Remedies to Get Rid of Dry Lips

DIY Remedies to Get Rid of Dry Lips : Causes Of Dry Lips

Lips are one of the most essential features of your beauty which can even enhance your overall facial beauty twice if it remains softer, smooth and glowing and even can make your look worst if its appearance is dry, rough and flaking. Though generally, we associate dry lips issue with winter season arrival symptom however it can appear to anybody at any point in time of a year.

If you are the one who always or frequently have dry lips or flaky lips issue and want to get rid of it naturally then you have absolutely visited the right place as today we are going to discuss some home remedies or DIY remedies or ways to get rid of dry lips problem naturally and safely.

Soft, supple and pinkish lips are the dream of every woman as it really looks great. However, just like you’re any other body part even your lips need special care and importance. Otherwise, in the lack of negligence, you can easily develop dry lips problem year around which is needless to mention that it will make you look ugly no matter how beautiful your other facial features are.

There are several things that can hamper your lips beauty and health badly. In this regard, we cannot solely blame to a cold or dry wind and scorching heat weather or season only. Your bad lifestyle habits also play a key role in affecting your lip’s health and appearance internally.

This emphasizes that you must be aware of some common culprits that make your lips look dry so that next time you can avoid those triggers and keep your lips healthy, softer and smoother throughout a year.

Causes of Dry Lips

ways to get rid of dry lips

Breathing through Mouth

People who are habituated of breathing through their mouth can easily develop dry lips problem. This particularly happens because when your breath through your mouth instead of your nose the moisture level of your lips blows away leaving it dry and patchy.

So to avoid this concern it is always advised to breathe through your nose which is not only good for your lips health but for your overall body health as well. In the case, you have a temporary nasal congestion issue or your nose is blocked then don’t forget to apply a lip care balm or any lip care product especially before bed at night.

Vitamin Deficiency in Body

In the lack of certain vital vitamins in the body, your external layer of the body that is skin started to lose its natural moisture content which makes it look dry. As the skin layer over your lips is the thinnest skin of all over your body so vitamin deficiency effect is first reflects in this area only making it look dry badly.

Vitamins which are essential to maintain the moisture level of your lips include Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, and Vitamin B6.


Dry lips problem reflects the lack of hydration level in your body means your body badly needs more amount of water intake. A dehydrated body can affect the overall mineral balance inside your body and its effect easily reflects on your body in the form of dryness and wrinkles appearance.

However, this issue can be well managed by increasing your daily water intake and also by consuming more watery fruits and vegetables in your daily meal.

Environmental Effect

Environmental weather and pollution also play a major role in making your lips dry even though your body is well hydrated and even without any scarcity of nutrient level in the body. The cold dry weather in the winter season and harsh UV rays of the sun in the hot summer season is enough to make your lips super dry by harnessing its natural moisture level.

Also if you sit in an air-conditioned room or in a heated room for a very long duration then also the moisture level of your lips strips away leading to dry lips problem develop.

Long Term Usage of Lipstick

Applying a lipstick makeup for enhancing your lips beauty is a common part of the makeup regimen of a woman.

However, the problem develops when you put a lipstick makeup or matte lipstick or lip paint continuously for a very long duration as this affects or hinders the normal contact of your lips skin to the external environment to let it breathe freely which is equally important for the lip care and health.

As a result of it, your lips started getting dry gradually and after some time it started to remain dry permanently. To avoid this concern you should avoid applying lipstick for longer duration and even though you apply don’t forget to remove it clearly through a makeup cleanser especially before bed.

Lip Licking

Lip licking is one of the most common reasons for making your lips dry or chapped. Many people have a bad habit of licking their lips which can easily remove the natural moisture content of their lips leaving it dry and lifeless in the long run.

Tips to Keep Your Lips Softer and Smoother

Follow the below-mentioned tips and suggestions in your day to day life to keep your lisps softer and smoother naturally.

Avoid the Common Causes of Dry Lips

The most common reason for dry lips is the lack of necessary moisture content in your lips that makes it drying and flaking. So to avoid this concern you should always apply a good lip balm in order to keep your lips softer and smoother year around.

The lip balm will nourish the outer layer of your skin and lock its natural moisture level for a very long duration to avoid the dryness problem. Also, it will nourish your lips from deep down inside to avoid the dry lips trigger automatically.

If necessary apply the said lip balm two to three times a day. Here natural homemade remedies can also work wonder to relieve your dry lips problem just like a market lip care product.

Give Proper Care and Protection to Your Lips

Just like your other body parts even your lips need special care and protection otherwise in the calk of necessary protection, it can easily get dry and flaky. An environmental effect like the dry and cool winter weather and harsh summer day’s heat are one of the very common causes responsible for the dry lips issue.

So to avoid these environmental effects on your lips health make sure that you apply an SPF rich lip care product during the summer season to guard your lips against the UV rays damaging. In winter season you should apply a lip balm more frequently than the other seasons of a year to maintain the moisture balance of your lips throughout the day.

Also, wear a covering scarf to protect your mouth from cold weather otherwise it will easily strip away the moisture content of your lips leaving it dry and lifeless. Many times in the lack of immediate care and attention to your lips problem like sore lips issue, it gets more severe after some time and then its treatment gets very difficult.

Even it can cause a painful infection in your lips in the lack of timely care and protection. So to avoid this issue make sure whenever any problem started to develop in your lips you give immediate attention and care to it in order to avoid dry lips or any other more severe lips health issue.

Stay Always Hydrated

By staying always hydrated you can avoid the dry lips problem year around. When your body gets dehydrated in the lack of necessary water level inside it then it starts showing its effect on your outer layer of the body. Resulting in dry lips, flakiness issue develops.

