Chinese Weight Loss Techniques

Chinese Weight Loss Techniques : Lose Weight with Chinese Tricks

Weight Loss Techniques From China

Chinese weight loss techniques ensure that the average weight of Chinese men and women is far lower than their Western counterparts. While some products also incorporate these secrets, most other weight loss methods are traditional and natural. They can be adopted easily and effectively.

How Diet Helps

Diet is the key to why the Chinese remain thinner as compared to any other nationality in the world. Obesity is are in China. The World Health Organisation has also found that around 8 hundred fewer calories are consumed by the average Chinese as against Americans. At a total of 3,500 calories for each pound, that is a calorie count of 83 pounds in a year. Chinese diet is also lacking refined grains. Fast food and junk food that is processed and rich in sugars is a concept alien in Chinese society. Moreover, the Chinese are also clear about adding a lot of veggies to their meals.

#1 Family Style Servings

Chinese restaurants serve family style servings and dishes are to be shared across the table, rather than heaping on individual servings that are gargantuan in size. With three separate dishes, a single main dish and two side dishes, the Chinese diet is focused on diet control mechanism by sharing dishes.

#2 Small Bowls and Portions

Chinese cutlery is of a far smaller size. This means that if you have a bowl of rice or small servings of dishes, it will not exceed a healthy amount. Portion control is the key to weight loss. The aim is that as you knowingly refill laser portions every time, less will be consumed in the long run.

#3 Three Meals Per Day

The Chinese do not snack between meals. Eating together, they have prefixed meal times partitioned into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast is considered the critical meal of the day and it not be skipped. Using fixed mealtime to aid in weight loss ensures a healthy life.

#4 Vegetable Rich Diet

Vegetable Rich Diet
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Chinese means revolve around vegetables as the key dish. This is what initiates weight loss because veggies are rich in nutrients having lesser calories. Vegetables are aesthetic in most cuisines. This is not so in China.

#5 Balancing Dishes

The wet and dry dishes are perfectly balanced. For every source of carbs, there is alternate protein present. Achieving a balance in the meal helps to generate energy and fight weight loss.

#6 The Role of Soup

Soups are herbal in nature, containing many Chinese weight loss herbs. These improve bodily functions and improve health. Equally nutritious is the Chinese breakfast of rice.

#7 Steamed Dishes

The Chinese culinary preferences for steamed dishes over other cooking methods are perfect. This retains the key nutrients and prevents oils and fats to seep into the food, acting as an automatic means for weight control.

#8 Green Tea

Green Tea is rich in many antioxidants, phytonutrients called flavonoids. The key ingredients of green tea which stimulate weight loss include L-theanine. Drinking green tea after a meal ensures that it acts as a stimulant and diuretic, ridding the body of toxins. It also cuts down on cholesterol and lowers the chances of cardiovascular problems.

#9 Detox Through Super Juices

Another ten for Chinese is to rely on super juices for initiating loss of weight. These juices eradicate the harmful toxins from the body and help promote better internal functioning that can effectively initiate weight loss.

#10 Magic Mushroom?

Scientists found that mushrooms used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries reduce the weight of the body and impact resistance to the hormone insulin. The mushroom called Ganoderma lucidum is food for health and longevity. Mushroom changes the type of bacteria in the gut, affecting how food digestion is carried out. Mushrooms could, therefore, be an effective tool to combat diabetes and obesity.

The microbiome is the key player in weight loss.


Martial arts originated from China. Some of these practices like team sports, calisthenics and qigong are essential parts of Chinese culture. Staying active through tai chi and other exercises which stave off weight gain helps the Chinese to remain trim and svelte.


In TCM or traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure is an ancient art that ensures firm pressure on body points eases obesity. By stimulating weight loss points the digestive system can be regulated and acupressure can be combined to trigger weight loss.

Applying pressure on points near the ear, the jaw and other specific points of the body receive hunger, control appetite and improve digestion. Acupressure points located around the ear have been extensively studied for their weight loss properties. Applying pressure to additional points promotes weight loss. With no known negative effects, acupressure and acupuncture use points along 12 key meridians in the human body.

