Prevent Cancer Through Exercise

Top 10 Fun Ways to Prevent Cancer Through Exercise

Cancer is one of the top leading causes of death around the world, though hard to cure but it is avoidable by incorporating a healthy lifestyle routine. Now even the American Cancer Society also admits the importance of a healthy lifestyle routine for avoiding the death rates caused by different types of cancer. With an active lifestyle routine such as a fixed exercise routine irrespective of your current age or stage of life, you can reduce this major disease growth risk to a great extent.

Remember, it’s never too late to start a healthy habit in your life. You can prevent your risk of developing many different types of cancer by living an active lifestyle. Here we have come up with some top fun ways to prevent cancer through exercise.

The benefits of practicing a fitness routine are enormous such as it eliminates extra pound of your body, keep your heart pumping rate at a good state, controls your blood pressure and blood sugar level and many more. Also, we can’t deny the impact of a fitness routine for mental and emotional health which is equally important as your physical health and well being.

It is proved in several researches studies that practicing exercises is closely linked with reduced risk of some cancers such as breast cancer, colon cancer, rectum cancer, ovary cancer, kidney cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, endometrial cancer, head cancer, neck cancer, lung cancer, myeloid leukemia, and multiple myeloma.

So below we have enlisted some fun activities or exercise that you need to practice in your day to day life to cope up with your cancer symptoms (in case you are already diagnosed and getting treatment for cancer) or to prevent your future risk of developing this life-threatening disease which can grow in any area of the body.

Top 8 Fun Ways to Prevent Cancer Through Exercise

Elliptical Training Exercise

Elliptical Training

Elliptical trainer also known as a cross-trainer is a workout machine that you can easily found in any gym center. Exercising on this machine helps in building your stamina. It trains your whole body. This exercise is beneficial for people who are already taking chemotherapy as it helps in coping with fatigue associated with cancer treatment procedures.

Also, it works as an effective preventive measure against cancer growth risk in the future. A study report published by the JAMA Oncology says that exercising on the elliptical trainer for 300 minutes helps in reducing body fat as well as reduces the risk of developing breast cancer especially in postmenopausal women who comes in the high-risk group.

The best thing about this exercise machine is that you can enjoy it alone so even if a gym buddy is not near you then also you can continue your practice on the elliptical trainer for hours.


This fun activity is very popular in France which was discovered by the French association CAMI Sports co-founder. In this particular physical activity, you learn certain body movements that are very intense and effective. It engages your whole body muscles and bone group at a time.

Special postures of Médiété helps in improving your body balance along with strengthening, toning, and stretching whole body muscles and bones. Also in this activity, you get to know about breathing exercises and practice it which is again beneficial for your lung health that helps in reducing your lung cancer risk.

This activity works on improving your physical health along with clearing your mind hence ensure that you stay fit in all respect. Just like any exercise it boosts your immune system which is most essential for preventing your risk of diseases like cancer which occurs because your immune system fails to fight with defective cells leading to abnormal cells grow and divide.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is a stress reliever low-impact activity and an effective alternate to power walking. It raises your blood pumping rate while you breathe in the fresh natural air. It makes your all muscle groups moving along with increasing your energy expense. When you walk with sticks you need proper coordination and balance in this particular activity hence it ensures your body and mind remain align.

By getting your blood pumping at an optimal level it ensures that all your organs get a good level of blood supply which is vital for keeping your organs healthy and well functioning. Hence, prevent your risk of developing different types of cancer which may exist in a body with weak immune power.

Nordic walking works as a preventive measure for both groups of people including those who have already developed cancer especially breast cancer as well as those who want to reduce and prevent their risk of developing breast and other types of cancer. The best part of this activity is that it is effective for all age groups of people. Hence you can start it at any point in time of your life.

Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat

Dragon boat fun activity belongs to traditional Asia. It is quite similar to rowing, which is very effective for women who have a history of breast cancer. This is because it increases the level of lymphatic drainage by working on your back muscles and engaging your arms throughout this activity.

It is a team sport hence needs proper coordination from all the team members. In order to finish this activity successfully each and every member of this sport need to show his or her full strength and energy level. This is the reason why this activity is considered as a therapy for the treatment of women diagnosed with breast cancer.

It is capable to cure this condition even without any medical intervention. It is the effectiveness of this activity on your particular muscle group that makes it beneficial for women of all ages to prevent their risk of developing breast cancer, the most common health risk of women. In this activity,, you get the opportunity to breathe in the fresh air and remain in a completely tension free and fun full environment which is another natural healer for boosting the health of any person.


Riding on your bicycle

Riding on your bicycle is one of the easiest ways to boost your overall health along with reducing your chances of developing any type of cancer to a great extent. The reason why you must choose this exercising option because it is totally full of fun and most importantly your large muscles group of the body remains actively engaged in it.

