Cool Tips to Beat the Summer Heat!

Cool Tips to Beat the Summer Heat!

Beating the Summer Heat

The summer heat is hard to beat, but with a little help from this article, you can do just fine. Save money on your electricity bills and shield your body from the harsh sun using these handy tips.

Tips to Beat Heat

Drink More Water

Stay hydrated and you will be able to eliminate toxins as well as beat the scorching summer sun. If you are facing a lot of heat from exercise or summer heat, drinking water becomes an easy way out. CDC likens the human body to an air conditioner. When the body undergoes heating, the internal conditioner turns on and sweating begins. An air conditioner uses a coolant, while your body uses sweat. The only way you can compensate is by drinking H20. Water is freely accessible and if you stay hydrated, there are a lot of benefits you can gain.

Excessive Sweat? Use Swipes

Sweat can be a real problem in making the body hot and uncomfortable. Sweating can be kept under control through the application of antiperspirants and wear material that breathes such as cotton and light clothing, besides swipes.

Optimize the Fan

Optimize the Fan
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If you face your fan outwards, rather than in, the room becomes cooler and sleeping comfortably is easier. Temperature controllers and summer high-speed settings are some other ways to get a 100 percent from your fan.

Avoid the Oven

Summer is a wonderful time to enjoy food, but the temperature of the items should not be burning hot. Making cold soup or trying oven-free recipes for a summer meal that is light on the stomach and cool on the body.

Exercise Comfortably

Too much heat does not mean you stop exercising. Use common sense methods such as opting for water sports, avoiding the sun when strongest and exercising for short duration’s. Cooling off after the exercise works pretty well, but precooling techniques are equally important.

Use Your Windows Well

Pay more attention to using the windows at their optimal best in summer. During the day, you need to cover the windows and make sure the sun’s ray does not enter. To ensure that you can get ventilation, use insulated drapes. At night, when the air becomes cooler, open the windows and hang a wet towel to ensure the breeze blowing in remains cool. Open windows in opposite directions for maximal air flow.

Keep Coop While You Rest

Summer heat can be most annoying when you are trying to get some shuteye, as sizzling temperatures make it tough to fall asleep. Cool, yourself with special techniques like the Chillow or the Egyptian method (sleeping atop a wet covering).

Locate the Cooling Points of Your Body

If you are caught in heat and cannot find a place to cool off, test your body’s best cooling points using ice cubes wrapped in a towel or any cold compress to cool the limbs. Cool down rapidly and effectively using these cooling points.

Foods You Can Eat To Beat The Heat


Watermelon is another important food to be consumed in any form to lower body heat during the summer. Juicy, yummy and tasty, watermelon is a superfood. The high water content can eliminate dehydration in the sweltering heat. Rich in potassium, it maintains the electrolyte balance and satisfies the sweet craving without causing blood sugar levels to overshoot as it is a low-glycemic food. Amino acid content makes it the perfect snack if you are working out and need to cool after a challenging session or reducing muscle soreness.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits
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These are high in vitamin C and rich in water which makes it ideal for those who wish to stay well hydrated. So, consume oranges and peaches for good results.


Both of these foods are excellent for lowering body heat during the summer. Buttermilk can be added to your diet to beat body heat.

Almond Milk

Consume almond milk the first thing in the morning to lower body heat.


Reduce sodium intake in your body in a gradual and natural fashion. This also lowers the blood pressure and leads to a cooling of the body.

Go Vegetarian

Vegetarian foods contain more water and extra vitamins as against non-vegetarian foods. This makes them the right choice to give off heat and stay cool.

Cardamom Tea

Adding cardamom ensures that body heat is reduced naturally. Adding just a pinch of cardamom powder can ensure that the tea helps to lift your mood and your coolness quotient.

Cucumber Salads

This is the best remedy for lowering body heat in the summer. Salads containing cucumber, radish and tomatoes are the best choices. Keep your body hydrated and eliminate unwanted toxins using light salads.

Sugar Water

Sugar water is another choice to reduce body heat on less than a single day. Add a tablespoon of sugar to water and drink on an empty stomach to lower heat in the body.

Coconut Water

This is another natural home remedy to reduce heat in the body. It is full of minerals and vitamins making it an excellent choice for a nutritious repast.

Lemon Juice

It needs to be drunk more than twice in a day to lower heat. Add sugar to make the juice more cooling in nature.

Green Beans

Green Beans
Photo By: Jeremy Keith/ CC BY

The succulent green beans are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Rich in fiber, they can also stave off heart problems.

Bell Pepper

This ensures suppleness of the skin and also helps to ward off heat. It is rich in Vitamin C which builds collagen.


From strawberries to raspberries and blueberries, you can opt for different types to escape the summer heat. Have a handful of them along with yogurt for a surefire cooling recipe. Gooseberries or amla is an excellent remedy for combating the harsh summer rays.


Red, juice filled tomatoes are the perfect blend of vitamin C and K essential for combating the summer heat.


Boiled corn is rich in Vitamin B which works well if you want to cut down on the summer heat.


This zero cholesterol veggie is low on carbs and helps you to keep your weight in check during the summers.


Mint is an excellent skin cleanser which also keeps the summer heat at bay besides beating acidity. It is also rich in iron and boosts the immunity apart from fending off allergies.


This is a Vitamin E rich fruit that delays aging and also keeps the summer heat at a distance.

Green Tea

This summer, beat the heat with green tea which is extremely beneficial for a host of health issues from diabetes to weight loss and blood pressure.

Sugar Palm Fruit

The fruit of the sugar palm tree is a summer fruit with many advantages. The fruit is high in water content.


Photo by: Joy/ CC BY

This is known as the king of fruits and is perfect in the form of a milkshake or cut slices for the best impact.


These have strong cooling property and provide protection against the heat. Add this veggie to your soups, stews and casseroles for a healthy and cooling meal.


Whether you use strategies or home remedies, the cure for beating the heat is to concentrate on what works for you best. From a vegan diet to cooling beverages, there are many options for staving off the summer heat. Use these awesome tips to keep a cool head as temperatures are set to sizzle.

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