These are energy pathways which carry qi or chi, the life-sustaining energy. Needles in acupuncture or pressure through acupressure works to prevent blockages in the flow of this energy.
By permitting excess heat and moisture to be released, these ancient Chinese weight loss techniques support digestion and prevent the imbalance of energy. Heat and moisture mean the conceptual notions of body energy in TCM, not actual temperature or water content in the body. Imbalances of heat and moisture energy are said to cause obesity, as per TCM.

Weight Loss Using Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM/Traditional Chinese Medicine system is an ancient practice gaining rapid popularity in the Western world as well. Whether you’re overweight or obese, traditional Chinese medical systems can help. One of the most important methods for weight loss in the TCM system is diet-based. Diet is as important as exercise for weight loss. It is important to track calories eaten and burned for losing weight. But TCM throws another variable into the picture as well: How does the body actually function? Traditional Chinese Medicine evaluates energy levels or qi/chi. In this specific context, this means energy linked to the body is associated with well-being. Once qi is enhanced, freely flowing throughout the body, losing weight can be easy.

Controlling Qi for Weight Loss

According to TCM, keeping track of how food makes you feel is important. For example, if the digestive fire weakens, there are GI issues and lethargy. When these symptoms are experienced, the food recently consumed needs to be studied. Avoid food and see if symptoms improve. Through TCM, qi can be harnessed through diet, herbs, exercise, acupuncture and meditating.

#1 Eating Qi-Rich Food

Qi-rich foods are absolutely essential when you seek to combat weight gain. Whole grains, vegetables, organic meat, fruits, and beans are vital to ensure full qi functionality. Avoiding pre-packaged, processed and artificial foods. The aim should be to give junk food a miss.

#2 Avoid Lack of Low-Qi Foods

Don’t consume foods that take away the qi. Any food loaded in sugars or caffeine is not suited for the Qi. Raw or cold food is not food either. This is on account of the fact that excessive qi is used to process and heat food, impacting the ability to boost metabolism.

#3 Listen To Bodily Rhythms

As per TCM, there are certain times optimal for specific activities. To start with, you need to consume a massive breakfast between 7 and 9 am. Then, the focus should be on eating medium portions of food for lunch. Finally, there needs to be a small dinner. Eating dinner early, around 5 pm, is extremely beneficial. This may pose a challenge for some, but if calories for the day are consumed, this can impact qi and weight loss positively.

class=”note”#4 Eat Slowly

Eating slowly and paying attention to the food is essential. Avoid reading or watching television while eating. Instead, the focus should be on each food eaten and every bite. Chew the food completely. Also, when you feel satiated, you need to immediately top eating. If you eat quickly, you may miss out on the feeling of satiety.

#5 Sleep On Time

The detox process begins at 11 pm. If you are still awake during this time, it can impact detoxification negatively.

#6 Combine Medication & Exercise

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, exercise does not mean devoting hours at a gym or working out intensely. Instead, the exercise is a movement that gets the body going. So even going for a walk or opting for yoga and tai chi can help in weight loss. TCM prescribes also combining therapies like acupuncture with herbs for weight loss.

Beliefs About Weight Loss in TCM

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, a balanced stomach and spleen induce weight loss. The body needs to be able to break down and extract nutrients while releasing waste matter to the intestine for quick elimination. If a large number of greasy foods are consumed, such as fried meats and sweet cakes, stomach problems and digestive issues will result. Additionally, for weight loss, the speed of the metabolism also should increase, permitting the body to utilize and process nutrients with more efficiency while providing vitality and energy. Spleen, for example, should be able to transport water in the body efficiently to remove excess water and harmful toxins.

Chinese Tea & Weight Loss

Another very popular symbol of weight loss is Chinese tea. Entire ceremonies in China revolve around serving tea. In fact, drinking tea is extremely popular in China. Most individuals drink tea each day in China. Research further suggests polyphenols from oolong tea, black tea, green tea or pu-erh tea can include weight loss and burn fat, even if you are consuming a diet rich in sugar. In fact, tea contains polyphenols like catechins which prevent the body metabolic rate from slowing down as weight is lost. For a healthy diet, liquids consumed are as important as solid foods. Consider the number of calories which can be cut from the diet, if soda is replaced with Chinese tea.

There are many different kinds of Chinese slimming teas in the market. Most promise quick results.

