Anti-Aging Regime

Why You Should Start an Anti-Aging Regime in Your 20s

Awareness pertaining to anti-aging efforts was not widely known to the masses in earlier times. But, now, thanks to Hollywood, the youth has now started focusing on eradicating any signs of the beginning of aging.

Gone are the days, when youth in their 20s would procrastinate in their efforts for preventing fine lines and wrinkles on their faces. Now, they will are well aware of the perils involved in delaying anti aging efforts.

Let’s admit it – we all look at ourselves in the mirror and fear about aging, if we already haven’t. We cannot stop ourselves from aging but we can surely age gracefully. We’d like to look healthy and fresh even when our physical age just keeps increasing.

When the objective is so clear then why can we not work on the tools that take us closer to our desired objectives? Many dermatologists reckon that it is never too late to start taking care of your skin. Then, why wait?

Here is a list of the best anti aging regimen for your 20s!

Eat well

Technically speaking, you are at the primmest age of your life and there is no reason why you shouldn’t eat properly. What you eat in your 20s will very well define how your state of skin will be in the later years of your life.

So, eating right should be your priority. It is mandatory to devour fruits and vegetables that are wholesome. Your diet should be rich in vitamins, antioxidants, proteins and healthy fats.

Best anti aging cream

You would not quite blatantly see the signs of aging in your 20s but if you notice your skin around your eyes is thin and that means the signs of aging are likely to start from there. It is highly advisable to get the best anti aging cream in your daily skincare regimen to keep those aging signs at bay.

Dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes are some of the first signs of skin aging. A chemical-free anti aging cream can combat those typical signs of aging leaving no side-effects on your skin.

Best time to start with antioxidants

20s is the time to introduce antioxidants to your skin. Look for products or gels that contain peptides and plant stem cells known to be super rich in anti-oxidants. Due to antioxidants your skin will be profoundly protected from free radicals found in air pollution and sun rays.

Next time when you leave home, make sure that you protect your skin with a layer of antioxidants.

Not a good time to start with collagen production

When you will start looking for products in the market, you will see many products claiming to increase collagen production or perhaps promise in helping to stimulate youth proteins. Ask yourself, do you really need it? You are in your 20s and your skin at this time is young and elastic.

In reality, you are not doing anything effective with your skin by using products that increase collagen production. So avoid using such products as they will do you no good.

Start using an eye cream

It is advisable to find an eye cream that will help in restoring moisture in the skin around the eyes. An effective eye cream will come in handy for avoiding crow’s feet.

Even sunglasses are a good buy to protect the skin from UV rays.

Have a healthy lifestyle

It is imperative to have a healthy lifestyle for maintaining good and fresher looking skin. Many skin experts believe that your skin is a straight reflection of your lifestyle. If you aim for a clearer looking skin then quitting smoking is a wise thing to do.

Smoking often affects collagen negatively, and, thereby, reduces the elasticity of the skin. It makes your skin look shallow and saggy. So, quit smoking and you should be on your way to aging gracefully.

Wear sunscreen daily

In one of the studies published by Annals of Internal Medicine Journal showed that sunscreen may protect your skin from aging. Regular application of sunscreen protects your skin against many signs of aging including wrinkles and loss of elasticity caused due to harmful sunrays. Many people make a mistake of skipping neck and hands while applying sunscreen. Therefore, apply sunscreen to face, neck and hands regularly.

All these signs of aging are avoidable by applying sunscreen on the exposed areas of your skin when outside.


Stress is one more vital factor that stops you from having a good skin. An effective way to eradicate stress from your life and skin is to meditate daily. Meditation aids in glowing skin. Overtime with daily practice, meditation helps in relieving stress and develops a beautiful fresher looking skin.

It is important to unleash your energies from within to rejuvenate outer skin. To prevent signs of aging and to look younger, it is necessary to meditate regularly.

Take good sleep

Of course, a good sleep should never be substituted for anything in this world for obvious reasons and one of the most important reason being maintaining a clear skin. When you sleep your body is repairing its damaged cells. If you don’t get good sleep then this process won’t occur and your skin will start showing visible signs of aging.

So having a good sleep should be an inevitable part of your anti aging regimen in your 20s.

Anti-aging products

For people in their 20s, there are two anti-aging products that you will want to use religiously to prevent fine lines and wrinkles: anti-aging products with a sunscreen strength of SPF 15 or higher and anti-aging facial moisturizers. UV rays from the sun are one of the leading causes of aging skin, so make sure that you protect yourself by not getting too much sun and wearing hats on particularly bright days where harmful UV rays are at their strongest. One recommended product is Aloette’s Cellular Day Defense cream with SPF 15.

The Day Defense cream has a mix of antioxidants, advanced peptides and botanicals. The anti-aging cream works to smooth the appearance of wrinkles, lines, dark spots and sagging skin. Honey, grape and meadow sweet extracts gently smooth your skin, grape seed, pomegranate, vitamins E and C and green tea form a barrier around your skin to protect it from free radicals that would otherwise damage it.

Even in your 20s you will experience the occasional break out, so be sure to use an acne treatment product that can quickly treat blemishes without drying out or harming your face. One way to prevent break outs is to make sure that your skin isn’t too oily. Products that contain glycolic acid, sulfur and salicylic acid are highly effective against blemishes and redness and can keep you from breaking out in the future.

Other steps you can take to keep your skin looking youthful are to use cleansers and toners to keep your pores fresh and clean, just make sure that whatever products you use contain all natural ingredients. Skin refining toners work deep down to remove all excess make-up, dead skin cells and other impurities that would otherwise clog your skin. Look for key ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea extract and oat amino acids that increase soluble collagen and rid your skin of free radical damage.

If you’re approaching your thirties, you may want to consider facial moisturizer and firming lotions as well. In order to keep your skin especially fresh and clean, add a facial mask or peel to your weekly regime. You’ll also want to start exfoliating your hands with an oil-based scrub so that your moisturizers can penetrate deep into your skin.

More steps you can take are to wear driving gloves and tint the windows of your car. It may sound silly and more than a little extreme, but you don’t want an uneven skin tone and for the exposed arm that hangs out of the driver’s side window to look more aged and wrinkled than your other arm.

Tips for Smokers

Smokers will want to give up their habit. When you get older your skin will look badly wrinkled as nicotine restricts blood flow and lowers the amount of oxygen in your skin. You’ll also want to make sure that you apply anti-aging products to your neck and chest as they are usually the first parts of your body to start showing signs of aging. Stop tanning as this can heavily damage your skin and wrinkle your skin. If you stop now you can avoid the heavy cost of photorejuvenation procedures in the future. Make sure that you consistently take good care of your skin rather than doing it periodically as the effects of most anti-aging products will reverse if you stop using them. You want to make sure you take care of your skin every day.

Starting an anti aging regimen in your 20s is exceedingly important considering its numerous long run benefits. Aging gracefully is what we should really aspire for and it is possible too! We should just be well aware of what products should we use and, most importantly, when. Your skin looks fantastic right now, but will it last that way even when your body is growing old? Perhaps, not!

You need to know how to weave anti aging products in your daily routine to keep the signs of aging at bay. Moreover, your lifestyle too should be altered or created keeping in mind the health of your skin.

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