Whether you have a big open area in front of your home or you want to ride your bike in a local garden nearby your home place, irrespective of places you get an opportunity to breathe in fresh air which is the most essential thing for your body.

Also when you raise your cycling speed your heart races along with your bicycle movement which is again effective to raise your heart pumping rate, needed for smoother level blood and oxygen supply throughout the body. This also does purification work for your body by releasing waste products such as carbon dioxide etc so, ensure that your organs function do not interrupt due to the accumulation of waste products in any area of the body.

It also aids in maintaining coordination between different body organs. All these qualities associated with this fun activity make it an effective measure to prevent your cancer growth risk. Also, people who are already diagnosed with some type of cancer should also prefer cycling as a part of their daily fitness regimen that can help to cope up with their symptoms and help in faster recovery from this health condition when combined with other medical treatment measures and therapies.



While discussing the fun activities or exercises to prevent one’s cancer risk we cannot ignore dancing which is not just a medium of entertainment or fun but a great workout as it ensures that each and every muscle of your body moves on different dance moves or music beat.

Whether you want to join a dance class to learn a new dance form or want to start practicing dance as part of your daily fitness routine irrespective of your underlying purpose your overall health is going to get benefited out of it. Dancing helps in shedding lots of your body fat which is one of the reasons behind some type of cancer growth, especially in women. It tones and strengthens each and every cell and tissue of your body and keeps them active for ensuring optimal level functionality from them.

Moving your feet, hands, hips, and head on music beat not only increase your flexibility but also raises blood or oxygen circulation rate throughout your body which is very essential for the purification of overall organs which otherwise accumulate in your body in toxins form increasing the risk of cancerous cells generation.

It boosts your immune system which is very essential to prevent the growth of cancerous cells in the body as it gives protection against harmful external bodies as well as prevents the risk of autoimmune diseases which occurs as a result of weak immune or dysfunctional immune system in the body.



Have some gardening as it will not only increase the count of beautiful plants and greenery around you but will also help in reducing your risk of developing different types of cancer diseases along with this fun activity.

There could be no better way to spend some quality time amidst beautiful nature than gardening. See beautiful birds chirping around, butterflies fluttering on the flowers, and smell the amazing fragrance of soil. There is no comparison of this full of fun activity which is nothing but a moderate level exercise of your hands and feet.

Your body gets fresh air which helps in improving your breathing process which is vital to strengthen your lungs and other organs of the body. By balancing the inhaling and exhaling pattern of your breathe it saves you from the risk of many respiratory cancerous and non-cancerous chronic diseases.

Above all, it nourishes your soul and spirit when you walk bare legs on green grasses leaving all worries and tensions of your life far behind. Henceforth it also impacts your mental and emotional health in a positive way.



Yoga is the most traditional form of exercise to stimulate your body, mind, and spirit at a time. Though practicing yoga is not as easy and fun full like other above-mentioned fun activities or exercises but it is worth mentioning here that with little much extra effort your pays off get too high and versatile.

There are several yoga asanas that you can choose as per your suitability to improve your blood and oxygen flow or circulation throughout the body which is highly essential to stimulate the functioning of your body organs and strengthening them from inside. This way it reduces your risk of different types of cancer along with improving your outer body fitness or appearance.

The best part of different yoga poses is that once you learn them your body becomes accustomed to it. Hence then do not face much pain or strength to practice them for longer duration and as long as you practice the count of your benefits increases that much.

Resulting in it becomes no more a pain activity for you instead of that like any other exercise it becomes a medium of fun for you. Whether it is the risk of ovary cancer, rectum cancer, breast cancer, neck cancer, stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, endometrial cancer, gastric cancer, or prostate cancer all of them are preventable by incorporating yoga in your life.


Experts suggest practicing at least 150 minutes of moderate to intense form of workout in a week to everyone whether someone comes in the high-risk group of this life-threatening disease or not. No matter at what age you are currently. Irrespective of your age you can be benefitted out of incorporating fun full exercise activities in your lifestyle routine which works as an effective prevention measure against the risk of highly malignant diseases such as cancer.

Many times people develop cancer in some of their internal organs but remain unaware of their presence which can be very risky as in later stages of cancer it becomes non-curable and contains a high risk of death. So to avoid these issues every man and woman should proactively go for a routine check-up at least once every year as in this way any cancerous cell can be diagnosed in its very preliminary stage if it has developed already.

Hence with the early-stage treatment, you can get rid of this chronic health concern easily and lead a long and healthy life. Along with this precaution step, include these above mentioned top fun ways to prevent cancer through exercise as an essential part of your daily life routine.

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