Diet vs. Exercise

Diet vs. Exercise : Maintain Balance to Get Perfect Weight & Health

When we think about weight loss program the very first thing which comes to our mind is exercise. Yes, daily exercise plays a vital role in reducing your body weight but remember you cannot solely depend upon it as your expectation will never turn into reality until and unless you will not maintain a proper balance between diet and exercise.

Diet and Exercise both are two different concepts as well as an aspect of our life but when you go in its depth you will find that they only give their best when it is synchronized well otherwise results are always dissatisfactory and incomplete.

Workout or exercise is a natural way to keep our body fit and energetic and for ensuring healthy living. Daily workout helps to reduce your body weight but in the long run, you will find that weight reduction doesn’t remain same always instead in the long run your daily exercise will do nothing on your weight reduction plan.

Exercise helps to increase your body metabolism but along with boosting your energy level it also increases your normal craving and your body force you to consume more than any usual day in order to replace the energy which you have spent in the gym.

So ultimate result seems to be vain as your whole time exercise effort becomes worthless when you consume more than the usual day, you again put on extra calorie or more than that you have loses during your workout session.

The same thing goes for dieting also which ultimately tends to reduce your metabolism hence you don’t get enough energy either for the workout or for keeping your body starved for a longer period. When you stay in dieting you eat less than usual time. In the initial days it reduces your body fat but in the long run, your body gets weaker and feels less energetic and promote craving for food.

Ways to Balance Diet and Exercise for Perfect Body Weight

balance between diet and exerciseYou have to be more prudent if you want to lose your body weight and this you can do by maintaining necessary balance between your everyday diet and exercise session. Together these important aspects of life can bring a drastic and permanent reduction in your body weight without making any compromise to your health and fitness.

Move More Sit Less

This is a general psychology of people that the exercise steps what they have done are solely enough to reduce their body weight and with this assumption, they spend rest of their day in relaxing and resting in order to compensate the energy and hard work they have invested in exercise.

So if you are also the one who thinks same way then let me tell you, my dear friend, you absolutely have a misconception and this way you cannot reduce your body weight permanently hence all your hard work and dedication will go into vain.

Don’t keep yourself immobile or indulged in sedentary lifestyle instead keep your body engaged in small – small activities so that your body’s metabolism power remain high which will help to burn extra body fat and calorie very effectively.

Go for walks every day, keep your body and mind busy in some kind of work whether it is household or any professional work whatever. You cannot assume how your normal but active living can bring a boost to your endeavor to lose body weight.

It’s not that you cannot take rest even after your intense workout but yes divide your time for everything. If you work in any office then do small walks around your floor in the interval of 1 hour. This will boost and maintain your blood circulation level and will also keep your mind fresh. If you are a housewife then your daily household works can also be very helpful for reducing your body weight and it doubles the effectiveness of the exercise and dieting.

Eat Healthy and Necessary Intake

People often do dieting and reduces the quantity of their regular food doze with the perception that they can lose fat this way. Remember this is no way a healthy practice and even if you manage to lose some of your weight through dieting, chances of gaining weight remains twice again when you get back to your previous diet chart.

For the permanent solution, you cannot rely on dieting only. Also solely dieting will do nothing if it is not accompanied by other necessary changes in your daily lifestyle. In the initial period, you might feel a reduction in your weight but this will affect to your body’s metabolism function in the long run.

The body’s metabolism rate decreases or slows down when your body doesn’t receive the necessary amount of food for keeping it energetic and healthy. This is the reason after a particular time of dieting your body craves for food and it truly becomes difficult to stay in dieting as your stomach force you to have extra food in order to maintain body energy level.

Also dieting hampers to your normal life style and you feel more tired and exhausted which again compels you to eat more. Drowsiness, lack of interest in normal daily work, irritation etc. are some side effects which occurs due to long term dieting. Whereas if you maintain a healthy diet chart without making any big reduction in your normal diet accompanied by regular exercise then you can reduce your weight in an effective way.

Eat healthy as much as you can only take care that your daily diet doesn’t include high fat or high carbs, fast food, fried food etc. Instead of these body fats adding products you should eat healthy veggies, fruits, green tea, nuts, fruit and veggie salads and other nutrient dense food items. This healthy diet will keep your energy level as it is and without any trouble, you can easily stay in your dieting period.

