How to Cleanse your Liver

How to Cleanse Your Liver : Top 5 Natural Food Source

Being the largest internal organ of your body liver is known for conducting more than 500 different functions needed for operating and maintaining your overall organ’s functions and health. Out of its versatile and crucial functions, neutralization and detoxifications of toxins are the vital ones.

It purifies your blood and ensures that your whole body gets only purified and toxins free blood. In the process of all these vitals functionalities over time your liver slows down or its functioning speed gets sluggish over time due to overburden of toxins and pollutants. Resulting in blood purification and detoxification work which are two major functions required for a healthy body get affected badly. However, the good news is that there are some effective natural food sources to cleanse your liver very effectively.

Along with filtering your blood it also helps in the clotting process, breaks down any drugs, alcohol, and chemicals you consume in any form and produces bile and glucose which are two vital substances needed for healthy digestive health as well as for producing energy. Apart from drugs, pollutants and other toxic chemicals, unhealthy foods intake such as excessive consumption of fried and highly processed foods can overwhelm your liver leading to its natural working ability slows down with time.

However, you can naturally stimulate your liver function with some food intake which is primarily known for helping the liver in its cleansing work. These are really and easily available a delicious food option to speed up your liver function which previously has loses its speed due to overburden of toxins and chemicals in your body. So let’s start with the list of those top natural foods known as a liver cleanser or detoxifiers.

Top Natural Foods to Cleanse your Liver



Turmeric is a great medicinal property-rich natural spice that not only adds a beautiful flavor and color in your daily meal but because of its many vital health-boosting properties, it is used as a natural remedy for treating diversified health issues. One of its essential ingredients Curcumin is one which is also an active ingredient in turmeric. It is known for its substantial biological properties.

It stimulates the enzymes in your body responsible for toxins removal and that contain antioxidants helpful in repairing the liver cells. Also, it aids your liver in detoxifying metals and for boosting the production of bile necessary for your healthy digestive function.



Garlic is rich with anti-bacterial properties that help your body against foreign body attacks and infections or illnesses thereon. It is a great natural detoxifier as it is naturally loaded with sulfur content which stimulates your liver enzymes known for assisting in the breaking down toxins and then eliminating them from your system.

Along with flushing out toxins from your body daily intake of garlic also boost your immunity power. Garlic is a good source of selenium which is a vital nutrient having the potential to boost the natural antioxidant enzymes level in your liver. For enhancing the ammunition power of your liver to fight against oxidative stress you can even consume selenium in supplements form.

Eating fresh and organic garlic at least two cloves in a day is enough to cleanse your liver and to stimulate its working power and efficiency. Also, it is good for your heart and immunity health that keeps you protected against common illnesses that occur mainly to people with weak immune power.

Consume it raw form directly or you can add honey in it if it feels extremely bitter in your mouth. Use only fresh garlic whenever you use it as an ingredient in your in daily food as fresh garlic contain allicin compound that aids to kill unhealthy organisms in the intestines known for producing toxins in your digestive tract.



Many of us know walnuts as brain health-boosting nut but the benefits of this nutritious, delicious dry fruit don’t end here, it also works great for stimulating your liver health. It boosts the circulation and blood flow level in your body so that the blood from your different organs can speedily reach the liver where its purification work is done by eliminating existing toxins in it.

So carry this liver health friend and a very handy and healthy snacks in your purse whenever you go out as it not only protects you from consuming unhealthy snacks such as unprocessed and fried foods which increases the workload on your liver organ but also ensure that this essential organ works on its optimal level with its easy cleaning.

Include this delicious nut in your breakfast as there could be no better and healthy breakfast option than this. It is very much filling so protect you against frequent cravings issue which otherwise can cause you to gain weight rapidly along with overwhelming your liver with extra purification and detoxification work that your body gathers through different meal intake. Walnuts are the rich source of omega 3 fatty acids and glutathione that support your liver in cleansing work. Also, it is high in the amino acid arginine content that helps in the detoxification of ammonia.

Fermented Foods

fermented foods

Foods that are prepared with the fermentation process are really good for your health in all respect. The fermented foods are in use since very older times for the natural treatment of different digestive health-related problems. Use these delicious, nutritious foods in your daily meals to cure bloating and constipation related problems very easily.

Some common fermented foods include kimchi, pickles, sauerkraut and kefir which are very easy to prepare and need a very limited number of ingredients. These tangy fermented foods work as a taste enhancer when you include it in your regular meal. It stimulates the growth of gut-friendly bacteria that helps to colonize your intestine and ensure healthy elimination.

The best part of fermented foods is that you can easily store them for months without any worry about their quality or taste deterioration. So make them once and ensure liver cleansing of your whole family by introducing these tangy foods in the meals of your each and every family member.



Give yourself an instant relief from the scorching heat and wind of hot summer days with this extremely deliciously watery fruit. This is another great natural liver cleanser fruit. Watermelon is the rich source of antioxidant lycopene which helps in stimulating glutathione levels in your body. It improves your digestive health by ensuring the easy elimination of toxins and other waste products.

Enjoy this juicy fruit by cutting them into small slices or you can also make one glass of fresh juice with it. The best part of this fruit is that you need not require to mix any added sugar as this itself is too sweet and super yummy. Start your day with 2 cups serving of watermelon which is enough to keep you energized the whole day.  This is really one of the easiest ways to cleanse your liver and stimulating its function naturally.

Organic Apple

Organic Apple

Apples especially the organic one are the most ideal fruit for stimulating your overall health. This single fruit is the powerhouse of several vital nutrients and one of its crucial features is its ability to cleanse and detoxify your liver in a very easy way. This is a great snack and a good option to exclude highly processed and fried snacks from your meal. Include few slices of organic apple in your snacks meal, this is really effective for improving and benefiting your gut health.

