Tips to Slow Down Aging Signs

11 Natural Effective Tips to Slow Down Aging Signs

Aging is a natural phenomenon of life and it is inevitable we all know but what we can really do to help ourselves from this darkest truth of life is by adding some effective tips to slow down aging, or in more precise term aging gracefully.

Though even in the 30s the aging signs mostly remains subtle still we all should take a proactive step in our 20s and 30s so that before 40s there will be no single traceable sign of aging on our skin including face, neck, arms, hands etc.

Start your skin care regimen at the 20s itself as this will prevent the risk of early appearance of different aging-related signs on the skin such as dryness, fine lines, blackheads, wrinkles, and blemishes.

There are several factors that affect the natural beauty of your skin by hampering the growth and secretion of collagen and elastin a vital protein which is responsible for good skin texture, firmness, glow, and beauty.

It is your wrong lifestyle habits such as smoking, avoiding the use of sunscreen, stress, lack of nutrient-rich diets, sedentary or inactive living style, usage of wrong beauty products, consumption of unhealthy diets etc. that affects the production of collagen and make our skin a victim of free radicals which are harmful to skin health causing rapid aging process.

All these factors affect the growth hormones in the body and elevate the insulin level and free radicals attack hence aging signs started to develop in the very early stages of life. However, with efficient and consistent care for your skin, you can delay this early aging headache and will age very gracefully.

Though you will get thousands of anti-aging products in the cosmetic industry which claims to prevent and remove your aging signs permanently but don’t be very foolish by their slogans and ideas.

As these promises are only half true as nothing can delay aging signs on skin permanently in any way. Though there is more advanced and intensive treatment procedure for keeping your look younger as 20s such as surgery, Botox and peeling methods but those are quite expensive and may cause a reverse effect too after some time.

So get rid of your problem naturally by our tips mentioned below which contains some natural plus efficient trick that will heal all your skin problems and will maintain its youthfulness in a very tricky and safe way.

11 Effective Tips to Slow Down Aging

Apply Sunscreen Every Day


You should apply sunscreen every day without failure as because Sun’ rays are as powerful that within a day it can damage your skin’s firmness causing fine lines and wrinkle appearance if you go unprotected way under the direct sun contact.

However, applying sunscreen on the skin on regular basis is one of the great relieving factors for protecting the skin against damage caused by UVA and UVB rays of the sun.

So as a fixed ritual of your skin care routine apply sunscreen on all exposed area of your body including face, neck, shoulder, and arm with a good sunscreen irrespective of all the seasons and days in a year.

People have a misconception that sunscreen is only necessary for the summer season when the intensity of sun rays remains at its peak which is absolutely wrong.

Even in winter and rainy seasons, the sun can cause damage to your skin as its effect doesn’t reduce with the season even though we couldn’t feel its heat directly in other times of the year.

Without applying sunscreen on your exposed body parts you should not go out of shade at any cost. Even at home and inside any other interior place as well you should keep your skin protected by applying sunscreen.

While selecting sunscreen for you, take a note whether that particular product has at least SPF 30 mentioned on its label or not. Moreover, if the term broad spectrum is mentioned over there then it will be best suitable for you as it provides protection from both UVA and UVB rays of the sun.

Apply sunscreen in a liberal way otherwise a very light coating application will easily get penetrated by the sun rays and can damage the firmness of your skin. Also, reapply it at the interval of every 2 to 3 hours in a day depending upon your sun exposure and some other factors for ensuring complete safety.

Wear Sun Protective Clothing and Apparels

Sun Protective Clothing and Apparels

Apart from using sunscreen on your face, you can ensure complete protection from suntan by wearing sun protective clothing and apparels. Make sure that whenever you go out wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the damages of harsh UV rays.

These eye protective glasses will prevent wrinkles and damaging of delicate surrounding skin by guarding it otherwise due to frequent blink it develops more deep lines.

Wear a big hat on your head so that most of your face and neck area remains covered. Full sleeves and light color clothing are another important wearings that you should wear to protect your hands from sun damage.