Make sure that along with your dieting chart you are properly maintaining to your regular physical activities. Exercise daily at least for ½ to 1 hour and keep yourself engaged in other physical activities otherwise whatever calorie you will burn through your dieting will again get back to you due to your immobilization in the rest of the day.

Manage Your Stress

StressFor keeping your body physically fit with appropriate body weight you have to have fit mentally as because a distracted and peace less mind will cause difficulties in your regular workout and your weight loss plan. Also, a healthy and peaceful mind produces the boosting and encouraging hormones which prepare you for the day ahead otherwise you cannot give 100% in any of your work and all your effort towards the dieting or exercise will go in vain.

So it should be your primary duty to keep your mind stress free and calm. The mental stress also affects your sleeping quality and you cannot sleep for normal hours in the night which is the most important factor for maintaining proper body weight.

It is proved in many surveys that the people who have a habit of sleeping only for 4 to 5 hours in the night have put on more weight than the people who sleep for 7 hours in the night even though the people of the first section have done regular workout and dieting.

The conclusion is that in order to reap the whole benefit of your intense exercise and tough dieting you have to stay happy and stress-free. Also, make sure you are taking sound sleep in the night at least for 6 to 7 hours which not only be helpful for reducing your body weight but also will help to keep you away from other severe mental to physical health concerns.

You can try stress buster measures also in order to make your fight against stress easy and comfortable. In this regard, you can take the help of yoga and meditation session as these are the most perfect ways of keeping yourself peaceful and calm every time. When you will be stress less your internal energy will automatically be twice and then you can put your extra effort in everyday dieting and exercise routines.

Exercise Everyday

Exercise Though it is proved now that exercise solely cannot support to reduce your over or increased body weight still its benefits for your health cannot be subsided. Exercise is essential for everyone whether it is youngsters who have naturally toned and fit body or it is middle age men who are less energetic as their body does not provide any younger age natural strength and power.

Also, your regular dieting benefits can only be positive for your weight loss plan if it is accompanied by the regular fitness activities. There are several workouts steps which help to reduce body that you can do every day for a particular time or as much as your body supports. Don’t do intense workouts every day as this can, later on, affect to whole day normal schedule.

Exercise play one important role in balancing your body weight if it is properly planned with other important aspects which include, your diet, whole day activity, your sleeping pattern. Also how much you are stick with your daily routine for weight loss plan impacts to the success of your everyday workout. Means after two to three months if you will stop maintaining the healthy lifestyle or will take breaks in your regular workout then you cannot expect of your desired result.

Even though exercise doesn’t give 100% guarantee of reducing a very good amount of your weight then also its benefits for your overall health are enormous. There are several mild to major health concerns that you can cope up easily if you are doing exercise on daily basis without making any break. Diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart issues, kidney problems etc. can be controlled in an effective way by doing exercise every day just you have to be consistent with this.

Engage in Recreational Activities

Recreational ActivitiesThe effectiveness of exercise and dieting also depends on your way of living. Your body movements in the different household and official work also play a vital role in marinating balance in your body weight. You will be surprised to know that even by engaging in some normal recreational activities too you can control and manage to your body weight.

Recreational activities like playing badminton, bally ball, crickets, playing with kids etc. not only enhance to your mental pleasure but it is also beneficial for your physical health too. These activities prohibit you to live a sedentary lifestyle by keeping your body engaged in different body movements that you do during all these recreations works.

People who do dieting and exercise for losing body weight think that their duty ends here only and then they can spend their rest of time either in sleeping or resting but this is the place where they make a very big mistake. Your whole day body movement is important to reap the complete benefits of your effort in exercise and dieting schedule.

For mental peace and calmness also these recreational works play an important role. Your mental peace keeps away stress and other mental issues and boosts your energy level by creating a psychological effect on you. Mental health also ensures a good rate of body metabolism which is important to burn extra fat and extra calorie of your body.

After going through all the features and drawbacks of the diet vs. exercise we can say that each one of them important for maintaining your body weight and health but none of them can do anything solely. So if you want to lose your body weight permanently without losing your overall health then you have to maintain a proper balance between diet and exercise for long lasting effect.

Also, remember one thing nothing you can achieve with few simple efforts and time. It is the only prolonged dedication and continuous effort which brings success and the same thing is applicable for your weight loss and healthy body plan too.

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