Chinese Herbs for Losing Weight

Chinese herbs and tea leaves are excellent for increasing the metabolic rate. These herbs and supplements also burn fat and suppress the appetite. Common Chinese weight loss herbs include Shan Zha, Lai Fu Zi, Chen Pi, and Fu Ling.

#1 Herbal Formulae

These are many Chinese herbal formulas for weight loss. Bao He Wan is predominant among these. It contains a lot of herbs and is used to boost digestion, remove excessive retained foods and regulate the functioning of the stomach. This is one of the most essential digestion aids used in the Orient. Bao He Wan can be used through capsules or taken in powdered form, too.

Another potent weight loss Chinese herbal formula is belch digestion. This relieves stomach discomfort and GI issues by supporting regular bowel movements and easing the sense of fullness. Main ingredients of this herbal formula include Da Huang or Chinese Rhubarb and Shan Zha or Hawthorn Berry. While the former boosts bowel movements, the latter relieves digestive issues. Belch digestion is available in the form of capsules.

#2 Acupuncture with Herbs

Along with herbs, acupuncture has been used to treat weight loss, strengthening the stomach and the spleen. This regulates the endocrine function, lowering the appetite, and improving overall energy and vitality. Acupuncture combines with weight loss exercises and diet secrets. One of the most popular acupuncture treatments for weight loss is ear-based or auricular acupuncture for weight loss. This can be used to control the appetite.

The Journal of Medical Acupuncture found in a weight loss study that acupuncture was very effective as a weight loss remedy. Results show how weight loss in persons receiving acupuncture treatment was 3 times higher than those without it. Ear acupuncture treatments should be administered by qualified, experienced acupuncture specialists. Additionally, ear seeds can be applied for stimulation of the auricular acupuncture or pressure points. Some acupuncturists use ear seeds at the close of the session to prolong treatment effects. Many studies indicate using needles or even acupressure can help in better ways.

#3 Balancing Yin and Yang with Chinese Herbs

TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for close to 2000 years. Chinese weight loss herbs cure every illness possible. This includes obesity and overweight issues. Chinese TCM practitioners emphasize the need to balance yin and yang. In fact, TCM holds that yin-yang balance in the body exacerbates illness. Healthy qi flows of energy in the body are essential to keep it strong. If qi gets clocked, the body will malfunction and become diseases. For weight loss, TCM offers various treatments. Combining these treatments provides results faster. Another Chinese TCM weight loss secret is that you should opt for sour, bitter and pungent tasting foods to lose weight, while salty, sweet and high in calorific value type items should be avoided. Choosing food wisely helps to cut the pounds and builds more fat cells.

Chinese Herbal Supplements

These are equally beneficial when it comes to increasing the metabolic rate and burning fat. Chinese herbs are also powerful appetite suppressants. Some of the popular ones for weight loss include Fu Ling, Huang Qi, Chi Qian Cao, and He Ye. Bao He Wan is an OTC Chinese weight loss remedy with plenty of herbs

TCM offers a lot of useful herbs to suppress the appetite and improve the body’s metabolic rate. To burn fat, one needs to consume more low-fat foods. Sticking to high protein or high fiber foods is the solution for boosting energy levels and nutrient intake of the body. To solve cravings, there are many herbs that can help. These herbs can be added to soup or teas. In Chinese medical systems, here are the herbs that offer enormous weight loss benefits:

He Ye- Lotus Leaves

Lotus leaves are also known botanically as folium nelumbinisis. This is the Chinese herb, He Ye. The herb is excellent for weight loss in traditional Chinese medical systems. Chinese people use the leaf to make tea. The tea is also rich in weight loss benefits and slimming results. The tea is useful to treat bowel issues, burn fat and increase diuresis. Middle-aged women with obesity issues can also safely drink tea for weight loss advantages. Further, He Ye tea also contains plenty of alkaloids to prevent adult diseases including additional body weight. The herb can further be added to homemade food.

Huang Qi

This Chinese herb is also known as astragalus. This is another important herb from TCM, and this herb specifically protects the liver. The healthy liver is at the core of a healthy body. The body needs the liver to remove as much toxin as can be ejected from the body. Toxins can build up in the body leading to weight gain and brain damage. Specifically, Huang Qi or Astragalus is a massive plant with yellow tap roots. This herb can be used in the form of tea to maintain a healthy body and cut down on weight. Other uses of this herb are to prevent cold, treat skin problems, fight bacteria and avoid inflammation. Chinese individuals also add this herb to soups and stews to make cuisine tasty and nutritious. This herb goes really well with soups, too.