People who have to spend most of the day in outdoors for their work purposes should remain more alert as their body is more at risk to get attacked by sun damaging due to overexposure. However, they can protect them from sun exposure by wearing sun protective clothing.

These clothes are made with a special feature of SPF 30 protection which ensures safety against UVA and UVB rays throughout the day. In this way, you can perform your work without a headache of your skin damages and early aging signs appearance.

Avoid Too Much Alcohol Consumption


Alcohol consumption in a very limited quantity is known for developing good health benefits. So its fine if you have one glass of wine or beer after your dinner but its over-consumption is really a big enemy for your skin beauty and health.

People who over consume alcohol every day are found to develop aging signs on the skin at very early stages of their life. This happens because heavy alcohol intake dehydrates your skin very easily making it rough and dry.

Apart from this alcohol can damage the blood vessels of your skin which can lead to developing one skin disorder known as rosacea, causing tiny pimples and redness on the skin.

So in order to delay your aging sign and to age gracefully make sure that you consume alcohol in a very limited intake if you are too fond of it.

For men 2 glass of drinks and for women one glass in a day is considered as the adequate quantity and beyond this limit is not only harmful to the skin health but it can affect overall health negatively.

Don’t Smoke At All


Out of those primary skin health enemies, smoking is one which simply reflects how bad it is for your skin beauty and health. People who smoke develop the aging signs at the early stages of their life and these sings get stiff with time by making you look older before you actually reach to that age.

This happens because smoking damages to collagen level existing on your skin and with time prevent its further growth which is the primary skin health protein.

Also, it affects the blood vessels surrounding your skin which carry oxygen and other vital nutrients to it. As a result of it, skin loses its elasticity and sags very rapidly.

Not only it damages your skin quality but it throws its negative impact on your nails and fingertips as well by turning it yellow with time.

So for the sake of your beauty and protecting the natural beauty and firmness of your skin, you must quit smoking with the strong urge.

This will not only improves your skin elasticity and beauty but will also ensure the overall improvement of your health as smoking damages to each and every parts of your body in some and other ways by making it a victim of any big health trauma if not left on time.

Take Antioxidant Rich Diets and Skin Products


One of the prominent enemy for your skin is free radicals which can damage your skin elasticity causing more wrinkles and other aging signs at a very early stage of life.

The free radical exists in our surrounding environment which we cannot resist exposing with. All toxins and chemicals from the environment cause free radical damaging of healthy skin cells. Another source of free radicals in our own metabolism function which gets weaker with age and gets attacked by these harmful free radicals.

It is your weaker immunity power, lack of proper nutrition in foods that are responsible for the growth of these harmful elements for the skin health. So in order to prevent its growth and to protect your skin cells from its damaging, you should eat highly nutrients rich food products in your day to day life.

In this context foods which are loaded with antioxidant proteins can help you in your fight against aging signs. Vitamin A, C, E and beta carotene are well-known antioxidants which help to improve the skin elasticity and prevents the free radicals damaging of your skin.

Out of these vitamins, Vitamin C helps in the growth of collagen protein which production automatically decreases with each year of your aging. More collagen means more skin elasticity and lesser chances of wrinkles, blemishes, sagging and other aging-related signs growth.

Along with rich antioxidant diets, you should choose only those skin care products which are rich in antioxidant properties such as moisturizer, face serum, cleanser etc. Start this skin care regimen at your early 20s only as early starting of all these skin protective measures will delay your aging signs and let you grow very gracefully.

Weight Lifting Exercises

weight lifting

Along with good diet and skin care products, you should also look after of your daily physical activity as it is an inactive body and sedentary lifestyle which tends to speed up all your aging sign at very early stages of life. So for avoiding aging signs due to inactive lifestyle try to follow a fixed fitness exercise as a daily routine of your day.

Out of different forms of exercise weight, lifting workouts are considered as the most effective one for toning and firming your skin cells. Moreover, it will help you to get lean muscle mass by burning excess calories and fat in your body which is very important for a curvy figure.

