Protect Your Skin from the Damaging Effects of Winter Air

Gorgeous, radiant skin is on the wish list of almost everyone. Unhealthy skin is not only a sign of a unhealthy body, but is also a great impediment to the self confidence of the person. A clear, healthy skin significantly adds to the overall feeling of well being and makes you feel good about life. The sad part is that today, we have a number of things that endanger the health of our skin. The strenuous schedules, poor diet, tensions, pollution, seasonal changes, all come together to ruin the skin. Severe changes in any of these factors can have drastic effects on your skin.

Factors that influence the health of the skin

One of the factors that influence the health of the skin is the weather. The sun, wind, humidity, and rain- all affect the skin in some way or the other. People living in places with extremities in weather have to be extra cautious due to the damaging effects of excess of one element. Winters can be especially harsh for the skin. The biggest problem in the winters is the dry air that robs the skin of all its moisture. Here are a few tips to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the winter air-

1. For the face

Your face is the first thing that is attacked by the winter air lacking moisture. The problem increases if you already have dry skin. Make moisturizers your best friends in winters. If you have overly dry skin, you can also consider the use of olive oil for the face. The aim is to keep the face heavily moisturised at all times, especially when going out.

2. Do not forget the lips

The winter air is equally damaging to the lips. The dry, chapped lips are not only an eyesore but can also be highly uncomfortable. Be very liberal with the lip balms and use generous amounts all throughout the day. Choose lip balms that have natural oils as base. You can also use coconut oil or olive oil as effective lip balms.

3. Take care of the body

Along with the visible parts, your arms, legs, and the rest of your body needs special care too. Moisturise and nurture your body parts every day in winters. It would take only five extra minutes of your day but it will be well worth the efforts. With regular moisturising, your skin will stay healthy and supple, even in arid winters.

4. Do not ditch the sunscreen

Do not let the winters fool you. Even if it is cold, the sunrays are as damaging as ever. In fact, the winter sun can be even more harmful. We often tend to spend long hours in the sun to take in the warmth and do not hesitate to expose the skin to the sun. Sunscreen is a must- even in the winters. You can switch your regular sunscreen with a moisturiser-based sunscreen for extra care in winter.

5. For the hair

The winter air affects your hair as much as your skin. Oil your hair more frequently in winters. You can even leave them oiled overnight for better results. Use those lovely caps to protect the hair from the icy cold winds. Hair can turn unusually dry and brittle during winters. Swap your regular shampoo with a deep conditioning shampoo, at least for the winter months.

6. Love your hands too

Your hands probably witness the maximum damage not only during winters, but also throughout the year, nevertheless, winters call for special attention towards the hands. Keep them covered as much as possible. Get a good hand cream and keep it handy. Use the hand cream after every couple of hours, even if your hands do not feel particularly dry. This will keep them soft and hydrated during the day.

7. Be liberal with the petroleum jelly

Vaseline is probably the biggest gift to the skin during winters. It efficiently protects your skin from the damage from the dry air and helps the skin recover too. Be very liberal with the petroleum jelly and use generous amounts for the hands and the feet before going to sleep. Put on the socks and you’ll wake up with feather soft feet, every single day. Regular usage will keep your hands and feet away from the damage. You can designate a particular pair of socks for this if you do not want all your socks soiled with the oiliness.

8. Special care of elbows

Poor elbows are probably the most ignored part when it comes to skin care. The damage is even more severe in winters. Keep them clean and moisturised at all times. Regular application of petroleum jelly can be especially beneficial in softening of the elbows.

9. Diet

Along with all the skin care tips, you also need to take special care of your diet. Make fresh fruits, dairy products- especially milk, and nuts an essential part of your daily diet. Oranges give you the required amounts of Vitamin C and keep your skin hydrated from inside. No skincare products work as well as a healthy diet.

10. Stay covered

Make the best use of the fancy gloves, socks, and caps during the winters, do not let them be locked up in the closet. Staying covered will help you minimise the damaging effects of the winter air. If it’s not cold enough for gloves and caps in your area, make do with a simple scarf, but stay covered.

11. If you are ageing

The effects of the brutal winter air can be even more damaging if you are in your late 40s or older. In these years, as it is the skin is at its most delicate. The ageing process has begun and the chilly winter air will only hasten the damage. Use anti ageing creams that work and do not be tempted by those marketing gimmicks. Use moisture based anti ageing creams for best results.

12. No hot water

A hot water bath after a long, cold day is probably the most heavenly thing, but is quite damaging for the skin. The hot water may feel splendid on the skin but it saps the skin of the little moisture left. Instead, opt for warm water, which will help the skin retain its moisture.

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