Best Tinted Moisturizers for Your Skin

Best Tinted Moisturizers for Your Skin

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Clash of the Titans: Tinted Moisturizer Versus Beauty Balms and Foundation

Many time-pressured gals find tinted moisturizers to be perfect when it comes to saving effort and getting the lightweight coverage you need. A tinted moisturizing cream or lotion with slight pigmentation or coloring, this beauty product has a dual advantage; it repairs skin and serves as a lightweight layer for your beauty needs.

The sheer, light coverage makes for an even skin tone. It even camouflages the redness and discoloration or acne on the skin. Though beauty balms are thought by some to be the same as tinted moisturizers, here too there is a difference.

Beauty balms (also known as BB creams) are heavier, thicker coverage for concealing skin flaws that combine moisturizing with a beauty treatment and concealing blemishes.BB creams have a whole host of properties, but they don’t offer the same hydration level that tinted moisturizers do. Limited in the hues and shades they offer, beauty balms are tougher to match with your skin tone.

Skin Types and Best Tinted Moisturizers

Much like any other face product, you need to pick out the tinted moisturizer taking the skin type into consideration. Tinted moisturizers hydrate and repair the skin. Consider the skin type before zeroing in on a tinted moisturizer of your choice. Tinted moisturizers are created to meet specific needs and there are many skin types namely:

  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Combination
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Normal

How To Evaluate Your Skin Type

  • Consider the oil and water content.
  • Check your skin’s sensitivity. This is the susceptibility to irritation which your skin has based on allergic reactions to certain specific substances.
  • Oil nourishes the skin to keep it soft, and healthy as well as supple and flexible
  • Skin types can change over time, so you need to re-check if your skin is transitioning

Morning beauty routines for the busy lady are always rushed and adding a tinted moisturizer to your makeup kit saves previous time and gets the results you need. If you lack the time for layering, look to tinted moisturizers for natural results.

Add to the skin and tone and hydrate it without resorting to a heavy caked look characteristic of a foundation. If you are looking for skin that is young, even, smooth and dewy, this is just the point where you need to consider if you want to go into the world of BB and CC creams and gunk or stick to the lightweight formula of a tinted moisturizer.

Best Tinted Moisturizers Products You Can Go For

Balm Shelter

Photo By: Amazon
Photo By: Amazon

This is one of the best facial tinted moisturizers out there. It improves skin texture and tone and protects the skin against the harsh rays of the summer sun. Get that polished and even complexion . The special lightweight formula of this tinted beauty product features silky smooth SPF-18 as against messy suntan blocks or lotions.

Smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and giving your skin room to breathe, this amazing tinted moisturizer which gives you a glow from within is perfect for all occasions. it evens the skin tone and has a dazzling scent. It is perfect for those with skin that is sensitive.

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Stila Sheer

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This tinted moisturizer offers a complete makeover with sheer color options imbued with SPF20 for blocking the harmful UVA and B rays. With a luminous color and pigments that diffuse light and make your skin shiny and smooth, this is the perfect antidote for wrinkles.

With ginger root extract, herbs Gingko Biloba and chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla), this is a herb rich, oil-free moisturizer that gets you the look you need. Whether you want to enhance your complexion, perfect your skin tone or hydrate skin, this is the right choice. Choose Stila if you want a creamy and even skin tone without a greasy aftermath.

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Juice Beauty 4-in-1

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This multi-tasking product combines the following ingredients:

  • Zinc SPF 30
  • Rich grape
  • Aloe
  • Pomegranate Juice
  • Mineral coverage

The mineral formula provides light, naturally glowing, radiant cover with pigment highlights. Hydrating with organic plant oil formula comprising coconut, jojoba, and sunflower, this heals the skin and moisturizes it as well. The pomegranate is rich in anti-oxidants and nourishes the skin from within. With non-toxic, natural ingredients, it is the perfect moisturizer. It has a pleasing fragrance and ensures there is no need for foundation.

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La Roche Posay Anthelios Mineral Moisturizer -Ultra-Light

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This is a tinted moisturizer with 100 percent sunscreen with cell oxidation shield that uses an antioxidant formula to shield your skin from the sun. Providing an instant glow that is natural, this 50-mineral moisturizer matches any skin tones and protects your skin at the cell-layer level as well. Available in SPF 50 as well as 60, it is resistant to sweat for as many as 40 minutes and is the perfect way to hydrate your skin and protect it from harsh sun rays. A light tint gives the skin a sunkissed look.

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Cargo Tinted Moisturizer

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This is perfect for oily skin. An oil-free combination offers an SPF 20 protection without harsh chemical filters against UV rays. With mineral and natural contents, this moisturizer protects the skin and nourishes and restores it. Light diffusing pigment in the moisturizer gets the skin tone to appear even and lightweight herb infused formula offers a natural yet sizzling look. Its texture is wonderful and it provides excellent coverage of imperfections.

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Jouer Luminizing Tint Moisturizer


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This is another amazing product with a light SPF20 shield against sun rays. Its unique combination of herbs Ginseng and extract of Gingko Biloba ensure that antioxidants are delivered to the skin, offering you the chance to get a healthy, clear complexion. This fragrance-free product has a multi-mineral, light diffusing formula which is non-oily and hypoallergenic. Jouer’s tinted moisturizer offers an inner glow and it is perfect for each of the skin types.

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Look Pretty In Seconds…

With the tinted moisturizer in your beauty kit, suited for your skin type, your face will acquire the glow you always wanted. Opt for these unique tinted moisturizers and watch the transformation…your skin will thank you for it! Look your best and shine at every occasion. With tinted moisturizers, you can get the look you need in seconds, rather than laboring over foundations or BB creams. Choose these amazing tinted moisturizers to look amazing anywhere…every time.

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