Top 7 Easy Tips for Glowing Skin

Top 7 Easy Tips for Glowing Skin: Ideal Skin Care Routine Guide

A clear, smoother and glowing skin not only represents your facial beauty but it also reflects your inner health as well. So we do anything to enhance its appearance and beauty but are we really on the right path?

This is a big question that every beauty conscious women should think about deeply. Is your daily skincare routine is enough to maintain your natural, God gifted beauty and prevent the aging signs to appear? If you are still confused then here we are going to clear all your queries with our all time-proven easy tips for glowing skin.

Though the cosmetic industry is loaded with thousands of products that promise to add instant glow and fairness to the skin, it is useless to mention here that that glow and fairness is just a temporary phenomenon as you have experienced already.

Herein lies, the importance of quality and expert’s suggested daily skincare routine and perfect natural tricks and tips for preparing some home remedies to generate your inner glow on your face and overall body’s skin by rejuvenating your real beauty.

Melanin is a pigment that is responsible for dark tone or pigmentation on the skin and the growth of this particular pigment gets a boost with excessive sun exposure. As your skin is more bound to interact or face sun exposure so it is more likely to face damages especially by losing its natural glow and fairness.

So it is very crucial that one who wants to maintain the evergreen glow on their face should take care of some important things and maintain a very healthy lifestyle along with following a strict and consistent natural skincare routine to maintain their skin fairness and glow.

Top 7 Easy Tips for Glowing Skin

Give Sun Protection to Your Skin

Sun the ultimate source of Vitamin D along with its many goodnesses, its direct and unprotected exposure is likely to cause instant damages on your outer layer of the body that is skin.

So it is very crucial that you never go out of your home without applying sunscreen. Use at least an SPF 15 wide spectrum, sunscreen lotion on your face before going out which protects your skin against UVA and UVB rays of the sun.

Direct sun exposure accelerates the aging process of your skin or in more precise term premature aging signs such as fine lines, wrinkles, aging spots, etc.

Also, it can instantly make your skin tone darker by increasing the production of melanin pigment on your skin cells. This is also known as sun tan that gets hardened to remove fully.

So to avoid all these problems make sure that you apply a very thick layer of sunscreen on your face and neck areas. Also, reapply it on the basis of your sun exposure rate in a day in order to maintain your skin glow and beauty forever.

In this context wearing long sleeve clothes, a big hat and using an umbrella while going out especially in the hot summer days can work as preventive measures against sun damages. Also, avoid going out in the afternoon time until it is an emergency which is the peak time of sun heat or rays.

Take a Beauty Sleep

Why the phrase beauty sleep is so popular? It is just because of its importance to raising your beauty to a new peak. Yes, you heard absolutely right just with sleeping 7 to 8 hours in the night without any break or awakening in between during each night you can bring drastic level improvement in your skin beauty.

This particularly happens because the resting hours during night works as a natural healing period for your body. At this particular period, your body’s automatic healing process enables that do an auto repair of all your damages and also likely to absorb and grasp the night care products that you apply before bedtime.

So whether you want to get rid of any particular skin issue or you want to enhance your skin texture and charm, for everything a sound and peaceful sleep at least for 7 hours is a must.

If you are facing difficulty in sleeping consistently or you are suffering from certain illnesses that are harming your beauty sleep then it is must that you take necessary steps to relieve those concerns.

Also, you can try some easy tips that you need to follow before bedtime in order to ensure peaceful sleep without any break so that you can wake up with a beautiful glow on your face.

Drink Plenty Amount of Water

Do you want naturally supple and glowing skin, then use this easy trick. Simply increase your daily water intake level and see the miracle by own.

Water is an essential element for maintaining and enhancing your skin beauty. It keeps your skin naturally hydrated and doesn’t let it dry or affected by external environmental negative impacts.

It is suggested that every person should drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day as this not only keeps your skin glowing and healthy but also beneficial for your overall health.

