Different Types Of Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

Our facial expressions will allow us to communicate and interacts with each other. Physical appearance also has an impact on how people perceive us; all of us try to put our best face forward.

Most of the times people want to improve some parts of their face. Some may born with the abnormalities in face such as a birthmark, a cleft lip, or event other birth defect. Many of us may also notice the aging signs, previous facial trauma or sun damage. Fortunately most of these problems could be corrected with procedures carried out by the surgeon.

There are several types of facial plastic surgery procedures that aim in reconstructing the neck and face region of the body. Each and every part of the face can be corrected with the plastic reconstruction.

The most important point you need to consider before having facial plastic surgery is to find the reputable board certified cosmetic surgeon, and organize a consultation to know more about the facial plastic surgery and also how it could benefit your needs. During this consultation your surgeon will explain the available options.

Most common facial plastic surgery methods for women include those that can alter the body features, correct facials wrinkles, or help you to regain the youthful looks. Generally women have solutions like injection to diminish wrinkles, cosmetic surgery to correct their chin, eye, and nose area.

Some of the most common facial plastic surgery procedures include:


This procedure involves making small incision in the hairline from behind the ear into scalp by the temples. If neck also being worked on, then a small cut will be made below your chin. After making the incision the surgeon will certainly separate your skin from muscle and the fat below. To provide tighten and sleeker face, sometimes fat below your skin can be suctioned away or trimmed.

A good facelift surgery can make you look 10 years younger than your actual age. So absolutely it is the most popular types of facial cosmetic surgery.


This is also known as the eyelid surgery, which primarily performed on the older women and men. Your droopy eyelids are not only the symptoms of aging, but they can also impair your vision. Along with this, forehead lifts may also be done to raise the sagging eyebrows and also remove the creases on forehead and frown lines, which occur even in young age due to habitual expressions and heredity.

Eyebrow Lift:

As we are aging, one of the noticeable problems is drooping eyebrows. This will make the excess eyelid skin noticeable even more. To remove these baggy eyelids, it may be necessary to do an eyebrow lift before or even after performing the eyelid surgery. Brow lift can be performed either by using endoscopic technology or open surgical technology.


This surgery is used to reshape the nose. This surgery can make your nose smaller or longer, change your nose angle according to your upper lip, correct the indentation, bumps, or other birth defect; alter the nose tip.

In this surgery the doctor makes small incisions in order to access the cartilage and bones, which support your nose. Usually these are made inside the nose area, so they are invisible after having the surgery. Based on the desired results, some cartilage and bone can be removed, or even tissue will be added. All the surgical packing in the nose can be removed in 2 days following the surgery. The bandaging and split around the nose will be taken off in a week.

Facial Implants:

These can be used to improve your facial contour. Implants which build-up the chin, jaw, and cheekbones may be used separately or in combination to create the more attractive face shape and profile. Facial implants can be used to restore your youthful appearance, in order to enhance the facial features.

Lip Augmentation:

This will create plumper, fuller lips and also reduce wrinkles around your mouth. In this procedure lips could be injected with the collagen or fat can be transferred from another part of patient’s body. Both fat and liquid collagen is absorbed and repetition of treatments is necessary in order to maintain the best results. Long lasting and newer methods include implantable material like SoftForm and AlloDerm.


If disfigured or protruding ears are bothering you, then you can consider plastic surgery. Correcting ears with surgery is also known as otoplasty. This can improve proportion, position and shape of your ears. This surgery can correct the defected ear structure, which is present from birth. Otoplasty can create a natural ear shape through bringing proportion and balance to face and ears. Even correction of minor deformities can have great benefits to self-esteem and appearance.

Facial Reconstruction:

This surgery can reconstruct the facial skin defects as a result of the previous surgery, disease or injury. This includes the reconstruction of defects due to scar revision, cancer surgery, and removal of the birth marks, correcting congenital abnormalities such as palate, lips, or skull, and repairing facial laceration from the prior trauma.

Chin Augmentation:

This is a surgical treatment to enhance or reshape the chin size. This can be carried out either through inserting the implants or even by moving or reshaping the bones. Usually chin augmentation is carried out to balance the bigger or longer as compared to the nose. Usually this is done along with the facial liposuction or rhinoplasty.

Cheek Augmentation:

Cheeks are one of the defining feature parts of your facial area. Full cheek can evoke the appearance of vitality and youth, while flat or sunken cheeks may make you look aged and tired. You can make your cheeks look younger with the help of cheek augmentation surgery. The surgeon will improve your appearance by adding volume to your cheeks. This surgery will need an injectable filler or special cheek implant. These days cheek augmentation is getting more and more popularity because of its tremendous results improving an individual’s appearance.

Facial Liposuction:  

This surgery is used to extract the lumps of fat, or excess deposits from cheeks, jowls, chin, and jaw line. Facial liposuction removes the fat deposits that does not respond to weight loss, exercise, or diet, and reshapes the facial contours to achieve slimmer and more attractive appearance.

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