Also called plantain herb, CheQianCao is a herb that is sweet and cooling. It lowers the blood pressure of the body. Apart from this, it also treats urinary infections, red eyes and removes body toxins. Detoxifying the body helps in weight loss because unwanted toxins can be avoided and your metabolic rate can be prevented from weakening. This herb can be added to the food or brewed to make tea.

Pine Pollen

Pine pollen is a miracle food which has been used in China and other Asian nations as a nutritional supplement and gives benefits for the weight loss programs. Unlike artificial or man-made solutions, Pine pollen is a herb that is sourced from the Chinese Red Pine, a tree growing in specific parts of PrC. Pollen from the pine tree cones peaks in the spring-time for herbal supplement use. For making this herbal supplement, the pollen for the peak 5 days is essential to ensure the very best is used. Pollen is still harvested by the hand, making the process even more natural.

Pine pollen helps in inducing weight loss by increasing the body’s metabolic rate and burning off additional fat. It has a huge amount of health-inducing properties which makes it perfect for those seeking to lower their weight.


Nettles are often regarded as weeds in some culture, but in Chinese regions, it is part of a healthy diet. Nettle can be drunk in the form of tea. It is a herb with awesome cleansing properties that shed pounds by ridding the body of unwanted metabolic waste. Reduction of stored waste in tissues across the body causes this herb to function more effectively. Efficient disposal of waste reduces weight gain and piling up of calories. Experts even recommend drinking three to four cups of Nettle tea to attain this effect. Nettles come with natural properties suppressing the appetite in the human body and boosting the metabolic rate. Boosting the rate helps to speed up the loss of weight and reduces the chances of developing metabolic syndrome. This makes it useful for those seeking weight loss.

Additionally, nettles are a versatile supplement and cannot be used in tea alone. These can be sauteed and prepared like spinach. Nettles can be added to soups or dried nettles sprinkled on dishes. Nettle also alleviates symptoms of hay fever and arthritis.

Black Ant Extract

Of all the Chinese herbs, the key one known is the King of Herbs. This is none other than Black Ant Extract. These extracts are made from certain species of black ants have been using for a long time in Chinese medicines. It is famous all over the globe for strong, natural properties in rejuvenating tired as well as aging bodies. This wonder herb works well for mind and body, too. It has the ability to increase energy levels and reverse muscle loss making it easier to exercise and induce weight loss. Combining Black Ant Herb with Pune Pollen and Nettles really controls weight gain.

These Chinese herbs are entirely natural and used across the world.


Honeysuckle’s Latin name is Lonicera caprifolium. Honeysuckle is dry, bitter and cold in taste and influences meridians of the large intestine, stomach, and lungs. The focus is on clearing heat and eliminating the toxic fire, besides removing moisture. As per the Chinese medicine system, summer is the ideal time to opt for honeysuckle and it is best suited for slimming of individuals who have heat dampness in the stomach. But for those who gain weight despite eating little, honeysuckle should not be used for weight loss, as this type of obesity is caused due to lack of spleen qi. Honeysuckle further aggravates this type of disorder in TCM.


Saiko is a herb whose Chinese name is Chai Hu. It is slightly colder in nature and has a spicy, bitter taste and influences the gallbladder and liver meridians. Saiko benefits the gall bladder besides relieving the stagnation of qi in the liver. It also takes off the excessive heat inside. Saiko is, therefore, recommended for slimming when obesity is the result of liver qi stagnation.

Ze Xie

Ze Xie is another well-known Chinese herb for weight loss. It is cold in nature and sweet in taste, influencing the meridians of the bladder and kidney. It eliminates moisture through diuretic functions and clears humidity heat in the lower heater. As this herb is critical for diuresis, it helps in decreasing body water and triggers weight loss. This type of herb is generally used in those with swollen legs due to spleen and kidney deficiency.


Certain forms of Ginseng are also associated with weight loss. Known as miracle herb, the root that heals all evils or the root of eternal life, it increases energy and serves as a catalyst for boosting the metabolism. Panax Ginseng can especially help in weight loss, according to University of Maryland research. This plant boosts longevity and is commonly used in Chinese medicine.

