Boost Your Metabolism

Tips to Boost Your Metabolism for Better Weight Loss

Metabolism is the chemical reactions within cells of all living organisms which are necessary for their existence and proper functioning. In simple term, it is the total energy expenditure of your body counted in calories which are needed for different organs to work or function properly which means higher the rate of metabolism greater possibility of weight loss.

So people who are enthusiastic to weight loss should focus on the metabolism function of their body as greater the metabolic rate, higher rate of fat and calorie burn which ultimately leads to weight reduction. So to make your way easier below we have enlisted some tips to boost your metabolism for better weight loss.

14 Tips to Boost your Metabolism for Better Weight Loss.

Drink Coffee


Researches show that daily coffee intake boosts the metabolism functions of your body to a significant rate. This happens because the caffeine element existing in coffee or other such beverages have a potential to increase the metabolic rate of the body which is vital for fat and calorie burning procedures.

This is the reason people who have this beverage before a meal manages to burn their excess fat and calorie level at a higher rate than others who don’t drink coffee at all. However, it is seen in a study conducted on non-obese and obese women that metabolism induced fat burn rate is greater in lean or non-obese women than obese women.

The report of this study clarified that daily coffee intake has raised the fat burning rate in lean women by 29% whereas this percentage increase rate of the fat burn was only 10% in obese women. However, the overall metabolism increased rate out of coffee intake is 3 to 11% than the average metabolism rate of a person which promotes weight loss and other health benefits.

Drink Green Tea and Oolong Tea

green tea

Both green tea and oolong tea are effective to raise your metabolism rate by 4 to 5 % within a month with their regular intake. As these teas are rich with antioxidant properties so it coverts your already stored fat in your body to free fatty acid which increases your fat burn rate by 15 to 17%.

Apart from helping in weight loss procedures, it is also helpful for improving your digestion and controlling your cholesterol level to prevent the risk of chronic diseases.

One study on green tea and oolong tea effect on weight loss have proved that people who consume these low calories drink twice to thrice in a day manages to reduce their overall weight in a very significant rate and speed.

Moreover, these teas not only help you to lose weight currently but it also helps to keep your weight maintained with the low effort with its consistent usage.

Drink Plenty Amount of Cold Water

cold water

Water is the most essential natural element for boosting overall health if you are drinking it in enough quantity. Out of its range of benefits, its effect for boosting your resting metabolism is one which not only promotes to weight loss but helps in other body functioning too.

The effectiveness of water gets dual when you prefer cold water to drink rather than normal water as your body has to produce more energy in order to bring its temperature down to match with your normal body temperature.

This raised metabolism remains as it is for next one hour means a greater possibility to burn calories when you drink plenty amount of cold water.

Also when you drink water before half an hour of a meal you consume very lesser amount than your usual meal as it develops the feeling of fullness as a natural appetite suppressant.

Researches show that drinking plenty amount of cold water helps to reduce your daily calorie intake to a very effective amount as all sugary drinks are rich in calories. So by replacing it with cold water you naturally cut your daily calorie intake.

As per the latest study report on the effect of drinking cold water in the body, it is revealed that 0.5-liter water daily consumption boosts your metabolism by 10 to 30 % for more than an hour.

Don’t Reduce Your Calorie Intake Excessively

healthy calorie

One common mistake people who are willing to lose weight do in their weight loss regimen that they cut their daily calorie intake to an excessive limit which is not at all favorable for their health. This neither helps you in boosting your metabolism function nor in weight reduction.

Instead of boosting your metabolic rate, a significant reduction in your daily calorie intake such as 100 calories per day affects your resting metabolic rate which is the basic rate of calorie burn that your body needed to function your organs such as breathing, heart beating, etc.

This happens because when you reduce your calorie intake by 1000 per day it automatically gives a signal to your brain that you are on fasting and even the essential organ’s functioning speed reduces to a very low level.

So if you want to lose your weight by boosting your metabolic rate then avoid this mistake of excessive calorie cutting in your day to day life as it will gain you nothing rather than impacting your normal energy level which is necessary for healthy living.

Increase your Protein Portion

protein diets

By increasing your protein portion of meal you can ensure lean muscle mass and higher the muscle level of body greater the metabolism function which uses more amount of proteins to burn calories in order to build and maintain this muscle mass.

The muscles that you gain through hardcore workout practice will only be sustained when you provide enough amount of energy to maintain it and this necessity of energy level is get fulfilled with your increased protein intake.

As protein is harder than other nutrients to break down easily so it stays in the stomach for a long time to complete its digestion process. So when you have protein intake in your meal your after-meal calorie burn rate increases by approx.35%.

Hence your fat burning rate of body increases which helps in faster weight loss. So to boost your metabolism you must include more amounts of protein diets in your daily meal and snacks.

Include Healthy Fats in Your Meal


By selecting right kind of fats you can speed up your journey to weight loss as there are many real-time evidences which show that proper balancing of food along with healthy fat as a fixed part of daily routine helps a lot in boosting metabolism.

This fat induced metabolism function not only helps in reducing weight faster but also helps in keeping it off by maintaining a healthy weight of your body.

