Effective Ways of Losing Weight Naturally

Ten Most Effective Ways of Losing Weight Naturally

There are numerous “fad diets” which can shred your pounds very rapidly but what is the benefit of those crash diets which cannot provide you sustainable solutions and the risk of weight put on in future remains as it is. People have a stereotype belief regarding weight loss that it can be done at any point in time of your life with a restricted diet and exercise routine which is only a partial truth.

As per the experts for reducing your unwanted pounds you don’t have to remain dependent on a hardcore diet routine and exercise plan, merely changes in your daily lifestyle can give you a permanent solution even with a very less physical effort and without keeping you deprived. There are some prominent effective ways of losing weight by adhering them in your day to day life you will not only manage to lose your weight but can also keep it off permanently.

A balanced lifestyle is a key to a healthful living and overall wellbeing. Being an obese or overweight is not just a matter of your undesirable external appearance but it is a root cause of different major health concerns such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and arthritis.

So by losing your weight you can benefit your life in all respect as on the one hand you can get your loosed confides back and on the other hand, you can remain healthier and active in your day to day life which is not possible when your body carries those excessive burdens of weight. So to make this dream possible you need to incorporate some effective changes in your overall lifestyle slowly, gradually and permanently.

Ten Effective Ways of Losing Weight

effective ways of losing weight

Choose Carb Diets Rich in High Fiber Value

For reducing weight we will not suggest you, to cut your daily carb intake instead we will suggest eating carb diets which are rich in more fibrous contents as it will be healthy for you and will not increase your calorie count the way a normal carb meal does.

Fiber is one of the most recommendable dietary intake often suggested to people who are willing to reduce their weight or want to maintain their weight to a balanced level. Just like protein even fiber-rich diet also take a longer duration to digest and promotes satiety and reduces your food cravings by burning or suppressing your hunger in a healthier form.

Some common crab meals with high fiber content include fibrous whole grain bread or brown bread, fresh fruits, nuts, etc. These foods sources are not only rich in high fiber values but are also an abundant source off vitamins which are healthy for your body.

Also, fiber-rich fruits intake will help you in cutting your daily sugary diet intake which is not only harmful to your body’s sugar level but also harmful in the context of your body weight as candies and sugary diets are one of the primary diet sources that can increase your weight rapidly.

Drink Plenty Amount of Water

One of the easiest ways for losing your weight rapidly is by drinking plenty amount of water in your day to day life. It is proved in researches that water has a substantial effect on lowering your body mass index.

However, in this context, you must be aware of that when and at what quantity you need to drink water so that it can work in your favor. When you drink water or any other non-calorie, unsweetened drink it helps your body in releasing an antidiuretic hormone which helps in more water retention.

Hence your stomach automatically gets fuller in a natural way means suppresses your hunger without much pain or difficulty. As per the experts drink one or two glass of water just before 15 or 20 minutes of the bigger meals as it helps in reducing your portion size leading to a reduction in your daily calorie count which is the most vital factor for the rapid and effective weight loss.

So make sure that you drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water every day without fail for easier and faster weight loss and also for keeping it off permanently.

Reduce or Avoid Soda Intake

The temptation for soda and difficulty in avoiding its consumption is one of the leading factors that sabotage your whole efforts for losing weight. So in order to reduce your weight effectively, it should be your primary duty to avoid the consumption of soda or reduce its intake to a very low amount, which is one of the sources of liquid carb.

Another drawback of consuming these liquid carbs like soda that your body doesn’t count it in the same manner as it counts to any solid form of carb diet intake. Hence your stomach doesn’t get full even after excessive consumption of these unhealthy drinks.

That means neither your further portion size reduces for a day after drinking sugar-rich soda drinks nor the calorie absorption limit is reduced that you have already set for a day

Just like calorie-rich soda drinks even the calorie-free soda drinks like diet soda etc doesn’t satisfy your hunger level anyway. Hence your craving for a normal diet portion remains as it is no matter how much soda drink you have consumed in a day.

Moreover, as per one new research study on more artificial sweetened soda consumption suggest that these drinks give a boost to hunger hormone in your body leading to rapid weight gain out of your excessive calorie-rich food consumption in a day even though your body actually doesn’t need them.

Don’t Skip Your Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of a day which keeps you energetic throughout a day. Your whole day performance whether it is a household activity, your fitness plan or your daily official work is concerned depends on your very first meal of the day that is your breakfast.

However, most people who are willing to lose their weight faster made a very common mistake by skipping their breakfast with a perception that it will help them in losing weight faster which is totally wrong.

Friends skipping a meal is no way a solution for your ultimate goal especially when your aim is for losing weight permanently. And when it comes to breakfast it must not be skipped at any cost.

If you will skip your breakfast meals then the possibility remains high that your body will crave for eating anything that is no way good for your diet plan nor for your health. Also, a hungry body and mind will make you eat excessively in your second meal even quite more than your normal portion size.

So the ultimate results will be zero. Hence to avoid this condition make sure that you eat a very healthy breakfast to avoid all those triggers for eating an unhealthy or an excessive amount.

Include some fresh fruits, protein meals, fiber, and low-fat dairy products in your breakfast as it will easily satisfy your hunger and keep your stomach fuller for a longer duration. Hence will not let you eat excessively or unusually throughout a day.

Concentrate on More Natural Foods

In order to accomplish your low calorie, low-fat diet plan, choosing lower-calorie natural grown foods such as fruits and vegetables will be the healthiest option. As much as it is possible to avoid the consumption of meats which is the high source of calorie-dense foods.

One of the biggest, advantages of choosing naturally grown foods over the packaged foods is that you can include them in your every meal whether it is breakfast, lunch, evening snacks or dinner meal.

