belly remains warm throughout the process which gets possible as you knead. With regular practice of this massaging technique finally, you will manage to see the actual flatten shape of your belly.

The above-mentioned massage therapies are one of the most effective massages for weight loss that will help you in shedding fat from different areas of the body including abdomen, chest, arms, thigh, hips, and back. However, for the effective result make sure that you are following a balanced diet plan and exercise routine.

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