Water helps to improve your digestive function and prevent constipation and other digestion related health problems. Your digestion is again associated with your skin beauty because sluggish or improper digestion is likely to develop its signs on your skin in the form of acne etc.

So it is crucial that you make a strict habit of drinking at least 7 to 8 glasses of water throughout a day to keep your skin naturally glowing and plump.

In this context, you can also consume water-based fruits and vegetables as these foods can also fulfill your daily requirement of water level such as watermelon, oranges, cucumber, strawberry, etc.

Choose Only Healthy Foods

What you eat or drink in a day reflects on your skin health. This is the reason it is always advised by the dieticians or nutritionists to eat only fresh fruits and vegetables in order to stay healthy from inside and beautiful and glowing by your skin.

Also, the necessity of vital nutrients such as vitamins, protein, etc can be fulfilled with their supplements which can easily fill the necessary gap with its faster effect.

These healthy and nutrient-dense foods and supplements work as a natural medication to stimulate the growth of healthy and glowing skin cells and ensure your youthful charm throughout your life.

To get a radiant glow on your face you should more focus or citrus foods like oranges, lemon, etc. Similarly to keep your skin hydrated and plump you should consume more fruits and vegetables which are rich in water content.

In this context, you should also stay aware of the food sources which are unhealthy for your skin as well as inner health such as high fat and sugar-rich foods or snacks.

Avoid frequent consumption of more fermented and spicy foods that are unhealthy for your digestive health. As the digestive function of the body affects your skin health and texture so it is crucial to avoid such foods to keep your skin always glowing and healthy naturally.

Also, over-eating of more salty and fried foods should be avoided to keep your cardiovascular health in check and to ensure healthy blood circulation throughout your skin cells which is vital for rejuvenated skin.

Foods that are a rich source of natural oils must be included in everyday diet routines such as walnuts, almonds, etc. These nuts are primarily known for getting glowing skin but yes it must be consumed in limited or recommended quantity by the health specialists.

Consume multicolored foods including different colors veggies and fruits to get the special nutrition existing in these natural foods. Eat more green leafy vegetables which are the powerhouse of nutrients. Also, it protects your skin against free radicals damages with their antioxidant properties.


Do you want to get back the natural glow of your face and overall body skin that you have in your teenage then there will be no such an effective and easy solution for this other than a daily exercising habit?

The more your body moves better the blood circulation of your body remains which keeps you energetic and your skin toned and rejuvenated.

It is an easy way to prevent early aging signs on your face and overall body skin. For this, you don’t need to join a gym class or attain its classes on a daily basis. Simply walking or jogging in the morning at least for 20 to 30 minutes time is enough to keep your blood circulation rate in good condition which ensures natural detoxification or cleansing of your skin.

Apart from this, you can choose any physical activity that would be easy to practice in your day to day life. Some common and easy exercise forms that you can incorporate in your day to day life include swimming, skipping, running, cycling, yoga, and meditation.

Out of these exercises, the benefits of yoga and meditation are enormous. These activities are especially known for attaining mental peace which is a basic need for healthy and glowing skin as it is your brain that controls all your body’s functions.

So when it will be in peace and stable condition it will automatically reflect its state in the form of your glowing and healthy skin.


Exfoliation is a crucial skincare step that every beauty conscious person must follow. This helps to remove dead skin cells which otherwise can clog your skin pores leading to different skin problems like blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, large skin pores, etc.

So make sure that you exfoliate your skin at least 1 or 2 times in a week to keep your skin cleaned and smoother naturally. Because once all the dead skin cells removed from the very outer layer of your skin your inner glow automatically appears in front.

For exfoliating your skin you can use a market’s exfoliating product or you can prepare your own customized exfoliating remedy rich with very skin-friendly plus effective ingredients that you can easily avail in your kitchen itself.

Prepare your own exfoliating mask with oats or walnuts or even with wheat bran leftover. Mix any of these into yogurt and apply all over your face evenly and liberally. Once it dries out, remove it with lukewarm water.