Start your meals with a healthy mixed fruit or veggie salad to provide nutrients for your body in abundant amount. Also, one major advantage of eating these salads before your heavy meal is that it will easily cut your portion size by filling your stomach too early.

You can prepare a veggie soup as well to have it in your lunch or during the snacks. Also, pack your refrigerator with only healthy diet menus such as fruits and vegetables so that you will pick only those healthy foods whenever you will open your refrigerator.

A diet plan based on natural produce foods ensures that your stamina or energy level no way reduced in spite of a significant reduction in your overall portion size. With just only natural produce foods alone your body can derive all vital nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, phytonutrients, and minerals.

Count and Reduce Your Portion Size

Eating a low-calorie diet doesn’t mean that you can eat them in any limit and expect that it will not affect your body weight anyway. The reality is that even low-calorie diet consumption in excessive amount can cause you weight gain.

So its better solution will be to keep a record or keep your eye on your daily portion size irrespective of all food types including high and low-calorie foods both. This concept suggests that you should never estimate your serving size which mostly happens when we eat any packaged food and rely on the mentioned calorie value of its packaging or while eating in a restaurant.

To avoid such concern and in order to have a clear idea about your serving size, you should keep a measuring cup or spoon or any other serving size guides. Every time when you cook a meal make sure that you use your measuring cup so that you won’t have to make an estimation of your portion size for a day, as your measuring utensils can give you a clear cut idea regarding the portion size of your each and every meal.

Once you will get expert in calculating your daily portion size then gradual you can incorporate a significant reduction in the said diet portion or serving size. As per the experts reducing your portion size just by 10 to 20 % is enough to produce a significant reduction in your body weight within a month.

In this context, the usage of smaller size cups, plates, glass, and bowls for eating can also help you in reducing your portion size without causing you pain or deprived.

Choose More Leaner Protein Food Sources

Protein is the most effective weight-loss tool and this particularly gets possible because your body needs to expend an extra amount of energy in order to digest a food rich in protein nutrient. Greater energy expense means a higher amount of calorie burn by your metabolic function to generate that required level of energy.

However, you can easily increase the level of this benefit by choosing protein meals for you more wisely. The leaner food sources such as chicken breast, white fish, low-fat dairy products, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, etc are considered as best sources for protein meals or diet.

The calorie content of these leaner protein diet sources is very low with a comparison to other common protein diets which contains naturally occurring fat leading to rising in your calorie portion with each serving intake of those foods.

Incorporate Small and Gradual Changes in Your Old Diet Routine

In order to stick with your overall diet plan for weight loss, you have to make very small and gradual changes in your old diet routine. As nothing can be done or achieved within a day or a week even. So be practical, don’t suppresses your desires for eating your favorite snacks, or desserts at once.

Initially you might control your cravings for your favorite diets but in the long run, it will be very difficult in sustaining it leading to recurrence risk of weight gain even to those which you previously managed to lose with your intense effort and sacrifices.

So whatever snacks or sweet dishes you used to eat since a very long time you need to not stop them at one go. Reduce their portion size initially by 50% and gradually reduce them from time to time. The reduction in the size of the portion of your favorite meal will no way cause pain to your mind or body instead it will generate a feeling of satisfaction which will keep you motivated on your track to achieve your ultimate goal or plan.

Record Your Progress and Reward Yourself

Monitor your progress by keeping a track record of your current weight and even minute changes that develop after a week or more than that. You can easily log your detailed report either in a diary or in a mobile app or even on a website which offers dedicated data recording tool especially for people who are planning to lose weight.

The app or website data recorder will automatically create your progress trend or curve that will show you the ups and downs monthly or weekly wise. This self-monitoring trick is really a very effective way of keeping yourself stick to your weight loss plan or regimen.

Also, you can give yourself a reward with every milestone crossing through a treat or by presenting yourself a gift or plan a small vacation for you. It will work as a guiding or motivating force for keeping and boosting your spirit high all the time to let you achieve your ultimate goal easily.

Exercise in a Moderate Limit

What commonly people made mistake while on their weight loss regimen that they focus on excessive body workout with a perception that the boosted metabolism rate of their body out of an exercise will shred their pounds just within a week.

However in the long run for keeping those shredded pounds off permanently you need to follow such an approach that your body doesn’t feel irritated or overwhelmed even in the long run. So that you can maintain consistency in the said fitness routine.

This can only be possible if you plan to exercise in a very moderate limit. As per the Mayo Clinic, 150 minutes workout routine in a week is best for any fitness aspirant whether they want to lose their weight or want to build their muscle mass.

However, this doesn’t mean that you will complete this 150 minutes goal over a week by joining a gym only or practicing hardcore exercise routine. Small-small changes in your daily life activities can incorporate more movements in your body and are quite enough to achieve your target plan.

Though aerobic exercises along with 2 to 3 days weight training workout are considered ideal for weight loss, however, this ideal workout routine can be maintained through many alternative ways as well. For example, you can increase your daily life body movements which will be nothing but an alternate form aerobic exercise like you can use stairs, walk towards your bus stop or office place, do household chores, do gardening, play with children, etc.

Similarly, lift a heavyweight in your day to day life for accomplishing some of your household activities whenever you get such a chance. In this way, you can give support to your family members by sharing their task burden and indirectly it will work as a weight training exercise that will keep your metabolic rate high for a longer duration. Hence greater possibility of burning more amount of calorie in a day leading to easier weight loss.

The above mentioned ten effective ways of losing weight are all based on real-time experiences of people who have successfully managed to lose their weight and maintain it permanently. So be very consistent on them and be positive if you really want to achieve your goal.

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