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Health Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Training

The whole body vibration training provides numerous health benefits along with body fitness. This is the easiest mode of exercise in your fitness center and full of fun too that revives you for starting other heavy workouts by removing the feeling of boredom and tiredness.

Whole body vibration machines are comprised of a vibrating plate or platform. You only need to sit or stand or sleep in this machine without doing any other movement and your whole body will start vibrating along with the vibration of this machine.

Regular practice over WBV machine brings lots of health benefits to you and the best part is that even less energetic and aged people can also find it suitable for them as they don’t have to do anything on it. Just you have to lie on it in inactive mode and your whole body will exercise automatically.

Though lots of benefits associated with WBV practice, still it is not fully proved that it is more beneficial than the active and engaging workouts in gym or outside (swimming, jogging, biking). Then also we cannot completely deny its health-related benefits.

12 Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Training

Burns Fat:

Burns FatAre you suffering from obesity and over-weight problem and heavy equipment at Gym are difficult for you to practice then WBV training is best for you. Reduce your weight with less pain and effort on WBV machine.

You will be expert in it within 2 to 3 days training of WBV. If daily practice is not possible then even 3 to 4 days practice in a week is enough for reducing your over-weight. You can join a gym or can buy WBV machine for your home also so that you don’t have to go out.

When your body vibrates on this machine it increases your metabolic function and hence burns more and calories as well as fat which helps in decreasing the overall weight over the time. By releasing fat generating hormones it easily reduces your weight.

Strengthen Your Muscles:

Strengthen Your MusclesWhole body vibration training for muscles, improve your body composition as well as strengthen your muscles. Our muscles get weaker and lose for hundreds of reason and this makes us weaker over the time.

You can again reenergize and increase your muscles strength just by two to three days practice on WBV machine in a week which is not very tough especially when the matter is related to your health.

When your body vibrates on WBV machine, regular contraction happens in muscles and this slowly boosts their strength. Also, your muscle receives the same level of effort on this machine which you will not get by doing any other workout practice (because of manual effort fluctuation) and this uniformity of effort works faster on your muscles.

Diminishes the Risk of Falls & Fractures:

As you don’t have to lift heavy weights in the whole body vibration workout so there are very fewer chances of fall down or any kind of fracture to the body. This is good for people who are weak but still wants to exercise for booting their health and body.

Older age people who cannot do active workouts as their bone density is reduced because of aging effect can choose for WBV training as it is quite easy to learn and also there is hardly any risk of falling as well as fractures. So this is quite good for older age people as their weaker bones cannot afford even a small fracture.

When you do the workout, you need to maintain a proper balance throughout the workout practice otherwise a misbalancing can cause you to fall down hence bones breakout happens. Especially old age people cannot maintain their body balance in general workouts but only a few weeks of practice on WBV machine train them well and they do practice with a free mind.

Reduces the Risk of Diabetes:

Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

It is now medically proved that training over a vibrating platform like WBV is good for people with high blood sugar level or diabetes. What you need to do is just 10 to 15 minutes daily exercise on the WBH machine and keep it continue for next eight weeks, after that you will definitely see a reduction in your high glucose level.

Diabetes is considered as one of the chronic diseases as it can hamper your normal living style. A diabetes patient has to avoid many food products and diet quantity limitation also has to adhere to for maintaining the level of blood sugar.

You can get rid of all the health hazards associated with diabetes or high level of blood sugar by daily workout on WBV machine. Along with the vibration on its vibrated platform your metabolism function get boosts and thus it helps in decreasing or maintaining the level of blood sugar.

Boost the Cardiovascular Functionality:

Cardio Workouts Without EquipmentWBV workout training is best for the people with a cardiac or heart-related health issue. Cardiac patients are strictly prohibited to lift any heavy equipment as it can directly affect to their health and cause them to face a severe health condition so in this regard WBV workout is best for them as they don’t have to lift any workout equipment in this.

Also, arterial stiffness is the normal outcome of doing any workout but this is not at all favorable of for heart health. There is no such risk is associated with WBV exercise. So people who are weaker by heart should definitely do WBV training as it improves their heart health and reduces the further risk of artery blockage, heart enlarged, hypertension etc.

Shape Your Body:

The whole body vibration training not only fits your health internally but for your external fitness also it works actively. Daily practice on WBV machine helps to shape up your body perfectly. It improves your metabolism, strengthens the muscles, burns local fat, reduces the risk of lymph drainage and these altogether positive outcomes help in body shaping.

Along with giving you a better body shape it also increases to your facial beauty by toning and smoothing your skin. So this is the one-stop solution workout for you. Make yourself healthy and attractive with daily 15 to 20 minutes exercise on WBV machine.