You can see instant glow and fairness on your face once the dry and dead skin cells remove through this skincare routine. Also, you can use a gentle scrubber as per your skin type as it will be a handy solution especially when you are out of your home place.

After exfoliating your skin, apply a good moisturizer on your face as it will work better on your clean face. Also, make sure that you clean your face very well every night before bed with a cleanser to clear all the dust and pollution that your skin gathers from the environment.

This helps to prevent skin clogging issues. Use a good natural moisturizing product like aloe vera gel every night before sleep and leave it overnight. This will help to heal all your skin issues during your resting hour and ensure that you get a natural glow on your face when you wake up in the morning.

Follow Healthy Habits

Along with these entire tips, one important thing that you must adhere to in order to get and maintain your skin glow is to follow some healthy habits in your day to day life.

In order to keep your health fit and skin glowing it is very crucial that you avoid taking stress which is the root cause of all major to minor health problems including your skin health as well.

Keep yourself busy in some positive and constructive things all the time so that your mind will not get enough time to indulge in all those useless things which have actually nothing to do in your life.

When you take too much stress your body produces more cortisol or stress hormone which interferes with each and every other function of your organs. It makes your skin more oily that leads to breaking out.

For getting rid of your stress you can use breathing techniques, yoga poses, meditation, etc. Also, as you do exercises to keep your other body parts fit similarly your face muscles also need to exercise to release its stress and to speed up blood circulation in this area.

Do facial massages at least 5 minutes in a day which you can do at any time while doing any other work as well. This will keep away all the aging signs such as fine lines, wrinkles dryness, etc and keep your skin look naturally glowing and smoother.

Also, avoid smoking and drinking excess alcohol which again makes your skin extra dry and causes aging signs to appear before your actual age making you look older.

Some Random Tips for Glowing Skin

Random Tips for Glowing Skin

Leave Your Face Alone!

This might sound weird, but you need to take it seriously. There are people who have a habit of popping zits; avoid this at all costs since you might end up messing your entire face. Also, quite a number of people have this habit of touching their faces all the time; usually it is just a natural action and at times one may not even be aware that they are doing it. Hands carry germs that your face could really do without so: hands off your face!

Watch what You Eat

You are what you eat; this is a very true statement that everyone should live by. What you put in your body defines you; in a manner of speaking. If you want glamorous, healthy, glowing skin you must eat right. Try as much as possible to stay away from salty foods as they are known to promote dry skin and puffiness. Instead, eat more of what nature has to offer and more specifically fruits and greens. The nutrients present in these foods are very good for the skin.

Do not Sleep with Makeup

During the day makeup makes you look good, and if you look good, you feel good. All this is great and everything, but you need to ensure that once the day is over, the makeup goes. Makeup obstructs skin pores meaning that toxins cannot be eliminated from the skin; this will increase your chances of getting acne. So, once you get back home after a long day at work wash off all the makeup from your face so that your skin can breathe.

Be Happy

Without a doubt, we live in a very stressful world and at times it seems as though everything is working against us. When you let the daily pressures of life get to you, your skin will take a beating. Therefore, try and find something that makes you happy amidst all the negativity; laugh as often as possible. Being happy will make you glow both in a manner of speaking and physically.

Skin Cleansing

It is important to cleanse your skin once or twice a day depending on the type of skin you have. Instead of buying costly cleansers, try a more natural approach. You can make your own cleansing solution with some common edibles found around the house, for example, lemons, honey and cucumber. For example, with honey all you need to do is apply some on your face and let it sit there for about twenty minutes. Once you are done cleansing wash your face with cold water, never warm or hot as this will make your skin dry.

So friends, simply follow the above mentioned effective yet easy tips for glowing skin forever. However, you have to be consistent while following these tricks and tips otherwise, nothing lasts permanently until you put constant effort to make it last.

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