Tips to Get Perfect Skin

8 Effective Tips to Get Perfect Skin

Perfect skin for me is toned, flawless skin tone and texture no matter whether it is of light or dark complexion. A perfect glowing, rejuvenated skin is the dream of every woman on earth irrespective of their ages. In the adolescent age, we are naturally blessed by beautiful skin in all respect but even this also needs care but not that much as we need in our mature stage of life like after the 30s.

No matter what is your current skin condition, still, there is an immense amount of chance to change the picture completely and to get flawless glowing, beautiful skin if you follow our below-mentioned tips to get perfect skin naturally. So let’s begin this short and effective journey to get your dream skin within a few weeks with your full honest dedication.

8 Effective Tips to Get Perfect Skin

tips to get perfect skin naturally

Stay Hydrated

No wonder that you can be the owner of a great rejuvenated skin for your life-time with this little awareness in your day to day life. Hydration is the key to healthy, glowing and flawless skin. It keeps your skin supple from inside out no matter whether you apply heavy makeup on your face or not, if your skin is hydrated it will naturally give you natural makeup look with rosy cheeks, shiny lips and full glow.

Also, it is very easy to incorporate into your daily life routine. However, don’t keep the hydration work limited to your 6 to 7 glasses water intake only. Drinking healthy fruit juice or other healthy drinks can also do the same work with better nourishment for your skin.

One trick you can incorporate to ensure that your body is absorbing water properly is by including minerals in your diet which helps in enhancing the water absorption ability of your body. Just you need to be consistent with this hydration formula for getting healthy glowing skin and see the wonder just within few weeks.

Don’t Skip Wearing Sunscreen Any Day


The UVs rays of the sun are the primary reason behind the growth of premature aging signs on your skin including fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, etc. So it is your foremost duty to wear a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 with broad-spectrum as it protects your skin against both UVA and UVB rays.

Many women think that the sunscreen application is only necessary for the summer days when the sun’s heat intensity remains in its peak but this is absolutely wrong. My dear friend your skin needs sun protection throughout the year irrespective of the weather or environmental condition. Yes, other than the summer season you will not see sun rays effect directly on your skin but still, it exists and can damage your skin health unusually.

So don’t skip this important part of your daily skincare routine at any cost and start its usage at the very early stages of your life so that you won’t have to suffer from early age aging signs on your face and even other parts of your body’s skin.

Try Picking Only Natural Products

rose water

Try to pick only skincare products that are rich in potent natural ingredients such as aloe vera gel, honey, turmeric, rose water, etc. This is because in such cosmetic products either the chemical contents are very low or there are no chemicals at all. So there is no risk of skin health-damaging even with their long term usage.

Like for massaging your skin, use only natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, etc. These oils are naturally rich with antioxidant properties that protect your skin against free radicals damages. Moreover, regular massaging with these skin-friendly oils helps in keeping your skin toned and naturally glossy.

Similarly for cleansing your face, you can use a cleanser rich in tea tree oil or neem extracts as this will not only deep cleanse your pores but will also protect it against bacteria and free radicals attack. To give your face a refreshing look you can apply rose water after the application of your daily moisturizer with SPF protection. Rosewater helps in shrinking your pores and adds natural glow and freshness on your skin the whole day.

Try DIY to Prepare Your Specific Skin Care Regime

Though the cosmetic industry is loaded with tons of skincare products but why to choose commercial when you have easy and effective DIY remedies available at your home. The best part of the DIY remedies is that you get ample opportunity to prepare a specific skincare product as per your unique skin type and your personal requirement.

Whether it is a banana peeling mask or a skin toning honey and rose water mixture there is no lack of remedies when you are ready to adore only natural care for your skin. Also as per your specific skin issue, you can prepare your own skincare regime to treat your specific skin problems like pimples, rashes, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and texture. With the consistent use of the DIY skincare routine, you will easily manage to get and maintain the perfect skin.

Cut Your Refined Sugar Intake

Your skin is not only a reflection of what you put on it but it also reflects what you eat. So, along with essential daily skincare steps you also require to give attention to what you eat. Some food intake can badly affect your skin health so beware of them. Out of such skin, health-harming foods refined sugar is a prominent one.

In spite of their tempting taste avoid them if you seriously want to get perfect skin in all respect. Some refined food sources that are usually a part of our daily life include soft drinks, coffee drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, some fruit beverages, alcohol, breakfast cereals, granola, cereal bars, etc.

You can’t imagine how badly these foods can damage your skin health slowly and gradually if these are a part of your regular life. So it’s time to say goodbye to these refined sugar-rich foods from your life and stay ready to get your long time desired perfect skin.

Treat Your Pimples Proactively before They Get Worst

Pimples on SkinPimples can strike your face at any age. Though it is usual to face this trouble during the adolescent stage due to severe changes in hormonal balance but there is no lack of adult stage acne as well, which really looks like an ugly spot on your flawless skin.