As apples are rich in fiber content so it helps in introducing more gut-friendly bacteria as well as removes the constipation problem by ensuring proper bowel movements. Apples are the rich sources of pectin which is a chemical known for stimulating your digestive function and for cleansing and removing toxins from your body.

When the number of toxins in your digestive tract will be very few then it will automatically reduce the burden of the toxins from your liver organ and easy cleansing of the remaining few toxins would be possible with much greater speed and efficiency by the liver.

Leave the skin of apples on it as it will add more fiber to your meal. Enjoy them alone or you can mix it in a smoothie or as a topping. In any form, it benefits your liver health by reducing its work burden and stimulating its smoother functioning ability.

Green Tea

Green Tea

There could be no better quick energy-boosting option than a hot cup of green tea which is a powerhouse of versatile nutrients. Start your day with this healthy beverage which will not only energize your brain and body but will also benefit your liver health in many ways. It contains catechins the plant-based antioxidants which are known for improving your liver function.

However, while picking this beverage from the market make sure that you choose only green tea, not the green tea extract as this has the potential to impact your liver health negatively. Apart from benefiting your liver health green ten has many potential benefits for your overall body organs and health.

It improves your heart health, boosts your metabolism level and helps in reducing your excess body weight which is the primary root cause of many major health issues including type 2 diabetes. As per one study report drinking 5 to 6 cups of green tea in a day is great for impeding your liver’s purification and detoxification work.



Try a glass of beet juice to cleanse your liver naturally and effectively. This high antioxidant-rich veggie is known for improving and boosting your overall health. Consume it in the juice form or you can also use it in your salad however when you drink its juice you can get its immediate effect on your digestive health.

It stimulates your liver enzymes and bile which helps in breaking and absorption of healthy fats as well as fat-soluble nutrients such as Vitamin E. Hence your liver can easily transform the fat and soluble toxins into water-soluble so that it can be easily removed through the bowel movements. In this way, it not only reduces the burden of the toxins from your liver but also ensure that it works on its optimal level by cleaning it efficiently.

Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli sprouts are much effective than the straight broccoli itself for liver cleansing and detoxification work. Being rich in antioxidants content stimulates the glutathione level in your body which ensures that your liver could effectively perform its two crucial functions that are purification and detoxification.

The benefits of consuming broccoli sprouts don’t end here, it works much greater for benefiting your overall health. It is rich in precursors which is a very prominent substance known as sulforaphane that helps in preventing certain types of cancer diseases which is a life-threatening condition. It helps in relieving constipation related issues by speeding up the waste removal process of your body along with reducing toxins burden from your liver organ.



In the recent past, avocado has gained an immense amount of popularity because of its benefits for your heart health. However, along with boosting your cardiovascular health, it is also beneficial for your liver health as well. It is a great natural liver detoxifier with its special enzymes and properties. This green healthy fruit is loaded with fiber content which is the best nutrient for improving and maintaining your digestive health.

Also, it contains healthy fats which are again beneficial for your liver function and helpful in its cleansing work. You can add avocados in your meals in several ways as there are multiple diet choices with this healthy ingredient. In all the forms it will benefit your liver health by ensuring its easier cleansing or detoxification.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits along with providing Vitamin C the most essential nutrient for your body also benefit your liver health. It is a great natural liver cleanser as its consumption stimulates some liver enzymes that help in breaking down toxins into fat-soluble substances which are easy to remove from your body through bowel movements.

One of the essential citrus fruits is the grapefruit which contains two essential antioxidants such as naringin and naringenin. These are known for giving protection to your liver organ by reducing inflammation and by protecting your liver cells from damages.

Apart from this other citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, limes, etc stimulates your liver’s self-cleansing ability which further ensures that your liver could perform its vital task in a much efficient way and speed. As the citrus fruits are tart in taste so even its small piece intake helps your liver to produce the detoxifying enzymes helpful in flushing out pollutants from your body gathered through different sources.

Tips to Keep Your Liver Healthy

Food Sources to Cleanse Your LiverYour liver health and its working efficiency depend upon several factors such as your genes, diet routine, environment, lifestyle, and your overall health. Still, there are some effective steps that you can perform in order to boost your liver health. These steps are more beneficial for people who are at risk of developing certain liver diseases like people who consume excess alcohol, family history of liver disease, your surrounding environment, etc. Steps that you can follow in your day to day life for boosting your liver health includes-

  • Follow a fix exercise routine every day at least for 20 to 30 minutes without failure. By keeping yourself active in your lifestyle you can improve your liver health.
  • If you drink alcohol excessively then reduce its intake to only one or two glasses in a day in order to avoid your risk of developing alcohol-associated liver health damages.
  • If you are overweight or obese then reduce your weight to a healthy level. Keep your body weight to the healthy BMI level as it reduces the excess burden from your liver ensuring that it works smoothly.
  • Make sure that you are following a balanced diet routine in your daily life. Include 3 big meals in between 2 snack meals in a day. Eat more fresh vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds which are loaded with fiber content which is easy to digest and good for your liver cleansing and detoxification. Also, include more protein in your meal as it introduces enzymes that support your body in natural detoxification work.
  • In order to reduce your risk of viral hepatitis avoid using illegal drugs especial avoid sharing them with others, use condoms while having sex especially with strangers whom sexual status you are not aware of, for getting tattoos, choose only reputed sterile shops, don’t share your personal belongings such as toothbrushes, razors and other household articles with others.

Along with following the above-mentioned liver health-improving steps don’t forget to include natural food sources to cleanse your liver in your diet routine which is a very essential step to keep your liver healthy.

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