Stress Level Low On HCG Diet

13 Reasons For Keeping Stress Level Low On HCG Diet

Stress levels are not always easy to manage. Sometimes exercise may not be enough to lower body weight but when combined with a good diet and healthy lifestyle, the body finds ways to eliminate extra fat and eventually levels out. The hormone Human Chlorionic Gonadotropin or HCG helps lower body weight through a combined use of hormone injections and a low calorie diet.

A HCG diet tries to reset the hypothalamus gland, and, if controlled, it can aide weight loss. The problem is, high stress levels interfere with the process and counteract the effects of HCG and the body starts putting on weight.

Stress levels need to be kept low when following an HCG diet because of the physiological and psychological effects, which result from stress and depression. Here are some of the reasons why you should keep stress levels low while on an HCG diet:

Reasons For Keeping Stress Level Low On HCG Diet

Stress Level Low On HCG Diet

Physiological effects

Stress interferes with the gastrointestinal process and this often leads to bloating, diarrhea, constipation and pain. When these problems occur, the body starts storing fat and weight gain is inevitable.

Secretion of hormones

When new hormones are released, they interfere with the artificial hormones you inject causing immune problems. When the immune system is compromised, diseases such as genital herpes and ulcerative colitis could arise.

Dryness of mouth

When calorie intake is reduced, the body still needs to be kept fit and active but high stress levels often lead to low energy and fatigue, and in some cases, people experience dryness of the mouth.

Eating disorders

Some people tend to overeat and some lose their appetite altogether and both cases lead to bad health. While on an HCG diet, you need to consume at least 500 calories otherwise you risk serious weight problems and illnesses if both calories and stress levels are not managed.


HypertensionIt is common knowledge that stress often leads to high blood pressure and that can lead to a stroke. People do not always pay attention to their blood pressure levels, which is why a high number of dieters are at risk of hypertension. A HCG diet involves injecting superficial hormones into the body and in some cases, the hormones could alter blood pressure.

Skin disorders

Conditions such as eczema are common among people with high stress levels. In severe cases, the skin will acquire all kinds of diseases and hair can start falling out.

Handling stress is not the easiest of things and that is why so many people are struggling with weight loss and diets that do not seem to work. One of the easiest ways to manage stress is to surround yourself with things and people you like and when you start getting stressed out, remove yourself from that situation and find a place to relax for a while.

Cheating on a diet does lead to weight gain, but it is not so much the junk food as it is the stress that comes with cheating. When the rate of weight loss is slowed, people tend to beat themselves up about it and that only makes it worse.

People employ different methods to cope with stress and what works for one may not necessarily work for another; regardless of how practical it is. Here are some simple ways to keep stress levels down when you start on the HCG hormone:


It’s actually the simplest way to relax. When people suppress their negative feelings, it often leads to a buildup in stress and sometimes anger. Find a person you trust and talk to them every now and then, and make sure to let out all the tension you may have.

Get away

If your current surroundings stress you out, then all the talking in the world won’t solve the problem. Take off for a while and find a nice peaceful place where you can relax and give your mind and body time to recuperate. If you can’t leave then find a place in the house where you can relax and blow off some steam. Even a make-believe spa experience in the house could really lower stress levels.


Everyone realizes at one time or the other that one person can not handle every single situation happening around them. If you have overwhelming responsibilities at home or at work, then you may have to choose one or two issues to handle and let someone else worry about the rest.


SocializeNot everyone is a social butterfly, but it’s healthy to interact with new people. If you’re constantly locked up in the house or have a strict no-nonsense policy with strangers, then it could be wearing you out. Man is a social creature and when we force ourselves to stay secluded, the body reacts in the most unhealthy ways. Family and friends are good people to hang around and share your problems with when you are stressed out.

Be happy

Happiness is actually a state of mind, and it’s often influenced by a number of factors: the experiences we have each day, the people we are around all day and how we choose to respond to challenges. A simple attitude fine-tune can change the way you see the world and that will ultimately enhance your feel-good hormones, lowering stress and high blood pressure.

Sticking with a diet and actually losing weight might be a bit challenging but if you can change your attitude and start responding to the charm in people and the beauty in nature, then you will have an easier time.

Be sensitive to changes in your body

The body is always trying to tell us things, but people don’t always pay attention. If you learn how your body responds to stress, then you will have an easier time managing it.

Don’t be hard on yourself

Once in a while, people cheat on their diets and snack on unhealthy delights and it’s not healthy but it shouldn’t be taken too personally. In fact, some people work harder when they reward themselves with a little bite of their favorite snack at the end of the day or week. Choose a system that works for you and take it a day at a time.

Control Your Stress Level While On the HCG Diet

Unfortunately, there isn’t any magical diet that could take care of weight problems without any need to change lifestyles: the body is much more complicated. A surge in stress can wipe out a year’s work and lead you back to the drawing board. Conversely, a simple change in mindset can make the job a whole lot easier. Find a comfortable starting point and take it slow.

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