We all get some common clues whenever any new acne is about to pop like it may start itching or rashes appear on the affected skin area etc. So if you notice any of your symptoms that notify you about your upcoming pimples then don’t wait anymore. Start your proactive skincare steps to fight with this skin issue before it actually appears on the surface.

Like you can start double cleansing of your skin to reduce the extra secretion of oil that causes breakouts problem. Exfoliate your skin for removing dead skin cells from your pores. Avoid the triggers that stimulate acne growth like some foods etc. Increase your water intake so that your skin remains fully hydrated from inside.

Also do not use the sugar and sheet face mask as they may close your pores leading to pimples generation at a faster speed. Likewise, you can take a necessary action depending upon your skin type and your past experiences with pimples problem to keep your skin flawless all year round.

Follow the Night Skin Care Regime Without Failing

Night Skin Care Regime

Just like your day time skincare routine or fixed rituals, even your nighttime skincare is equally important if you want to keep your skin perfect looking in all respect throughout your life. Clean your face with a mild cleanser or face wash as it will remove all the dirt and pollutants that your skin gathers from the surrounding environment throughout the day.

After proper cleansing of your face applies a good night time moisturizer this can be a natural product like aloe vera gel or skin oil or a commercial night time care skin product whichever suits your skin better. If you remain loyal to these two simple steps then trust me nothing can hamper your beauty. Nighttime when your body is resting these skincare products will work as a healer for treating all your skin problems very effectively.

Also cleansing your face before bed ensures that you won’t have to suffer from unnecessary breakout problems which can easily develop if you sleep with makeup. This is because the chemicals existing in different makeup products like your eye makeup, lipstick or face make up products can easily enter inside your pores during your resting period making it breakout prone. So no matter how tired you feel any day never think to skip this skincare routine at any condition for the sake of your flawless skin beauty.

Have Enough Quality Sleep

If you want to wake up with that fresh glow on your face in the morning then have a quality sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours during the night. When you have enough amount of sound sleep during nights your body gets enough time and power for natural repair and renewal of your skin cells. This is the high time when your old, damaged cells can be replaced with healthy new skin cells however it could only be possible if you have enough quality sleep without any break or disturbances in between.

On the other hand, people who do not get enough sleep during the night its effect can easily be noticed by seeing their puffy eyes, and dry and dull overall facial skin. This is because when your body does not rest enough it affects the blood circulation level hence your face does not receive enough level of blood supply that is needed for its healthy look and health. Also, the lack of blood circulation in the face can dilate the blood vessels under your skin leading to dark circles below your eyes occur.

So for ensuring the perfect looking skin, you should follow a fixed sleeping pattern. Go for sleep at the fixed time and wake up also every day at the same time. This will automatically set a pattern in your body that will get an automatic trigger on your sleeping time. Also in order to ensure sound sleep makes sure that you don’t smoke or have alcohol before bed as it can disturb your sleep.

Also along with having sound sleep for enough time, it is also crucial that you notice your sleeping conditions as many times wrinkles and fine lines develop on your face due to the wrong sleeping style. Try to sleep on your back as when you sleep on your side your face skin pressed against pillow which contributes wrinkles.

Determine Your Skin Types

Apart from above mentioned important tips in order to choose a correct skincare product that you need to use and follow in your daily skincare regimen such as cleanser, skin toner, moisturizer or lotions, exfoliating agent, etc it is crucial that you know your skin type. Without knowing your accurate skin type you won’t be able to select the right product in your skincare routine because everyone’s skin is different. So what works for others will definitely not work in the same way on your skin. Follow the below mentioned guideline to discover your actual skin type.

  • Clues for Normal Skin- This is the most ideal type of skin and if you have so then really you are blessed. In case of normal skin, your pores have a small size, it doesn’t get oily, and you have even skin tone and texture. You will hardly get breakouts issues.
  • Clues for Sensitive Skin- This type of skin is very reactive in nature especially when you try any new skincare product. The sensitive skin easily gets dry, itchy and irritated depending upon your lifestyle, weather conditions and the product you apply.
  • Clues for Dry Skin- Dry skin gets tighter once you cleanse it and it easily gets rough and flaky when exposed to dry air or cold weather. This type of skin is more prone to wrinkling because of excessive dryness or lack of oil. Also, this type of skin has no visible pores.
  • Clues for Oily Skin- In this type of skin excessive oil secretion happens and it is more acne and blemishes prone. Also, it has visible pores on it. Your skin will become greasy and glossy looking just within an hour of its cleansing.
  • Clues for Combination Skin- This type of skin is a combination of both dry and oily skin features. Certain areas of your face will look oily whereas certain points of your face such as your edges look rough and flaky. Your t-zone that includes forehead, nose, and chin remain oily. Also, the visible pores only exist in your t-zone.

The above-mentioned tips to get perfect skin naturally are really worth to follow if you love your skin and want to maintain that youth age charm throughout your life.

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