Make Your Body More Flexible & Elastic:

It will not be very wrong to say that just like a machine if a human body is not engaged in some regular work (physically) it gets blocked over the time. Regular workouts and physical engagement keeps to our bones, mussels and mind active and fit and this is the core of a healthy life.

WBV training is the easiest form of workout that anyone can learn within one or two days and the best part is associated with it, that you don’t need to involve in it actively for practicing it. Just sit or stand or sleep on its vibrating platform and your whole body will engage in this workout with the same rhythm without an inch effort of yours.

Older age people who cannot do heavy workouts at gym or people who find difficulty with body movements especially those who are suffering from arthritis will find the best solution to their physical issues in the form of WBV workout. This makes our joints and muscles much more flexible and elastic.

Reduces Stress Level:

Reduces Stress LevelStress is the primary cause of any disease whether it is mild or chronic. Not only that it also affects our skin and become the reason for premature aging effects in the form of wrinkles and dark circles. Thank God WBV machine workout is there which helps to reduce or burn your stress level with regular practice.

Now it is medically proved that the whole body vibration releases the stress hormones and revives your mind with better enthusiasm and energy level. Overstress or tension blocks our consciousness and also it can cause memory loss problem or sometimes it becomes the reason of depression.

Out of many stress buster procedures, WBV training is considered as one of the most effective ones. It revitalizes your mind by giving you a feeling of relaxation and refreshment. This is the reason it is recommended by many psychiatrists for the severe cases of depression.

Untimely sleep or less sleep in the night time is one of the common outcomes of stress. A healthy body needs at least 7 hours of sleep in the night without any break but when you are under stress it’s really become difficult to sleep on time and unrest happens. The massaging effect on WBV machine reduces your stress by putting your body and mind in relaxation mode.

Provide Relaxation to Muscles:

Your full body fluctuates or vibrates when you exercise on the vibrating platform of WBV machine in a gym this stimulates your body mussels and hence your muscles feel relaxed once you are done with your workout practice.

This is the reason it is suggested to switch to WBV workout while practicing any high effort or force workout at the gym as it will prepare you for tough workouts by revitalizing the muscles.

Along with the systematic and equal movement of your body on a vibrating surface, cortisol level is diminished from your body and healthy hormones like serotonin get released which relaxes your muscles as well as your mind. This is also helpful for reducing stress or tension.

Reduces the Risk of Osteoporosis:

People with less density in bones are likely to face many bone-related health problems like the bone fracture, bone pains and osteoporosis (brittle condition of bones due to hormonal changes). For all these bones related health problems WBV training is the single solution which can mitigate all these problems by strengthening your bones.

With only six months of regular exercise on WBV machine, you can improve your bone density and make it stronger at an effective rate. As there is very less risk of break out or fracture in this form of the workout so this is considered as one of the most suitable forms of workout for people with fewer density bones.

Women who have crossed the menopausal phase of their life circle are most likely to be a victim of bones related troubles. Lack of calcium and vitamin D make our bones weaker over the time and this affects to your day to day activities. So revive and boost the strength of your bones with the daily workout on the vibrating platform.

Works as an Anti-Aging:

Home Remedies for Anti-AgingAging is normal and must occur condition of life, in which your muscles get lose due to lack of motion, wrinkles appear in our face and density of bone get reduced. Though this is the most likely condition to occur with each one of us still it is not completely inevitable.

Yes, you can fight with your aging effects by the help of whole body vibration training. Your muscles get smooth motion when you are on the vibrating platform and this reduces the chances of muscles loss, the unwanted fat gain due to aging by boosting and toning your whole body at a time.

It improves in the generation of human growth hormones which works as a repairing agent to body cells or tissues and hence your skin and body get toned and smoother like youngsters.

When you don’t give care to yourself, then only the aging problems appear on you drastically causing premature aging. So give your whole body a proper motion or movement and stay healthy and younger for a long time.

Workout practice on WBV machine also increases the rate of blood circulation which is very important otherwise in the lack of high rate of blood circulation your skin gets affected badly. This workout practice helps in the production of the collagen which is a primary factor to get rid of aging effects.

Reduces Body Pain:

Workout on the vibrating platform of the WBV machine also helps in reducing the body pain just like a massaging. Along with the slow and rhythmic movement of the body, muscles release the stress hormones of your body and hence you get a feeling of relaxation and peace once you finish the workout.

Pain generating hormones such as encephalin, endorphins etc. get released from your body along with the movement on a vibrating platform and this reduces your body pain and stress by soothing your mind and muscles.

After knowing about the benefits of whole body vibration training it can be said that this single workout is good for the people of all ages. So boost and smooth your health and lifestyle by including this healthy practice in your daily routine. It is suggested for people with chronic diseases like cardiac health problem etc. do consult with your doctor before practicing this vibrating platform workout.

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