Health Benefits of Rose Tea

Health Benefits of Rose Tea: A Healthy Beverage for Better Health

We all know the benefits of rose petals and its oil for enhancing your skin health and beauty but you will be surprised to know that a dry or fresh rose petals and buds infused tea can relieve multiple health problems in a much easier and natural way.

The health benefits of rose tea are multidimensional. At first, its beautiful aromatic fragrance relaxes your anxious mind and calms it instantly. Other than that it boosts your digestion, relieves a different kind of bodily infection and boosts immune power to keep you strong and healthy all the time.

This easy hot brew recipe is the best option to start your day with a refreshing hot drink like rose tea. Also, you can get an instant energy boost whenever you feel low by mood or by physical energy level by having this nutritious tea.

So below we have enlisted some amazing health benefits list that you can ensure by having this nutritious brew naturally.

Health Benefits of Rose Tea

Relieves Anxiety and Pain

Rose petals are the potent source of antioxidants that works as your mood booster and calms your heart thus relieves from anxiety and its associated pain.

Rose is a proven aromatic agent that is often used in aromatherapy to provide relaxation to a patient for ensuring peaceful sleep during nights. This aromatic flower improves your mood instantly and calms your mind to attain the level of peacefulness.

This is the reason it is the most recommended brew for relieving some mental health conditions such as depression, tension, pain, and sorrow. It reduces the symptoms of anxiety and reduces stress to develop a stable mental health condition.

The Rosa Damascena is a species known for its analgesic properties. It helps to relieve pain caused by grief and anxiety. It is its natural antioxidant content that makes it effective in natural treatment for many mental health disorders.

It is also used as an alternative treatment procedure for pharmaceutical treatment processes for the natural healing of a patient. Also, the best part of this healing property-rich brew is that it doesn’t contain any side effect risk which commonly exists with medical treatment processes.

So it can be used as a daily life stress-fighting regimen because of its high aromatic effect without any risk of addiction or elevation of symptoms of any mental disorder.

Also drinking a hot rose brew before bedtime ensures peaceful sleep during nights which is vital for keeping your mental health in the balance position.

Aid in Digestion

Many species of rose are used as medicinal ingredients since the ancient era and even now there are some varieties of rose that are used especially for their aesthetic and medicinal features.

Rosa Damascena is one of the species of rose which is used for treating digestive health-related problems. The dried petals of this particular rose variety are eaten to relieve different stomach concerns.

Rose tea or brew is a very popular beverage in countries like Rural Middle East, Lebanese, Syrian and Assyrian. Different elements of rose are added in these herbal teas such as rosebuds, rose extract drops, flowers, etc.

The rose decoction is used as a laxative in Iranian medicines which is used for the treatment of constipation. As a laxative, it is a common ingredient of prescribed medications for constipation problems.

The consumption of this herbal tea gives relaxation from stomach ulcers and pain. The antioxidant power of this tea enhances when the extract or oil or petals or buds of the Rosa Damascena is added in these teas. This is what makes it an ideal home remedy for digestion related health problems.

Helps to Control Diabetes

Diabetes which is a chronic and even life-long disease can be controlled and managed with the medicinal property-rich rose tea. The consumption of Rosa damascene alcohol extract develops an anti-diabetic effect in the body. Hence helps in reducing blood glucose level.

The extract of this particular species of rose is known for its ability to suppress carbohydrate absorption capacity of the small intestine. Hence it helps to prevent the risk of a rise in blood sugar level associated with post-consumption of a meal especially foods rich in carbohydrates.

This species of rose has the potential to inhibit a glucose-metabolizing alpha-glucosidase enzyme, thus helps in controlling your diabetes level if consumed on a regular basis.

Rose Tea Contains Anti-Cancer Agents

The powerful antioxidant contents existing in rose extracts have the ability to block the genetic mutations which can further lead to cancer. This anti-mutagenic property exists in different species of roses as per one of the study report.

Roses are the rich sources of anthocyanins. Apart from rose other food sources of these medicinal property-rich compounds include black soybean, black rice, raspberries, and blueberries. This enzyme can be treated as a genetic marker for identifying special food products.

The rose extracts with its powerful antioxidants such as polyphenols, catechins and EGCG has the power to protect your body against damages caused by free radicals which can even cause cancer.

The best part of using this medicinal property-rich tea is that it only kills cancerous cells without affecting the surrounding healthy cells. This is the reason why rose tea is an essential part of Chinese medications since the very ancient time.

Rose Tea can Treat Sore Throats and Flu

The soothing effect of rose tea relieves from the pain and soreness caused by sore throats and some symptoms of cold and flu. It gets possible because this Vitamin C rich herbal tea helps in fighting infections and reduces its associated pain.

As per one study report rose tea contains more amount of Vitamin C than any citrus fruits. Rose tea along with added one teaspoon honey works magically in relieving the symptoms of cold and flu in the body as honey boosts the healing potential of rose teas.

Rose tea when consumed during the early and mid phases of spring seasons helps to protect your body from seasonal flu effect. Rose tea is a good source of Vitamins B1, B2, K, beta-carotene, tannins, pectin and bioflavonoids which has anti-inflammatory properties thus helpful in fighting in infections and inflammations.

Rose Tea Soothes Respiratory Distress

Rose tea has the ability to soothe the infections or distress of your respiratory tract. This Vitamin C rich herbal tea has natural immune booster power. As during the respiratory tract’s infections, the body’s natural immunity power reduces so when you drink a mild hot rose tea it boosts your recovery process.

