Why Eggs Are a Killer Weight Loss Food

You must have heard about the dietary benefits of eggs consumption but what you might not be aware of it is that eggs are a killer weight loss food which can easily stimulate your diet plan effectiveness and can ensure faster weight loss.

Eggs are one of the healthiest foods and diet option that you can include in your regular meal. It is rich in healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals which together makes it a completely healthy breakfast meal.

This is the reason it is considered as an essential part of a balanced diet that often recommended by the doctors to people who want to improve their health or who are on a certain medication routine to stimulate the healing process.

It so easy in preparation and comes at very cheaper cost which makes it suitable and within reach of every other health-conscious person. Though some people believe that excess eggs consumption can cause them to gain more weight but this is not fully true. It all depends on your eating pattern and accordingly a food will react to your health and body.

Similarly, for eggs consumption as well if you eat them in the right form it can boost your weight loss plan in a very healthy way. The below-mentioned point will make it more clear to you how eggs can stimulate your weight loss goal, faster, easier and achievable.

Egg killer weight loss food

eggs are a killer weight loss food

Eggs Can Ensure Satiety

Eggs can easily develop the feeling of satiety the point where your hunger desire get fully satisfied and doesn’t require any further diet intake for the next few hours. With its high-quality fat and protein content even with 2 to 3 eggs intake your stomach feel fuller and doesn’t crave for the next meal without any effort.

Hence it works as a natural hunger suppressant without comprising your health value. For people who are on a diet plan for the weight loss goal achievement, it is very important for them that they avoid the consumption of unhealthy foods and snacks which are generally highly processed and their nutrient value is almost zero.

Hence eggs help to reduce your daily calorie limit by controlling your cravings during the day time with its high protein value. Protein-rich diets are always the first choice and recommendation by the dietitian to the fitness conscious people.

In this context, you will be surprised to know that out of other protein diet or meals eggs have a higher satiety index which makes it a killer weight-loss food. Also, it reduces your late-night cravings for snacks which are major contributing factors for faster weight gain.

Also by satisfying your hunger, it ensures that you can sleep peacefully throughout the night and there will be no scenario of late light or midnight awakening which gives a reason to your gut to crave for snacks or other foods.

Great Source of Protein

Out of different nutrients, protein is considered the most vital one for people who are willing to lose their weight as it takes time to digest so make you feel fuller for the longer duration. Hence eliminates your frequent cravings for food and reduces your daily calorie count which is the primary factor that causes you to gain weight or creates difficulty in easy weight loss.

With its high protein content, it is considered as one of the most filling diet sources that can easily suppress your hunger hormone for a longer duration. Only one large egg contains 6 grams of protein which can easily fulfill your daily dietary intake limit for protein along with other protein dietary sources.

However, as you are on a weight loss diet plan so you can eat some extra eggs than the daily dietary limit to grab the benefits of this protein meal for ensuring easy weight reduction. In this context, you need to make sure that you are regular in your exercise routine which is equally important for losing weight otherwise no single diet can do anything unless you are 100% consistent in all respect.

As per the RTI, every individual should eat 0.8 grams of protein of their per kilogram body weight. As per this report, average sedentary women need 46 gram of protein consumption in a day and for average sedentary men, this limit stands to 56 gram of protein intake in a day.

Accordingly, you can plan your daily egg limit to consume and segregate your egg diet plan into breakfast, lunch, and dinner as per your suitability to get its highest benefit for your health as well as for easiest and faster weight reduction.

Eggs Can Boost You Metabolism

As per the dietician or health specialists foods which are rich in protein nutrients works as stimulate of the metabolism function of your body. Higher the metabolic rate greater potential to burn calories and unnecessary body fat leading to a reduction in weight.

So we can say that egg is one of the vital dietary sources that can boost your metabolism and stimulate your weight loss goal. This particularly happens because your body needs more amount of energy in order to burn or metabolize the food that you eat in a day.

And this energy requirement is greater for high protein foods thus it compels to the metabolism function of your body to increase its function rate and speed. One research on the effect of eggs consumption on body’ metabolism function says that eating high protein foods such as eggs can increase your body’s daily calorie-burning rate by 80 to 100 calories in one day.

As per the British Journal of Nutrition report, daily dietary protein intake helps in treating obesity and metabolic syndrome health concerns very easily. This means daily eggs intake increases your body’s daily calorie-burning rate which is the basic requirement for stimulating faster weight loss plan.

The yellow part of an egg is a primary source of Choline vital nutrition that you can hardly get through your regular normal diet. This essential nutrient plays a vital role in the major functioning of the body such as metabolism, brain growth, nerve function, etc. So you must consume eggs every day to keep your metabolic rate in a boosted condition which indirectly promotes to your weight loss goal.

Egg Yolk helps in Abdominal Fat Burning

Egg yolks are rich in Vitamin D content which is a vital nutrient that helps in improving your bone health and immunity power. There is very less number of foods that naturally contain this essential nutrient for your health. So this increases the importance of egg as an important dietary source.