In this context, you have to be very smart while preparing your diet chart then and only you can experience a noticeable change in your weight loss.

In order to ensure this make sure that all three primarily meals of the day which are breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be a balance of the proper amount of carb, protein, and healthy fats.

Some healthy fats sources of foods include olive oil, avocado, nuts, etc. Also with these three big meals you should rely on healthy fats like nuts for snacking purpose so that there will be no single chance to add extra calorie level in your daily diet routine.

Include B Vitamins in your Meals

b vitamins

B vitamins group play an effective role in boosting your metabolism function rate of the body which is the key factor for faster weight reduction goal. Some important B vitamins which can raise your metabolic rate includes vitamin B1, B2, and B6.

So to avail all the benefits of this essential vitamin for your health and your body’s metabolic rate you must include this B group of vitamins rich foods in your meal.

Some common sources of this vitamin include banana, orange juice, eggs, baked potatoes, peanut butter, spinach, peas, whole grain diets, etc.

Eat More Iron Rich Foods

Iron Rich Foods

Iron is a vital mineral which helps you in muscle gain process and more the muscle size higher potential to fat burn. So make sure you eat more iron-rich foods in order to boost your metabolic rate.

It is more essential in the cases of women who lose some of their stocked iron every month during the menstruation process which continues through the menopause stock.

So before your body reaches to out of stock level for this essential mineral, start taking it in the form of dietary supplement. Some vital sources of iron mineral include beans, fortified cereals, spinach, shellfish, lean meat, etc.

Take Your Meals on Time


One of the easiest tricks to boost your metabolism functions is, taking your meals regularly on time. When you maintain this regularity on a consistent basis your body’s metabolic rate follows a fixed pattern and accordingly it works to burn your excess fat and calorie stored in the body.

On the other hand, when you make a delay in taking meals too often this rhythm or balance of your metabolic rate get disturbed. Also due to long hour starvation or break in meals the metabolic rate gets slower and fluctuating.

So to avoid this concern you must eat meals or snacks at an interval of every 3 to 4 hours so that your stomach would not remain empty for longer duration and you get enough amount of energy through the balanced metabolism function of your body.

Sit Less and Stand Up More


People who sit for long and consistent hours indirectly gives an invitation to many health hazards. Moreover sitting for long hours tends to burn your calories in a very slow rate leading to more fat or weight gain.

So include more standing postures in your daily lifestyle in order to keep your metabolism high so that your body can burn an excess amount of fat to reduce your weight.

If you are in a job which is primarily a desk job then try to break those consistent hours of sitting by standing on your place at an interval of each hour. This kind of effort will not let your metabolic rate sit or slow down rather it will get a boost when you invest some time in standing.

Reduce Your Alcohol Intake


Alcohol consumption in a moderate limit is good for health but people fail to gain its benefit because often while drinking they forget their limits and drink excessively which makes their metabolism sluggish or reduced.

Excess alcohol intake especially drinks which are high in sugary content put more calorie level in daily calorie limit which is the primary reason to gain more weight rapidly.

So to avoid this concern if you consume alcohol on a regular basis try not to increase its limit more than one glass for avoiding its reverse effect on your metabolism.

Lift More Heavy Weights

weight lifting

Building muscles speed up your metabolic rate as for muscle gain and maintenance more amount of calorie is required to burn. So to give a boost to your metabolism and for faster weight reduction you should lift more heavyweight in the gym so that you can gain muscle faster through raised metabolic rate.

The benefit of lifting heavy weight is not limited for the time being when you indulge in it, rather its effect persists throughout the day in the form of increased metabolic rate during your resting period or hours.

That means you burn calories even in your resting period. Moreover, by increasing the weight size on a fixed period of interval you not only boost your strength but also raise the metabolic rate curve to the upward motion which speeds up your weight loss progression rate.

Increase your HIIT Speed


We all know the benefits of doing HIIT workouts for metabolism function and other health benefits such as weight reduction. However, the consistent HIIT makes your progression rate stuck after a definite limit when your body gets used too with the resistant.

So to ensure the best possible benefits out of your HIIT session try to implement rev up in your practice which denotes increasing the rate or speed of your exercise from your current rate or speed.

This you can ensure through high-intensity moves in your regular interval training by switching from low to high intensity, which works amazingly in raising your metabolic rate.

Also, its effects last even after the workout session in the form of a significant rate of calorie and fat burn during the resting period which makes your weight loss target easily achievable.

Reduce Your Stress


Researches show that more stress taking tendency in people affect the metabolism function in a negative direction. This happens because when you take more stress your body releases more cortisol hormone.

This hormone is responsible for your appetite feeling. So higher the cortisol level greater the appetite level which makes you eat more than usual limit.

When you eat more your body metabolic rate has to work more than usual to digest those excess foods, which consumes your energy more, resulting in more storage of fat and calorie in the body.

So in order to boost your metabolic rate, reduce your stress level so that you can ensure faster weight loss with greater metabolic rate functionality.

Though there is no fixed and sure sort way to boost your metabolism still the above-mentioned tips to boost your metabolism for better weight loss will bring positive changes in your existing metabolic rate, which are nothing but little but effective changes in your lifestyle.

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