Apart from this it will reduce oxidative stress, hormonal imbalance and boost your stamina for keeping you younger not only externally but from inside as well. Weight lifting exercises have several health benefits apart from boosting your skin health.

A consistent exercise routine will keep check your body’s glucose level, control high cholesterol, blood pressure and improves your bone density which started to deteriorate with age.

Drink Enough Water


Keep your body hydrated properly throughout the year by drinking enough amount of water each day. Otherwise in the lack of proper hydration skin started to lose its elasticity, gets dryer and other premature aging signs started to develop at a very early stage of your life.

Water is a natural source of healthy nutrients that stimulate the overall function of your body. It boosts the metabolic function of your body which is vital for proper oxidation and blood flow in your skin cells. Apart from enhancing your skin health, healthy regular water intake will keep all the functions of your body in a proper state like it improves your digestive power, helps in detoxifications and boosts your bone, heart and kidney health.

Start your day with 2 to 3 glasses of plain water. If you don’t like the plain taste of water then you can mix some other products like honey, lemon etc. This will enhance its taste as well as boots its health benefits for you. In a whole day drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water in order to keep your skin firm, tight, hydrated and glowing. Follow this healthy routine every day without fail.

Avoid Sugar


Apart from spiking your blood sugar level your high sugar intake impact a lot to your skin health as well. It can hamper youthfulness of your skin by reducing elasticity, and cause you to develop premature aging signs.

The glucose and fructose content of sugar damages the existing collagen and elastin protein existing in your skin and make your skin look dry and patchy.

As a result of this damaging skin looks older before age by losing its radiant and toned appearance. So for the sake your skin beauty and for avoiding all these aging signs growth make sure that you avoid excess sugar consumption.

Instead of sugar, you should use a healthy natural source of sugar such as honey etc. in the place of direct sugar application or use.

Have Enough Protein

protein diets

As you age the natural production of collagen and elastin which are two essential proteins for your skin health started to deplete resulting in wrinkles, fine lines, aging spots etc. started to develop rapidly.

However, you can prevent this depletion rate of these two essential proteins by increasing your protein intake in the regular meal. Foods which are rich in protein contain amino acid which helps to repair all damaging in your skin cells caused in the lack of collagen and elastin.

Apart from this a regular healthy intake of protein diets will control your sugar level, cholesterol level and reduces your stress which is one of those factors which hamper your skin health with age.

Moreover, with protein intake, you can control your body weight as it keeps your stomach full for the longer duration and prevents frequent cravings. Some healthy protein sources include yogurt, oats, almonds, egg, fish, meat, tofu etc.

Take Less Stress


One another aspect that proves as a hurdle in your way of aging gracefully is your excessive stress taking nature. People who take excess stress and tension in their life ages earlier which reflects in the form of a premature aging sign in the skin.

Chronic stress releases harmful stress hormones in your body which is harmful to your mental, emotional and physical health as well. It can lead to developing many critical diseases if not controlled on time along with hampering your skin beauty and adding more wrinkles to it before your age.

So in order to slow down your aging process make sure that you learn different techniques for fighting and managing with your day to day stress in your life.

In this regard, you can take the help of different natural stress bursting methods such as deep breathing exercises, yoga, meditation etc. Apart from this reserve at least a few minutes of the day for yourself and spend it in the surrounding of nature where you can feel real peace of nature and understand the value of life.

With all these healthy stress bursting tips you will surely win over your stress level and get back the natural glow and beauty of your skin by delaying the aging signs.

Sleep Enough


Last but not least make sure that your body is getting enough rest by sleeping enough during the night time. Night time sleep is not only necessary for maintaining the youthful glow of your skin but it is vital for your overall health.

Make sure that you sleep at least for 7 to 8 hours in the night as because even a single hour less sleep increases your chances of developing wrinkles under your eyes and overall face.

Moreover, it increases oxidative stress, reduces the production of growth hormones and decreases the self-healing and repairing power of your skin which is done during the resting hours of the night.

All the effective tips to slow down aging mentioned in this article are safe and beneficial for everyone. It will help you to stay youthful for a very long time and age you very gracefully.

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