How to Choose the Right Shade of Lipstick

Your lipstick is a very important part of your makeup. It is likely that you have been at the mall or walking around a store and have seen a woman who is wearing lipstick that just doesn’t look right on them at all. This happens because some women don’t take the time to find the lipstick shade that is right for them.

You surely don’t want to be someone that people look at and think “Oh, she just doesn’t look right at all with that lip shade!” To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, all you need to do is spend time learning all of the different lipstick and lip gloss colors and then find the one that looks best on you. Below, you will find tips and tricks on how to wear your lipstick in a way that makes you feel great about how you look.

How to Find the Right Lipstick Shade For You

Finding the right shade of lipstick is not something that is difficult and it is surely worth putting some time and effort into. You want to put on your makeup with confidence, this way you can go out and know that you are looking your absolute best. To find the best shade of lipstick from you, here are some steps that you can follow!

Step #1: Inside Color

One way to find your lip shade is to bring down your bottom lip. The color that the inside of your mouth is can be a simple guide to what the color of your lipstick should be. You want to try and find a lipstick shade that is as close to that lip color as possible. It can be very simple to match lipstick colors to the inside of your lip as all you will need to do is take a good mirror to your makeup store. Hold up different lip shades and find the one that matches best! This is how you can find the best natural lip shade for you.

Step #2: Darker Shades

Another way to find the best lipstick color for you is to simply try and find a color that is one or two shades darker than your real lip color. It is very simple to test this, all you need to do is apply the lipstick or lip gloss color to one of your lips and then compare it to your other natural lip. If you see that the shade is just a bit deeper than your natural lip color, you have found a great shade for you! You can always trust that the color shown on the packaging is the exact color of the lipstick. This way, you can hold up a package, in the store, to your lips to see if it is a good shade for you.

Step #3: Finding the Best Red Lipstick

Above was a step that you can take to find a lipstick shade that will give off a natural appearance. But you don’t always want to have the most natural appearing lips, you may want to be more bold and wear a nice red! You may believe that you can’t really pull off a red lipstick, as many women believe this about themselves. It’s not that you can’t pull it off, you just have to find the right type of red that will look best on you. The best way to find the right shade of red for you is to let undertones be your guide. If you have a more pink skin, the best shade of red for you is cherry red. If your skin tone is more of an olive color, than you can go with a color such as fire-engine red. If your skin is a bit darker, you will want to aim for more deep red colors.

What Not to Do When Using Lipstick

You never want to try to match your lipstick to the outfit that you are wearing. If you are wearing a pink shirt, that does not mean that you need a pink lipstick. This is especially true when it comes to red lipstick! You should never try and match your lipstick to any item of clothing that you are wearing.

You also should not try to wear a lipstick shade that is a lot lighter than your skin tone. If you have a dark beautiful skin tone, wearing a light lip shade could end up throwing off the balance of color. A light color will take away from the natural beauty of your skin tone.

What you want to remember when choosing your lipstick is that you want it to look like your natural lips have become enhanced. You don’t want to give off any impression that your lips are artificial or that you are trying too hard. When you see someone with a very strong lipstick color that doesn’t really go with their skin tone, you will probably think that they are just trying to get attention.

Do I Use Lip Liner?

This is a great question. Many women don’t really know if lip liner is right for them or not. Lip liner makes your lips more refined, which is great when you are going for a classy look or going to a fancy party. Many believe that applying lip liner looks best when done before the lipstick is applied, however it does tend to look a bit more natural when you apply it after you apply your lip liner. You can fill your lips in with your lip liner before you apply your lipstick to keep your lipstick lasting much longer. Your lipstick color won’t wear off as soon when you have a good base color!

Remember that it is also about the brand of lipstick you buy. Some brands are more pigmented than others, which means the color may stand out more or not as much. It is best to use products that are highly pigmented, that way you get the best color possible and your lips stand out as much as possible. This is good when you have the right lip shade, it is actually what you should aim for.

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