This anti-oxidant compound rich tea is often prescribed for soothing lungs, throat and respiratory tracts. It accelerates the removal process of mucus and phlegm where pathogens live and thrive.

In order to relieve your respiratory tract infections and its symptoms faster drink rose tea two to three times a day along with your prescribed medications.

Rose Tea Can Help In Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis is the most common joint disease which can even cause disability in its severe cases. There are many types of arthritis however the common symptoms exist in each one of them is a pain in different joints areas of the body.

This is the major cause of disability in the United States which calls for the necessity to prevent this disease from growing. As per one study report, the rose tea with its anti-inflammatory property equals to a prescribed NSAID. Hence helpful in reducing inflammation in joints areas and its associated pain.

The consumption of this medicinal property-rich tea also boosts the blood circulation level in joint areas which further helps in relieving chronic pain associated with arthritis disease.

Rose tea is also a natural diuretic that helps to remove accumulated water in different tissues that leads to inflammation and heavy pain in the affected areas. The best part is that it doesn’t cause stomach upset just like the prescribed NSAID.

As per the herbalists with daily 2 cups rose tea intake you can naturally reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain caused by arthritis health concern.

Relieves from the Menstrual Pain 

Menstrual pain or cramp is one of the most common discomforts that each and every menstruating woman faces at some or other point in time of their life.

This issue is more severe in teenage girls who have just started menstruating. This badly affects their daily life activities like their academic performance, participation in sports and even withdrawal from social activities.

However, this common menstrual symptom can be eased with a mild hot rose tea drink in these five days period. You can add one tbsp honey and a dash of black pepper to improve its medicinal effect for treating your menstrual cramp.

Also, this herbal tea helps in regulating blood flow and relieves other discomforts associated with menstruation.

Rose Tea Can Aid in Hair Growth

The petals of the white and pink rose are the rich source of anti-allergic and antioxidant properties. This helps in reducing the oxidation of protein and lipid existing in the hair cells. Hence promotes healthy and dense hair growth.

The phytochemicals content of rose can inhibit sebum secretion which helps in preventing oily and itchy scalp issues which leads to hair fall problems.

You can mix rose tea extract in hair shampoos for treating hair fall, Malassezia infection and seborrheic dermatitis a hair health condition. Also, it works as a natural conditioner to enhance the appearance and texture of your hair naturally.

Improves Skin Health

Rose petals are the powerhouse of vital nutrients needed for improving and maintaining skin health and appearance. Vitamin A, C and E content of rose petals help to hydrate and tighten your skin pores and prevent the risk of premature wrinkles, aging spots, and dark circles.

Also even in the matured stages of life both the consumption of rose tea and the application of topical rose extracts help in maintaining the youthful charm on your face.

Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties help in curing different skin conditions such as acne, dryness, etc. Also, it enhances the natural glow on your skin.  The daily intake of rose tea promotes collagen production on your skin which is the most vital protein needed for maintaining your skin health and beauty.

Rose Tea Can Boost Immune System

The rosebud extract tea is a good source of Vitamin C which has the ability to boost your immune system which is needed for overall good health and functionality of different organs.

Seasonal cold and flu health problems that primarily occur due to weaker immunity power of the body can be easily prevented with the daily intake of at least two cups rose tea.

Also by boosting your immune system, it prevents the risk of more serious illnesses which usually develops due to inefficient or weak immune power such as cancer and different types of chronic infections.

Also, the adrenal function and metabolism rate of your body needs a good immunity system which can be well supported with this Vitamin C rich brew.

This soothing tea can give a quick boost to your lethargic body to kick start a day and to remain energetic throughout the day. You can enjoy this brew both hot and cold form which are equally tasteful and retain its beautiful flavor throughout a day.

Also, you can combine rose tea with other immune systems boosting diets and exercises as it increases the Vitamin C absorption power of the body which helps to boost your immunity power.

Helps in Treating Sleep Disorders

Rose tea contains a natural sedative property which makes it an ideal beverage for those who are suffering from sleep disorder or insomnia.

The aromatic fragrance of the rose extract is so powerful and effective that it is often used in the therapeutic treatment of patients who have difficulty sleeping peacefully during nights.

Its special nutrient content and healing compounds help in reducing your mental and physical level stress and aid in regulating sleep patterns. It calms down your mood and balances your nerves and hormones to let you sleep easily and peacefully throughout the night.

People who have difficulty in getting sleep or staying asleep for the whole night can drink this aromatic tea every night before bed to better their sleep quality and duration.

Rose Tea Can Aid in Losing Weight

Rose tea with its vital properties can help in losing weight when combined with other effective weight loss measures like exercise, reducing the intake of high calorie and fat dense foods, etc.

Being overweight or obese your risk of developing other major health problems like diabetes, cardiovascular health issue, etc. increases to a great extent.

So it is essential that you take the necessary steps to prevent its major consequences risk. Also, it affects your appearance and self-esteem level.

The rose tea intake between your meals can help in reducing your hunger and frequent hunger problem. Also, it prevents your night cravings problem when you drink this delicious tea before bed.

In this context, this calorie-free hot drink can work an effective element in speeding up your weight loss goal when substituted for creamy coffees and sodas.

The above-mentioned health benefits of rose tea are really appealing and reliable that you must not miss when you are getting a wonderful opportunity to avail of all these versatile health benefits just with a single hot drink.

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