Chinese Teas & Warm Beverages for Weight Loss

Chinese people avoid cold beverages, as these slow down digestion. The Chinese culture is all about consuming warm beverages in the morning and after each meal for boosting the metabolic rate, keeping the body warm and improving the digestion. A smooth digestion wards off weight gain. Warm beverages like Chinese herbal beverages and teas help to eliminate toxins and fat from the body. TCM uses a variety of herbs and roots for treatment. Here are the common teas consumed in China.

#1 Green Tea

This is considered the most popular tea in China. Chinese green tea is acknowledged by scientists for the antioxidant benefits and the ability to burn fat. It is rich in catechins, a polyphenol that raises the metabolic rate or the level at which the body burns fat. This is a means of ensuring the body eliminates fat, as a high metabolic rate permits more fat to be burned every day. Green tea can be had every morning and after meals to get quick weight loss results. You can safely consume 4 to 5 cups of green tea in a single day. By drinking green tea and carrying out 25 minutes of workout in a single day, you can ward off the bounds easily.

#2 Black Tea

Drink black tea like plain water, if you want to lose weight. Black tea has a fragrance and tastes just like regular warm water. The secret of this tea as a weight loss method is that it improves the cardiovascular functioning, as per Chinese researchers. This improved blood flow and blood vessel dilation. Excellent blood flow or blood circulation carries energy to different corners of the body. The body needs to ward off fatigue, which is especially important in a weight loss program. The body needs to remain energetic so workouts can be carried out to reduce weight each day.

#3 White Tea

White tea is made from tea leaves, too but it is processed in a different way. Because of this, it is able to prevent new fat cells from forming in the body. White tea can be consumed as regularly as green tea. These teas combine to maximize the benefit of weight loss. Tea in China is organic. This is a wonderful drink for weight loss and works as a beauty secret too. White tea is rich in antioxidants, which ward off free radical damage and protect the skin from premature aging or wrinkles. Those who like tea generally have a youthful appearance.

#4 Oolong Tea

This type of tea is famous in China as well as Oriental or Asian cultures like Japan. The tea benefits the body, to avoid bacterial infection or weight gain. Strong antioxidants present in Oolong tea are special. These are known as polymerized polyphenols. This compound protects the body from the absorption of fat. This is the best weapon for warding off unwanted fat. So opt for Oolong tea to reduce body weight.

#5 Mint Tea

For those facing cravings of food such as sugar, mint tea is just amazing as a weight loss technique. Even if you’re the type to load up on carbs, sniffing mint or drinking the tea is an excellent way to lower addiction and curb hunger. Additionally, the mint’s scent relaxes the mind. This tea is low in caffeine, and also helps to promote a good night’s sleep. This is essential for warding off fatigue and boosting energy levels for a good, calorie-burning workout.

#6 Red Tea

This tea boosts the metabolic rate and helps in weight loss. Called red tea, it is made from the Rooibos or red bush plant. It is rich in flavanoids that ward off fat inside the human body.

#7 Goji Tea

Goji berry is harvested from a plant known as lyciumbarbarum. This herb is found in China and other parts of Asia. The herbal tea is a traditional remedy for diabetics and offers many weight loss benefits. The tea should be consumed after every meal. It can burn calories 10 percent faster than usual. Goji tea is mixed with green tea. The ability to burn calories is maximized by using the two in a herbal concoction.

#8 Pu-Erh Tea

This fermented Chinese tea is consumed every Chinese Lunar New Year for good health benefits. For those seeking a weight loss remedy, this tea is perfect. It shrinks the adipose or fat cells and burns calories. It helps in warding off fat around the waistline. The tea can be purchased in China easily or online. Detoxification is the prime benefit of Pu-Erh tea as it cleanses toxins from the blood.


Chinese Herbal Supplements
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Body systems in Chinese medicine are oriented towards preserving the balance. What you eat and how you exercise are carefully regulated to ensure optimal flow of energy. In ancient Chinese conceptions, the life-giving energy the Qi or Chi flowing through the human body is the key to regulating it and maintaining good health. As a result, ancient Chinese techniques like acupressure and acupuncture could be an effective way to ensure weight loss. Additionally, the Chinese diet is rich in nutrients and minerals, vegetables and herbal condiments.

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