So to avoid this common trigger of your dry lips problem make sure that you drink enough amount of water throughout a day to maintain the moisture level of your lips naturally. Even the lips balm that you apply over your lips do the same work by hydrating your lips. So it’s better that you do this hydration work from deep inside by increasing your daily water intake which is also healthy for your overall health.

Select Right Lip Care Product for You

Selection of right lip care product is very crucial not only to keep your lips look beautiful from the outside but also to keep it healthy from inside. The best measure to keep your lips smooth and healthy is the inside out approach means use the product which can nourish your lips internally.

If your lips are suffering from a specific issue like dryness, flakiness or any such problem then always prefer to buy a lip balm specialized for that particular concern. Similarly, weather-wise lip care products also differ to suit the demand of that particular weather so that the moisture level of your lips could be well maintained irrespective of all weathers.

People who have more exposure to Sun should use a lip balm with SPF protection. Similarly, people who work in an air-conditioned room or office should use a lip balm that can sustain that particular environment. If your lips are looking very dull and ugly then choose a lip care product that can add glow and beauty to your lips.

Always read the ingredients used in the production of a particular lip care product and try to choose those products which contain healing and soothing lip’s health-friendly ingredients such as aloe vera, cocoa, coconut oil, etc.

Eat Healthy Nutrient Dense Foods

What you eat reflects on your face and overall body. So if your body is lacking with necessary nutrients which are vital for maintaining the natural moisture and glow on your lips it can easily cause your lips dry and other issues thereon.

So to avoid this concern make sure that your foods are a balanced combination of all vital nutrients which is important for your lips health. Especially fruits and vegetables which are rich in B vitamins are important for improving and maintaining your lip’s health and avoiding the dry lips issue naturally and effectively.

DIY Remedies to Get Rid of Dry Lips Issue

Honey and Petroleum Jelly Mix


Honey is a well known natural ingredient often suggested for treating different skin related problems due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties which works as a healer and protector. So when applied on your lips it works wonder especially when mixed with petroleum jelly which is another skin-soothing, hydrating and moisturizing element.


  • Honey in small quantity
  • Petroleum Jelly in small quantity


This DIY lips care remedy is very easy is in processing and application. You only need to dab some honey in your fingertips and then apply it liberally all over your lips. In the same proportion or amount dab the petroleum jelly and layer it on the honey which you have already applied.

Leave this mixture over your lips as it is for at least 10 to 15 minutes and then wipe it out with a cotton cloth. Apply this remedy once in a day to get immediate relief from your dry lips issue.



If your dry lips problem is developed due to dehydration issue in your body then cucumber can provide you immediate relief and comfort. Cucumber is a well known watery fruit that can boost the level of water in your body whether it is applied over your outer skin layer or eaten directly.


  • Some cucumber slices


To apply this DIY remedy you need to press some cucumber slices over your lips directly so that your lips can get its essence easily. Let it sit in the same condition at least for 10 minutes so that the cumber contents can easily be absorbed by the deeper layers of your lips to give it full nourishment from inside. After 10 minutes you can rinse it or wipe it out with a dry cotton cloth.

Apply this remedy two times in a day to get its faster healing effect on your dry lips problem. Soon it will make your lips super softer, smoother and beautiful.

Virgin Coconut Oil and Grapeseed Oil Mixture

virgin coconut oil

Coconut oil is a versatile s and prominent ingredient for relieving different skin-related issues with its natural healing and moisturizing properties. So it will be best for treating your dry lips issue naturally. Also when mixed with the grapeseed oil which is another abundant source of skin-friendly nutrients its effects and benefits get dual.


  • In small amount virgin coconut oil and grapeseed oil.


Mix one or two drops of both oils and apply it directly over your lips. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes so that your lips can fully absorb all the essentials contents of this healing mixture of virgin coconut and grapeseed oil.

Apply this remedy at least 2 to 3 times in a day to get its faster healing effect on your lips. It can be applied in the early morning after cleaning your lips area and even before bed to get its immediate result for improving your lips condition.

Aloe Vera Gel

aloe vera gel

We all know the healing and moisturizing properties of aloe vera gel whether derived from the aloe vera leaves directly or a commercial aloe vera gel product. It is highly soothing, hydrating and moisturizing that heals your lips from deep inside and ensure smother and softer lips in just within few days of its regular use.


  • Half spoon of aloe vera gel


Apply aloe vera gel directly over your lips just before your bed and leave it as it is for the rest of the night. Next morning cleans your lips with normal water. The healing properties of this gel will cure your lips issue overnight and make your lips super softer, smooth and attractive.

Raw Milk and Rose Petal Mix

Raw Milk and Rose Petal Mix

Rose petals contain a natural level of oil and sugar which can easily lock the natural moisture content of your lips hence help in reducing and preventing dry lips issue. Raw milk is a rich source of B vitamins which is a vital nutrient essential for lips health.


  • 5 or 6 Rose petals
  • One-quarter of raw milk


Soak the collected rose petals into raw milk for 2 to 3 hours and then remove it. Now mash it with your hands to get a smoother paste. Apply it directly on your lips and leave it for 20 minutes so that your lips can easily absorb the essence of this mixture.

After 20 minutes wash your lips with cold water. For best and faster result apply this paste once in a day over a week time to get rid of your dry lips problem immediately. It will give your lips rosy look naturally.

Try our best and effective tricks and ways to get rid of dry lips problem permanently if followed consistently. All these DIY remedies are safe and effective so you don’t have to worry about any side effect risk which often exists with commercial cosmetic product use.

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