Breaking Fat – Free Weight Loss Plan For Women

You’re a female, you want to lose weight, tone your body and get fit, but you just don’t know where to start…

Sounds familiar?

You’re not the only one, because most of the girls are lost when they decide to make their first step to the gym.

Nowadays, it’s a real luxury to have a workout plan, because most of them cost a lot.

Since I believe that any girl out there, deserves to have know the secrets to getting fit, I decided to finally take action and make the perfect weight loss plan – Breaking Fat.

I’m presenting to you the best weight loss workout plan for women, for free, packed together with printable schedules, workout videos and every single detail you need to know when you’re trying to lose weight.

Curved body, toned muscles, sexy abs, stronger heart and bones, better health, more confidence and stronger self-esteem are just few of the countless benefits you’re going to find at the end of this workout program!

This is a journey you will never forget, so you just have to want it bad enough and you’re half way there.

5 months from now, you’re going to thank yourself!

Breaking Fat – Free Weight Loss Plan For Women

Breaking Fat is a 5 month workout program, that is broke down to 4 phases:

  • Warm Up Phase
  • Lift Up Phase
  • Tone Up Phase
  • Break Up Phase

Each one of these phases is really important and crucial to the whole weight loss process, considering the fact that every phase has it’s mission.

To start doing this program, you just have to apply to the closest gym, and make sure you give 100% of yourself.

Many girls are afraid of the weight room, since there are many stereotypes about girls bulking up.

Well the truth is that gym can’t make you bulked up, because we girls don’t have that hormones.

By lifting weights, you can only lose weight faster and get toned, curved and sexy body.

So don’t be afraid to go for it and finally make a life changing step!

Breaking Fat - The Best Weight Loss Program For Women


Warm Up Phase

The first phase of the Breaking Fat workout program is the warm up phase.

The main mission here is to actually warm up the body and prepare it for the upcoming activity.

This phase lasts the first two weeks of the program

Warming up the body and getting to know the right movements of the exercises is a really important factor in the Breaking Fat workout program, so make sure to pay attention and learn the form of every single exercise.

In this phase you’re doing one exercise per muscle group followed by a session of cardio.

The real point is to mix up the exercises every single training, because they have to be different from the previous one, always having in mind that bigger muscle groups come first.

Here’s the schedule for this phase:

Breaking Fat Formula - WARM UP PHASE - Fit Girl's Diary

Important Notes:

  • You should always do a 5-minute warm-up before every training;
  • You should do 2 sets and 15 reps of every exercise;
  • In this first phase, you should use light weights;
  • You should definitely stretch at the end of every training.

Lift Up Phase

The second phase of the Breaking Fat workout program is the lift up phase.

This one runs for the following 6 weeks, and it’s a phase where you actually start lifting heavier weights followed by 2 sets each.

The muscle groups are paired in two groups and cardio days come in between and still taking up a the biggest part of the program.

Here’s the schedule for the lift up phase:

Breaking Fat Formula - LIFT UP PHASE - Fit Girl's Diary


Tone Up Phase

Next on the list is the tone up phase.

This phase lasts for the following 2 months of the Breaking Fat workout plan.

In this tone up phase, your body will start toning up because you’ll start to add heavier weights, lower down the reps at the same time.

Actually, you’re doing from 12 to 13 reps followed by 4 sets.

Now when you know the right movements of the exercises, you should actually focus on lifting heavier weights.

By loading up the weights, you’re going to start shaping your body, by adding curves to the parts you need them.

Don’t be afraid of the weights, because you will not bulk up.

This workout program is especially made for women that want to lose weight, by giving a nice shape to their muscles, so you will no bulk up or look like a man.

The body is used to the everyday activities and its own weight, so we have to add a little bit more, in order to make it challenging.

So break the stereotype, and push it a bit harder.


Breaking Fat Formula - TONE UP PHASE - Fit Girl's Diary Breaking Fat Formula - TONE UP PHASE 2 - Fit Girl's Diary


Break Up Phase

And last, but not least, is the break up phase.

This phase lasts the last month of the Breaking Fat workout program, and its mission is to give you a nice finish.

This last phase is actually a classic split training phase, where you’re going to dedicate every training to a single muscle group.

Cardio workouts take its place at the end of every training, but still, the accent is on the muscle groups.

By doing 4 sets, followed by 12 reps tops, your muscles are going to pop out and show their power.

Here’s the schedule for the last, break up phase:

Breaking Fat Formula - BREAK UP PHASE - Fit Girl's Diary


Breaking Fat Workout Videos

Here are the workout videos for each muscle group.

They’re grouped into 6 groups: legs and butt, back, chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps.

Every muscle group is very important, because the body works together like one whole peace, so with the help of these videos you’ll make every muscle group count.

These are the best exercises for each muscle group, and you have to use them in your training sessions.

Let’s head on to them:

1. Legs and Butt Workout


2. Back Workout


3. Chest Workout


4. Shoulders Workout


5. Biceps Workout


6. Triceps Workout


Diet Plan

When loosing weight, it’s important to clean your diet too.

Healthy foods that are low carb, and high in proteins and fibers will be the perfect choice.

Don’t forget to load up with a bowl of salad each day, since it’s really important to get your vitamins.

It’s important how the meals are cooked two: choose baked instead of fried!

Also, make sure you cut down the sugar intake.

By making better food choices, you’re getting yourself even closer to your dream body.

The results are twice better when you eat healthy too, because one old gold rule stands again: Abs are made in the kitchen.

This whole process is 50% workout and 50% nutrition, so don’t forget to choose carefully what you eat too.

It’s Your Turn Now!

Now, when you have everything you need to know about loosing weight and getting fit, there’s nothing that’s stopping you from achieving the best!

You’re just 5 months away from your goal, so why wouldn’t you start now!?

Take deep breath, decide to go for it, and remember that you can do it!

Your body can do almost anything – it’s your mind that needs an extra push! 🙂

Program and photo credit thanks to Fit Girl’s Diary.

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