Another health benefit of this important nutrient for your body is that its scarcity in the body increases your chances of developing abdominal fat. It is found in researches that people with excess belly fat detected with Vitamin D deficiency. This again emphasizes the importance of eggs intake for faster and easy weight loss hence, make it very clear why this protein nutrient-dense diet is considered as a killer weight-loss food.

Eggs Contain Very Low Amount of Calories

For faster weight loss it is always advised to reduce daily calorie consumption limit because this is the primary factor that adds to your overall bodyweight rapidly. In this regard, eggs can help you a lot because it contains a very low amount of calorie whereas it’s nutrient value is quite high.

One hard-boiled egg contains 78 calories. This means if you include 3 eggs in your breakfast or lunch meal you will only consume 240 calories or even less than that which is very low. At the same time, there is no compromise with your health as eggs and egg yolk are abundant sources of nutrients.

Its Vitamin D content helps to stimulate your bones and immune function. Lutein and zeaxanthin, which are antioxidants improve your eyesight and choline which is a healthy nutrient help in stimulating your metabolism function and in fetal brain development.

However while including egg as your diet meal for the weight loss you need to understand that only hard-boiled eggs are low in calorie value, when it is cooked or fried in oil or butter its calorie values increases accordingly. For example, one tbsp olive oil contains 119 calories and likewise, the calorie value increases with each added tbsp of butter or oil.

Eggs Can Boost Your Brain Health

It is found in researches that eating unhealthy diets such as highly processed foods and sugary diet not only increases your body weight but it is also unhealthy for your brain health. There is a direct link between the food you eat and your current brain condition.

These unhealthy snacking and meals are one stimulating factor for many brains or mental health concerns such as stress, anxiety, poor academic performance by kids and cognition issue in older adults. However, by including eggs in your daily meal you will not only stimulate your physical health but can also improve your brain health as well.

Unstable mental health condition is one of the leading factors that cause weight gain. There are many cases where it is found that rapid weight gain was associated with depression, mood disorder, and stress, etc common mental health issues. Also, unhealthy mental health condition affects the metabolism function of the body which needs to work perfectly in order to lose weight faster.

This shows the direct connection between your brain health and your weight loss goal achievement. Eggs contain choline which helps in curing and preventing brain impairment especially in early childhood and before birth.

One other nutrient in eggs, lutein helps to improve brain power, stabilizes your mood and improves the memory power. So include eggs as your daily part of the meal and ensure faster and easier weight loss.

Eggs Can Keep You Energetic Before and After Workout

In order to lose weight, you need to workout very hard for which your body needs a proper amount of fuel in the forms of foods both before and after the workout. In this regard, eggs play a vital role as it is an abundant protein source. Eggs work as a refuel post-exercise which helps in healing and rebuilding of the stressed or injured muscles.

This is the reason eggs are a vital part of the daily diet routine of athletes as it is a great source of a refuel. As per one study report on athletes and bodybuilder 3 eggs and some nuts and other protein sources fulfills their necessity of post-exercise refuel which helps them in muscles healing and prepare them for the next day exercise session.

Otherwise, the lack of necessary protein intake or refueling your muscles can suffer badly and can even damage in the long run.

Eggs are Best Replacement for Carbs Meal

Eggs can be the best replacement for your high carb-rich breakfast which is a great source of calorie value. Also with a high carb meal in the very beginning of a day your daily calorie consumption limit increases to a great extent than the breakfast which is high in protein level.

This particularly happens because a high protein breakfast such as hard-boiled eggs develops the satiety feeling hence keeps your stomach fuller for longer duration and reduces your whole day calorie consumption limit by eliminating frequent craving issue.

This shows that eggs can be the best replacement for your high carb-rich breakfast. Also, a high protein breakfast keeps you energetic throughout the day which is again a contributing factor for easy and faster weight loss.

Eggs are Healthy for Liver

In the lack of good liver health or functionality, it’s simply impossible to burn those unwanted accumulated fats of your body. In this context eggs can play a vital role because its highly effective nutrient, choline is known for boosting the liver function.

As per the research report on liver functionality, the liver metabolism cannot happen in the lack of choline nutrient which primarily exists in the egg yolk. This again emphasizes the role of eggs in stimulating faster weight loss which makes it a killer weight-loss food.

Eggs are Easy to Cook

Eggs are of the simplest recipe that you can cook within a few minutes without investing your time and attention. There is no comparison to a large hard-boiled egg with any other breakfast meal. This is an abundant source of nutrient and above all loaded with all the properties that make it effective for easier weight loss.

Moreover, this is one of the cheapest dietary sources that you can hardly get through any other diet intake. It is its easy availability and low costing that makes it most lovable breakfast, lunch and dinner meals for a different section of people.

Especially for those fitness aspirants who are enthusiastic to lose weight and can’t invest much in their diet routine. For such people, egg meal is the ultimate solution to make their target easily achievable.

Eating eggs is considered as an essential part of a balanced meal that incorporates many health benefits including easier weight loss as well. No doubt eggs are the powerhouse of nutrients that one can avail most easier way. These are some vital qualities that prove eggs are a killer weight loss food.

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